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  • cletus_writer 119w

    Did you know
    The best time to discover
    What you do best
    Is during your depressed and bad time.
    Don't stay idle in your bad moment,
    Pick up the crumbs and build your name.

  • anavah 122w

    I had published this poem under a pseudonym I no longer wish to continue and hence I am deleting the pseudo account and posting it here.#eatingout @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Dining Out

    It was an event no doubt
    You dress the part
    You face that part of you
    That points a finger
    You order your heart out
    Yet the very first bite
    Reminds you of that dress
    You no longer fit into
    You look around
    You see your companion
    Wander among unknown faces
    The phone is out on the table
    The ever-present intruder
    You feed him the first picture
    You let the world know the joy
    Of a five course meal
    Where is your joy?

  • heenajoshi 122w

    I visited a restaurent of hope,
    Where the entrance was of optimism,
    And walls were tainted in classless colour.
    The cutlery was lacking religion but for the first time, touching a utensil, somehow, felt like home.

    The menu had dishes of virtues, right from starters of jokes and memes soups.
    The main course included some breads kneaded by the dough of empathy.
    And the sauces were made of freedom.
    You could order wine of poetries or whiskey of sagas alongwith it.
    But I preferred to have simplicity’s nimbu pani.
    Whereas in dessert, the menu showed only one dish- humanity.
    I wondered, and asked the waiter, who was busy scribbling my order.
    That is when, I could hear, a sound, feeble but strong enough to be heard in silence of sensitivity, and I was the proud owner of it.
    Tick-tock, tick-tock.

    The next thing I knew that the waiter smiled at me and said,
    “Only dessert because, it’s taste is killing”.
    And now I don’t remember, how it tasted.
    Because last thing I remember, is a loud sound after that. Just like a volcano. May be a volcano of ovewhelmance or may be, a time-bomb in times of humanity. Who knows!
    All I know is, that I am scribbling this story while sitting at a cafe called heaven, where the only tea is your karma and only charges are fruits.

  • rampant_roads 122w

    This Feeling

    As the door opened, the aroma of familiarity struck me like a book unearthed after a hundred years. Time had layered the walls in yellows and greays, yet was stubborn against the seconds that dripped off the ceiling.
    It had been a lifetime ago indeed.
    I scooted over to the corner table, the one I'd always loved because I gave me a picturesque view of the lake right behind the cafe, brimming with colorful life and guarded by pretty white Lillies, and occasionally by splatter of butterflies. The lake isn't there anymore ,though. It has been replaced by the majestic wonders of human engineering, an infrastructure in which I myself am caged in.
    Nonetheless, I won't let that ruin this moment. I am glad to have come and even so, to have found things exactly the way they were twenty years ago. And time had not been able to sugarcoat or manuscript my affection for the place.
    This cafe was owned by my mother, she'd bought it just after she left town. She started it mostly to earn a living, but the place soon grew on both of us like wild grass sprouting tiny violets. I remember, I'd come here every evening after school and I'd see her twirling and singing behind the counter. She seemed happy, eternal even and people loved coming here. They'd laugh, debate and fly in all sorts of news from all over the town. Different people, different lives, different stories but all united under the same roof.
    Everyday mom would have a different treat for me, Mondays would be sweet days, Tuesdays were spicy treats, Wednesdays was Indian and so on.
    We didn't earn much but we were happy.
    Almost instantly a smile plays over my lips. I had to sell the place off after her, but I am very thankful to the owner for never toying with my memories of the place. He had left everything just as it was, from the menus to the furniture, and had indeed taken utmost care of the place.
    As old as it my be, I can't wait to buy it back and see it once again light up like our Melodious Music Sundays...


  • lonedrama 122w

    #yaminiread @mirakeefor#eatingout
    I could not breath. I blackout. I was not conscious. Suddenly I woke up.I was in another place. In another time there were whispering in my ears. I saw those persons again. But they disappeared like a flash. I was in a bed that it was also a table. I saw this short, blonded priest. He was giving me his back. I could not see his face. He was saying scary things. I began to pray. Suddenly the earth was trembling. And I saw lighting in the skies. And suddenly I was flying towards a tunnel. It was a deep tunnel. Very ��
    bright, more than the sun. But it's brightness didn't make me blind. There was a big room. Many kids studying there. They had the age that my child had when he died, several years ago. I began to remember my child and the memories I had with him. When he was born he had a little bit of hair. His eyes were blue as the skies. His skin was white as his innocence. His hair yellow as the sun. He was a happy kid. Vivacious. Playful. He was very intelligent. When he was three he talked as if he were five. So intelligent that when he was six they put him in second grade. I was so proud of him! He always said: -mom this is for you. And he used to bring me flowers as presents for me. He was so gentlemanly. And so funny. He always made me laugh. I began to feel the sadness I felt when he died. Suddenly there came a gentleman. His face was familiar to me. Then I recognized him. I was so happy that I was paralyzed for a moment. And he told me: - Mom this is for you. And the flowers that he gave me were the most beautiful flowers I had seen until that moment. Then I realized that in heaven where I was, the kids grow and they go to a school to learn until they become adults as my son that in the moment of this vision had 30 years old. I hugged him. And he told me:-Mom, Don't cry more for me. You know that I am happy here. Life goes by so quickly on earth. Well will be all together again. I hugged him. It was a happiest moment in the happiest place. Then I was flying. I saw him saying goodbye but I knew that goodbye was more a we'll see you soon. I felt my body flying towards the tunnel. I woke up alone in my bed. It was three o'clock. On time to see a real priest. So I put on my perfume: happy. And it smelled like wood. So delicious! I went on foot. I arrived to the church towards my spiritual director. He prayed before telling me the meaning of the visions. I am a visionary and I have had dreams and visions since my childhood. The priest told me that the first vision of people with older clothes represents the people of former generations whom I was seeing because I prayed for them. The place that I saw was the place where they eat the Holy communion. When I felt
    something stung in my tongue and I felt from the chair and then appeared in my bed with the short blond priest beside me giving me his back that represents: the spiritual fight for my soul. And when I saw my son in heaven that was a vision from heaven for me to write about. For the consolation of parents like me who had lost a child. After I talked to the priest I felt good. I realized my mission in life.

