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  • devilfish 36w

    Continuity and Streams

    I feel so deeply it's as if it were a dream
    I see life coming
    Death pulses as time breathes
    Only pain can measure what's left
    Of humanity
    And this free Sea if toxicity
    And toxic smog that lingers
    As it creeps
    With fingers it penetrates the ozone
    When the Earth sleeps
    Once peacefully
    Now it wakes up to dried streams
    And it's need that we force feed
    Pollutants at warped speed
    And we don't see
    As time reaps what was done in secrecy
    Has now come cloaked in karma's cut throat
    Reality that multiplies it's fury into the
    Knots of infinity
    Death is it's divinity
    Will Independence be enough to deliver
    Me to being self aware
    Freedom in letting go of expectations
    Liberty that lives in me
    Exalted in my essence
    I'm luminescent laying out clarity
    Im weaving lines of misspoken sanity
    I'm scrubbing the sores of vanity
    Ego won't calm calamity
    It's inanity is apparent in it's irrelevancy
    To our democracy propoganda is a pity
    Profanity inserts itself in mundanity
    Where it dirties our minds with willingness
    To falsifying ego and demonstrating our
    Practicality and sensibilities
    Are abnormalities
    Because no one's understanding emotion
    Or depth in chaos
    They just laugh at me
    I isolate me
    I take care of me
    And nurture me
    I'm lonely but I must walk my own path
    Of destiny
    Pick up what's left of me
    And further me
    The art of truth
    Is a mirror
    Staring back at me
    Peering with concerned furrowed brows
    That identify with my unsettling
    And it seems to be my only company

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  • jereme_palos 63w

    Planet Earth .

    Please do not litter or pollute .

    The items littered are contributing toward the

    environmental disasters that do happen .

    The items eventually make their way into the

    underwater fissures or the fissures within the

    ocean .

    Earthquakes , hurricanes , polluted waters ,

    environmental disasters , endangered and injured

    wildlife alongside polluted soil .

    Please make sure the item makes its way into a bin ;

    Whether the item is an item that should be

    recycled or not .

    Please remember that items of recycle are

    supposed to be disposed of within the recycling

    bin .

    The earth does have a level of personal health .

    Please discard the item within a bin instead of

    littering and / or polluting .

    Double bagging / triple bagging household

    waste items is actually healthier for the

    environment .

    A number of bags are supposed

    to be double / triple / multi bagged due to the

    weight of the waste within the waste bag .

    Double / triple / multiple bags around the waste

    can keep garbage bag sludge from spilling while

    removing the waste bag .

    Also , please have an enjoyable winter and please

    remember to have warm clothing .

    Additional entertainment :

    The oceanic water soaks into the earthen crust

    and alters the environment of the planet .

  • whatjessithinks 74w

    Have you reasoned that what we call natural disasters were just mere happening until man decided to move his territory?
    Hurricanes occurred at sea and until man decided to travel the vast oceans, they were no problem to him. Volcanic eruptions from volcanoes and if man didn't decidedly expand his territory, they wouldn't have been a cause of concern.
    In a bid to fill up all space and exist in every part of the world, man has created problems and solutions.

    #green #colourseries #colorseries #creation #nature #man #disaster #money #trees #creatures #emerald #deepocean #ocean #poetry #poem #poet #writer #ecology #ecosystem #foodchain #order #universe

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    Nature around us is fascinating,
    The universe, so humbling.
    The priceless magnificence,
    Of structure and order,
    Are the awesome wonders of creation.
    The precious appearances of gems,
    Like emeralds in the ocean.
    Are the beauties of it all.
    The curiosity of the deep;
    I behold in awe,
    Very close to panic.
    For everything appears so orderly,
    From the top of the food chain,
    To the tiny microorganisms.
    But the bane of all creatures,
    Including itself,
    A very essential evil,
    The keeper and the destroyer,
    The sentinel and the enemy,
    Is man and his creation.

  • marianotsaint 76w

    Harmony in Contrast

    Am I not like the ocean always in motion?
    Are you not like the mountains standing tall with stillness and a sense of calm?
    Are we not like the sky projecting both dark and light?

