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  • devilfish 25w

    I Will Already Know Before It Happens

    The same snacking of the nightmare
    On it's same prey snapping bones
    From where?

    The question hangs silently swinging like a pendulum in the air

    I cannot tell where I have not been answer
    The defensive dancer

    This is how I act in the manner a Cancer
    The prancer never plants foot on a tightrope
    Of prayers prayers
    I make layers
    I make my own choices and I'm nothing
    Without the moon and ocean
    How their voices answer the question of my motion moving me further up the sustaining devotion
    now then and later

    I see through intentions like piercing arrow

    All I know is I feel violated
    I shake so uncomfortably
    I'm uncomfortably aware
    My rib cage flares like flames
    My name falls like ashes from the air
    From my body falling in the air
    I exhale
    I'm aware
    My third eye is not blinded by smug glares
    And sticking your nosup in the air
    As if you decided what was fair?
    Hate doesn't care
    You seen my pain
    You didn't care
    You hate me...there?
    The truth could be your angel
    But you took the thought and you played it
    To yourself in box
    I inhale
    I balance scales
    I can make change
    Make the copper penny a scapegoat
    When is drains away my drench
    "Why is the Make America Great Again"
    Printed on his dad's scope
    And his trenchcoat
    Hello here is the footprint
    The infants they cannot say the words to tell you that they need us
    We were them
    Don't just love them
    Learn them
    Teach all of your wisdom to them
    And demonstrate
    Illustrate gardens of passion
    And your mind
    How to purge it
    With patriotic resistance
    Melody kept a key for a gram of
    La flaquita
    La niña
    In the bathroom
    Crying in the mirror
    Why do pictures make her love forget her worth
    As if one girl was to feel inferior
    As if you could use a human being as a cathedral to purge your perverse sins
    Diamonds and Violence seated
    Their dressed fitted thin
    Just like their skin
    Their never going to win
    Why do you hate yourself
    "Please karma..."
    "Kill him"
    I can breathe still
    I can hear scream
    Heave wheeze and a shriek so shrill
    Blood curling that the leaves grew still
    She hates her skin she loathes her looks
    She'd kill to look anything like a bottle full of pills
    Blood spilled
    I guess 'The World Elite"
    Are okay when the sleep while we dry heaves
    Wheeze on the sidewalk where you left us on the street
    Feel them bleed
    They die by your dirty green monster teeth
    Greed because they believe that poverty
    Will not be the hand that took their mother
    And brother
    Just like you and me
    Friends of family
    I'm tired of the wire taps
    I rip shreds of wires
    I did the deathbeds of the evil that doesn't need to make flesh bleed to ensure their survival evolved if it's not vital
    Then go ahead and go with the denial
    These "X-files" of records compiled
    Is serious but I'm delirious
    I can feel the wind before it blows
    There it goes a current of a torrent of waves of the water
    I feel it
    I peel it
    Instill it
    Paint words on the canvas
    I will it to be this
    I put hurt
    Work until it hurts so hard because I try so hard
    It hurt when it doesn't work
    Should've listen
    But you didn't wanna listen
    Want to glisten tell the truth
    When it comes to love don't rush
    Hope can't be crushed if we use our legs
    As stilts or our threads into flowers that don't
    Let our properties that bloom
    Paint the room when we make it move
    Make your conviction shake the hate out of a room
    With your symphonic hydroponic gardens
    Of iridescent hues
    You got confused
    And let the wrong people through
    But that's nothing that a needle can stitch
    You're equally
    Your life is beats the same tune
    Do not let then snuff your voice box
    Consume your spot
    Just shed a light
    If it is not what you wouldn't want if you were a mother to a child
    You have to fight the aisle
    Where demons are working with quick hands
    If you must transform by the moonlight
    Then fight for your life with the mother's knife
    She emits life but defends it with all of the rage that could ignite it churns the knife
    Feral and wild
    Simmering like slithering thick smoke
    Daring the appearance of the next arrival
    So her rage can make her baby's torment
    Her moonbeams are mad with maternal wrath
    In urgent fervency she cut off the scalp with her nails coffin shaped with a lipstick that her nails match
    Bring selfishness back
    You don't have to stand in line
    Fearing people online