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  • scintillatingsolitude03 122w

    Three words
    she wanted to hear?
    Unlimited pizza buffet.


  • anthonyhanible 122w


    It's a waste
    Go to the market
    And cook
    Or warm up something

  • anamica_nanda 122w

    Taste of India

    To abate the doldrums of this mundane life, she sought refuge in the kitchens of this great land.

    Traversing from one corner to the other, she collated her various encounters.

    From the salty Kehwa and the aromatic filter coffee, to the simmering brew of tea, each land in the state offered a remedy to her malady.

    While the syrupy Rasgulla and the creamy Rabri balmed the craving bingy, the spices too were in equal contention.

    A dash of turmeric, a sprinkle of salt, a helping of chillies and spices whole, combine to concoct a pot of relish, while a sprig of coriander would seal its magic.

    Accompanying a serving of fluffy, steaming rice or a dilly dally of chappatis, the spicy curry infuses an amalgamation of tastes that is unique and heavenly.

    Such my friends, she told in the end, is the taste of India and its cuisines — a little sweet, a little salty, sometimes tangy and at times spicy.


  • yangvie 122w

    #eatingout #writersnetwork #mirakee
    Rush hour and food was out of stock ������

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    Here for dinner
    and the food is
    out of stock.
    We 0rdered chicken,
    Its crossing road.....
    We ordered vegetables
    It's not harvested yet....
    We ordered noodles
    Its yet to get boiled....
    We ordered ham
    Its still getting processed....
    We ordered milkshakes
    It's still getting its shakes....
    Well dinner we did take,
    was some peppers
    and chillieflakes.
    And ofcourse not to forget
    the salt in the shake.

  • anavah 122w

    Just Coffee

    It's just a coffee he said
    And she puckered up
    Lips glossed, cheeks tinted.

    It's just coffee he said.
    She put on her best dress
    And waited.

    It's just a coffee he said
    And she waited
    For the longest time.

    The dress faded with wear
    The make-up washed in tears
    The coffee got cold

    She put on a new dress
    A new shade of lipstick
    A fresh brew

    The new dress tore
    Her bruised skin showed
    Her puffed eyes bled

    The coffee was forgotten now
    In the pages of a journal
    Where she hid her hopes

    It's just a coffee he had said
    She thought it meant more
    He thought it meant far less

  • aynam_ 122w

    Waiting outside the restaurant with enthusiasm
    The ambiance was ambivalent
    In hurry of getting in to see him
    I turned back and looked at him
    Got smile, while starring at him
    The moment made itself sublime
    rondeau after long time
    Bethink all at once
    It all took so long to see him
    Tiny moments made my day
    I still smile for that souvenir!

  • vinnusri 122w

    People around me.....

    Eating out has always worried me, where to go, when to go, why to go, checking whether we have any offers, If so what would be better place.....let's plan .......

    I found different kinds of friends where
    one prefer for a' la carte,
    other for buffet ,
    another for good ambience,
    and some other say why not good music....

    Considering all these, found a perfect place ....

    Here we find different stories,

    Some couples are smiling at each other by holding their hands.......
    Some couples trying to hide their tears......
    Some family who are discussing about the future and life settlement........
    Some friends who enjoy the treat and make fun of the other..........
    Some colleagues who are trying to be very professional.........
    Some agents telling about their company strategies and discussing the advantages of the other joining........
    Some will conduct interviews for the recruitment of the waiter or greeter or manager at their restaurants..........
    Some waiter or greeter will be worried as it is the first day for them.........
    Some will plan their first meeting for their marriage at restaurants...........
    Some will get their children who will make all the noise........

    Restaurant is the only open place where every individual or group of people can talk to one other having their own space...........

    Earlier going to restaurants, eating out used to be once in a moonlight but now people prefer to go out at any time to have delicious food and to spend some quality time........


