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  • mandah88 1w


    I drift off into the lands of my unconscious
    For I know that is where you wait for me
    I’m eager to see your face again
    The only direction I attempt with such clarity
    There's a sense of protection that you enstill
    That's found in no other and it's so real
    Together there we joyfully dance
    Blessing our fates for such a chance
    But much too soon, it's again time to go
    It’s difficult to part, you already know
    So I lean in to feel the softness of your lips
    Never before have I been so lost in a kiss
    I cherish this moment, for I know it won't last
    As I'll awake from my slumber and the moment will have passed
    With one last glance, I look into your eyes
    You urge me on, not interested in goodbyes
    Because goodbye is final you say, and you shall see me again
    So that is my only inclination, getting back to my dream land

    © Manda H.

  • pallavi4 10w


    Waking up to a lazy winter sun
    Perched on a tree sings a lark
    Lives seem indolent and lethargic
    Snow falls softly, while the day is still dark

    Covered in a sea of hazy mist
    Lies a mountain range far away
    Slippery snowy slopes seem inviting
    Now that gone are the days of May

    The grass covered in dewy snow
    Completes the winter fantasy land
    Life seems to have collided with a story book
    Where the scenery is both fantastical and grand

    Slowly as the sun begins to shine
    And the snow ceases to fall
    The children make their way outside
    To enjoy their day and the snowfall

    Enveloped in a blanket of white
    Frozen solid now is the great lake
    Children drag their sleighs and
    On it intend to skate

    Looking outside the window I sigh
    To be a part of this yearly I strive
    As music fills my home I wait
    For the fireplace to come alive

    Pines laden with last night's snow
    Look majestically, princely tall
    These are a few of my favourite things
    For which I await every winter, every fall


    16th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- "Winter River scene"

    #wod #season #winter #favourite #snow #dreamland #landscape @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • ria_dbc 16w

    #05.Oct.2021 ☃️✨ image credits to rightful owner ❤️���� #life #peace #hope #dreamland #writersnetwork #miraquill @writersnetwork @miraquill ����

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    She painted on the sand,
    It was filled with different colours...
    And when the tides were high,
    Waves rushed in and took away..
    All the colours,
    The painting faded..
    Wind blew & Sun sets across
    the horizon,
    For the world around..
    It looked as an End,
    But neither the wind
    Nor the waves or blue water..
    Could take the imprints of,
    Paint left on her hand..
    We forget the moment and
    Dream of distant things, people, desires
    But in the end it's the moment..
    That we ignored & waited for
    Something else, lost in splendid dreams..
    The moment that lives forever,
    In our heart as sweet memories....!!!

  • gunnuloveswriting 44w

    Once my friend tell me that the words to mysterious
    I said yes you are right there is totally mysterious
    would you like to go in the mystery land,
    my friends say that yes I would like to go there ��

    but I told him how?
    how can you go there then she told me with the help of book ��we started our journey
    We saw many beautiful lands,fish������
    We saw Iceland like dreamland��

    we were going in the book land
    and seeing beautiful mermaids
    waterfall ,beautiful flowers����������
    butterfly���� and the realities of life

    really we had saw book land
    It was so beautiful so I told her that
    the word is nothing without the book����
    and the word is to mysterious
    we can solve all mystery with the help of book����

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    Journey of bookland


  • kimshi 47w

    Blue Side

    Feel Of Heaven
    As Wide As Blue Skies
    Touch Of Love
    As Deep As Blue Oceans
    Whisper Of Affection
    As Joyful As The Blue Bird
    A Gift Untold
    Is The Least Thing
    I Expected From My Hoppa
    Blue Love From Blue Side

  • kimshi 48w

    Mystery Of Love

    Echoing From A Far
    "Hiyaaa... Yah HiiiYyyaaaaa .."
    "Hurry - Hurry"
    Hiya : Ena Di un prachana ..
    Frnd : manga endhiri first day eh late ah ??
    Hiya : oh damn

    First day at M.A.D ( music , arts and dance )
    Been her goals to join there and Finally here she steps out into the land of her dreams ..

    Hiya : wow sema la .. en life eh set di nijama ..
    Frnd : podhum podhum odu late ah vantu pesura pecha paru ..
    Hiya : aiyaa podi ..

    Her heart flutters like a butterfly and her scent all over like a flower
    In her class so excited to everything she enjoys every second of her presence in the campus.
    Day Dreaming So Much More And Here Goes
    *Tring Tring Tringggg * .. Rings the bell
    Frnd : Time for lunch ..

    Came her frnd ..
    Frnd : ena ma campus la okay va set ah pudichiruka
    Hiya : Idhula oru kelvi ah .. elamey super classes the gardens vera ena venum .. hummm
    Frnd : ena lover boy venuma
    Hiya : Yei Apadi la ila first studies
    Frnd : podhum podhum canteen polam va
    Hiya : hmm seri polam polam ena try panalam iniku ..??
    Opps! Iru maranten washroom poitu varen adhukula edha Nala vangi vechidu .. ila variya ??
    Frnd : adhu seri na apavey poiten vangi vekuren poi thola
    Hiya : ogeyy !

