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  • jebinjohnyalexander 7w


    Many dream to get rich and earn more!

    Most of them start off but weren't consistent!

    A number of people withdraw if they dont find results immediately!

    But a very few start working on their dreams as a continuous process!

    Remember life is not like a T20!

    It's like a Test match! Grinding hard to achieve the dreams! Striving enough when many fail!

    Keep hustling till you achieve!

    Keep your head high even when u face defeat!


  • wind_chime7 10w

    So, hold on to your dreams,
    They are the wings...
    to your desolate thoughts
    They are some of your
    treasured memories or daydreams
    Waiting to be woven in poetries and stories !!

    - Archana

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  • jophin 15w

    A pocket full of dreams

    With a pocket, full of dreams
    I began, a journey to get it fulfilled,
    though my love for everything stayed,
    I sometimes stumbled on reality,
    yet at each fall,
    I stood strong, being emotional,
    giving upon few things, half-heartedly,
    though my expectations faced all odds,
    I went on, with a pocket full of dreams

    By Jophin Kulangara
    11 July 2021

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    A pocket full of dreams


    With a pocket, full of dreams
    I began, a journey to get it fulfilled,
    though my love for everything stayed,
    I sometimes stumbled on reality,
    yet at each fall,
    I stood strong, being emotional,
    giving upon few things, half-heartedly,
    though my expectations faced all odds,
    I went on, with a pocket full of dreams

    By Jophin Kulangara
    11 July 2021

  • _sonakshiwrites 15w

    Following my dreams ,
    In my worst days ,
    Losing my hope,
    Going without friends,
    Going crazy ,
    Stress levels high ,
    Future I have ,
    Built in my dreamy eyes ,
    Parent's dreams ,
    My own dreams ,
    People's hope ,
    Is a cluster of thoughts,
    Filled in my mind.

    @writernetwork @miraquill #dreams #reality #hopes #mirakeeworld #writers #poets #life #dreamers #writersoftheday #wod #qod #selfcare

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    Dreams are seen by everyone but only a few comes true .

  • hopelessly 15w


    I will always remember that night on the beach
    Stumbling hand in hand like children
    Laughing and telling secrets that no one else knew
    The hum of the truck under us as we closed our eyes
    And drifted off to a place that is more than this reality
    There are no words to describe what I feel for you
    And if there were they will never be spoken to another soul
    For my feelings are of both of our creation
    But they will be my greatest sin

  • maevee 16w

    Sone ka Pinjra

    Waqt ne par to diye, magar zindagi ne udne na diya.
    Kismat mein ucha khula aasman toh diya, magar inn bediyon ne unhe chuh ne na diya.

    Bachpan se h udaan bharne k baatein hoti rahi, wo khula asman dikha dhyeya tay hota raha.
    Lakshay ko dikha koi seema na rakhi par udane k waqt bandishon mein bandh diya.
    Iss waqt ne par toh diye par udane na diya.

    Jakad k band diya un h bediyon se, chabi humein h sop keh diya hum h se k jab mann karey, jab mausam sahi lagey, jab koi na dekhe aur bas waqt sahi ho.

    Bas tab tum bina sochey inn bediyon ko khol udan bhar lena.
    Waqt se par toh aa gaye par inn bediyon se kabhi chutkara na mila.

    Aa gaye humarey rakhwaley, humarey h angan mein chaukidari karne waley.
    Uche aasman k sapne dikha, udaan kaise bharne ye sikha, unn h bediyon mein jakde hue, humein ek sone k pinjre mein kaid kiye hue.

    Waqt k tahe par toh diye par humein udane na diya.
    Haye ye sone k pinjra.

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    Sone ka Pinjra


  • akhiwriteups 17w

    You will earn what you give, so give only positivity so that u can get it back so quickly!


  • prekshita_tanwar 18w

    All dreamers

    All dreamers with visions articulated,
    With intricacies, their woven creativity,
    The joys and wonders, its simplicity, reticulated,
    Intuitive detailing, the detached sensitivity.

