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  • yashvibansal 7h

    The moon is a tragic figure. She is doomed to love people and remain when they die. She is doomed to encourage humans, to give them parts of herself but never remain whole. The moon has infinite love in her, because despite her tragedy, she still sends you hugs from the sky. She is far, yet so near, always. She is beautiful and kind, and since there will be no other moon, doomed to be lonely. The moon is doomed, because her love rests with mortals, she is fated to love them in her solitude, and weep without tears when they die. She sees stardust sprinkled all over the Earth, and dead bodies in the sky.
    11 April 2021

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    The Moon, A Tragedy...

    She sees stardust sprinkled all over the Earth, and dead bodies in the sky...
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  • nighty 9h


    I look up high, watch as the smoke rises,
    Over our damned consumed, souls,
    Voices are raised, as the lost plead to be saved,
    From eternal anguish, from heaven vanquished,
    But it's their fate,
    Cursed from birth, with nothing to do but to accept this path,
    Rejected by heaven and earth......... hell's our abode.....

  • beensn 1d

    People around us

    Some are like the sun, gives light for life,
    We don't want them to come close, they may burn us.
    Some are like the moon, shines so cool,
    They can't shine on their own, depends on others.
    Some are like the stars, too far,
    Twinkles only at night, disappears with the light.
    Some are like the comets, theirs is a guest appearance,
    Even though stay for a short span, makes a great impact.
    Some are like meteoroids, passes through the phase of meteor,
    Burns out before reaching us, making it just a dream.
    Some are like mother earth, strong and safe,
    Always stays with us, during our difficult times and are supreme.
    © beensN

  • dusky_gl 2d

    I have set my rainbow in the clouds
    And it will be the sign of the covenant
    Between me and earth

  • devilfish 2d


    I feel sunlight breathe it's fiery essence as it
    Kissed my skin and burned my sin
    I've been touched by a cosmic angel
    And glorified as she sings her name
    Strumming her harp like her heart held
    The Earth's weight
    Her love could make the entirety of our composure and recreate the note that makes
    Our knees shake and our soul to ache as it
    Screams in the face of science
    It's all relativity
    It's all morbidity
    And monotony
    The first Angel was human
    And her touch
    Mothered me

  • thebhavnasaxena 1w

    My hands are cold,
    And feet blistered from
    The bite of the ice,
    I have been walking
    Barefoot on this frozen
    Landscape, my nails are bloody
    As I pushed to claw into the
    Ice, trying to make my path uphill,
    I was a tree that yielded golden fruit,
    Basking in the kiss of sun, my thousand
    Leaves thousand lips of velvet to drink
    His essence in, now here I am, wondering
    Will I see the sun again, there is no
    Smoke, but I feel a fire still burning in
    My heart, for even when I am without
    My leaves and the cruel clouds hide my
    Beloved from me, I can still taste him
    Even as my mouth goes dry, and bereft,
    I wait, dragging myself through this
    Age of ice, I wait, fighting this onslaught
    Of snow, I wait, I wait for the first bird
    To sing, I push my roots through the ice,
    And I wait, because the earth and I are same,

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    Wearing ice on our skins, we carry a core
    Of fire hidden in our depths, I wait, because
    In that core is a voice that whispers,
    Flowers shall bloom, and the air will
    Be heavy with their fragrance, just you wait,
    Even in the thick of icy winter,
    You must know, Spring is on its way.

  • iexist 1w

    It was the beginning of the ending
    And no one knew
    Over the streets, below the fountains
    Chiling and brittle winds blew
    The sun started to stop glowing
    And cold grew the hot sun
    Everybody's throats dried out
    The beggining of ending of everyone
    Lake, ponds, springs and rivers dried
    In sorrow, mother earth cried
    We destroyed the one
    Who gave us birth
    In what way did we repay it?
    Was this it's worth?
    Let's take an oath
    To protect mother earth...

