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  • philocalistabella 4h


    Ceaselessly falling to the rocky bottom
    of the sea that originates out o' my eyes,
    The broken dam tryna wash away the glum
    before the blade makes its first slice

    like a monster it sinks it's claws in my body and soul
    Tryna swallow me raw ,broken and whole
    seeping to each shard of my bruised,battered heart
    snatching my loves away my interests, writings and art

    tryna find a way out of this fortress I built
    locked inside prison,the cage of guilt
    with no doors or windows just bricks of pain
    cracks guiding to the Odyssey of self doubt again

    Doubting my presence,my purpose my goal
    Tryna light up my mood which is dark as coal
    Giving myself reasons good enough to stay
    Spilling one's own blood ain't the right way

    But how do I rise from this deep sunken state
    To beautify me in my eyes from the image I hate
    Got no reason for grieving but it feels like stabs
    Tearing my way out of self created scabs

    Stalling my time tryna provide some light
    Providing comfort to my shadows and others who contrite
    And I know one day I shall be with my maker
    With peace forever and the best caretaker

    Till then my friend all you can do is hope
    Hang in there be the best version just try to cope
    And pull someone out from the darkness of their hour
    To leave behind someone to wish upon your star

  • logan545 3w

    It's okay to not be okay.
    The world sees our happy and cheerful visages all the time, we feel no shame in smiling at someone,in sharing our beautiful memories.
    Then why is breaking down in front of even one person so hard. Reaching out to someone when we are most miserable, why is it so excruciatingly difficult??

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    Why is it so?
    Even though we're drowning
    On the precipice of falling
    Names on the tip of tongue
    In need of help
    But still not calling

    This belief clamming us up
    That there's no one that would come
    This mirrored lonely cage
    Can we ever get out?
    Gather up the courage
    And just call out

    Knowing the rejection that might still come
    But still enter this tangled web
    Of confusions and fears
    Betrayals and tears

    This step might just be the key
    A trickle of hope and healing
    For you and me

  • shrestha_s 5w


    Eyes that wander to places
    Eyes that often get lost
    Eyes that face the inevitable
    Eyes that get off-course
    Eyes that lookout for admiration
    Eyes that search for serenity in one another
    To the eyes that never lie
    Lay the story bare in a glance by
    Probably the only pair hard to avoid
    That observe silently and drowns everything inside

  • cyanshadeofblue 6w


    My boat slowly rocks back and forth during the day. Once I see his face this ocean settles, no more rocking. There may be a small bump here and there but the presence of him calms me. I go a few days with now big waves, then it happens the storm. The waves begin you build up and up and up. Smashing the tiny boat harder and harder until it all shatters to little pieces. I am now on my own trying to stay afloat. I'm flailing around trying to keep steady. Finally I just give in and stop fighting. I sink deeper and deeper down only one person can see. He has no idea what to do as I'm drowning. He has his own tiny ship I can't ask him to jump in and save me he will down in return. So I have no choice but to go to the bottom and wait it out like always. I feel like I'm dying even when I know I'm not. No one can save me I can only save myself but why for just to do it all over again why can't I just stop fighting not save myself just let go give it all up?

  • myquerencia 8w

    No Sign of Weakness

    Holding in hurts
    As does letting them out
    Letting out gives solace
    Keeping in gives satisfaction
    Too much tears a sign of weakness
    Never the possibility of you having been strong for too long
    Too strong a current
    Making you drown
    Ever hungry sharks
    Just waiting for a chance
    You try to break through the surface
    The cold water restricting you
    Disappointment hits you
    Like an arrow piercing your heart
    Scars all over your body
    Your heart ripped apart
    Suddenly a hand held yours in the dark
    Hope arises in the sunshine
    Like the tender rays of the rising sun
    You try to piece the rays
    Just like the beads of a necklace
    You keep your head up, chin straight
    Never allow them to make you a bait
    No sign of weakness
    Keeping up a hard shell
    Allowing only a few to slip in
    Just to hold you up
    Requires just a line to end this
    But will take a lifetime to forget this


  • deadlittlesongbird 8w

    Carry Me Down

    Carry me down
    To the place where he lies.
    My face is creased in a permanent frown
    Because of our lack of final goodbyes.

    He doesn't feel anything, not anymore.
    Where as my pain tolerance reaches above the norm.

    Carry me down
    To where I once was nice.
    In agony I'm about to drown,
    Because love comes with a price.

  • alli_c 12w

    This is another poem I wrote while I was a teenager. So I'm going to post it here. #drowning #sea #ocean #mirakee

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    Held underwater
    In a silent sleep
    The gentle lapping
    Of pure blue waves
    Rinses me free
    Of anger and wrath
    Fears and worries
    The arms of Poseidon
    Engulf me
    With a gentle caress
    The sea
    Claims me as its own
    This isn't meant to be
    I don't belong
    In this perfect world
    So I shoot to the surface
    Breaking free
    And as I open
    My bewildered brown eyes
    Muddled thoughts
    And weary half shredded emotions
    Rush back to me
    The spell is broken


  • leowords08 13w

    I am sinking in you
    But for the first time
    I am not afraid of drowning !

