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  • pari_phrasis 82w

    Mother's Homecoming

    The flute of 'homecoming' is being
    played on a distance.
    Once again, the touch of frost is
    felt on the cheeks.
    A dormant hope blooms in the heart,
    'Maa' is here again with us.
    The raft floats under the autumn clouds,
    birds chirps after receiving the news.
    A breeze that blows, a pain that relieves,
    the smell of 'shiuli' flowers cheers
    up the twigs and leaves.
    A pleasant morning full of dew,
    Once again, everything seems to be new.
    A longing that ends again.
    'Pujo' begins after a year again.


  • miss_basu 87w

    Wishing everyone all best wishes of Mahalaya. The official starting of "Devi Paksha". May Maa Durga eradicate all sufferings and bless everyone with love and virtues for upcoming days.
    Maa Durga is the idol of power, virtues, love and grace, we often say that every woman have a part of Maa Durga within, so let's celebrate presence of Durga in every woman, irrespective of caste, religion, community, region. May all women realize the latent power inside them, and become successful in their struggle by overcoming all hurdles disguised as Evil in their life..
    Shaktirupen Sansthita. ��
    #maadurga #autumnvibes�� #mahalaya #mahalayaspecial #kolkata #maaaschen #durgapujo #mahalaya�������������������������������������������������������������� #mahalaya2020 #mahishashurmardini #durgamata #durgapuja #sheuli #kolkatadiaries #kolkataphotography #westbengal #bengal #pujoasche #devipaksha #devipakshabegins #birendrakrishnabhadra #radio #culture #subhomahalaya #mahalayamorning #durgapujavibes

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    Wishing everyone all best wishes of Mahalaya. The official starting of "Devi Paksha". May Maa Durga eradicate all sufferings and bless everyone with love and virtues for upcoming days.
    Maa Durga is the idol of power, virtues, love and grace, we often say that every woman have a part of Maa Durga within, so let's celebrate presence of Durga in every woman, irrespective of caste, religion, community, region. May all women realize the latent power inside them, and become successful in their struggle by overcoming all hurdles disguised as Evil in their life..
    Shaktirupen Sansthita.

  • keates 103w

    Waqt ke saath bhaagne waali iss
    berang shahar ke beech se
    ek nadi guzarti hai. Ek nadi, jise
    na waqt ki pari hai, na hi iss shahar
    ki bhagdar waali zindagi se.
    Woh to apne hi khayalo me, apne hi rang me
    bass behti jaati hai. Chalti jaati hai.

    वक़्त के साथ भागने वाली इस
    बेरंग शहर के बीच से एक नदी
    गुजरती है। एक नदी, जिसे ना वक़्त
    की परी है, ना इस शहर की भगदड़
    वाली ज़िंदगी से।
    वह तो अपने है ख़यालो में,
    अपने ही रंग में बस बेहती जाती है
    चलती जाती है।

    © keates

    This shot was taken on my annual solo #kumortuli
    visit just before #durgapujo . It's something I have been doing for the last 3 years, something I hope to continue for the rest of my life. Walking alone through the streets of your very own familiar city or some strange new place, always gives you something new. Something you never noticed before or some thought you never pondered on before. It's something that I, and maybe a lot of other people cherish. Walk alone, travel alone, spend some time with yourself and you may discover new things hiding in plain sight.♥️

    #writersnetwork #hindipoems #hindi #pod #kolkata #keates #mirakee #writerstolli #writers_of_mirakee #repost #hindikavita

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writers_of_mirakee @repost @hindiwriters

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  • keates 106w

    An artist doesn't create
    for the pleasure
    of the people
    An artist creates
    for the pleasure
    of his soul
    © keates

    Shot on my mobile at #kumortuli #kolkata from 2 years ago

    If you know about Kolkata, you know about Kumortuli. And if you know about Kumortuli, you definitely know how beautiful and fascinating that place is. A paradise for art lovers and photography lovers alike. More shots from the place coming soon...