    A sequential net of abstract beauty,
    The charm of its methodical irrationality
    Displaying its surrealistic complexity,
    The thin line of perceptual reality.

    All dreamers filled with optimism,
    The hidden charm so enigmatic
    With every notion, there is Scepticism,
    The ideational world, strangely charismatic.

    Architects of creativity, they are
    Visionary creators of the best kind
    Separating from worlds, they are
    Yet joining the people, of all kind.

  • akhiwriteups 20w

    No One can satisfy you like you!


  • berries_54 20w


    Many people know what they want to be in life others...not so much

    There are those, fresh out the womb, that want to be doctors. They grew up and there they are... MD's ...PHD.
    What about me?
    What do I want to be?

    Some draw it out in crayon, on paper
    They dream, play dress up and have fun
    Ten years later, when all that's done
    They realize that, "That's no fun"

    Switched lanes and an aspiration later
    They've found the perfect career for themselves
    They made up their minds...twice
    I've never even done it once yet

    Then there is "the rest"
    Those that never "fit in"
    Never got it right
    "This is it! The career for me."
    Those words sound like a distant dream
    "That's not a job, it's a hobby"
    "You'll never make it"

    These dreamers
    They always fascinate me
    They have so much untapped potential
    Their passion runs endlessly

    Society tries to fit it all into one thing;
    But this certainly cannot be contained
    "Hobbies get you no where"
    "Get your head out the clouds"
    Society's favorite suppressors
    To keep you down

    Remember, while they are still shooting
    You're already there
    Those clouds you 'dream' in
    It's there they are aiming

    Told to come out, yet
    "Shoot for the stars"
    Why shoot for what you already are?

    Look around
    These 'dreamers' of yesterday
    They made the very things
    Society fights over today

    The fast cars,
    Latest model,
    Hottest brands
    They'll pay to get a piece
    of your Wonderland
    It'll be your time

    Rome was not
    built in a day
    Don't rush
    You'll figure it out
    I'll wait

    Your dreams are gonna change the world

  • maevee 20w

    Empirical Dreamer

    I'm 25 something and I am not someone who has imagined that there's going to be a guy on a white horse who'll come to my rescue and I'll fall in love with my prince charming, I'm neither against love, I'm somewhere in the middle of no where.
    But honestly I've not found love yet, did i try to look for it? Eh! Not really! But whenever I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt I found something that we can call opposite to love.
    Have I been in love? Yes! broke my heart and I think I've given love a cold shoulder since (If anyone can do that, yes, that's me)

    So, eventually I met this 28 something guy, he is smart, handsome and such a gentleman in today's era, very traditional not exploratory though. He is full of love, such a romantic like he's pumped with all the good bollywood kinda love. I would say he's had his share of hurt but he chooses to believe in love anyway. Above all what I think I admire the most is he puts himself out there in search for love again, he loves, he cares, a little afraid of giving it in, too soon, of being hurt, still attached to his past but believes it that it'll be all worth it for that one true soulmate of his who he'll find inevitably.

    And one fine night I send him a quote like usual, which is:
    we're never so defenseless against suffering as when we love - Segmund Freud
    to which he usually shares his insights but not on this day, this day he asks me in return : What is love?

    Such a simple, innocent question and here I am, I just kept looking at the question for minutes altogether, faltering for words. What am I supposed to say to this guy who is the one who believes in love? To this romatic idiot?
    I'm this practical thinker who hasn't known love all my life so what could I possibly say?

    So I find myself telling him, umm more like asking him : Isn't love like air?
    You can't see it, you don't know how it is though it's there and you can feel it.

    It's there in that moment when on a cold winter night the kid asks for an ice cream by making this cute, innocent face. You know the answer is no and that's what your insides are shouting out loud but your mouth ends up saying yes.

    It's the moment when you've the most delicious chocolate cake in the house and your mother takes the smallest piece so that you can have more on your plate.

    You're all pink and red on the face because your sister took your newly bought hoodie but you let it slide away when you see her happy, glowing, gloating face.

