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    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ������ #ecluv

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    Clutches on;
    Sun won't stay.


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    #imagery or not!

    Life is a tasty affair..
    but you gotta cook it right
    and savour it right..

    EC!!! A double delight!!! Thank you @miraquill .. Such a treat ����������

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    Savouring Life

    While stirring a pot of
    simmering love
    I tasted a spoonful 
    and burnt my tongue. 

    Life is an expert
    culinary teacher
    Teaches the secrets 
    of how to perfect. 
    It reminds me the
    forgotten tips;
    minutest details
    like, how to sip. 

    Says 'wait'.. 
    a while longer
    Patience always
    gives the sweet results. 
    Perhaps two drops
    of familial tang 
    will cut through 
    sugary profusion. 
    It helps to away 
    with disasters
    that leave a
    bitter aftertaste. 

    Life keeps teaching
    as we bake along
    to bring more depth 
    of flavours. 
    How about adding
    nutty textures
    from hardships, 
    won't it serve
    the purpose? 

    Honeyed love tastes heavenly 
    savored in smaller portions  
    Added flavors and textures
    give it the added dimension. 


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    I was thinking about the penguins, that are being displaced and forced to live in artificially created space, just for a few minutes of our pleasure.  

    We humans are really cruel, the real 'wild' of this beautiful home called Earth. ��

    This poem is written from the POV of those displaced penguins specifically, and caged animals in general. 

    In this poem #wild is used as a natural state/ or uninhabited region.

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ��������

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    Freedom in a cubbyhole

    Born to relish the seamless nivea canvas;
    instead we yawn at these faces frivolous. 

    Our sky is veneer, our home a sham, 
    enforced on us for their paid distraction. 

    Clear glass panels, a hideous divider
    between our petty gloom and their costly leisure

    They trap our freedom inside a cubbyhole, 
    A prison sentence for the victims; without parole!

    Wild is our home, wild our way of living
    Wild is where we are meant to be thriving

    Their regressive growth, falty advancement
    Pity, it has cost us our natural habitat. 

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    Tried the reverse... But is it so difficult to sing #hyperbole s for a man or is it just the unromantic me??!!

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ���� .. I'm delighted.

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    My world is YOU

    Your eyes
    'Blazing suns'
    My frozen heart
    Melts away into a
    thousand rivers

    Your embrace
    'Vast blue sky'
    My caged feeling
    spread wings, fly a
    thousand miles

    Your aura
    'Black hole'
    I'm sucked in
    until nothing of me
    is left anymore.

    My world
    is YOU.
    Seven lives
    won't suffice
    to return the love
    you have given me..

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    Today's prompt and the reference poem did crazy thing in my head and I loved where my thoughts lead me ��

    It's written from the POV of a little boy/girl who hates regular studies, whose imagination runs wild.. Daydreaming, an escape from boredom..  

    In this Covid stricken world, with lockdown, online education, and being stuck in their home, what else can the little minds  with their active imagination do?!

    #start, #idreamc

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ������

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    Blue Pumpkins and Waltzing Oranges


    I love the blue pumpkins 
    that grow on the trees
    and dainty oranges waltzing
    on the ground with leaves

    Somersaulting with the clouds, 
    my most favourite stunt
    and skating on the crescent moon
    on its back or the curvy front

    Arithmetic a stocky burden 
    agrees with me the winking sun
    Learning spellings is sure no fun
    making U-turn I've got to run! 

    Stars and I go visit places
    you could never imagine
    In my dreamland vehicles move
    without gas or noisy engine

    Eyes wide open still I will dream
    the alphabets dancing to K-pop
    Mamma frowns as my grades drop
    my dream series has got to stop


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    Since we are dealing with seven today...
    It's not a #kwansaba .  Should I call it a celebration of everything there is (except for iv. i suppose)? 

