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  • nelehjr 18w

    I want to fit in, but I also don't like what's in fashion.��
    #HelenMPugsley #Dresses #Formalwear

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    Poor American Girl Problems

    I need a formal dress
    Or three for work.
    We have ✨events✨
    And right now,
    I'm just trying to make sure my basic needs are met
    Not drip with gold and jewels.
    I couldn't care less!
    Never have!
    But I need to to make sure my basic needs keep being met.

    All the dresses for fat, white, American girls
    Are so boring and droll.
    I don't want to wear clean lines and navy.
    I want patterns!
    I want the sea to ripple against my toes whenever I take a step.
    Then I look longingly at the Indian girls in my feed...
    How terrible would it be if I wore a sari?
    They're so beautiful.
    And still out of my price range!
    Just like every other dress I don't actually want.

  • mishrasupriya 97w


    What is happening I don't know,
    What will happen I don't know.
    I have been wrong,
    I have been wrongly wrong.
    My euphoric heart now beats
    for some worldly doubts.
    Manipulating those inner chaos,
    With the thread of ignorance.
    Complete ignorance.
    Towards people and their thoughts.
    I try weaving them a whole,
    And finally silhouette a dress,
    It has design against the trend,
    Which says why to care?
    Why to amend?
    Just to justify other's ruthless caper?
    I'll wear that dress,
    So eloquently stitched.
    Having opinions that I deplore,
    It's each cut is curved with lessons,
    Each pearl and laces shines with
    I'll always keep learning,
    A humble learning, an honest learning.
    Not one I am expected to,
    But that one I am supposed to.
    And continue writing my own story,
    Amid these verses and forlorn glory.
    They may say I copy,
    Because of such saucy remark,
    I can't sacrifice my subdued hobby!
    These insecurities and sparse notions,
    I won't let them hinder my needle!
    I'll keep stitching millions of
    Such dresses.
    Having different non trendy designs,
    Having different lessons.

    Picture credit: Rightful owner.

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    #feelings #selfmusing ��

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    I try weaving them a whole,
    And finally silhouette a dress,
    It has design against the trend,
    Which says why to care?
    Why to amend?
    Just to justify other's ruthless caper?
    I'll wear that dress,
    So eloquently stitched!
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  • hoorbanu98 98w

    Die or Diet

    Warning from
    My fav Dresses...

    Dresses to me - Let me Die
    Or else You should Diet..
    Everything is yours Choice☆


  • lunalight 113w


    Ask your dresses how much I know them
    Ask your food how much I care them
    Ask your phone calls how much i miss them
    Ask your messages how much I expect them
    Ask your friends how much I know you
    Ask yourself how much I need you
    Ask me how much I love you

  • colorof_life 124w

    Happy to get married
    Only the reason is for getting more new dresses

  • 11maria 144w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    These autumn leaves relate and verbalise our life
    When things go hard, it's better to fall
    Might be there a new life waiting for you...

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    Red, gold and brown
    Autumn leaves falls
    Outsetting new season.

  • aakdhi 157w

    बदल गए

    घर तो अतीत में ठहरा हुआ है
    इस नए शहर में बदल गए हम
    सादगी को पहना करते थे
    आज नए पहनावे में बदल गए हम

    चर्चा हर किसी से कम करने लगे तो
    देखो ज़रा केसे मुद्दों में बदल गए हम
    पहलू नया है ज़िन्दगी का अब से
    रूह तो वही है, बस पहचान में बदल गये हम

    सीमा खट खटाइ थी बँद जज़्बातों की
    कुच्छ अन्दर से, तो कुच्छ बाहर से बदले हम
    जरूरते बदली फिर एक दफा नए दौर की
    लिये पुराना हुनर , कारोबार से बदले हम

    शांती की चाहत पर , रूतबे से बदल गए हम
    तारीफों से लेकर , शिक्वे में बदल गए हम

    मगर अफसोस नहीं अस्तित्व का अपने
    वक्त्त रहते संभल गए हम
    गलत अगर बदलाव भी है तो
    हाँ! सच में बदल गए हम ।


  • n_____j 167w

    Dresses of feathers
    Caught in flames,
    Burned like there's no tomorrow
    Like a final game.

    Creator cried waterfalls
    In his heart crawl heaviness,
    Ashes flew all around
    Of those burned dresses.

    Excited faces dropped down
    There came the end of show,
    All hearts said goodbyes
    With full of sorrow.


    Picture credit to their rightful owner. :)

    #dresses #hopes #sorrow #show #feathers #goodbyes

    #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee
    @saumya_reposts @readwriteunite @vedika_11 @mirakeesnetwork @vyshnavigoli @shinningstarwithwords @snowflakes

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  • rishu1998 167w


    Love and sun work similarly,
    If we absorbs too much of sun rays then we r victims of disease and if we don't absorbs sun rays at all then also we r victims of disease,
    Hence, similarly(love),
    In love too much love ( dominating )can destroy the relationship if love is not there in relation that relation is equal to relationship less...
    #we can't servive in this world without these things....
    #without these things we r like body without Brain...how is it if u like plzz.....give one like

  • violin 171w

    As I was scrolling through the IGTV I came across the video posted by @sunkissedshitzu I was rather angry when I saw that woman making such comments upon a girl's attire.

    Well, if a girl, a lady or a woman gets raped, it is the fault of that soul and not the ones who rape her. Wow! Such great mentality! So, when a 12year old child gets raped, when a mere some months old baby gets raped, will you still say that they were raped because "unhone chote kapde pehne they?". If an elderly woman gets raped, kya kahogi ap? "they were raped because, woh log apna body saree pehenke expose karte hai?"