  • cynteevickswrites 122w

    I am an alien in this foreign land
    Far from the comfort and familiarity of home
    The difference scream out loud
    That words can not hush the sound
    In my quest of exploring its beauty
    My stomach rumbled slightly
    As i found myself in the cozy ambience of this simple place
    More inviting and welcoming in every sort of way
    The friendly faces chased every discomfort i had away
    The dishes they offered awakened my taste bud and made me gay
    This experience i will surely love to have again
    The food and the people made my day
    As i had the strong urge to stay
    With this new feeling i cannot explain.


  • idyllicpoems 122w

    There was a girl
    She sat
    For someone
    Who would never

  • piu_writes 122w


    Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it's to eat out every Saturday and Sunday. After week long hard work to get my monthly pay oh what fun it's to eat out every Saturday or Sunday. With family and friends all happy and jolly I must say oh what fun it is to dine out every Saturday or Sunday. Trying new restaurants and cruisines exploring delicacies chatting and having fun all the way.oh what fun it's to eat out every Saturday or Sunday.nothing relaxes a harrowed mom more of teenage boy I must say oh what fun it's to eat out every Saturday or Sunday.

  • secretly_writingg 122w


    Light music, dim lights, beautiful people around you, a perfect night with your loved ones is happiness for some people.
    Dhaba's chole bhature, punjabi music and your naughtiest squad is happiness for me!

  • arthur_brainy_quotes 122w

    Eating Out

    Covered with a chicken hut,
    This place looks nice.
    The goodies in there got me licking;
    Chicken scented atmosphere,
    This restaurant serves only chicken
    Chicken in a varieties of delicacies
    I loved the chicken and the fried chips.
    The hospitality and service was great
    She treated me like a special guest.
    I never stopped eating out
    She's got my pretty tasty for chicken.

  • megbarad 122w

    I vividly remember those sweet times
    When I used to walk up the stairs
    Of a particular kind
    I would feel excited
    As I knew that those steps
    Would take me to the Chin Ling restaurant
    So was my childish heart
    And so is my heart now
    It gets excited by the idea
    Of going to a restaurant, super market and gift shop.

  • ray_madhusmita 122w


    "What is this life if full of care
    we have no time to eat and stare"
    a micro deviation to the lines of the
    poem "leisure" by Welsh poet W.H Davies, l often say in gag.
    That is the root cause, l love to spare
    countable time in a resturant with my dear ones.l rivet the quality of food, the standard of hospitality or the reputation of a glorious resturant less than the aureate time, memories l buy in that ambience.

    A blazing light sparks in my memory lane whenever l retrieve the pelagic resturant "Paradise" beside the sounding wave of "Bay of bengal" (an arm of Indian ocean to the east of India).Everybody knows "sweet memories' a blissful song, always we love to store in the cassette of heart.
    That resturant plays a significant role
    in my life.l never pretermit the subdued lightening, highceilings, relaxing atmosphere, open menu, mediterranean and italian cooking, heartly eggplant dishes, Greek inspired salads, simple but agreeable drink above all the cloying smile of that waitress, the rippled surface of blue Bay of bengal.l capture echoes of laughter brought forth by my dear hearts sitting next to my arm and sometimes answer to my unsolved problems amidst uphill and dropping tides, when l am in alone at the carmine chair of that resturant.

    Life often needs solution
    Solution necessitates calmness
    Calmness requires comfort
    Comfort in anatomy & nous
    Resturant, Just a sweet predilection.


  • yamini_poetry 122w

    This piece is open for collab to creative writers of Mirakee ... since i am too lazy to complete this story!!

    Challenge Rules
    1. The mystery should continue and the end should be befitting
    2. Part 2 should be atleast as leanth as this one if not longer
    3. I will close the challenge when I get a thrilling response!!
    4. In case of no response I will complete the story in due time
    5. Put the topic as "Story Challenge" and tag me as usual with #yaminiread
    6. Copy my text and name tag then draw a line then continue your part !

    thanks all ... hope you will enjoy it !

    submitted @mirakee for #eatingout ( sorry forgot to post it yesterday !)

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    #Challenge (A tale half written !) #eatingout

    It was almost dark and I was following her at a distance
    the rain was heavy...she walked around the corner and disappeared ...I caught a glimpse of her entering the restaurant.

    What place was this... I had never seen it before
    the board was kind of blurred Z...Y.... I rubbed my eyes
    I entered without thinking much
    someone closed the door behing me... there was haze
    the place was crowded and much much bigger than I immagined
    I tried to look for her...

    It was unusual setting ... all the men seemed bearded and in long robes... were such clothes even available now ! ...tables were too long... there was lot of noise... they were talking...
    in a language I did not understand

    Was this a theme party? I could not tell. The counter was at the far end... there were few women in the room but no kids... women were unusually tall... their clothes somewhat similar... i could not spot her yet I moved towards the counter... I could not recognize the food items nor read the names

    Suddenly she appeared... she was now wearing clothes similar to the other women and walking to me. I could only see her eyes now... she came with a bowl of brown broth... she motioned me to have some...

    Her eyes ... they were sea green... I could not look away
    I was eating the broth... it was nothing like i had eaten before... i was suddenly hungry almost gulping it... the flavour was mild
    suddenly something stung my tongue... I fell from the chair