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����

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    Sagas Sewn in Seven


    i.   Seven nimble notes 
         diffuse and resonate
         in every utterance, and evanesce
         within, to make us one
         with the universe

    ii.  Seven comely colours 
         wrap around the entirety
         with its hues a million
         for these orbs to behold
         the magical union.

    iii. Seven vestal virtues
         enshrine the sanctitude
         encircling as a sturdy fortress. 
         Unflinching, resilient;
         guardians of the quintessence. 

    iv. Seven sadistic sins
         erode every sense, 
         digging their nails deeper
         into the crux of life, 
         ripping apart the character. 

    v.  Seven sibylline seas 
         hide beneath their depths
         the sagas of brimful of tears
         simmering storms within, 
         calmly waving to the ether 

    vi. Seven worldly wonders
         await restorations
         collaborating chores
         with human and devine. 
         The supreme amalgamation. 

    vii.Seven hallowed heavens 
         stitch the waking dreams, 
         hem them with the filament
         of reality, to sew a
         sheath of covenant

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    #nostalgic, #ecluv

    Thank you for the EC @miraquill .. It is a special post for me.. And you made it extra special ����

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    Jasmine nostalgia

    (This is for my grandma.. Who always stood tall and never wavered even to the strongest blows.. )

    A whiff of spice mix from the hot mud tawa
    A midmorning memory redolent ambrosia
    Rows and rows Jasmines neatly woven
    Stir in their fragrance of assiduous devotion

    The land bowed with greens at oft intervals
    Labor returned home bellyful and sackful
    Pruned courtyard never missed the gratified chatter
    Brood tended with never emptying love platter

    Nothing quelled your brave heart, lady Titanic
    Tamed sharks and storms solo with power magestic
    Your smile, your zeal, your awe inspiring magic
    Page fills with syllables singing tunes nostalgic


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    It's not really an #argument ...! Just some lingering thoughts that met my pen and paper.

    'Time and tide wait for none'
    isn't it a saying of the wise?
    Why then time stops still when
    I look into those sapphire eyes?

    'Time flies by like the shooting star',
    pouts the little girl
    at the town fair as she hops out
    of the Carousel
    Her mother's eyes keep oscillating
    to the clock tower
    She is keyed up why the hands are
    moving much slower

    Time is sipped in customized glasses
    by every terrestrial soul
    Its speedometer runs wayward
    It's attuned to your smile and scowl
    Time spent laughing, with your loved ones,
    is shrunken by the dial
    Time's ruthless torture, knows the
    man in the six by eight cell

    Time is a tireless ruler,
    Time, a masterly healer,
    Time wipes the flowing tears;
    Time, a dying man's prayer,
    Time destroys, begets havoc,
    tumbles the empires down
    Time crumbles the sturdiest forts,
    transforms a mere stone divine.

    Time has seen - the dawn of faith,
    earth shrink to the size of a grain
    No one dares to capture it's girth
    None have witnessed it's birth.
    I watch it slip through my fingers,
    my fist fails to arrest
    Caught in Time's colossal web,
    I am just a miniscule spec.


    Thank you for another awesome surprise @miraquill .. 3rd POD!!!! Couldn't be happier ������
    Thanks a million.. �� #podluv
    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ���� #ecluv
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost ����

    Thank you all for the read, ❤, reposts, and all the constant encouragement and support.. ������

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    'Time and tide wait for none'
    isn't it a saying of the wise?
    Why then time stops still when
    I look into those sapphire eyes?

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    Friendship embraces all your senses.  It's presence makes this solo journey worthwhile. 

    This #acrostic of a series of #gogyohka s is an 'Ode to Friendship' 

    #senses, #ecluv

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����

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    F lowing stream 
       of fresh water 
       chuckling away 
       nature's vibrancy

    R ainbow of 
        a thousand colours 
        in the 
        pitch black skies

    I  nspiring feel of the coarse pages 
       of leather bound book 
       soaked in the knowledge of the ages,
       comforting balm
       to my every atom

    E ssence of 
       the earthy aroma 
       that enlivens 
       the parched song of life 
       lost without rhythm and rhyme

    N ostalgic taste 
        of the marmalade on toast, 
        while sitting by the window 
        watching the beautiful morn, 
        renaissance of sweet ole days. 