    When there is chaos all around. ...
    I run free into the wilderness ..
    Its holding me gently...
    Trying to breathe life into me ..
    Even as the oceans, mountains and sky around me are collapsing ... ..

  • arhanide 105w

    I've been playing a game called Hungry Shark recently. And it made me feel really sad for these animals that we humans try so hard to destroy for generations. I feel like they have been given a bad reputation, but there is so much more beyond that.

    #ecology #savenature #sharks

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    They hunt me for sport, in the quest for my fins.
    Pushing me out of my lands and my oceans,
    To build their industries,
    dumping their waste,
    that I am forced to swallow.

    Disturbing my peace with their
    ships, and their cameras.
    All the while fearing me like a plague.
    Yet never will they simply leave me alone.

  • nogravity 108w

    Planet Number 3

    I know that you are hurting I can clearly see the tears. all you had took from you, all throughout the years. Oh the things that I would do for you, to take away the pain. The scar that we left on you. Always to remain.


  • saurabh_sanjay_suman 109w

    The Nestling


    “Ummm. Yeah bacchaa! Bol naa… What happened?” I ignored her sweet but annoyingly persistent chirps since I was glued to my news briefing regarding Chinese protester’s self-immolation viral clip in the white house’s south lawn.

    “You are not looking, papa! I found something…Ouch!”

    “WHAT HAPPENED?” I shouted in horror of the thought of something happened to her. “What’s in your hand? Drop it come on.” I hastily turned to her and was trying to open her palms as she was Lil shook by my reaction. I had the whole train of thought in my head. In a second I thought that she must have gotten something from my garage, she would have cut herself, and she will have septic blah blah blah. All the worst possible thoughts, in short, the horror show. As she slowly sat down on knees and opened her palm. To my surprise, it was a small, cute, and confused nestling of a sparrow resting very her delicate little pinkish palms.

    “Where did you get it bacchaa? Did you go outside the dome?” I was curious enough since I had not seen a house sparrow in years but had to maintain the stern voice to make sure she was telling me the truth. “No papa...I found it...behind Neem tree. It was all alone and…(coughed) and scared. I thought …(coughed) I thought our doggy will eat the birdie.” She looked all scared and worried as she was carefully caressing the nestling. Her voice had that genuine pitch of innocence, the one I had not heard in long while between all those debates and meetings in the office. Humanity which was killed long back in Public Square of democracy by those who are in power with the help of their cannibalistic mobs was personified in front of me. Her simple act of kindness washed away all the cynical dust accumulated over my conscience, well at least for time being. I smiled at her.

    “Awww, you were worried about the baby bird? How nice! But it might bite you so put it in this…” I emptied the nearby bowl of sprouts in my hand and ask her to put the nestling in the bowl. She carefully placed her baby bird in the bowl. “Now eat your sprouts they are expensive…AA AA AA…No your hands are dirty…Open your mouth…Say AA” I fed her the remaining sprouts but she was all invested in her baby bird.
    “Why do you keep taking your mask off hun? No removing masks from now on or else no i-Screen for a month Ok?” I put the mask on her mouth nodding my head in anger.

    “Baccha, Don’t touch the baby too much.” I stopped her as she was patting it on the head.
    “Why not?” she reverted.
    “Baby bird might get hurt.” I lied I just didn’t want nestling to imprint on her.

    “Go wash your hands now. We need to find the baby bird’s nest. We need to give it back to its mom. Come on!” I picked the bowl up as she was visibly upset. “What happened bacchaa?” I asked. “Papa, can’t we keep the baby? We will give the baby water and…I will feed the baby with my hands” she asked apologetically knowing deep down it’s not right. “Bacchaa, This baby bird is too small to be raised by you. It needs its mother otherwise it will die. Will you like it if someone took you away from your mummy papa hun?” She shook her head no. I picked her up and gave her a peck on her cheek, “Good girl! Come on let's wash your hands first.”

    After washing her teeny tiny hands we took baby bird near the Neem tree in the backyard.
    “Ok, where exactly did you find it?” I asked her. She pointed near the drip irrigation pipes which were right under the branch of the neem tree. Up high on that branch, I could see the nest, I didn’t even remember when was the last time I saw the birds nest. “Bacchaa, can you see that? That is the home of the baby bird….it’s called a nest.” I pointed it to her. She was trying to look up avoiding the sun flares. I gave the nestling in her hand and picked her up on my shoulders.

