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  • mimi_ayaneh_ 4d

    I wake up one night without knowing where I am.

    My face has dried tears but I do not know where it came from.

    My heart aches and it tightened me where I felt I will lose my breath.

    All I know is I want to end my life and completely leave this world.

    I am not the same person who always have the sweet smile.

    I am not the same person who laugh endlessly and naughtily.

    Then suddenly, I saw myself standing at the edge of the bridge.

    Staring at the tranquil water and plastered a fake smile on my lips.

    I opened my arms widely and let the cold breeze hugs me.

    The night were going to end and I am waiting for the dawn.

    Hoping that I will recognize what is right from wrong.

    Then a small tepid liquid fell from my eyes down to my cheeks.

    Why do I look so miserable right now?

    Why I can't be happy like you are?

    Why do I need to cry for those who didn't even care?

    I cried out loud and let my emotions be heard by everyone.

    But sadly, no one heard me and no one even dare to care for me.

    Without a second thought, I freed myself for the first time in my life.

    Slowly, I closed my eyes and feel the cold water hugging my entire body.

    I jump to the river but I am still thinking if anyone will save me.

    Will anyone look for me?

    Will anyone care for me?

    Will anyone cry if I die right now?

    Or will they be rejoice and celebrate my death?

    A while ago, I am drowning in so much pain inside me.

    But now, I am drowning in this water literally.

    I should say that pain is my dear best friend.

    Because it did not bother to leave me 'til my last breath.

    I am drowning in pain when my tears fell.

    Then realization hits me.

    I still want to live my life and make my mistakes right.

    I still want to live, to love and to be loved.

    But it's too late.

    There's no turning back.

    Because I am here,

    Drowning in pain... dying!

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    Drowning in Pain


  • paintedladypoetry 5d


    With rosy cheeks she smiles
    She goes about her day
    One step, two steps, three
    All the while
    Drowning in the shallow end
    Of a superficial pool

  • a_splendid_wickedness 1w

    Seductive Tides

    It watches me
    As it rolls
    And I retreat into weak waves
    Far from home
    Barely enough strength to glide
    Over my toes
    It holds the hubris to glisten
    And shock me
    With toothache cold
    Yet it pulls me, past and present
    The wide eyed young
    The tedious old
    Deeper than a child's first question
    Like your first love to behold
    Should I swim when I yearn to sink?
    Am I a lamb astray from the fold?
    Should I be carried away
    Under seductive tides?
    Will my time be gentle told?


  • sillysadar 3w

    İmpermanent friendship

    The ship is sinking
    With our thoughts drowning in what ifs

    You swim away
    Leaving me to stay

    These sealed scars are now opened
    Bleeding out our impermanent friendship
    - Sadar

  • sillysadar 3w

    I inherited the repressed emotions
    That's drowning me in oceans
    Crowning me as the feeler
    But how can I feel
    When I've pushed it all aside?

    I inherited the wild child
    That's trapped inside
    Begging to be let outside
    But how can I be the child
    When I'm forced to be an adult?
    - Sadar

  • tetheredsouls 3w

    For where must I bury what does not die? The living, beating insipid creature — years and years pass, yet it stays. Where do I bury, all that has befallen, like the lashes that once carried wishes, the viles of powdered melancholy, the remnants that throttle me as I fall asunder. Sometimes this tomorrow feels like a yesterday that has gone by — into what should possibly be my past I devour in. As pass by mounds of sanguine skies and daylights and like those lights I stay volatile. You are but everywhere, every memory, every remnant, every thought of every day that passes me every time, this grief seems to settle upon within. For I am a blend of all the seasons that keep turning against my soul, prevailing numbness inside. Fading, falling, wanting to scratch of the feeling of not belonging, the way people drift apart, long and long; never to have. Be it of death or long lost wars, and I cascade with. But what is gone ties me down changes that I were to make, the never diminishing aftertaste, and its heart-wrenching start.
    -all that goes and stays

  • starrynight_advi 4w

    I'm drowning,
    I'm sinking,
    Help me,
    I'm screaming.

    The water is bubbling,
    Can hear me?!
    I'm choking,
    My arms,flinging,
    Trying balancing.

    My heart is pounding,
    My lungs are flooding,
    My breaths are decreasing,
    My actions are getting sluggish,slowing.

    The waves are crashing,
    The agony is overwhelming,
    It's crushing,
    I'm crying,
    But can't differentiate the tears from the water.