    Rebuilding the little town of #keates from scratch, now with a name♥️

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #photography #art #artists #durgapujo #india #snapsandscribbles #musings #creations #soul #pleasure @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @alto_spade

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  • advaitha 136w

    Durga pujo

    Draped in a white saree with red border, embellished with golden threads.
    I adorn my face with a kumkum in between my brows
    With Sindur on my just at the beginning of parting line of my pleated hair
    I tuck my waist long hair into a simple bun .
    I Accentuate my eyes with Kohl
    Applyng red dye over my finger & toes.
    & Slip my hands through red & white bangles.,made of corals & conche

    I head towards the dazzling pandals.
    To find you ,my beloved goddess.,right among us.
    From whom the the three mothers ,the tridevi were born ,who is the mother of all mothers.
    Nourishing the universe & anything beyond .

    With a Visage spotless & pure, seeing which even moon feels ashamed & envious,as I look at it & all my impurities fade away.
    With a beautiful hairlocks ,as Balck as a lake packed with black lotuses, seeming like the heavy black clouds which let down rain of knowledge & wash away our ignorance.
    Those hairlocks ornamented & braided,seems to combine sweetness & beauty of blue water Lillie's swarmed by bees.
    With a forehead as tender as that of lotus petal
    With eyes partly open ,which are the most pleasant ,whose vision safeguard everything under the sight
    With a smile which can soothe the rage of shiva, which can ease Vishnu & give vigour to brhama .

    Your voice makes music of flute seem wet & monotonous & puts even cuckoo to shame .

    You are the half of shiva, you are each & every ounce of creation ,what could I offer you .as everything here is yours.,all I could do is put heart & soul into the bogh you love.

    These ten days elating , beautiful & close to my heart pass away in the blink of an eye.

    As the beat of the drums makes everyone's feet dance ,as cheerful days have just rushed past .
    My heart is filled with unshead tears.
    With a heavy heart I bid you a farewell.
    But my soul entranced by you ,tends to search for you everywhere
    & When I see the mirror,I see those deep eyes in which I can see the universe,huge kumkum which wards fear away.a calm visage & simple smile.
    A reflection which seemed just like you.

    I am able to see you in me ,I am able to realise there nothing but you in my heart.
    Now i wait for you to return once again ,not with sorrow but with joy.

  • the_poetic_soul 136w

    Precious, prestigious, peaceful
    is your abode.
    Afar from incessant crimes,
    stands your great home.
    We come to bow,
    seek blessings for sake,
    'r awestruck with your fancies,
    the true spirit awoke...

  • i_m_angshuman 136w

    It looked so beautiful,when your partner was admiring the beauty of Pandals and you just couldn't take your eyes off her. You were brought back to reality with a "Ki shundor lagche. tai na ?" and you smiled and said ”She to nischoi", maybe she knew, maybe she didn't, but you did, didn‘t you ?

    It looked so beautiful when you held her on your arms, the sound of dhak blurring out everything beyond. Did you whisper those three words ? For I am sure I saw her smile, the brightest l have seen in a while.

    It looked so beautiful when she held your hand tighter while the miscreants screamed "Oh ki Iagche" in the crowd. The fingers intertwined, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the blue sky, the boisterous yet soulful ambience of being around MAA, its beautifuI isn't it ?

    Not all of us have the privilege of being loved, even though we love so often!


  • sumay15 136w

    'বিজয়া' বাকী থেকে যাক।
    'আসছে বছর আবার হবে'র অপেক্ষায়।


  • iampkdg 136w


    In the midst of the Pujo Chaos , while everyone was busy getting their pujo sorted with friends lovers and families, doing pandal hopping and having a gala time with ofcourse having great delicacies in exquisite restaurants with their loved ones , for him it was a little bit different.

    The mornings didn't come by getting a call , " oth ebar , diye ready ho , aaj maddox jabo , 10 ta bajlo , punjabi ta porbi aar shon , baire aaj Italian khabo , I love you!" , rather , "oth re 4 te baje dhaak bajcche shokal holo!" and the sound of the dhaak , well they used to compete that whose would be loudest in the whole village , at sharp 4 in morning made him wake up at an instant and with sleepy eyes stare straight at the eyes of Maa Durga.

    While everyone were busy in Social Media uploading pictures of what all they did in Pujo , he didn't post even a single picture , what would he post ? Pictures of cow dung on village roads or broken houses and open fields around. Well what he collected were memories, lessons of life , knowledge from elders about the Pujo , he observed with time how much he changed once flamboyant and now humble without being affected by "bajjik arombhor".

