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  • supasesh 17w

    Something happenes in between; between when we make plans and the time till,

    Life, or maybe its me, has this horrible habit of sucking any happiness out of the moment; the moments in between,

    I wanna fist fight, I wanna get lost in the nights, I want to feel soemthing, I want it like old times; I miss those moments in between

    My company has become hollow, if I don't like spending time with myself why would anyone else.

    And it's in these moments, I hide away, from my loved ones, and myself

    #depression #mental#health#drifting#void#hollow

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    Hollow moments,
    stand stills in time
    Ruined evenings by yours truly,
    Hi I'm devin and im a fuck up

  • aidanpoems 30w

    I stop.
    Close eyes.
    I breathe.
    And rise.


  • aidanpoems 30w

    And now I drift,
    Aimless, no direction.
    And I am lost,
    What is my perfection.

    I search and I scour,
    The depths of my heart,
    It's surface is sour,
    As sins tear me apart.

    My time and my effort,
    All used up on things,
    Temporary and fickle,
    No future they bring.

    To add on to that,
    There're things in my life,
    That I can't control,
    Yet hurt like a knife. (2/3)


  • aidanpoems 30w

    Things feel a bit much now,
    With the future looming,
    And the question how.

    How do I excel?
    How do I strive?
    In this big world,
    How will I survive?

    What is my passion?
    What can I do?
    All of these things,
    I wish I knew.

    The future is big,
    The future is bright.
    The future is good,
    For those who choose right. (1/3)


  • sillysadar 32w


    Slowly we drift apart
    Like when the clouds form to something then it fades

    Slowly my world changed to different shades of black
    Like when a lunar eclipse happens yet it never ends

    Slowly the pain that I felt left
    Like when you've been stabbed and,
    Eventually you become numb to the pain

    Slowly I drifted away
    Like an astournet drifting away in space to nothingness

    Slowly my tears dry leaving me unable to cry
    Like finding water in a desert

    Slowly yet quickly time passed
    Never the pain so,
    I sit here in my despair missing you

  • danielpobz 34w


    Drifting, letting my mind wander off and then
    Listening, to unfamiliar thoughts as I stroke the pen
    Slipping, a number of opportunities through my fingertips
    Remembering, making a list of all my failed attempts

    Running out of space again
    It ain’t the pad or the empty room I’m in
    Running in place but I’m out of my element
    Making peace with my demons yet I’m still in this predicament

    If healing makes you stronger, I’m the weakest
    It’s not a secret that I’m a puzzle and I have a lot of missing pieces
    Searching beneath these waters the answers I can’t seem to reach though
    Grab the needle and shoot reminders in my veins that people will perpetually leave you

    Lots of gossip, I’ve been watching you
    On how you talk to yourself is rude
    Drifting, I’m in the same boat as you
    Sinking, dreaming, screaming for some truth

    My escalator’s broke, I’m taking the stairs I guess
    Climb until I’m out of breath, questioning my every step
    My train of thought is leading me to different tracks
    Positive that where I’m at is not where I should stay and that’s facts

    Told yourself look into the mirror and say I love you
    Convinced yourself that no one in the world would ever want to
    Drifting by the people that have been there to support you from the get go
    You can’t ever commit to anyone coz you can’t even grab ahold of you

    I see you in the distance asking me why I’m so distant
    I’m convicted, I’m convinced that I predict that all my wishes on my wish list
    Won’t be heard cause I’m so committed
    To the lie that feeling safe is unrealistic

    Ignorant to my ignorance, tell me I’m worth it God
    Give me the faith to rise up and help me diversify
    To slowly drift forward, immersed in my belligerence, amplified
    The feelings and words collide, intensified

    Every impotent moment debated can trigger it
    I stamp it in my mind that I’m different
    By living a life deprived, I’d rather be burned alive
    Than go back to thinking that I’m insignificant


    #Drifting #pod

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    Drifting, letting my mind wander off and then
    Listening, to unfamiliar thoughts as I stroke the pen
    Slipping, a number of opportunities through my fingertips
    Remembering, making a list of all my failed attempts