    It's like a spell,
    It's binding,
    And the darkness is reaching,
    My pain is numbing,
    My heartbeat is slowing,
    The sound is deafening,
    My mind is blanking.

    My eyes are closing,
    The light is blinding,
    The water is shimmering,
    Death is around the corner,lurking.

    My consciousness is drifting,
    My memories are dissolving,
    It feels like I'm flying,
    I've stopped trying.

    This feels purifying,
    I am hallucinating,
    My life in front of my eyes, is flashing,
    My world is ending,
    My story is finishing,
    Time is elapsing,
    I never stopped hoping,
    But I am leaving,
    I am dying.

    This is how I imagine drowning would be.
    Tried to make it rhyming for fun.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    This feels purifying,
    I am hallucinating,
    My life in front of my eyes, is flashing,
    My world is ending,
    My story is finishing,
    Time is elapsing,
    I never stopped hoping,
    But I am leaving,
    I am dying.

  • saqib_mukhtar 4w

    Yeah I hide
    and everytime it hurts I don't feel like opening it up to you 'cause u don't need to Worry

    Yeah I hide
    and stay composed everytime I feel like drowning and I don't know why It's just how I Feel

    Yeah I hide
    and run away
    everytime it hits my heart so hard and heaven knows when I'll give a real Smile

    But it's okay
    It's just that........


    @mirakee @writersnetwork #randomshit

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  • outofleague 6w

    #dwale #dwalec : a soporific drink formerly made from deadly nightshade or belladonna.
    #polaroid #polaroidc : relating to or denoting a type of camera with internal processing that produces a finished print rapidly after each exposure.
    #facade #facadec : a deceptive outward appearance.
    #mirror #mirrorc #daydream #daydreamc #rage #ragec #drowning #drowningc #weep #weepc #truth #truthc #remains #remainsc #fate #fatec #lunatic #lunaticc
    #sprinkled #mercy

    Picture Credits: Boris Stefanik / Unsplash

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  • amtupu_ 8w

    Thank you @writersnetwork ��[17]

    I was born in sandstorms
    with no waves and in
    gullies with no depths.

    A leather gurd fastened
    with frails of firy loins was
    the most attractive gift
    they gave to me.

    I was born into oceans
    of empty emotions
    dressed by cold waves
    of blue.

    That second, my childhood
    ended, when it took two
    low blows to my teeth,
    prints to my hidden birthmarks

    How badly I wished to bite
    those fists, but I fisted the
    rough air instead, in moments
    that shed hot feigned tears.

    I kept /drowning/ in empty
    spaces and unending hollow,
    In fading sorrow I found no
    space to grin.
    - ©amtupu_

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    /I was born in sandstorms
    with no waves, & in
    gullies with no depths./

    /I was born into oceans
    of empty emotions
    dressed by cold waves
    of blue./

  • full_blown_mental_breakdown 8w


    Today is no better than a year ago.
    I was drowning then,
    I am drowning today.
    How much difference does it make?
    Try so hard to stay afloat.
    Nothing seems to save me.
    Not even myself.

  • shefaligarbyal 8w

    I ripped out of my sentiments
    And whine was my suffice.
    My motionless fragile core
    was then inflamed.
    turbulent twisted in firm grins
    Pleased to be entice.
    Fathom was absurd again,
    I won't feel more tamed.

    Brisked up my journey
    to soothe lesions not to lamed.
    Restrained my portions
    Alas! enigma yearns at some points.
    Endured my vibe though
    I halt to be failed.
    Covered hours in sweat
    to approach my checkpoints.

    Senses told me farther; my nerves
    and affinity somehow conjoints.
    I reached basking over the hills
    simmer viewing clouds.
    For a sip of tranquility I totally allure
    as if I am the one it appoints.
    Some sigh of relief within
    my worries settled here to shrouds.

    Quench of my soul was brought
    to pass in louds.
    Answers those I seek was intensely
    profound, blink in rain.
    Integrated to pursue anticipation
    smacked my spirit to grounds.
    Fumigate my notions not to toxic
    yet augment my vein.

