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  • seema5 12w


    Life is uncertain
    Life create opportunities
    Harsh words ruined ur life ...
    ©seema jadhav

  • alfafemale 13w

    Insanely Driven

    Despite all the talking around me, against me or attacking me I do not intend to change. And I cudnt care less of clarifying. And thats the interesting part.
    Do what the shit ever u can. changing me won't be successfully in yr to-do list.
    I'm and have always been rock solid.

  • undefined_visionary69 31w

    I have always been destined to be in love with you and no amount of time, distance, children, relationships, or marriages could stand in the way because our souls belonged to each other at birth.


  • tenderkisses 31w


    The beautiful sounds of music are invigorating, vibrating through her body, cleansing her, awakening her, caressing her, cradling her sensual soul and taking her on a new adventure..


  • manuhere 71w

    उद्घोष ,शून्य, असीम

    शून्य के गर्भ को घूरता विजय
    मैं क्षण भर को अमर जाना चाहता हूँ
    मैं खुद की मृत्युंजय मानने लगा हूँ
    काल के यज्ञकुंड में सो जाना चाहता हूँ

    मैं भोर ओर विजय पा
    पिनाक को साधकर
    मैं आकाश को चीरकर
    उदघोष कर ही रहा था
    मैं अकस्मात गिरकर
    शून्य में आ गया हूँ
    मैं अमरत्व कह8 चुका हूँ
    काल से कहो मैं सो चुका हूँ

    अब सिर्फ तमस है
    यज्ञ का पाखण्ड है
    विजय पूजता है कौन
    पराजय दंड है
    अनवरत असीम ओर
    क्या निशा,तमस,क्या भोर
    साल भी गुज़र गया
    पाखण्ड भी मर गया
    मैं आकाश को पाना चाहता हूँ
    रक्तरंजित अश्रुपूर्ण मैं विजय
    शून्य के गर्भ को घूरता
    मैं खुद को मृत्युंजय मानना चाहता हूँ

    काल के यज्ञकुंड में सो जाना चाहता हूँ

    मैं क्षण भर को अमर जाना चाहता हूँ

    मनु मिश्रा

  • sammiegirl 106w

    Colorstained Glass

    Ever so content and mysterious
    The urge is relaxed, but the feeling is taunted
    The colors burst after being caught in
    Lingering motion
    You destroy the void you created, while
    Still appreciating the art
    The thoughts are not invited, not controlled
    They are involved in your every
    Decision, your every move you need
    To expand your imagination, influence your
    Hidden creativity
    Even if they are not welcome, they exist
    The light is distant from you yet so close,
    Unaware but still safe
    You embrace the darkness you fought against
    And your hands shine
    Whats invisible is suddenly there and
    You are focused and seduced by the elements
    Its consumes you, the anger rises with the moments
    You experience
    And just before you want to shred
    The paper into a million shattered
    You're done

  • umairssj 127w


    Gift given that you can listen to others problem is gift until you don't know the person.
    The moment it's a known person you'll feel like an option.

  • piyushchaudhari 128w

    क्या करें इस गर्मी का ?
    दिन में सोने नही देती
    रात में जागने नहीं देती


  • loftydreams101 129w


    The words of the gods on high
    Were like pollen today,
    Scattering and sprouting
    Into fields of mosaics

    Their harmonies took flight
    And they doused the whole world
    Like embers in the night
    Sowing fires for tomorrow

    Drawing droves from their roles
    With their heaven-bound songs,
    With fragrances of home
    Amid the cyclones of fall

    © William Wright, Jr. 2019

  • mariateresa 135w

    I held myself back for 40 years but these past 6 mo tha I have reinvented myself and emerged a new woman. Nothing and nobody can stop me. I'm a force to be reckoned with. Onward and upward I climb ❤

    #writers #writing #wordcount #poetry #poems #focused #driven #womanpower

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    Misunderstood lightening in a bottle
    Complicated by pressures insurmountable
    Weight of the world on her shoulders
    She has overcome all the obstacles
    Nothing and no one can hold her down
    Head held high, focused and driven
    Don't tell her to stop, all is forgiven
    Determined to thrive she possesses a vision
    Glowing with purpose and beauty
    This is her decision.

  • restysoranges 141w

    The society has driven me to madness, but the world still gives me hope.

  • yo_right 157w


    Im driven like a car
    Striving like a seed
    Trying to survive
    Aching to succeed
    Gone like the wind
    I am an arrow
    Bout to hit its target
    Flying like a sparrow
    Wanna be a hero
    Niether hot or cold im zero
    Quiet like the night
    But bright like the day
    With endeavors ahead
    But worries astray
    And even though those negative people cause me dismay
    I stay focused
    I stay sane
    And even though it could all be gone like hocus pocus
    I am a peaceful flower
    In the middle of May

  • nqonqo 159w


    A lonely busted through the night and a sadist in bed while we'll be making love. Don't hold back while I touch you in all the right places. you and I know you're no good girl. I keep you around because you know how to tame the beast inside me. I wouldn't call it love if all I wanted to do was fuck you senselessly. I got wild tendencies and believe me when I say I'm not good for you. I gave you a chance to run away and leave me be.

    I made my intentions clear that I wanted you. Yet you still stick around. I know you want a gentleman, someone who can hold doors for you, take you out on a date night, kiss you when your heart is breaking, make love to you all night long but girl I'm bad news. I can never understand how someone so innocent and pure can come looking for love from the devil himself.

    I can never give my all to you this ain't no fairytale. Just know you are not the only one to kill my lonely nights. I got plenty who willingly give in. I am a men with needs after all. I just hate how much I would love to love you but I have to push you away because I don't need a weakness. Someone to hold me from achieving my dreams. I hope you understand.

  • ashleshakumar 160w

    When I tell you I gotta be somewhere,
    In my head, I'm already there!

  • abhiram_rises 165w

    We are the fruit of heaven and hell's love.
    Deep in our cells lie a history of unsung conflicts.
    And our actions are driven by how the conflicts go within and how partial you were with one.


  • lithiumrose 168w

    It is thrilling
    Finding someone out of the blue
    Who sparks a flame within
    And drives you to pursue a passion
    With whole heart
    Newly inspired


  • samakhsh 170w


    The last thing I needed is a sanskari Aloknath in my neighbourhood who smokes bidi by his window and articulate the characters of people around him.

  • lithiumrose 175w

    This list of what I wish to have grows
    But instead of dreams
    I'll call them goals


  • writtenexpression 176w


    What makes you powerful?
    Is it the fact you have more money?
    I don't think it's all that fair,
    That a number defines greatness.

    The power in cash is disgusting,
    The rich create the issues of the homeless.
    The homeless strive for a bite,
    Or a place to stay.
    The rich eat big meals,
    Without giving others the time of day.

    It's just so sad,
    That if you don't have it you can't survive.
    If you DO have it,
    You're in a position of POWER.

    Wealth will for ever be looked up to,
    The poor will be criticized.
    The wealthy have great jobs,
    While the poor can't find a position.

    Minimum wage keeps you at the bottom,
    $100,000 a year puts you at the top.

    How can people move forward without being given a chance?
    We need to spread the wealth, so we can all have an equal POWER.


  • lithiumrose 180w

    Striving towards my goals
    My motivations drives within me
    Improvement seen, progress shows
    One step closer to my endgoal