    “Can you see now? It’s made of sticks and leaves. Look at the top branch.”
    “I see it, Papa…Wow!” she coughed again. “Can we take pictures using drone-cam papa?” she asked with enthusiasm.
    “Bacchaa, drone-cam might scare the baby bird’s mummy papa, then they will go away. Do you want that?”
    “No,” she said with guilt.
    “Good girl, besides I have my recording glasses on I have taken video. We will watch it whole on i-Screen ok?”
    “Ok, papa.” She seemed mildly happy.
    “Now put that baby bird on the branch of tree baby’s mother will take her home.”

    She carefully placed it on the branch with all the delicacy in the world. I kept her on the ground she didn’t wanna leave the baby bird but I convinced her that her mother will not come if we are nearby. I had my morning updates from home office regarding health crisis pending, I was thinking about them. After returning to the home she suddenly asked me, “Papa what about water for birds?” I said instinctively without thinking “Oh don’t worry, they will drink rainwater.” “NO Papa (coughing) They will be sick” she shouted in anguish. I realized I made a mistake.

    “Oh sorry! Bacchaa, not rainwater, I meant regular water.”
    “Then why did you say rainwater before? Do you want to kill those birds?” she asked me with a tone of utter discomfort.
    “Are Bacchaa! The rain was not all bad blackish sludge as it is now. It was just water…I and my friends used to drink it… play in it…dance in it. Because of pollution, it has become bad.”
    She looked at me unbelievingly and said, “So you…used to drink rainwater…YUCK!”
    I laughed loudly, kissed her pretty face, " Lets see some old videos of rain on i-Screen with some cake. Ok?"

    "Yeah" she was ecstatic. "Papa your glasses' battery is low."
    "Ok. Lets see!"



    “Alexa, sleep!” Shruti interrupted. “It’s been two years. Stop torturing yourself, Come on!”

    “It was last day that we spent together. She was happy that day. I don’t know how she got sick inside the dome. I don’t understand…” Tears rolled down from my eyes and I checked up.
    “Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault.”
    “It was!” I interjected in an angry, broken voice “I was her dad I was supposed to protect her.”
    “Nobody could do anything, you know thousands of kids died due to that strain of asthma…with that kind of air quality...it was nobody’s fault.” Shruti tried consoled me as she held my hand.

    “No, it was all of us. You, me, all the people. Every one killed our baby.” I broke down.

    We both cried the whole night, our masks could not muffle our grief.



  • metaphysicalman 118w


    "The average human adult is 60% water"
    Somehow we are more like water than we choose to believe.
    All of us the same like raindrops yet unique like snowflakes.
    All born so clear but taking on the colour and taste of our experiences.
    We turn hot and we turn cold, we nurture and we destroy. We too somehow take the shape of the container we are kept in.
    Yet, somehow we make the grave mistake of seeing ourselves as separate from the very nature that we belong to.

  • h_yuki 125w

    #earth #SaveTheEarth #Ecology #abcChallenge #E
    Picture credit to dansende beren

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    Everyone put in a
    Effort in
    Easing our
    Earth is an


  • faizeenfatima 129w

    Save our Home
    Save our Planet

    Let's save our environment
    Otherwise we ourselves will be caged one day

  • ericwk 137w


    Sense of Self.
    The Philosophers say...
    Is part of an Intelligent
    contemplative Sense.

    To comprehend
    the enormity of Life
    is to nurture as Vital
    essential Darkness with Light.

    Mindfulness of embodiments
    union of Flesh combining
    with ethereal Firmament.
    Perception of such blessed Alignments.

    Orbs of intuitive knowledge
    spin with Potent energies.
    Upon the axis of Understanding
    the fervent Way: our Mother of Earth.

    Seeds of all Creation.
    Held trembling in the Hands
    of Everything; beheld and hopeful,
    fertile works of Woman and Man.

    All as known so Willed to bud
    and bloom to enwombed Encouragements
    of a single Spark of inconceivable

    Learn. Lift. Live.
    Nature's gifts.
    Seeded (deep).
    Open Up to Each Moment.