    Instead of an emotional insect

    Because society has created an unacceptable
    In every loving godly wisdom
    Show the light emitting from the innocent
    It will cover red footprints
    n the trenchcoat of the white
    What is weak will grow weaker
    Before you know it the grim reaper will nearer
    They have wings and rotted out interiors
    Their violence feels familiar
    The thought makes me feel inferior
    In the way there's no reason
    Void of all the thought
    I feel my absence rip the cost
    As it never happened without the cause
    As well as the effect
    Let me signal the applause
    The dramatic effect
    Let me creep into your thoughts
    Let me see that they collect
    I want hear you demonstrate
    Want you to detect siren's
    Where the thought crossed with the
    Red gate
    I've seen caught as they ensnared themselves

  • devilfish 26w


    They don't have to creep and crawl the same
    Way other memories do
    They can give you power
    But only the power you give yourself
    The darkened roads you follow through
    And through
    Just tie your shoe
    And remind yourself that I could only be me
    If I try to relate to you
    And the secret is I love you too
    I love you too

  • sameersawant_07 30w

    Best Friend's

    Not in the same school.
    Not in the same college.
    Not even Family Friends,

    But still, we are best Friend's! ❤

  • sameersawant_07 30w

    Yes, I get jaleous When someone calls you their bestie,
    Because I hate sharing my people especially when it comes to you... ❤

  • zoya_charmz 30w

    Listening to the lost hums and
    breathing the death rhymes,
    I slurp the oceans of tears,
    bury the raging fires,
    walking into the oblivion
    like a Nefelibata.

    || Still, dying in my own bosom ||


    #elements #element

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  • howling_athena 30w

    Answer this who am I ?

    Dreamy as fuck always running high on emotions , oozing creativity❤️ and boundless imaginations waters of my heart run deep with mystry and you truly live forever in world of fantasies.
    Lost in deep thoughts and sometimes moody yet hearth full of empathy and compassion Artist , Enchanting and nurturing is inborn qualities ❤️. I represent realms of deep emotions and feelings ranging from compulsive passions and overwhelming fears .

    Answer is Water Element ✨

  • howling_athena 30w


    Once upon time time a question was asked "What is the most powerful element : air, water, fire or earth ??"
    And a sharp witted person ✨ answered water is known for its flowing nature , has no shape and is achromatic . Water could be embodied in any shape , size or colour. It could be given any colour. and it loves its freedom try to stop the flow of water and you would see it finds it way anyhow .
    Water is so strong that it makes AIR heavy , stills the wind and makes the day soggy and humid
    Water is so strong that it estinguishes the wildest FIRE
    Water is so strong that it is said that even hardest granite worns to sand because of water . And even ice expands and causes splits in rocks and exactly the same water can resculpt the earth .

  • inked_paper_coffee 30w


    Summer's breathe like Golem
    He walk heavy like anthropomorphic,
    Made every being wilt and lame
    Where it points, the glyphic?
    Water! Yelled the carter,
    Ah! his thirst at peak burn
    Water! Cried the Potter,
    "I need my pot to curve"
    Gulps! Ah, it nest to camouflage
    Turned the pot's rim,
    Like canvas to marouflage
    Quenching the need and grim,
    Remember the snake near the water trough
    Oh! thirsty he was too, Lawrence,
    Summer's heat like cryptonite
    Airy gust seems thermal,
    Swift through skin and ignite
    The slums in woe lacrimal,
    Water! Cried the naked child
    Alas! It was black as night,
    He gulps, because for them it's just mild
    Yet again, he woke like a knight.


  • shreya_seth 30w


    who am i, a sooth or a lie!

    A society's puppet, who lives like a cumpet!
    or a real dreamer, with strategy and target.

    I am in a illusion, where is the conclusion?
    I think it's ok to live with some confusion...