    You're pissed at your best friend since the one thing you asked to be kept a secret is known to the entire school by that weekend but a few glaring looks their way and eventually you hug it out.

    You know your mother can't remember everything but she still wants you to tell her all the details which she doesn't remember and you keep repeating the same thing to her anyway.

    And I tell him love is like air..
    it's there in the moment when a flared skirt goes all the way up only to reveal the lovely black thong in the inside.
    So you and I wouldn't know how is love, what is love, you can't see love but at the end of the day there is so much love and you'll always be happy to have some love coming your way.

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    Empirical Dreamer


  • ambivertquki 22w

    It all goes in the mind. The reflection of the past, dreams, illusions, thoughts, perspective, aspects, transition, decisions, planning, regrets, memories, anxiety and sometimes traumatic incidences into darkness and what not. It all needs the humbleness and peace to be calm to get rid of it to stay away through its other mental health problems that gives nothing back and destroy the intrinsic peace. The continuation of positivity fills the moment of life differently where a human doesn't feel sick of each other anymore. As it all happens due to inhuman aspects when they gets rude or annoyed unnecessarily over the tiny aspects or neither gives value to the big loss, it makes different phenomenon in the end.

    A mourning can be cured because they express their pain easily through their expressions, or words to share their belongings to whom they trust the most, but what about the melancholic person who keeps many things from the past subconsciously or unconsciously towards any motto. The melancholic person tries to be intrinsic the most usually, and try to resolve things of his own to avoid those words that they didn't expect from others who gets them drown in the favor of need or by humiliation. A misery of mourning person can be resolved because he's being encouraged from the people to whom they trust the most but melancholic person who tried once to open the scars and got no recognition and her wounds looks more ugly in return, that wounds no longer consider as external but internally. Internal damage gets more panic attack and gets the distance from others in order to resolve their own mystery. Through what a journey, some gets healed or some becomes more vulnerable. Some makes their boundaries and priorities. While, some keep avoiding others for the sake of mental health.

    In between that journey, a vibe exist from somewhere and makes deep connection of sense among the similar pattern of thoughts among people with the spiritual connectivity of their soul and they get screwed like they had met before but in real they thought they don't. A real vibe of connection through heart saves each other and compensate with each other and works with empathy together.

    PC to its owner

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  • devikatrips 22w

    Tha Ek Mela

    Tha ek mela shahar mein, ab jo marne ke liye likhta tha, uske nazm sunaiye mein ek ladki ko jisko mein pasand karta tha

    Phir humne khai kucch channe jo lipte hue the ek akhbar ki pudiye mein, jisme shabd likhe hue the uske jo jeene ke liye likhta tha

  • _nii_shaa 23w

    We are the dreamers .

  • 7peace 24w


    see the World of illusion
    and when they come out of it.
    Then the actual world seems to be


  • adityatayade 25w

    Dreams of Living

    Never let your dreamer die in you..
    As dreaming is always true living...
    One day u might wonder are u dreaming the living or just living inside the dreams...


  • xamber52 30w

    Selfless heart..

    Being pulled by your pity and my selfless heart.
    Dragged into your silliness, and lingering apart.
    Where do I go when you decide you don't love me anymore.
    Because you know that drifters need dreamers, something we all went through before.
    I know that I will face this challenge alone.
    Because drifters, are not to be owned.

  • sobia_hussainn 34w

    Sometimes, we keep asking questions while knowing the answers. Maybe it's because we don't want those answers.
    Maybe heart wants to hear something other than reality.
    Do we really want to change things that we don't agree with? If so, can we really change them?
    Some of them, yes..
    But some, not in a life time i guess,
    Then why all this unrest? Why are we constantly running? And where to?

    I guess I know the answers!


  • poetic_hulk 35w

    Last night,
    My dream came true,

    The one I longed for so long,
    Just to live it once,
    For the emotions,
    It would bring along.

    It was truly profound,
    Above all I had ever imagined,
    Unparralleled, unmatched,
    To all I had ever experienced.

    Oh yes,
    Last night,
    My dream came true,
    Even if only in my dream.