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  • xamber52 73w

    Selfless heart..

    Being pulled by your pity and my selfless heart.
    Dragged into your silliness, and lingering apart.
    Where do I go when you decide you don't love me anymore.
    Because you know that drifters need dreamers, something we all went through before.
    I know that I will face this challenge alone.
    Because drifters, are not to be owned.

  • querencia 202w

    This is a gentle reminder to everyone out there who are struggling with depression , anxiety and hardships of day to day life. Life gets better, I promise. Hang on there,love. Trust the journey and keep faith. There is always a way, light will always find you,it has to. It was made to find you ♥

    #healers #drifters #learners

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    You, my dear
    You have been planted to grow into a new seedling
    Its not a grave, its your growth
    This is where you begin