    #earth #challenge #wod #pod #writersnetwork #oxymoron #protectearth #mother #earthsday
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Beginning of Ending

  • the_writer_beyond 1w

    I Plant My Seeds

    Poetry is a seed in ground
    Roots furrowing down so low you can't hear a sound
    Growing beautiful meanings all around
    Feelings buried deep beneath the surface
    These seeds grow fruits so delectable the wait is worth it
    Sunlight shines down on it's words
    The chirping of birds in the background can be heard
    The clouds dance across the sky
    My poems sprout their ideas up above so high
    It is all such a perfect scenery
    These seeds, these poems
    Mean the world to me

  • dhruvfauji 1w

    मनोहरन सर

    शिक्षक तो सभी हैं, पर मनोहरन सर की बात ही कुछ और है, ऐसा मैं नहीं, आप के शिष्य कहते हैं।
    "मनोहरन" नाम के जैसा काम आपका छाया है, बताओ आपको कोई कैसे भुला पाया है?
    बेस्ट टीचर अवार्ड के आप हैं अधिकारी सच्चे,
    ऐसा मैं नहीं, कहते हैं आपके ही बच्चे (शिष्य)।
    उज्जवल चरित्र का निर्माण करने वाले आप ईश्वर से बढ़कर हैं, सुगम व दुर्गम हर विपदा में आप माता-पिता से चढ़कर हैं,
    पढ़ाते तो सभी है पर सर के पढ़ाने का तरीका कुछ और है, ऐसे हैं हमारे सर,
    मनोहरन सर की तो बात ही कुछ और है।
    शिष्यों के लिए धूप ताप सब सहते हैं,
    ऐसा मैं नहीं, आपके ही शिष्य कहते हैं।
    जब मिले आप तो हुआ ईश्वर सा साक्षात्कार,
    पवित्र हो जीवन, यही है आपका विचार,
    सिर्फ किताबी ज्ञान नहीं आप जीवन जीना सिखाते हैं, नित नए प्रेरक आयाम लेकर शिक्षण को सार्थक बनाते हैं, मनोहरन सर की तो बात ही कुछ और है, ऐसा मैं नहीं, आपके शिष्य कहते हैं।
    पग पग पर मार्गदर्शन करने वाले आपको, सभी शत-शत शीश झुकाते हैं,
    ऐसा मैं ही नहीं आपके शिष्य भी कहते हैं।
    ' स्वस्थ सुखमय जीवन हो आपका, यही है प्रार्थना,
    पूरी हो जीवन की आपकी हर मनोकामना।'

    सप्रेम भेंट
    गुंजन शर्मा

  • dhruvfauji 1w

    मैंने ठान लिया

    भूल जाओ वह समय जहां उसी समय का अपमान किया है, क्योंकि मैंने, लक्ष्य को पहचान लिया है,
    विद्या का ही मान किया है, अब तो मैंने ठान लिया है
    चाहे पांवो में छाले हों, न अधिक भोजन के निवाले हों, फिर भी चलते ही जाना है,
    यह तो मैंने जान लिया है,अब तो मैंने ठान लिया है।
    चिकित्सा विज्ञान या सुरक्षा , अर्पण तन मन धन कर दूं, ऐसी रही है मेरी शिक्षा,
    फिर सेवा को जीवन मान लिया है, उत्तम गुणों पर तो, शत्रु को भी सम्मान दिया है,
    गुरु से उत्तम ज्ञान लिया है, फिर दंडवत प्रणाम किया है,अब तो मैंने ठान लिया है।
    विकेट मोड़ पर भी न रुकना, दुष्टों समक्ष कभी ना झुकना, ऐसी उदिता का भान किया है,
    क्षण क्षण पर आती बाधाओं में, हर मोड़ पर पलती दुविधाओं में,श्री राम चरित्र का ध्यान किया है,
    अब तो मैंने ठान लिया है।
    एक बूंद सा जीवन था मेरा, फिर सागर सा मैं बन जाऊं, कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते, इस वक्तव्य पर चल जाऊं, ऐसे स्वप्नों को प्राण दिया है,
    अब तो मैंने ठान लिया है।

  • tausifh 2w

    Beauty lies in every bit nature,
    Revolving around every miniscule particle of this motherly heaven called earth
    Devilishly evolved by the beings to explosion till hellish extent
    Still never did it lose the essence of beauty, as serenity has touched every inch of it as Midas's touch till eternity

  • my_balu 2w

    In search of other inhabitable planets,
    We are losing the only one that does.