    The small village was far far away from the loudest chaos of the city. The lights were seen only in selected places in the village. Beats of the drum and not any mordern music could be heard from the fields far away . A light and fading sound he could hear from the far away mandir where he sat all alone thinking of so many things that kept him questioning. The tranquility made him feel a bit lonenly this time, never before he felt so , as if someone were missing and he needed that person to be present with all heart. The night didnt feel uncanny as the sound of the beating drums were still there.

    It was doshomi for everyone, wishes and loves were sent all around through the day with all being sad as these 4 days ended in no time , "shokal shokal uthe ready hoye bondhu der sathe ghurte jawa r couple goals diye shuru aar raatre family dinner kore back , na boss amar pujo ta toh alada kaatlo toder bhalo laagto na ei slow paced gramer pujo" , but it wasn't still time for him to wish and seek blessings from elders until the night came and the protima was immersed. Finally the pujo ended with a long await for the next year.

  • pratsh 137w

    সারাবছর spotify,gaana র playlist জুড়ে 'saki,saki' 'pachtaoge' র ভিড় বা নোবলের কন্ঠে 'সেই তুমি কেন এত অচেনা হলে' ঘিরে উন্মাদনা...তবুও বছরের এই একটা দিন ভোর চারটেতে ঘুমকাতুরে মানুষগুলো সজাগ হয়ে ওঠে সেই চিরপরিচিত রেডিওর সুরে

    "আশ্বিনের শারদপ্রাতে বেজে উঠেছে আলোকমঞ্জীর..."

    বস,এটাই বাঙালি, ''ল্যাধখোর,হুজুগপ্রিয়" বাঙালি...এরা সব পারে

    Don't underestimate the power of them


  • queershubh 138w

    Na Pherar Chithi

    Suncho to?
    Pujote, bari phirte parbo na. Onek kaaj ache office e.
    I have to meet the deadlines and kono chutti o dae ni. Oi doshomi te Dussherar chuti. Ar to dae na non-bangali ra.
    Upor theke private firm, shok kore je chutti nie ashbo, tao sanction holo na.
    Ja, dekhchi, maa amake bhule jacche, akhon ar amake daake na. There must be something going on in her mind. Surprise debe amake bodhay, next pujote.
    Mone pore purono diner kotha, jano. Sei chotto belae ma-babake pandal dekhte nie jawar jonno birokto kortam. Tar por, notun sei jama pore, hero moton hoe, ma-babar shonghe maa ke dekhte jetam.
    Mone ache to, emni i to ghurte ghurte pujote tomar songhe alap hoe chilo. Oi tomar bondhu, Sandy, hariye giye chilo, mela te. You were so worried that time.
    Sandy ke to pawa holo i shei din, but tomake o aami peye giyechilam, sei din.
    Aah, jak, sei purono kotha, mone pore bohukal. Aaj o mone pore gelo.
    Khub miss korchi, everything. Amader shei pujoy haath dhore ghora, annyanno chobi tola, Park Street e roj alada alada restraunt e giye dinner kora, ar amar favourite part, cab e ek saath bose bari phire asha. Tumi konodin o amader gaadi pujote ber korte dite na, bolte ki hete hete ar public transport use kore i maa ke dekhbo. Kolkatar, bhorpoor anondo nebo.
    Saptamir din ei bochor ar to ek saathe baari phirbo na. Nobomir din maa dui-ak din e chole jabe bole, saathe sad hoe pet bhore ar to phuchka khete parbo na, ei bochor.
    Tai bolchi, je khoob enjoy korbe amake chara i. Aman, Kunal, Ayan ke nie saathe ghurte jabe, ekla feel korbe na.
    Aami theek i thaakbo eikhaane. Officer file gulo dekhar maajhe maajhe, maa ke phone e dekhe nebo. Yes, you'll video call and I'll see her with you. Physical presence na thakleo, digital presence to thaakbe.
    Cholo, chithi ta ke eikhanei sesh korlam ar tomake biraam dilam, for now. Amar shaathe thaka je ki mushkil, tumi i jano, tai maajhe maajhe biram dewa uchit, bishraam newa uchit.
    Jacchi, ashbo kintu, kichu din por, pakka. Amar prem roilo, ei chithi te. Ek kiss kore, centre table er drawer e rekhe deba, as usual.
    Love you to the core. :*


  • triptighosh 142w

    Students during this time:

    Outwardly: Exams to eshegelo.Ekhono 23 ta chapter baki.With a lot of stress,panic,bhalo-bhalo khawa,adda,tension about exams.Eibar pujo te enjoy korbona.Only porashona korbo.Boards ekebare fere dibo.Tarpor guiness book a amar name likha hobe.