    D ewy eyes 
        trickle the 
        salty stream 
        fragrant memories. 


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    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ���� .. A pleasant surprise indeed.


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    .. and then I grew up.


    Once when I was young and wise

    happiness came in bite size

    It grew on trees to be plucked and slurped

    on the hanging roots as I swayed

    Now nothing fills the greedy mouth

    What fits, the teeth can't chew;

    Palate fails to find flavors cached 

    Gulping the mish mash just to survive!


  • treble_clef 8w

    #gogyohka ? Not sure.. I did read that it exceptionally may have four or six lines.

    Wrote this some months back trying to describe pain..
    Not the physical kind of course!

    #acrostic, #ecluv

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC. ����

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    P eeling the layers masking the memory
    A ching heart writhes
    I nches away from healing
    N estles back into its hiding.


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    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ����
    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����

    #city, #wnluv, #ecluv

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    City Of Dreams

    City of broken dreams
    hobbling about in crutches
    Eyes on 2D dwellings
    trapped in fate's clutches

    Streets abuzz with whims
    Sell needs and wishes enmeshed
    Drains clogged with sins
    reek of shrieks of sold flesh

    Shiny metal contraptions
    ferry insatiable tantrums
    Tiny palms gather ration
    as metal clinks play the rhythm

    Chaos always in order
    Disruption dances in synchrony
    Pause, has gone awol
    Everything moves with money

    It's a city of dreams
    Where nightmares are sown
    Amidst the dwindling space
    Hopes keep finding new dawn


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    #object, #wnluv, #ecluv

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ����
    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����

    Something light for today ��


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    My Pen

    Is tall
    Like the dainty model
    wearing silver gown, stylishly
    walking on the white paper ramp. 

    Is sleepy, most of the time,
    dozing in a cozy corner of my 
    wooden drawer, like the naughty kitten
    sneaking off to snuggle by the hearthstone. 

    Is clingy, 
    Doesn't leave my fingers;
    When my mind cracks open
    with a burst of emotions, its ink
    flows as if from the broken tap of my kitchen. 

    Is clever, 
    My mind's disciplined twin! 
    It surprises me often, gets my
    thoughts sorted in the most organized manner. 


  • treble_clef 12w

    A feeble attempt using onomatopoeia

    #wod, #onomatopoeia, #ecluv

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����


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    Hush, Hush, my baby sleep

    Angels from above they peep

    Listen to the winds whisper softly

    Fairies swirl around you gleefully

    Listen to the lullaby cherubs singing

    Chirping birds now quietly resting

    Get on the bubble and gently sway

    Say hello to the moon, with stars go play

    Hush, Hush my baby sleep

    Close your eyes and fall asleep


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    #wod, #decay, #wnluv, #ecluv

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ����


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    Caught up in the rat race of reaching nowhere
    We pile up possessions, leave the hearts vacant
    Ensnared by the gloss of glitter and glamour
    We polish our skin and let the soul decay


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    #wod, #writers, #canvasc, #ecluv
    @writersnetwork, @mirakee, @writersbay


    Thank you @mirakee for the Editor's Choice ❤❤

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    (Dedicated to all the amazing writers/poets on Miraquill) 

    You are the alchemist 
    of the highest order
    You know the secret
    of how to turn
    the letters and words of
    black shades
    into pretty amulets
    with intricate designs 
    of hyperboles and metaphors 
    emblazoned by imageries.

    You are the magician
    who can create an illusion 
    of art and beauty
    hiding the pain in your hat
    while waving your pen
    to make the rabbit jump out. 

    You are the architect 
    of that magnificent
    art gallery where
    raw emotions 
    are in display
    camouflaged on the canvas
    in colourful hues
    behind those artistic strokes. 

    You are the fearless voice 
    of those silent tears
    shed and wiped unnoticed;
    You are the reformer
    strong and determined, 
    ushering in the 
    winds of change
    with words as your swords. 
    You are the beautiful soul 
    who lives on
    breathing life into
    things, emotions, feelings.. 
    that must live. 