    Washroom (awkwardest meet ever)
    Singing her fav song out there and steps out .. And is pulled by a guy aside and she stands there in awee with no words to utter
    He immediately says

    Him : shh .. shh.. shh ..
    Hiya : whaaaats ha ..ha.. happening
    Him : *looks into her eyes* and back with shh..shh..shh.
    Hiya : * Staring at the most handsome perfect Mysterious Eyes and art of adonis right in front of at the distance of breathe * *swallowing* but .. humm .. I mean u r in the wrong place right ?? Or am I
    Him : *locks her mouth with his hand *
    There's a gang of guys coming in and another guy too so shh..shh..shh..
    Hiya : *sushhing me like this he sushhed me into his heart too god what's gonna further happen*

    Silence spreads over all of a sudden and just a faint voice as sweet as berry jam is heard
    "Hey..hey..Aaron !?"
    The guy relaxes his hands after he heard it and goes out ..
    Fynn : what are you doing in gurls locker and why were they here seeing you I followed blindly what happening *blabbering in surprise*
    Aaron : was thinking something and entered wrong and...
    She walks out slowly full in confusion
    Fynn : "hummhuh ?!"
    Aaron : well I dunno was in hurry and later realized was in the wrong room an by the time was going out some others followed me too,
    so had to pull her aside so as to make sure she doesn't get in trouble ..! Hum you see "
    Fynn : huh huh ... Well let's talk later clearly first.. !!!!
    Thud sound of those guys returning back
    Fynn & Aaron : shit go go ..
    Pushing her inside
    But the guys are in !?
    Guys : well well wondered why wud Aaron the famous wud enter a girls locker room and seems to be her so then and clicks a pic .!
    Hiya : *have no idea who all are but just in awee with view of Aaron , wondering if is this for real *
    Suddenly they start up a fight for deleting the pic coz she might get in trouble and in all of this chaos


    She was now soaked in water
    Immediately Aaron covered her in his coat and Fynn signalled him to leave and he wud take care

    Aaron : sorry I got you into this am tae
    Hiya : hum..hum..humm
    Aaron : Huh Well and you ? New here ? Actually got to go sorry again

    And puff in the air he is gone all that is left for to remember him and the coat on her shoulders


  • ashanandhini 51w


    I wish I could be in the world of my own dreams,
    Where reality is nothing but illusionary,
    Then it's going to be me writing my own book,
    Where destiny is not a hallucinating crook.
    My dreamland is going to be a house of glory,
    Where memories are not a time travel story,
    It's a door which is totally visionary,
    Not a realistic mirage which is actually scary.
    A place where all your hopes are under control,
    No matter how far you go, you have something
    to heal your soul,
    Where you rebuilt your desires once they broke,
    Like a dreamy toy house, created by
    unarranged building blocks.

  • bhaskar_vashishth 55w


    Come, hold my hand and step into my dreams,
    This funland is beautiful, and I have plenty more themes,
    Don't look for the stars or sunshine down that road,
    Come find me in those dark, dark black holes.

    I will send my consciousness back on strike,
    Will sleep long enough, may not even look alive,
    Then you may walk around and enjoy the whole view,
    This panoramic paradise was built just for you.

    Just a little request, don't scratch on the walls,
    You will leave soon, but those will hurt for a while,
    Do not turn left on street number nine,
    There lives a ghost, as old as fine wine.

    I wish I could give you a map for the town,
    But it was stolen by a lousy, fat little clown,
    There used to be a waterfall but now I am not sure,
    Probably froze up under snow as it could not endure.

    I put a sun out to keep you warm and cozy,
    Pardon the cold weather, it may turn a little foggy.
    Enjoy your stay, play around with thoughts and clouds,
    I won't charge you a single dime, unlike those grisly crowds.


  • jadeivy 67w

    The Ballad

    A ballad,
    soft, kind, wise
    and graceful, plays tonight.
    As gentle melodies blow through your hair, memories of the greatest love prevails.
    To a touch as light as air,
    kissing your blush lips, making you fall in love all over again.
    To the hand that held tightly twisted with yours
    and squeezed delicately to ensure you of their understanding and caring.
    To the eyes that sparkled moonlight back at you,
    taking you into dreamland full of dance.
    To an embrace so great
    the Gods created it just for you.

    The ballad plays as the memories glow in your heart.
    Beating for the love,
    pulsing for the day the memory could replay into reality.
    The ballad serenades you tonight.


  • mystery_in_words 68w


  • landoflitdiaries 80w


    A world where reality seems oblivious. Drug addiction for bookoholics to escape the misery of life.

  • james_taumas 82w

    Sleep in

    Lazy sun peeking in
    Blinds impotent to prevent
    Curl deeper into bed
    Pull the blanket overhead
    Try to sink back
    Dreamland awaits
    Escape this reality
    Troubles whispers disturb
    Calling me back
    Dragging me through glass
    Screaming alarm clock.