  • mmbftd 42w


    I kept your trinkets
    Your hand-me-downs
    Your warm fuzzy sweaters
    And wool socks
    The loose black sweat pants
    With the pockets
    The plastic purple spoon
    With a cute character molded into the handle. The one from that time you took me out to that frozen yogurt place and I didn't realize they charged by weight.
    I'm an expensive best friend!
    I kept all the gifts you sent after you moved away and assimilated into your brand new life. The one you painstakingly carved out for yourself, the one you curated with the help of some photos on Pinterest.
    I kept the plastic fortune cookie with the gold and purple puzzle charm, the one that opens so I can hide my secrets inside it.
    I kept the candy-pooping unicorn and I can't help but laugh each time I walk by it, it's sheeny plastic surface reflecting all the colors we loved.
    I kept your hand sewn things, cherishing all the time your beautiful, pale, delicate hands put into them. I marveled at your attention to detail, your perseverance.
    I kept all the gifts I bought you but did not send. The custom mixed holographic nail polishes with your name hand painted on the bottles, by my now shaky hand. I kept so many meaningful little markers of how I loved you. I don't know why I never mailed them. I was blocked maybe. In denial that you and I would most likely (and especially now), never see each other in person again. We'd never laugh together or cry together at things only the two of us could understand.
    Because there are times for things and people. My time was before. Before your new life. And as you had grown and blossomed, I had stayed the same. Stagnating in my self made prison. Alone and lonely and feeling the loss of our deep sisterhood like a mourning.
    Yet each time I thought of you and laughed, remembering our funny jokes, or cried knowing I needed to talk with you but didn't ever want to burden you with the same old issues...like a signal sent, you would message me. With little hearts and love.
    And it always amazes me, our connection. I know you would say I'm never a burden. I know you would say I'm no bother, that you'd always make time to listen and help and cheer me up. You'd pull me out of my own darkness and into the real world again.
    But there is a part of me that doesn't feel I'm good enough anymore. Not by your judgement, but by my own. I see what I am. What I've let myself become. A de-evolution of a once vibrant woman.
    So I stir my coffee each morning, with that plastic purple spoon from the yogurt shop, in alternating coffee mugs you sent me. One with rainbow stars and one with that yellow sun I crave. Because only you know me truly.
    And I sleep in your black sweats wearing your blue and green knit socks. And I laugh alone at our jokes. I smile when I watch other best friends on youtube, I laugh and then I cry.
    And like a clockwork of the universe your heart emojis come magically floating in, just as I needed to be reminded...that this is only done if I allow it to be.
    And like so many other things in our lives, maybe I shouldn't make this decision without consulting you first. My other half. My velcro twin.
    I'll think about it. Until I decide, I'll keep to my rituals of trinkets and hand-me-downs.
    They keep me sustained in your absence.
    Always loving you.
    Best friend.

  • arthur1995 45w

    Sleepless night in the city

    Guns go off as the sound of children playing in the mist, a bullet goes up but not knowing what it hits, touches a warm spot in your souls so you ask, why the world so cold, we live fast young and wonder why we don’t die old, truth be told Ide rather conceal my weapon dont want heaven gates to close. Meaningful thoughts to those losing anyone they love no matter the age at tha point there was another chapter close please be careful

  • drtjeckleburg 50w


    Strung up by a rope...
    Holding on for dear life...
    Toiling and thrashing about,
    Please let me go.


  • rachelezell27 51w


    I find myself entirely alone.
    All their true colors have finally shown.
    can't believe I let myself hope,
    keep telling myself that I should have known.

    I've been fighting,
    but the shadows have grown,
    I've been depleted,
    lost all that I owned.

    I try to reach out,
    but no one answers the phone.
    It's not what they expect,
    I didn't call to whine or moan.

    I didn't want to ask for anything,
    not a meal or a loan.
    I just want to hear your voices,
    and not the dial tone.

    I want to be better,
    But I am mistake-prone.
    When it comes to fucking up,
    I wear the crown and hold the throne.

    I'm full of bad habits,
    That I should have outgrown.
    I keep meaning to quit them,
    but I keep having to postpone.

    Life has made us hard,
    it's turned our family into a war zone.
    But I still miss you all so much,
    I am not made out of cold stone.

    I don't want us to end with,
    the lack of love that we've all shown.
    I don't want the next "I love you."
    to be the one at my tombstone.

