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  • aj1993 6w


    The graveyard asked your forefathers were leaving a life to its fullest, being really alive in life, they used embrace death only at the end of there life and at last they used to visit me.

    But today most of you all have built your own graveyards inside yourself, forgetting to be really alive in life and without embracing death at the end you keep dying daily and visit me.

  • abmaria 6w


    Fly free like a bird and forget all the bad dreams following you
    Also, Fly high and achieve the heights you desire...


  • __my__random__thoughts__ 6w

    His 11:11 wish change into reality from the day
    She started talking with him after 11:11

  • sha_bd12 6w

    सुनो चलो आज फिर वही पुराने पन्ने पलटते हैं।
    पता चला तुम भुल गए वो दास्ताँ
    एक बार तुम्हारी यादें ताजा करते हैं

  • thepinklady 7w


    The society encourages you to dream, “Dream Big” they say.

    They made me dream too, and eventually I fell in love with my marvellous dreams. From dusk to dawn, I dreamt of how I could turn them into reality and then in the tranquil nights I would live those dreams in my beauty sleep.

    I devoted years nourishing them, each passing day felt like I was closer to them.
    The society never told that they also wanted me to stop dreaming at some point. I never knew when to stop.

    Bummer isn’t it ?

    If I would have know I wouldn’t have come so far. So close, I am so close and they say its just a dream, and that reality has nothing to do with it !

  • aj1993 7w

    Day & Night

    Many are leaving like this where entire day we will be alright, we will laugh, we will spend time with friends colleagues, we will be busy doing work every thing will be just normal but as the day ends.

    When we go to bed removing our mask which we will be wearing entire day and behind that mask our original face appears where eyes filled with tears, heart filled with heaviness and pain, brain with lot of questions what we are doing? What was our dream? Why we didn't achieve our dream? What is the purpose of this life ? With many more swirl of questions for which we don't have answers we go into deep darkness night .

  • _anusree 7w

    It’s raining outside, and the wind was blowing out the windows.It was feeling unusually cold and awoken, like if someone had spoken to me from outside.when I came out, I actually realised I was in a different city. I went outside,unsure of what to do.Along the way, I noticed old bookstores and teashops,but no places of worship or beauty salons.
    That town was beginning to show signs of ageing.
    I discovered that one face among the strangers out on the highway,buying lovely sunflowers.She was vanished by the time I ran over to her.There were only those flowers and a message placed on it, “I’m not sure how you got here! don’t squander your effort just seeking those you know …”


  • oceanbreeze 7w

    I once dreamed a dream
    That no one else could;

    Where I had become a free spirit,
    Running like horses through fields,
    Swimming like dolphins in oceans,
    And soaring like birds in the sky.

    Without gravity to pull me down,
    I raced throughout space.
    I found peace in the freedom I had,
    And I danced on the wind.
    Without resting,
    I took advantage of all the things I acquired.

    Once I did all the things to do,
    I started fading.
    Like a flower on the hill,
    I began to wilt until I was no more.

    What did this dream mean?

    #dream #fantasy

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    Dream Entry - 04

    With my final moments
    I danced like the wind,
    Then I passed as swiftly as I came,
    But I was happy
    In the moments I was dancing.

  • nocturnal_enigma 7w

    * 1.9.2021; 7.50 P.M

    * For my #crush �� #AHBA ~

    # Smile #Dream

    Ya = #You

    #Japanese ~

    #Kawaii = #Cute
    #Kyaaa = An #onomatopoeia refering to a scream. Popularised in Manga and Anime, it is often associated with fangirls who are notorious for high pitched screams that cause permanent ear canal damage to everyone. - Urban Dictionary


    #Korean ~

    #Mwoya = What
    #Omo = Oh no/Oh my gosh
    #Chagiya = #Honey

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    "Chagiya!" ~

    You smiled in my dream. Kawaii. Kyaaa!
    I cannot wait to finally really meet ya!
    We were shy with each other, yeah!
    Our eyes met. Stare. Blush. Mwoya?!
    Omo! I want to call you "Chagiya!"