    Mentality in India tends to blame the victim, always! No one. I repeat so common man will ever say "Ladke haiwan ban chuke" rather they will say "Galti toh ladki ki shayad, shayad chote kapde pehene they!" This is why India is a developong country. Mentality hi agar stagnant reh jaaye, hum kya ukhar lenge developed banke?
    No woman in this country feels safe. Not even from the fellow women. They feel a constant fear of being attacked, being shamed, being called a prostitute.

    Yes! We are the residents of such a country where the character of the girl is decided by her friendcircle, by her dress length, by the she talks, she walks.

    India is a contry of contradictions. You ask me how? Well, we worship the Goddess of Shakti, the Goddess of knowledge, the Goddess of wealth. It is very commonly heard "Betiyaan toh ghar ki laxmi hoti hai". But when their "Ghar ki laxmi" gets raped, they dont step back to say, "Galti uski hi hogi!"

    Why cannot we make India a better place to reside, for both the gender? Why cannot we expect the fellow women to realise, that faults are never of the girls, but of the demons of lust residing inside the men.

    Lastly, to that lady in that video, I hope you never get to face any fatal consequence, I hope no one from your family faces it, warna aap toh unki hi galtiyan nikal mein lag jaoge! I hope you GET WELL SOON AUNTY!

    #india #shame #shamefulact #comments #dresses #contradictions #deregatorycomments #girls #mirakee #mirakeewriters #writersofmirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Girls wearing short dresses get raped

    (Read the caption)

  • neroamee_alucard 171w

    That One Dress

    That one dress,
    You know the one
    Bright red, that hugs your curves
    The one that looks like you were poured into it
    Like a glass of iced tea steeped in the sun
    That's the one
    I love that dress
    And I love you in it
    But the thought of hitching you up
    Really sends me spinning

  • xxanny 179w

    beauty within, beauty unseen

    i see a girl with strings of a puppeteer attached to the nape of her neck and long flowy dresses to hide the joints screwed in the back of her knees

    "beautiful," said the puppeteer, caressing not her rosy skin but the wooden mask that covers everything

  • amit13saini 183w

    When men and women who workout,
    Wear corporate dresses,
    They go pretty far......

  • _girly_tales_ 184w

    Insta ache - Good outfit with bad pictures.


  • nyneve_viviane 188w


    And as a goddess, she will rise.

    She shall make you taste her fury, so get ready and take your weapons!

    For that rose that you dared to insult, will show you its thorns and before you, her splendor will be shown, her stunning perfection.

    So that you remember your vulgar hands are not worth of caress her and your dirty look will never be delighted with the pulchritude of the sharp steel of that goddess you stupidly dared to defy.


  • nyneve_viviane 188w

    Beautiful lie

    I felt nervous. The carriage stumbled forward and I could only repeat my mantras. It was strange. The good judgment which I had had that morning was fading. Clarity had a splendid brightness, it let me see that he did not love me and could live without him. However, now... that clarity is gone.

    The carriage slows down. Stops. My dress is beautiful.
    Just like ever, the room is empty. The instruments are tuned and musicians play with passion. He, gallant, with a glass of wine in his white gloved hand, observes me with a calm but amused expression, and in his bright eyes, the lust takes place.

    My heart is racing, I try in vain to gather all my courage and strength to let him know that I've came to tell him. I repeat it in my head once and twice:

    "I don't want this anymore. This ends now. "

    He takes my waist and brings the gobbled to my lips.

    "No, wait. We need to talk."

    He gives up his provocative expression and observes my face. I try not to hesitate.

    "Very well. I'm listening."

    Those are the most human words I've ever heard him say.

    What was I going to say? His face maintained a sad expression, so... human, almost like a normal teenager.

    "Do you love me?" I ask spontaneously.

    Smile mockingly

    "I love you."

    "I've been told you don't. You frequent someone else."

    I felt stupid for bringing it up. I knew I wasn't the only one, so doing so didn't make any sense.

    "You're the only one." He brushes a lock of my hair and caress one of my breasts. "They are jealous. Jealous that you love me."

    The security with which he affirmed my love for him...

    He puts the glass on my lips.

    "Drink, my dear."

    I drink. I can not stop. He throws the glass elegantly and with the sound of the broken glass we begin our dance.

    "Wait..." I plead weakly as he devours my lips and he guides me with strength and firmness.

    I can not against him. I love him. This sickly passion I feel for him makes me want to lose myself in his cruel and addictive being again.

    "You're mine and that's how I'm going to treat you," he whispers against my ear as he kisses me and unties my corset without stopping our dance.

    I know what comes next. And I can't stop it.

    Every night is the same. I need to kiss him, touch him, to believe and feel he is mine.

    All a lie.
    Every night is a beautiful lie.


  • 12anonymous 216w

    Among those expensive dresses mom's old saree looks best on her !!!


  • mizabkhan 229w

    When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.
    Good morning


  • r_woman 233w

    Break gender stereotypes and embrace who you are and what you love.
    You get to live this life once, live as you love!

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakeemirakee
    #breakstereotypes #womanpower #love #dowhatyoulove #nogender #cars #bikes #dresses #makeup
    #iamawoman #life #livetofullest

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    I am Woman

    I love bikes
    I love cars
    I love racing

    I love makeup
    I love dresses
    I love cooking

    Yes, I am a Woman.
    One of a Kind


  • ruhbyrahul 235w

    सादग़ी से सजी

    हुस्न-ए-सादग़ी से सजी,
    तु खुदा की वो रंगत है।
    हर पोशाक, हर कपड़ा,
    ज़चे तुझपे।
    तारीफ कुछ नहीं, बस...
    तुझे खुश करने का बहाना है।
    असल में हर कपड़ा भी तेरा दिवाना है।।