  • akshadajadhav 30w


    I am original fragrance of the earth
    And i am the heat of fire
    I am the life of all that lives
    And i am the penances of all asthetics
    I am taste of water
    And i am light of the sun and the moon
    I am the space of existence
    And i am sound of ether and ability in mankind
    I am air of uncontaminated flavor
    And i am seed for life


    Everthing is there out here
    Tell me where have you been
    I stepped out my space
    Strangling with time

    Ocean of space is vast
    And overwhelming
    Infinite and unending

    Piercing the gravity
    And passing by stars
    I stepped out my space
    Living my space behind
    finding you so far

    Brilliantly balzing planets around
    History of billions of years
    Etched surround
    Unveiling secrets hiding so nice
    And pervading the meteor
    seems no right

    I am so fine so tell me the truth
    Where have you been
    This space of horizon feels so chilled
    Air is frozen
    And breathe being dead
    I stepped out for a while
    To run from trail

    Conscious being alive
    asking no need
    tell me where have you been
    This spacd looks just so fine
    To go behind


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    Ocean of space is vast
    And overwhelming
    Infinite and unending

  • somiee99 30w

    I want to be all you've ever wanted, it's all I've ever wanted.


  • roonaq 30w

    #element #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    The fire in me is quite cool
    As if waiting for my comeback
    It's urging me to speak
    Though it knows, i have left to
    Yes! I'm burning,
    Burning to no extend
    And your fake love won't be able to cool me down, at least from now on.

    Maybe people love to see me ache
    But i really admire to see them enjoy
    I'm too close to fire, but still I'm pretending I'm ok
    Perhaps that's my strength, ofcourse
    My eyes are bright, just like the burning sun
    My life is perplexed, just like the bloody hell

    Who will drag me out of this puzzle?
    Me, obviously me, because there is no one for me .
    So lemme find me, the lost me ,the aching me .
    And i think, I'll find myself in me, in only me
    Because that's the only place where i exist
    That's the only path, from where i belong to

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    I'll find myself in me

  • sarah_arsheen 30w

    Burning like a fire
    I have a strong desire

    I wish to inspire
    And take others
    A bit higher

    Doesn't matter
    If some try to conspire
    I never get tired
    Of doing what I admire

    I beseech to aspire
    My Myriad dreams
    Flowing just as streams!

    #element @mirakee #pod #wod @writersnetwork #miraqee #writersnetwork

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    Burning like a fire
    I have a strong desire
    I wish to inspire
    And take others
    A bit higher
    Doesn't matter
    If some try to conspire
    I never get tired
    Of doing what I admire!

  • king_mawuli 30w

    As the water

    I lie there
    Great and mighty
    As the waters
    A personality that can never be hidden
    Glistening when the spot light falls upon my surface

    I lie there
    Calm and still
    Stoic and unshaken on the surface
    Yet you cannot behold
    the cacophony of the creatures deep underneath

    I may be stoic on the outward
    Yet you have no idea the tempest
    that rages
    Far beyond the calm you see.

  • rasheederh 30w

    I am water, anguish
    Drown in my depth.
    I beseige calmness
    and gulp in serenity.

    I am water,in my
    Shallow comes
    Ease and comfort
    Adhesive to blaze.

    I am water,wild
    And free,staled
    In divine constituents.
    I flood away ache and contempt.

    I am water, essential
    To Earth's inhabitants
    The growth of life
    Arraign in my soulful moist

    I am water, contagious
    To Earth's,air,fire and space
    The web of creations l
    Vanquish in my hydrosphere.


    Image from Pinterest

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    I am water, essential
    To Earth's inhabitants
    The growth of life
    Arraign in my soulful moist.