    Each day a Miracle.
    Yearning (intense).
    We of this particular Planet.
    Once. For once. Pray as (one).

    For our One and only Earth.

    ~ an EWK 'Earth Day' Poe'em ©ericwk

  • selfiewithbharata 144w


    "पृथ्वी पर प्रकृति प्रदत्त सभी पदार्थ अपने मूलबिन्दु पर आसिन्न है,मनुष्य को छोड़कर."
    सर्वविदित है,समय और परिस्थिति उन्हें अपनी ओर खींचने की शक्ति रखता है.


  • ericwk 154w

    'First Sight' · · · 50 years ago, this day.

    ••••• (Photo from Pixabay; of Earth from above the Moon)
    'Earthrise', is a photograph of Earth and some of the Moon's surface that was taken from lunar orbit by the crew of the NASA-Apollo 8 astronauts on December 24, 1968.

    Apollo 8:
    Launched on Dec. 21, 1968: 1st manned lunar orbit.

    #Earth #Space #History #Astronomy #Ecology #Inspiration

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    First Sight

    men and women See
    Life written in inks of blue
    sight of Future's, passed.

    ~ an EWK 5:7:5
    Haiku Poe'em


  • unnikuttan 169w

    The tree

    Just as they stood to cut
    The tree just wept
    They did n't know
    The tree did cry
    But it was only for their sons..

  • abbhishek 182w

    For the new flipping leaves to come, the old ones have to fall.

  • ishubhankar 189w

    I gaze at the sky
    and feel the wind

    I swim in the ocean
    feeling the current

    I tear it apart
    but it returns love

    Earth - a mother in true sense


  • le_scaphandre 208w


    There is
    A solution
    But to apply
    We need
    To listen carefully
    To the ground

    There is
    A solution
    To the issue
    Of nothing
    But to apply
    We need
    To make peace
    With the world

    We need
    To give this
    Goddamn Uranium
    Of the alone men

    We need
    To dig
    And trust
    Which cannot
    Support anymore
    For power
    For her

    The solution
    (and yes
    This is truly
    A revolution,
    Compare the
    Made of lies)

    The solution
    Is called

  • le_scaphandre 212w


    And gentlemen
    Let me
    Introduce to you
    The biggest
    Mistake of all time

    And gentlemen
    Be prepare
    To look at
    Our magnificent
    His name
    Is "Bank". See,

    And gentlemen!
    Be prepare
    For the anger
    Of this beast
    He's very stupid
    But also
    Very powerful

    And gentlemen
    Let's put down
    Your tissue
    Let's see
    What's going on
    Curtain's waves

    What do you see
    Gentlemen ?
    Is that
    A photograph
    Of your wife
    Or your wallet?
    What do you see
    Madam ?
    Is that
    The mirror of your child ?

    No! Hell no
    It will never be
    Your family again
    Ladies and
    Let me introduce
    To us
    From the beginning
    To the end
    Our last discovery
    Last treasure on

    Let me introduce
    A beast
    Named "Arctic"

  • ericwk 212w

    Structure of 'Nature's Plight':

    (Syllable count : Rhyme)

    3 : A rhyme
    3 : B rhyme
    3 : A rhyme

    3 : B rhyme
    3 : C rhyme
    3 : B rhyme

    3 : C rhyme
    3 : D rhyme
    3 : C rhyme


    3 : D rhyme
    3 : E rhyme
    3 : D rhyme

    3 : E rhyme
    3 : F rhyme
    3 : E rhyme

    3 : F rhyme
    3 : F rhyme
    3 : F rhyme

    What is a Tricube poem?:
    : A Tricube poem is composed of 3 syllables per verse, 3 verses per stanza, and 3 stanzas in total.

    #Mirakee �� #Earth #Nature #Ecology
    #ReadWriteUnite #WritersNetwork #Poetry

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    Nature's Plight


    Polar bear's
    Glacial ’bode
    Tundra lair.

    Ice pack flow
    Artic life
    Chrystal snow.

    Northern lights
    Midnight sun
    Nature's plight.


    Fate is glum
    Damage done.

    Global pact
    Snow bear's path.

    We shall see
    Hope will be
    Our legacy.


    ~ an EWK 'Double Tricube' Poe'em