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  • khervie00 4w

    The lonely moon..

    Alas the night comes, the lonely moon awakes,
    Hoping to , the lonely moon awaits
    Do I shine too dull or too bright
    Damn I never give enough light

    Through the night, the moon lays,
    Sailing through the cold
    Kept warm by the croaking of the frogs and the chirping of these crickets
    Listening to their tales and laughing at their boring jokes

    Hi moon,
    I hear your lonliness, I feel it too
    I wanna stay with you, but then I fail you,
    I'm weak, I'm frail, I do fail
    Stay with me,

    The lonely moon,
    Insecure and fragile
    For how long would you keep up
    And the night over London lay..

    Its 6:am, and I'm awake now,
    Just in time for you to go to sleep
    I see the disappointment in your eyes
    I'm filled with shame as I wacth you disappear down the horizon
    All the pain and the.....ugh, I hate myself

    Hi lonely moon,
    I'm sorry, I broke my promise...