  • soghosh 2w

    Lamenting of A Mother

    From a hot ball of gas to a solid sphere of life,
    It all started a few billion years ago.
    From dust to the one celled heart beat,
    I took pain to nurture the god’s feat.
    Dinosaurs, apes and many more came by,
    You can find my long forgotten children,
    If you go to a museum to hear their distant cry.
    I cried … I always cried,
    Those were the tears of joy & elation,
    Which now, my children call it as ocean.
    You call me “Mother”, so am I,
    You play around walking and running, giggling and laughing,
    Quarrelling and fighting on my bare chest
    I never gave up to parent you, but still I try.
    You waged war, you are selfish, you are cruel…
    I wouldn’t have called you these,
    But your games are more dangerous than a fight of duel.
    Your mother strived to give you the Welkin,
    But you never realised into the nihility she was sinking.
    You named and marked territories for yourselves,
    Defending and protecting your mates
    Not knowing, into the mass destruction you delve.
    I cry but tears wont flow anymore
    Global warming is what you call….
    Trust me my dear, it hurts me to the core.
    My greenery is fading away, oxygen is over powered,
    By the dark smokes of fearful fate
    Of nullity, hunger, thirst, cruelty & hate.
    I tried hard my child,
    Tis of no use till you mend your intentions wild.
    “Plastic”, a very durable invention indeed,
    I must say that I am proud
    But I am choked to death in a blanket of shroud.
    I am a mother, thus I’m ever forgiving,
    There is still time for a better living
    And to start afresh a new beginning.

  • sinn_u 2w


    Woven through the fabric of time, in the intricate patterns and fine stitches is a deep loss
    You'll find it in between joy and strength
    In between pride and love
    Hiding underneath growth and evolution

    It speaks of pink, unblackened flowers that haven't been touched by coal
    Trees that haven't been choked by smoke
    It tells us stories of meadows, lilys and how we're missing out on the beauty of spring

    It speaks of war and wreckage
    Of countless lives lost in the name of causes that haunt us still
    It speaks of the weight of the things we do not respect
    And the danger of not fearing what we don't know

    Time makes us a whole lot wise and a little bit stupider still
    Time was, time is weaving a story
    Time was, time will look at you
    Time will run out

  • ashandfire 2w

    A long time ago,
    As I changed my clothes,
    My lover would wait,
    Hoping that one day we'd meet,
    When I am clad in all the gifts,
    That he has bestowed.

    And now, ants crawl all over me,
    Pricking me, hurting me.
    All my clothes are in tatters of a single shade.
    All the springy pinks, summery greens,
    Autumny yellows and wintery whites,
    Have turned to dirty browns.
    My lover, usually clad in the noble blues,
    Is wearing stormy, sickly greys,
    As I sit now, weeping in pain.


  • krishnaraj 2w

    As I looked through the window
    I see,
    The dancing of trees
    To the rythm of wind
    On rebellious sound of heaven
    And flashlights from beyond,
    Sparkling the countless drops
    Hailing down to the mother Earth's chill.

    On a stroll through the streets
    As silence lured into the air
    I see,
    Dead leaves and heavy trunks,
    Once home of an ecosystem,
    Descended down seeking it's roots
    Or maybe The Root.

    They don't cry nor laugh,
    The ones still standing,
    Rather assure the fallen
    Of times to come.

    The time just passed by
    Makes me feel confused
    Was it the dance of joy?
    A farewell to the fallen?
    Or a reminder to us on nature's
    Game of balance.


  • madalasa 2w

    Giving it back — Gratitude built into nature


  • rhythmic_beats 2w

    Disaster leads to lose of life, violence, war, murders, poverty, malnutrition, food insecurity, unemployment and what not!

    You all love Malaysia a lot! Right? Dream place for vacation or honeymoon, just search trash island Malaysia and see how ashamed you will feel to call yourself as humans! The toxic fumes arising from the trash we humans dump it there as tourist are surely inviting us again but this time for deadly battle!

    It will take a lot of time to change but small changes each day will bring a great impact one day for sure.

    Will read you all soon♥️✨

    #disaster #mother #earth #nature #poetry
    #voiceofnature #silence #life #karma
    #rhythmic_beats #wod #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork ♥️

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    The result of war between your
    Brain and heart lead to never ending
    Curse called disaster.
    God sent you all happily to cherish
    And pamper your mother: Earth
    With abundant love and care.
    But your greed rolled into
    Bigger and bigger snowball
    That now time making you freeze
    In the cycle of your deeds,
    Your deeds are now haunting you only
    The harder you try to escape.

