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    Who says love is everything? Love cannot exist without feelings. When we not only react but also develop an understanding of our feelings, we call them emotion.
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    A Concoction Of Emotions

    My first book A Concotion Of Emotions is now available at Amazon and Flipkart.

    A CONCOCTION OF EMOTIONS is a small poetry book of 36 pages. This is my first book. So all I can hope is that you will love it.

    I am writing the links here:-

    Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zqnLq7

    Flipkart: A concotion of emotions: Buy A concotion of emotions by Km Diksha Bisht at Low Price in India | Flipkart.com

    e book :- Google play

    So do buy it as soon as possible. Read, Review and Share.

    Instagram:- @idiksha_bisht
    Email ID:- idikshabisht@gmail.com


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    Shuld i shre it#dse it wrth reading #but i dnt cre cuz i tried smthng aftr a long tme

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    Fr yu

    Yes i m obsessed fr yu
    Yur absence do bother me
    It's nt love or infatuation either
    It's jst we shre sme bond
    Yur presence is so soothing
    I nvr fake in frnt of yu
    Nvr try to ply smart in frnt of yu
    I still wnder hw we just met eventually
    I always sund too smooth but my intentions are nvr wrng
    I really dnt knw wht i want frm yu
    Maybe we met quiet late , or i m jst stretching thng way mre thn they shuld be
    Maybe i just tryng my chnces , but thn suddenly i got worried
    Hell lot of thought cme in mind
    Why i m tryng that mch if it's jst an impossible dream
    Or it's nt a dream either cuz i hve nvr go tht far
    Ths riddle is fckng dense where my own Will's are blurry