    © Rasheederh

  • shandilyaritika 30w

    Element: SPACE(sky)

    Dear sky,

    Commenced prior to life ,you
    Must have witnessed all eras
    So much slaughters and laughters
    Sure you felt blue
    Wondering something could do
    How you hold sun and nimbus all together
    We wish some learning so we stay together
    Night is arriving with twinkling stars
    Living in peace out of scars
    Sleeping with endless conversation

  • smile_its_sunnah 30w

    She stands in the middle of the room like an artifact waiting to be inspected, holding in the tears of shame as the students of mockery laugh at her unexpected transition to femininity. She is abandoned by the other woman of purity as they too are ashamed of their gift.
    The room is silent, no sound and no movement. Her perspective emphasises the stillness of their reaction. Each one of them transition slowly, to balls of explosion as they run like a wolf with unity to protect their pack member.

    I am the writer of fire and air, as I see her tears subtly exploding from her tear glands, I cause chaos to the stillness of reality. I shall shove the unmoving woman as they begin to gain redemption of their previous oblivious actions. Like air I will make the wind provide the tainted soul with adrenaline to walk away with confidence and maturity, as she has nothing to be ashamed off, it's just the cycle of nature. I am the burning thought of correction, I shall burn the thoughts of insecurity and obscurity as all inflicted souls shall feel my wrath of reality.

    He looks up at the sky, watching the stars of remembered people. He searches for the star of his mother as he was told that she will always be watching from above. He waves at the twinkle of a star, believing it's his mother's greeting. In the darkness of the night he speaks of his hardships during the day with tears in his eyes. He normally keeps the tears in for fear others may laugh, his heart is killing him inside but he chooses to be silent.

    I am the writer of water and earth, as I will show him that tears are a beautiful way of expression. I will remind him to be grounded yet expressive to his feelings. Tears of water, and clarity of earth will guide him to another happiness. I will cloud his mind with belief to trust and voice his heart, as there is always someone waiting on Earth to listen to his pain.

    She is the mother of space, the writer of individuality and the protector of nature's serenity. She will be the space of uniqueness as she allows her children to grow in the SPACE of maturity. She will make the AIR blow the movements of the unsure, she will make the FIRE ignite the souls of silence, she will make the EARTH stand on the grounds of confidence and finally, make the WATERS flow in the seas of expression.

    The elements of nature are like a writer of correction, a person who sees curiosity and chooses to express clarity. This is the true power of words, it makes inked letters on a page become true actions of reality.
    By smile_its_sunnah
    Sunday, 02 May 2021

    #element #pod #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork
    (Pic credit: pinterest)

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    The elements of nature are watered on the tears of sadness, burned in the fire of redemption, purified on the grounds of confidence and blown towards the air of peace, as the writer expresses his view on the paper of resurrection.

  • karisma_rajguru 30w


    I move in waves,
    With velocity of various,
    Sometimes I'm calm, to notice how the world functions,
    Sometimes I'm fierce, to raise my voices against the wrong stations,
    I'm vast and ambiguous,
    I'm sorted and ambitious,
    Easy for the one, who's willing to drown in me,
    Tough for those who challenge the power of this sea,
    I'm a life giver, I'm a companion,
    I'm an eco system, flowing through the canyon,
    For how different is a women from the water?
    It all depends on what life has taught her.

  • princess_diary 42w

    The First

    Aries constilation rules the sky,
    And speaks about the stronge will to achieve
    Mischievousness spread the happiness
    Ignite and sparkles the love and friendship where they go...
    Even failing doesn't stop them
    They rise again like phonix....
    Born with fire element...
    Aries are cardinal sign
    Cardinals have long been symbolic of beauty in the midst of darkness,
    Hope in the midst of sorrow,
    And renewal in the midst of winter.
    Aries fights for what they believe,
    For those they care for....
    And breakdown every obstacles in way
    Aries are soft hearted, strong minded and stubborn streak...❤️

  • raindropsoncacti 71w


    My mind is the kind I can't stop perpetually grinding away,
    Churning thoughts philosophical and deep, of our existence and world.
    I'm immersing myself in new satisfaction and wonder
    Found in pursuits not of thought, but rather tangibly held.
    The way my mind is wired is most complex,
    Intellectual/emotional; thoughts my mind never fully understands.
    I'm getting more joy from trying, from attempting things I thought I couldn't.
    I'm falling in love with toiling away, building with my hands...