    Meanwhile,internally: Pujo-pujo-pujo premer gondo legeche,tmr-amr bhalo bashar golpo jomeche.Days counting off only for shopping.Eibar pujo te shotti ekta bf/gf er dorkar. Onk to boyesh holo ekhn to kaoke lagei.Parar mayder k ektu swag dekhate hobe,bychance jodi keo pote jaye

    Exam planning fused!

  • prasanta_gh 188w

    This Durga Ashtami let's pray that no Durga is aborted,no Saraswati is stopped going to school,no Lakshmi has to beg for money from husband,no Parvati is sacrificed for dowry and no Kali is given a tube of fairness cream!!!!!!!

  • trishita 191w

    Can you relate with it?
    PS:- It can be relatable with boys too :3

    #bongs #durgapujo #emotion #bonggirl #kolkata #october #moods

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    And now the conversation of all bong girls be like :-
    "Ki re pujor shopping complete holo?"
    "Make plans for together outing"
    "Done with all matching accessories with outfits?"
    "Have you planned what you gonna wear for those five days?"

    All these sound kinda weird but that's a complete emotion❤

  • trishita 242w

    The bitter truth of the society*��
    Grow up man.✌Enough all these
    Tomorrow Panchami☺��
    #pod #mirakeeworld #mirakeeapp #mirakeeans #DurgaPujo #Society

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    The bitter truth

    From tomorrow the society is going to celebrate Durga Pujo,worshipping a woman as divine.
    And so shockingly in this society, women are being raped,tortured and are being prey of evil execution


  • infinite_explorer 243w

    @writersnetwork @mystery @venomous @words_of_melancholy @wordspoke @wordsinveins @readwriteunite @worldofhera @wordspower @willow923 @wolfspoetry @akshita_sugandh @pratitisanyal_ @sarcasticbong @anil_ugreja @sunshine13 @kenosis @halcyon @lancymark @nishmita_shetty @mirakeeworld @mirakeeans @mirakee_assistant @myscribbles @my_mirakee @reposter24 @kenosis @mohini_sr

    To all the women out there, everyone, who are struggling their way out and are trying their best to make a mark in this society. Hats off to you guys. You are the strongest, you are the bravest, you guys are the best. Maa Durga lives in each one of you.

    P.S- the bengali verse inside the quotation roughly translates into "Maa Durga is starting her journey back to her paternal home tomorrow, isn't it mom? “

    #sushavanoriginals #wirteups #write_porn #mirakee #love #soul #theone #Mahalaya #durgamaa #durgapujo #kolkata #pujoofkolkata #livethepujo #wordlove #bleedink #speakyoursoul #run #ttt #pod #followforfollow #likeforlike

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    The aroma of the autumn has finally started showing its magic, the single-mother thought while looking at the BLUE sky, blushing.

    Looking at her mother, the little baby girl innocently asked, "Kal theke DEVI POKKHO shuru taai na Maa?"

    (Read the caption)


  • trishita 244w

    Pujo means complete happiness.❤
    Tell me guys what's your view point of 'Pujo'☺waiting eagerly to know! And obviously tag your friends.

    #bongs #writersnetwork #DurgaPujo #kolkata #happinessofpujo #Pujo #mirakeeworld #mirakeeapp #mirakeeans #lovetowrite #pujaisintheair #readwriteunite
    Even those am tagging am not knowing any of you,as we are bong which united us so taging by watching the surname��and also taging my known ones @priyadarshichatterjee @priyadarshini_dey @sarcasticbong @swagatikaa @her_bruised_words @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @swagato05 @skype_ @salim_asif @reposter24 @repost @ashley_91

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    Durga Pujo❤

    Pujo brings an irrestible aroma in tha air of bongs,
    Pujo means hundred different plans,
    Pujo means bunking tuition and going for dance,music rehearsals.As it's Pujo so it's spared.❤
    Starting from two weeks before shopping to shosti's pandel hopping.
    Pujo means making different plans for outing in Whatsapp with friends.
    Spending Sunday freely with family if that amidst of having lunch at an Italian restaurant that all makes us a very happy bunch..
    Essence of Pujo is everlasting which will never fade.❤