    ©️Shefali Garbyal

    Rhyme style- Ballad abab bcbc cdcd dede

    #alchemy #mirakeenetwork #quoteoftheday
    #miraquill #drowning

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    Alchemy of my agony

  • antarraal 8w


  • a_gentilischi 8w

    @writersnetwork Thanks a million for the repost! You sure know how to make a girl's day ��✨


    Your eyes always scare me
    Those depths I dare not look
    Too afraid of the things I'll see
    Like verses in a forbidden book

    Arcane alchemy happens there
    How else could they shine like gold?
    In search of a wandering heart to tear
    Yet marveling them never grows old

    Your eyes... your beautiful eyes
    I look in them, and I see me
    A reflection swimming in your cries
    Pouring down in tearful reverie

    Twin blackholes nestled in your iris
    Letting no drop of light fall through
    Nestled in the dark, your heart's aegis
    Must I be stone, to be in love with you?

    Sometimes when you think I don't see
    Those pupils turn to gorges of deep blue
    Like gleaming lapiz lazuli, a sun kissed sea
    And I drown in them, willingly, without clue



    Aegis : Aegis is the shield of Athena. It is fashioned in the shape of a gorgon's head. To directly stare at a gorgon's head turns the viewer to stone

    Lapiz Lazuli : A deep blue precious stone


    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #drowning #eyes #beauty #light #sea
    #gold #tears #love #aegis #wnreagent

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  • raman_writes 8w


    ढूंढने निकले है बस्ती - ऐ - क़ातिल में हरम ।

    उम्मीद रखने वालों का भी कोई इलाज़ नहीं ।।


  • logan545 12w

    It's okay to not be okay.
    The world sees our happy and cheerful visages all the time, we feel no shame in smiling at someone,in sharing our beautiful memories.
    Then why is breaking down in front of even one person so hard. Reaching out to someone when we are most miserable, why is it so excruciatingly difficult??

    #communication #help #drowning #tears #courage #tangled #web #talk #callout #rejection

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    Why is it so?
    Even though we're drowning
    On the precipice of falling
    Names on the tip of tongue
    In need of help
    But still not calling

    This belief clamming us up
    That there's no one that would come
    This mirrored lonely cage
    Can we ever get out?
    Gather up the courage
    And just call out

    Knowing the rejection that might still come
    But still enter this tangled web
    Of confusions and fears
    Betrayals and tears

    This step might just be the key
    A trickle of hope and healing
    For you and me

  • shrestha_s 13w


    Eyes that wander to places
    Eyes that often get lost
    Eyes that face the inevitable
    Eyes that get off-course
    Eyes that lookout for admiration
    Eyes that search for serenity in one another
    To the eyes that never lie
    Lay the story bare in a glance by
    Probably the only pair hard to avoid
    That observe silently and drowns everything inside

  • cyanshadeofblue 15w


    My boat slowly rocks back and forth during the day. Once I see his face this ocean settles, no more rocking. There may be a small bump here and there but the presence of him calms me. I go a few days with now big waves, then it happens the storm. The waves begin you build up and up and up. Smashing the tiny boat harder and harder until it all shatters to little pieces. I am now on my own trying to stay afloat. I'm flailing around trying to keep steady. Finally I just give in and stop fighting. I sink deeper and deeper down only one person can see. He has no idea what to do as I'm drowning. He has his own tiny ship I can't ask him to jump in and save me he will down in return. So I have no choice but to go to the bottom and wait it out like always. I feel like I'm dying even when I know I'm not. No one can save me I can only save myself but why for just to do it all over again why can't I just stop fighting not save myself just let go give it all up?

  • myquerencia 16w

    No Sign of Weakness

    Holding in hurts
    As does letting them out
    Letting out gives solace
    Keeping in gives satisfaction
    Too much tears a sign of weakness
    Never the possibility of you having been strong for too long
    Too strong a current
    Making you drown
    Ever hungry sharks
    Just waiting for a chance
    You try to break through the surface
    The cold water restricting you
    Disappointment hits you
    Like an arrow piercing your heart
    Scars all over your body
    Your heart ripped apart
    Suddenly a hand held yours in the dark
    Hope arises in the sunshine
    Like the tender rays of the rising sun
    You try to piece the rays
    Just like the beads of a necklace
    You keep your head up, chin straight
    Never allow them to make you a bait
    No sign of weakness
    Keeping up a hard shell
    Allowing only a few to slip in
    Just to hold you up
    Requires just a line to end this
    But will take a lifetime to forget this


  • deadlittlesongbird 17w

    Carry Me Down

    Carry me down
    To the place where he lies.
    My face is creased in a permanent frown
    Because of our lack of final goodbyes.

    He doesn't feel anything, not anymore.
    Where as my pain tolerance reaches above the norm.

    Carry me down
    To where I once was nice.
    In agony I'm about to drown,
    Because love comes with a price.