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • hovah_ 7w

    At night our minds are unburdened
    Of worry and concern
    For this reason we sleep
    And may dream sweetly
    Were we to dream terribly
    Our freedom is no less diminished
    We are grateful for the night
    The times we get to close our eyes

  • i_shukriya 7w

    Here to clinch the dream
    which is now off the beaten track
    but once get hither, I glance it sweet
    till 'm only a population
    but one's I lead.....


  • poetic_hulk 7w


    Dreaming about you whole night I can't sleep,
    Is it simply casual flirting or something deep?
    Should I take a chance and jump of the cliff?
    Or keep wondering what if and send a funny gif?


  • kkk786 7w

    क्यूँ करू ख्वाहिश तुम्हे पाने की,
    सुकून तो तुम्हारी याद में भी है।
    सोचता हूँ तुलना करू तुम्हारी चाँद से,
    लेकिन रुको, दाग तो चाँद में भी हैं॥

  • dheemi_kavita 7w

    मैंने मुद्दतों से चाहा है मैं शाम को सुबह होते देखूं 
    मैंने मुझसे चाहा है मैं परिंदों से ऊंचा उड़ता देखूं 

    मैंने जो नही चाहा वो शायद मोहब्बत है तुम्हारी
    मैंने तुमसे चाहा है मैं खुद को खुद का होते देखूं


  • a_cuppa_coffee_maybe 7w

    To the wish that always and forever sticks in the head
    #wish #dream

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    Wish to Watch

    Someday I wish to watch you just patiently
    And not to think about any starting or endings
    Or any plausible what ifs
    Someday I wish to watch you just patiently
    And to sketch you down to keep you safe
    Or to mark on you onto my maps
    Someday I wish to watch you patiently
    And to stop my time just as is
    Or let you hold on for a bit more


  • writergirl_inks 8w


    My feet are soar
    my hands tired
    my soul weary
    fighting demonic monsters
    with every ounce of energy
    as a knife my mind turns
    from compassion to evil
    to slay all in my path
    not recognizing faces in dark
    every voice an enemy
    every touch a torture
    every face a sour memory
    alone I thread darkness
    looking for light
    hoping I will survive
    this dangerous plight


  • miraybooks 8w

    You turn on your laptop to keep working on your novel, but to your suprise, when you opened the file, it is writing itself.
    You read what has already been written and it seems like your characters have developed freewill, and the plot is progressing without you.

    The dream of every fictional writer.

  • the_inked_script 8w

    A blissful smile from my rosy cheeks, as I look at the snow.
    I jump on the white bed, soft yet, mushy and rolls around it.
    I open eyes, to seek who whispered. Oh! It was a dream.

  • parkmiso 8w


    She thought she was
    Living her dream...

    Little did she know,

    He was about to turn it
    Into a nightmare.


  • priyanshi_28 8w

    #dream #mydreamworld #mydream #heaven #heavensbay #joy #thought #purehearts #pure

    When the lights were all off
    And the stars were all bright
    When every door was shut
    And no one was on sight
    I left my couch, over which I lay
    I left my place of stay.

    I ought to leave the comfort zone
    Just to accomplish
    What the night has shown
    To me, it bestowed the highest privilege
    To me, it had shown me my dream,
    To achieve what I pledged.

    Now when the world has dozed off into theirs
    I toil to make mine with glittering flairs.
    With what I have and what God gave me
    My dream was not only in my sleep.

    Not to touch the moon,
    Nor to fly in sky
    Not money , not fame,
    My dream had nothing to do with same
    All I want is a drift in the world
    To bring smiles and blushes on every face
    To wash of every filthy and dirty place
    To purify the heart of masses
    To make one believe
    that love still ancompasses
    Because we deserve to live this way
    To make the earth
    a place called "Heaven's Bay".
    Where you and me can laugh and rejoice
    Where there is joy in every voice.

    Let alone, I start upon this time
    Through my words, my thoughts put in a rhyme,
    Because this was not a mere dream of the night
    For it lingered even when the Sun brought light

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    My Dream