    ~ Rachel G. Ezell

  • penletting 52w


    he drifted along
    the gentle flow,
    a journey to nowhere -
    where no wind has heard
    his name uttered
    in dreaded silence;

    he drifted through
    waves of the eternal river -
    as he rode swollen
    with guileless water;
    and guilty memories
    of the fleeting rooted tree
    he called home!


  • anonymous2100k 55w

    But dear,
    I trusted you.
    It was YOU who didn't have faith
    in his own love, if there was any.

  • anonymous2100k 55w

    You tell me to BE HAPPY;

    How can I be happy when my happiness is with you, but you are not with me?


  • anonymous2100k 60w

    The moon and the airplane make me cry; because the night you flew in 10PM flight, I slept watching the moon with a heavy heart and tearful eyes.


  • theshatteredpiecess 65w

    It fell down from the heaven,
    And kissed my lips.
    With the moon still up on my head.
    I was talking to you,
    Different states, same story.
    It took you really long,
    to call back today.
    And here I was,
    Waiting as usual.
    You told me about how
    you were getting engaged maybe.
    And that's when it fell again,
    not from the heaven this time.
    I stared at the moon,
    As if it would make it better.
    There was so much I wanted to tell,
    And so much you had to hear yet.
    The silence took over pretty loudly.
    Those stars were still twinkling,
    Maybe happy, maybe sad.
    And these clouds?
    Still moving.
    It fell down again,
    One on my lips,
    And the other rolled down on my cheek.

  • mopiya 69w

    Last night

    Last night I saw your face
    In the lonely blue sky hue
    Even though it was just for a while
    It was one more night in heaven with you
    Last night I tried to end my life
    No more watching you slowly go
    With this void of you I cannot thrive
    Noose around my neck and your memories in my head
    I decide to end my woe

    Last night I thought about your magic
    Of all our laughter filled days that no longer seem to come by
    Now every second of all my days is tragic
    Can't get these thoughts off my head even when I'm high
    Last night I saw my own self
    Trembling at the sight of what I'd become
    For everything you loved in me was gone
    A sad sight had overcome

    Last night I felt you shut your doors
    For the girl who had become a mountain of pain
    All our mesmerizing days are over
    Because I just couldn't be okay

    But last night I could not finish my agony
    Because last night I wanted to hear your voice
    I don't know how to become myself anymore
    But last night you reminded me of the me who enjoys

    Last night I saw lose you all your love
    For the girl who was once going to be yours forever
    Thank you for everything you made me feel
    Hope you feel my love even if we aren't together

  • neha_gahlot 93w


    Sometimes we forgive people
    We truly do
    It doesn't mean we hate them now
    But we also don't feel the same for them in such a way we once did..
    It doesn't mean we think bad for them
    But we also can't wish good for them..
    It doesn't mean we no more respect them
    But we no more have the same perspective about them anymore

    Sometimes its not that we moved on from certain people..
    It's just that we no more feel the need to associate ourselves with them in any such way..
    We wish them all the luck and,



  • abeksshally 96w


    ... I sunk into misery
    Each passing day
    Lost myself in the midst of it
    The reflection I see whenever
    I look up is so scary
    Entangled in the dysphoria of yesterday
    Stabbed by the agony
    Slowly the human in me drifted...

  • jpgillman_poetry 107w

    *Love your chaos with order...then say goodbye* My November 8 submission for the @fallspoetry #novemberfalls19 writing challenge (IG)
    ▪️Original poem, ‘Expected Visitor’ ©️ by @jpgillman_poetry▪️Image from Clipart Library▪️

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #writersofmirakee #readwriteunite #ceesreposts #pod #nature #chaos #expected #visitor #order #fireside #tea #drifting #snow

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    Expected Visitor

  • leslie_steel 107w


    We were drifting
    But I guess we were both too busy to realize it
    Gradually, everything evolved without our knowledge

    We used to chat for longer hours,
    But its not more than a hi today
    We used to talk a lot,
    But now I gotta think of a topic for us to talk about
    We used to cuddle all night long
    But now,We can't even bear touching
    I could feel our passion in just a kiss
    But its all gone now
    The fire dimmed and eventually went out

    I can't say I'm ecstatic
    But neither am I sad...