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  • arkknight73 14w

    The conflict of deep thought.

    We catch our self day dreaming ..seeing and believing ..whats in front of us on tv screens..youtube seens..post and reads.
    The thoughts become oversight..not seeing the big picture..the mirror only shows you.
    The life is for you..the creation of the dream realty is in your path...its in everything you put heart into on your raft...we all floating in time..seaching for something on our minds...but its there ..its there in your mind.
    Its your life ..its your find..its for you to conquer ..that mountain we all must climb.
    So climbers climb...create your fate ..create that life ment destination.
    Live that day dream.

  • chaiwalashayar 73w


    खामोशियों की परछाई में
    हर रात में छुपकर से उस ओर जाता हूं
    जहां सारी दुनिया विपरीत है
    जहां वो सिर्फ मेरी है,
    जहां वो व्यस्त नहीं
    मुझ में मस्त है,
    जहां मेरे अलावा ओर
    कोई उसका खास नहीं
    जहां मेरे अलावा उसके मुख पर
    ओर किसी की बात नहीं
    जहां मै उसकी खुशि हूं
    जहां मै उसकी आवाज़ हूं
    जहां मै उसके संगीत का साज़ हूं
    जहां में उसका कल ओर
    उसका आज हूं
    जहां मै ही उसकी कश्ती और
    पतवार हूं
    जहां मै ही उसका यार हूं
    पर यह दुनिया अपनी नहीं ,
    जो कुछ उपर सोचा वो बाते सच्ची नहीं,
    हां हर रात जहां मै छुपकर जाता
    हूं वो दुनिया असली नहीं,
    बातो से बचकर ,
    खामोशियों की परछाई में
    छुपकर हर रात में उस विपरीत
    दुनिया में जाता हूं,
    क्युकी असली दुनिया में
    वो मुझे मिलती नहीं।

  • jeshna 96w

    The impasse

    The leap that didn't suffice
    To cover the very miles
    To land in a world that entice
    And render peace to those eyes

    A journey once commenced
    Unable to reach its cumination
    Stuck somewhere in the middle of a
    No man's land of muddled concepts

    she belongs to neither here nor there,
    to her own world she wallows now
    Muting the ruckus of the world
    Finding reprieve in her retreat

    This Midway,seems like an impasse
    But dreams are her company
    Hope ,the guiding star ,
    And fortitude,the perennial fuel


  • thoughtfulguy 125w


    That's the thing about dreams....they hurt and feel good at same time,
    Hurt because we can't live them again,
    And feel good because we can live them again.

  • words_ki_zindagi 156w

    It can mean so much more than yourself, dreams and life, but leave that without even thinking once, when it comes to self respect.