  • vatsala_m 13w


    I'm drowning
    In my own thoughts
    That had promised to let me rise
    Perhaps there's no rising at all
    Perhaps the world is just a bottomless pit.

  • saqib_mukhtar 13w

    Teri koshishain shayad baikaar hay saqib.

    Vo na aanay kaa..lgta hay.. mann bana baithay hain.


  • thesananpost 13w

    You can't write about love,
    Not until it comes raining into your town,
    And drenches golden ink unto you.
    You can't write about love,
    Not until you feel the ink seep into your blood stream,
    Not until it scars your hands,
    and moves from your arm,
    to your shoulder,
    Never stopping,
    Never giving you relief,
    Not until you delight in the sweet ache.
    You can't write about love,
    Not until the ink seeps down your shoulder towards your chest.
    In gentle motion,
    A drop of water slipping down a slope.
    You can't write about love,
    Not until the ink reaches the middle of your chest,
    Until your heart,
    Beating at an erratic rythm,
    is drowning in gold.


    @writersnetwork #gold #drowning #heartpoetry #lovepoetry

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    Drowning in gold


  • pallavi4 14w


    I heard someone call my name
    In the middle of a stormy night
    I awoke and stumbled across the hall
    To the window where there was some light
    I opened the full length glass bay windows
    Letting in the trickling raindrops and cold air
    The wind wildly whistled my name
    It felt as though I was some sort of nightmare
    The air whooshed around me in circles
    The faint light turned everything white
    Unknown darkness lay beyond extending
    Into shadows far from the edge of my sight
    The house was atop a cliff with a sheer drop
    I stood and several feet underneath me
    The leaping violent waves kept beating at the rocks
    In the tempestuous and turbulent sea
    Transfixed I stared out in the dark
    Soaked to the bone due to the winter rain
    Not a soul I could see or hear anywhere
    Only my name being whispered again and again
    The howling wind was carrying a message
    Although I couldn’t make out what it wanted
    I just stood at the edge of my little world
    Neither frightened nor asleep nor daunted
    And then someone whispered in my ear
    I felt myself being shoved forward
    To my death I fell into the raging sea
    My screams over the wind incapable of being heard
    Thought I as I was tossed around violently
    What was is it that was muttered in my ear
    The love of my life had uttered “die”
    And stood and watched my end that was now near
    Battered ,my body went limp and reality blurred
    I was grateful it had lasted only a little while
    The man I had thought was everything to me
    Had gotten rid of me using all his guile
    He slowly and calmly walked back inside
    The windows were left open, thrashing in the wind
    Come morn they’ll discover she’d jumped to her death
    He thought snuggling in bed and finally grinned
    Face down I lay in the water
    Without a shred of doubt , dead
    In retrospect I wish I’d known of his lurking intensions
    And never gotten out of bed


    13th of January, 2021

    Pic credit : Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Reposted from 30th of October, 2020

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  • nahid_ 14w

    "you know when you're drowning you don't actually
    inhale until right before you black out"

    "the Instinct to not let any water in
    is so strong you won't open your mouth
    until you feel like your head's exploding"

    "and then you finally do let it in
    that's when it stops hurting".


  • aphrolighte 14w

    Dreams and Questions

    I dreamt I was drowning.
    I can still feel the water,
    It’s rushing. It’s chilly but not cold. Pleasant but unpleasant. Thick and viscous. It’s cement to my wind. It’s certainty to my dreamlands. It slips through my fingers, up my arm and down my throat. Encasing me, my body feels pressure but not pain. As if a trillion tiny rain drops hugged you all at once. So fast. It comes in so fast. It envelopes the car in seconds, I look to you and I... I can’t remember what you do. All I can remember is the panic, the fear flooding my mind, the numbness turning off my nerve endings. It’s rushing but there’s no current. Where did this water come from?

    “Now you’re asking the real questions”

    It just appeared. One second we’re on the edge of the pavement, the next, submerging.


    I want to remember a big crash. A black SUV diving into the lake. But I can’t. It wasn’t a crash. It was a dunk. A dunk into the teals of my subconscious, a place I can’t understand. Is it the Neverland I’ve always talked about? Is my deepest of minds the winding jungles I’ve dreamed of? Or does that sound insane. Who in their right mind would see themselves as so entrancing. Is this how it would feel to love myself? Taken away for so long you don’t realize something is missing. The place where they used to stand fades away and memory replaces it with a nightstand. What can I withstand? What can we all withstand?

    “The real question”

    Who are we?
    Why are we like this? Where did we come from and where have we been? Can the subconscious travel through us? Can it travel through everything and nothing? Which plane is real? Why are there even two?

    “we know the answer to that”

    Do all animals dream? Why do we remember our dreams? Do trees and plants and fungi dream? Or are they living in their dreams? What if dream had another name, one not so cliche? Am I considered lazy, for wishing to ask these questions all day?