    01.06.21 (1:55pm)

  • treble_clef 25w

    Our silence is costing us lives....

    #wod, #silence, @writersnetwork, #tears,
    #covid, #india

    #synecdoche, #ecluv


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    Silence of the night

    Silence stared at the apathetic world
    and fell defeated on the ground 

    Tears flowing from a million eyes 
    spoke a thousand unspoken words

    Right to breathe stolen away from them,
    bodies fell one by one with a silent thud.

    A covered up number for the records,
    was a breadwinner; four mouths he fed!

    Makeshift crematoriums, makeshift pyres
    Queues get longer for the final rites

    Wasn't  the silence of the night a time for repose? 
    Now the burning embers have no time to pause. 


  • treble_clef 29w

    It's not poetry, but a bagful of memories ��

    #wod, #childhood, #memories, #ecluv

    Thank you @mirakee for Editor's Choice...Delighted ��

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    Bagful of Memories

    A bagful of memories 
    heavy with 
    a thousand and one things. 
    If I dig deep
    I will find there, 
    the only doll I owned, 
    a plastic queen, pale pink, 
    misshapen as it was handed down
    by loving sisters 
    who had held her too
    with their tiny fingers. 
    A few stones, pebbles 
    and two hands full of sand, 
    that were the goodies sold
    in a makeshift shop 
    bought with paper pieces
    and later cooked 
    in coconut shells. 
    Fondest of all is the 
    50 paisa coin that the big sister
    gave to her innocent little sister
    in exchange for just 1 rupee coin 
    which surely was too less 
    compared to 50! 
    That red floral dress 
    prettiest in the whole town
    gifted by dear uncle who had flown in
    and was worn with pride 
    at the school annual day
    dance recital. 

    A sky will pop up 
    with the brightest stars 
    that you cannot find anywhere else.
    They shine with the charm 
    of the stories father would tell us
    of his days working
    at the tiles factory, 
    before he became a farmer
    as there were none left to look after
    the farm, little more than an acre.
    There will be moons too
    of different shapes, 
    some fuller, some crescent 
    that mother pointed at 
    to calm me from my
    tearful tantrums. 
    While all these show up 
    one following the other, 
    in the background plays 
    the song most melodious, 
    sung by our protector, 
    sweetest Grandmother. 
    The only place, 
    the mischief makers refuge
    is her wrinkled embrace. 

    Oh, bag of gleeful memories, 
    you are the only thing
    I need to pack 
    If I need to go hunting
    to satiate my hunger
    for some smiles, 
    and a few happy tears, 
    to rescue me from the gloomy days. 


  • treble_clef 31w

    Flip Flop - Slippery Slope

    Flip flop she wore

    And went down the slippery slope

    Slipped and slammed her elbow

    Got bruises  black and blue

    Looking around she slurred

    'Should've slid into my sloppy shoes'.. 


  • treble_clef 42w

    If wind had eyes and a beating heart.....


    Thank you @writersnetwork for reposting. I'm thrilled!
    Thank you @miraquill for the EC.. ��������

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    Wind : A Journey

    Leaving behind it's womb the sea
    The timid wind begins it's journey 
    Swiftly crossing the sandy beach 
    Tickles the leaves of coconut trees

    Laughing lads, play hide and seek;
    Women are sorting the catch squatting. 
    While men get busy with nets to clean
    Wind smiles at the folks and swirls with glee

    Gliding past the lush green sight,
    it floats to the place that looks like a maze
    Perplexed wind pushes it's way with might
    Coughs in the frowsty sulfurous black haze

    Through the slums, tastings sweat and tears
    Thousand dwellings in hundred square feet
    It crashes against the concrete structures
    No welcome, no way in, but through the ACs

    The sweat and the tears it carried along, 
    are crushed and shattered and thrown aside
    People inside have forgotten how to breathe
    No care; No love; Are they all machines? 

    Gaping gaps in the concrete jungle
    Distraught wind is stricken with despair
    Seeks refuge from the mountain standing tall;
    A silent witness to the growing divide.