    I'm disaster! I'm karma!
    I have came here to give back
    All the burdens you gave it to
    My dear Earth! How joyful
    And aesthetic was her smile like a
    Newly married bride in a hope
    To give heaven to you all,
    But the way you gave pain
    By cutting each and every greens,
    Their roots instead of adoring her
    With ornaments of flowers, fruits and trees
    You stabbed her with unbearable pain
    That those tears transformed into
    Floods and tsunami;
    Washed out every creature
    Like birds, animals, insects, newborns
    Every innocent lives too as your violence
    Was spreading even faster then the
    Velocity of light!

    You were busy smuggling the treasures
    Of forest in the beauty of moonlight
    Now see how I'm burning
    In the form of forest fire! The coolness
    Of full moon night also hidden behind
    The clouds of fumes that went
    On elevating the scorching temperature!
    Night also screamed to escape
    As the burning fire took the form of sun
    And chared to ashes whatever came
    In between!

    While some corners of the population
    Died by tornados and lightening
    As humans once chocked her breath
    And her screams to silence that
    Now I can't keep her silence and
    Close it in your hands.
    Her tears and screams were so
    Terrific and painful that the
    Moment I opened my eyes
    The earth started splitting it's land
    And you all fell down to
    The horrible earthquakes;
    Some were lucky to lose their
    Life and escape this wrath
    And some still crawling
    With their melancholic life.

    You have distorted the rhythm of earth
    Like the jumbled letters of the alphabets
    You have broken the beauty and
    Syllable count of haiku called life.
    The second you break the
    Count of your deeds
    You are stuck in my web of karma.

    I'm neither your friend
    Nor your enemy,
    I'm your reflection of deeds
    I'm voice of earth's pain.

    Go and find out the solution
    For climate change and
    Implement it practically
    I will forever promote you
    To peace and blessings
    And I will vanish away
    And I assure you that
    I will be just a horrific dream
    In your memories
    And I won't ever come to
    Meet you as an
    Uninvited disastrous guest
    If you balance the rhythm of life!

    Don't you think to love even a bit
    When your poetry smiles beautifully
    When it entwines with metaphors
    Of nature.

  • a_gentilischi 2w


    Let my winds rage
    And cleanse this world
    Till waves wash the blood
    Turning seas crimson

    Let my fires burn
    So that all those hatreds
    May be devoured within
    And turned to smoke

    Let my lightning strike
    And purge the memories
    Of the holocausts and wars
    And the devastating victories

    Let my earth split open
    By the gates of Thermopylae
    Till the tyrants and torturers
    Are in Asphodel's fields

    Let there be nothing else
    But the dove's white feather
    That is redolent with peace
    And radiant with love


    Thermopylae : A place in Greece. Thermopylae means "hot gates," in reference to the presence of the hot sulphur springs in the area. The cavernous entrance to Hades, the underworld of Greek mythology, was said to be at Thermopylae.
    Source :Wikipedia

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #disaster #victoryc #wod #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #wind #fire #earth #destroy #rebirth
    #love #light #peace #thoughts

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  • rahul_govindan 3w

    No routine, boring auto story this time ��
    But a narrative of what I saw today (a reminder for us)

    Students were waiting for the bus to arrive,
    Under the dazzling sun - a few chatting and a few all alone,
    Their eyes looking all along the end of the road,
    In search of the non arrived bus...

    I picked an auto (I assure you, it's not an auto story ��)
    And many more exhausted souls decided to go by auto...

    It was then I saw a student, an old mate of mine,
    Standing behind a hand cart, left unattended, a few metres
    Away from the bus stop...

    "Why are you standing here!?", I asked
    "It's too hot over there(bus stop) and just making myself
    Stand under the shade of this cart.."

    I gazed at the surrounding, and all I could see was shops,
    And shops and shops, alongside a barren tree...

    I mean it - It's a reminder for us ��

    - G Rahul.

    #trees #school #world #earth #save #future #friend
    #water #land #meme #society #youngster #writersnetwork #poem

    @theboywiththespecs @theuntold8 @a_novice_speaks @davetrotter

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