  • bclark2681 15w

    Like A Drowning Tide

    My life's depression through the years is
    Like the rise and fall of the oceans tides,
    Moments of free breathing and absolute
    Movement as it falls away,
    Moments of heavy drowning and complete
    Restriction when upon me,
    My only savior is the horizons guiding
    Light pleasantly taunting my fantasies

  • artenitz 15w

    I'm slowly drowning. Drowning helplessly.
    Weight of my own body consuming me wholly. My cold hands trembling, trying to clutch anything that my eye ball is trying to capture.
    It is all filled with azure water. Pale azure sky. Everything around looks pale. Pale enough to be wiped with anything like my soft hands.
    Legs beating against the cold water. Trying to push the unmovable. Making progress I think, but still helplessly staring at my own body slowly turning ice cold.
    My voice, it's suddenly inaudible. My vocal cords make no noise. Even though I'm trying, with all my mighty force to make a single syllable but all it produces is an inaudible sigh.
    Why am I in the middle of nowhere? Amidst a big blue ocean, thriving to make it out alive?
    I can see the sky nearing me.
    Slowly bending down to give me a hand.
    To pull me out of this endless struggle.
    But the sea is already swallowing me.
    I can no longer see the sky. No more birds flying happily above the water like it did a few seconds ago. I'm going down. Very gently, the water allows me a path to reach the deep dark ocean's bottom.
    The light's gone.
    No more sounds.
    No more struggling.
    No more movements.
    My body immersing itself into the blue sparkling brine water.
    My eyes close. My lips extend an inch to make a slight smile.
    It doesn't feel like drowning anymore. It feels like I'm consumed by the beautiful nature.
    It feels like being safely held in between a mother's arms. Caressing your wild hair slowly. Slowly as you fall asleep.
    Thinking you're all safe.
    Safe and loved.

    ( I'm not going to conclude this. Not with a melancholic ending nor with a happy end note. But with an acceptance. With a hope. With strength and love.
    You never know what lies beneath.
    Sometimes it's okay to drown.)

    #wod #pod @writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #mirakeeworld #deep #accepting #drowning #writerscommunity

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    Sometimes you can do nothing;
    But accept drowning.
    Not always
    There exists a way out;
    But always
    There's a way


  • taytay_nicole424 15w

    2Am Thoughts

    I could feel myself drowning again Back in that dark deep abyss where my worst of demons await luring me into the poisonous waters like sirens
    Drowning so far down that the light is now a distant dream that I try to forcefully will into reality
    So far down that my smile is more of an actor's award-winning grin nothing more than for show
    So far down and so far gone more lost than a burmeda triangle victim just screaming and begging to be found
    To be found and brushed off and held and treasured like a delicate pearl on the edge of shattering into a trillion pieces all over the ocean's floor
    To be stored somewhere safe inside an impenetrable glass case where my vicious enemies can't reach me, can't touch me, can't hurt me, can't drown me anymore

    I could feel myself drowning again
    forever gone

  • tetheredsouls 15w

    My nights
    are drenched in
    Long talks with myself
    About how things
    Should've been
    but can't be.
    I lay awake to avoid
    My nightmares.
    -but i am tormented either way
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    Suffocating in this abyss
    My soul writhes
    in vacancies that are lightless
    In places that have me lifeless.
    You have no idea
    What it is like
    To wake up in oblivion
    And perspirating until
    You find out it was just a nightmare.
    I am tired now, of these illusive dreams
    Of this painted silence
    Life seems like death
    and death seems like life
    What a duality
    Ambling in the dead of the night
    I open my eyes
    Only to see
    Everything is dark
    And there is no light
    I feel helpless
    I feel hopeless
    Can you get me out of this void?
    Or should I not bother to Reiterate?
    Perhaps I'll collapse into this distant dawn

  • anonym_o 16w

    Shivering hands..
    Trembling beats..
    Broken soul..
    Life with no goal..

    Where am i??
    Plunging as u stand by..
    Rasping for breath..
    Waiting for death..

    Take me away..
    As far as the milky way..
    I don't care if it is the unknown..
    Coz u r my unknown..

  • hated_poet 17w

    Blew- eull- allew!
    Rescue me! Rescue me!
    The moana taking my corse beneath; Up in the sphere, are the mist swirled wreath.
    Help me! From this malign water - I have a senile mother and father.
    Blew- eull -allew!

    The serrated water made my nose cyst,
    My tongue twist -
    With my body rimy,
    The piranhas were nosy.
    The water grew scarlet:
    I ululated -- Is this my bloodshed?
    Help me! I squealed!

    A lilliputian boy came,
    Tried to change, the game.
    But he startled the monstrous river- And timorously scamper. Subsequently, a hulking boy came;
    But failed against the vigorous wave.

    I yelled, yelled, and yelled!
    My body amidst torment.
    Valedictory breath;
    My life to an end.

    Deeming before closing my orb eyes, Didn't have a chance to say goodbye.
    If humans would have helped,
    Death would have fled!
    Until people join their hands,
    More and more lives will end.

    A lonely world it is, full of dread,
    I drowned to the seabed.
    Noticing all the colourful creatures around,
    My eyes closed-down.
    It's the end!


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee_reposts #depressed #death #humannature #society #drowning #mankind #lastwish

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    The Endmost Talk