  • zoya_charmz 84w


    Under the carpet of blue sky
    and the white fluffy clouds,
    I found my dream place.
    Gazing above and lying
    down on the flowery bed,
    my day-dreaming begins.
    The beauty of the nature
    fulfilling my solitude.
    I am up the stairways of
    passionate imagination.
    Now, lost into the dreamland.
    Can I walk through it?
    Can I feel the charm?
    Can I catch the dreams?
    Can I really conquer it?
    Oh it's actually a pure
    fantasy World!


    #dreamland #bluesky #dreamplace ##daydreaming #solitude #imagination #passion #fancy #fantasy #fantasyworld #passionatedreams #fluffyclouds

    Image credit - Yomagick

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    Lost into the dreamland.


  • biswajitdev 87w

    // Wanna Dance on the edge of dreamland //

    Dear Travellers of Universe
    Drop a ❤️ if you feel beauty in verse .
    Waiting for your valuable suggestions .
    ** Hand in hand
    On the edge of dreamland
    Graceful gaze at each other
    To the tune of heartbeat, feet surrender
    Caressing bruises, Souls sway pleasantly
    On a moonlit night they etch ecstasy .

    For Love is a dance,
    An epitome of expressing Romance .

    //Wanna dance on the edge of dreamland // **

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Gaze - Look fixedly, Bruises - Injury, Sway - Move slowly or rhythmically to and fro or from side to side, Moonlit - Lighted by Moon, Etch - Imprint, Ecstasy - Extreme happiness or Joy, Epitome - Symbolisation or Representation *

    @writerstolli @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersbay

    #Love_Is_A_Dance #Love #Dance #Dreamland #Graceful #Gaze #Tune #Heartbeat #Heart #Soul #Moon #Moonlight #Night #Romance #writerstolli #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #readwriteunite #holdhandc #writersbay

    Picture credit to the rightful owner
    -- Wallpaper cave --

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    Hand in hand
    On the edge of dreamland
    Graceful gaze at each other
    To the tune of heartbeat, feet surrender
    Caressing bruises, Souls sway pleasantly
    On a moonlit night they etch ecstasy .

    For Love is a dance, ©biswajitdev
    An epitome of expressing Romance . 23.05.2020

    // Wanna dance on the edge of dreamland //

  • when_soul_writes 90w

    Take me to the fairy world,
    To that locus under the sparkling stars.
    Where I can dance with the faries
    And snuggle under the blue sky.
    There I can slither above the clouds,
    While being caressed by the moon.
    Let me break free
    And fly away this mundane world!


  • thewritepaper 92w

    I know you're so flirty
    Having a mind which is dirty
    I have never seen you
    Like an air you always flew

    For me you are intangible
    And I'm frangible
    You broke this heart
    Now you act like so smart

    Your tantalise brown eyes
    Touched my thick thighs
    In this phantom world
    We all the time merged
    In my hallucinations

    I always desired to be yours
    As your smile adors
    Wanna move clasping hands
    But this is all a Dreamland
    In my vision of heartland


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  • jadavchetry_ 93w

    The Dreamland

    An age of sensational era begins,
    with a dream of creative meanings,
    pondering over a bunch of wonderful ideas,
    leaving behind the rage of illusionistic fears,
    craving to touch the fearful areas.

    The journey begins towards the dazzling side,
    attaining a powerful peace of mind,
    the haunted path looks crystal clear,
    emerging great bravery to abandon the fear,
    stepping towards the path of endless pleasure.

    A sturdy desire is raised to help the humanity,
    through the action of selfless contribution,
    hailing from the hoard of pure conscience,
    as the wish to get fully satisfied,
    resulting in happiness and bliss everywhere arise.
    © Jadav

  • dil_k_ahsaas 103w

    ख्वाब आंखों में अंगड़ाइयां लेने लगे हैं
    दिल पर मोहब्बत की दस्तक शायद कोई दे रहा हैं
    पलकों से निकल कोई हकीकत बने की कोशिश में लगा हैं
    ये सपना हैं यां मुझे ही कोई धोखा होने लगा हैं।

    दिल के एहसास। रेखा खन्ना

  • rinasekhon 115w

    My Dream World

    It was an empty void
    Concealing the untold
    Stretching beyond the power of darkness
    Aggrandize beyond limitations

    I came with a paint less brush
    Paint in a rush
    With my pure passion
    Combined with tons of ideas
    The scorching sun blazed above me
    The wild lilies bloom beautifully in the dark rainforest
    Swiftly yet silently
    Out of the empty space
    For every stroke I made
    Gliding with pureness from my heart of empathy
    For every drop of sweat
    Life appeared to be interesting for an unknown reason
    All of the sudden,
    MY euphoria dissolved in the salted water
    I was brought back to reality with the punch of realization.

  • the_aura_of_words 115w

    You become a good writer by reading love stories.

    But you become a great writer by living in one...