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    This is part-4 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ And don't forget to guess what's the plot gonna be like in the next part, in the comment section.✌️ Happy Reading!!❤️

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    The Short Story- Part 4

    I walk out of my room and progress to the basement with the noises continuing along with a soft banging at the basement door. These daunting noises make me think if there is someone in the basement and I rush to the garage to get a baseball bat along with a torchlight to defend myself. Just as I commence my return, the power goes off, so I continue walking towards the basement with the torchlight on.

    As I reach the basement entrance, I find that the door is wide open and the lock is shattered on the floor. I hold the baseball bat firmly and move slowly into the basement onto the steps. As soon as I step inside, I sense a rotting smell in the air which makes me nauseous. “Ahh..what died in here”, I say, as I cover my nose. I shine the torchlight across and check if there’s anyone in the room excluding me.

    Walking slowly, with my hands held onto the walls of the room, I explore further and that’s when the torchlight goes off. “Aha!! What a perfect time for this bloody light to malfunction”, I exclaim in a sarcastic tone. After a couple of tries, the light finally comes back on and as I shine it on the wall infront, I see a sight that will haunt me for the rest of my life....


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    This is part-3 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ And also feel free to take a guess in the comments on how the next part's going to go.❤️

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    The Short Story- Part 3

    ..Until one day as I am laying comfortably on my porch swing having my espresso, I get a call from my colleague regarding her visit to my new house. I am excited to meet her as it’s been a long time since I met anyone from my workplace. The following day, Lexi, my colleague, visits, and we celebrate our reunion with some drinks and we have a great time sharing our thoughts.

    ‘Time flies by, talking to you David.’ Lexi says, taking a glance at her watch. ‘Well, it’s always a pleasure to have a couple of drinks with you, Lexi.’ I say, gazing at her brown tensed eyes. I can easily figure out from the look of her eyes that she has been tensed for quite a while but I don’t want to enquire her and make her uncomfortable.

    ‘Well, the pleasure’s mine David. Thank you for this day, I should get going now’ Lexi says as she starts to pack her handbag. I drop her off at the bus stop at the corner of the street and return, realizing that I need to rest for a while. So, I go straight to my bedroom and take a five-hour nap.

    I wake up at 10 in the night and have a bunch of biscuits for dinner before I sleep again. Exactly at 2 in the morning, I wake up from the weird eerie noises coming from the basement, which is locked up, by the previous owner for some reason. I walk out of my room to the basement...


  • adarshnaini 1d


    World around me, a circus and me the clown,
    Never made sense to a brain that's sound.
    After all I am a dime a dozen,
    And you are the circus, privileged and crowned.
    Why, you are too humble,
    To think that I don't weigh you down.
    To stay and hang around,
    While I put up a show so good,
    For this circus full of clowns,
    And be called names and get bullied,
    While I make a few quarter pounds.
    A drowning frowning clown healing his wounds said,
    There ain't no rest for the wicked,
    What goes around does come around.


  • darkmoon696 2d

    My name is David and I am 48 years old. When I was 14, my father died of cancer, and three days past that, my mother died too, due to depression. Since then, I have been living with my uncle, George, and aunt, Emma. I have lived most of my life in company with various chemical elements and chemical reactions.

    People say that ‘Love is a chemical reaction between two people’, but, in my case, despite working with numerous chemical reactions, I find myself incapable of having the so-called ‘chemical reaction’ with anyone. After a ton of struggle, I managed to find a woman for myself, at the age of 22. Natalie, who has been very supportive of my work, is a kind-hearted person. At the age of 25, we have ourselves a cute girl, April, who is outstanding in her studies.

    Past my retirement, I had done nothing except working on my research regarding an element that had been found recently. As days passed, it started to be a bit difficult for me to cope with this new kind of life. So, I discussed this with Natalie and we decided to move to a new house, hoping a change in my environment can help me.

    Hence, I contact a broker, Brandon, to help me find a house suitable for me. By the end of the month, after a rigorous search by me and Brandon, we finally find a house, in line with my family’s requirements. It took us two months to move into the new house and I like the fact that the house is located in the woods and far away from the annoying city noises. Everything is going good until....

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    A Short Story- Part 2

    This is part-2 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️


  • darkmoon696 2d

    In the coming few days, I'll be posting one of my short stories, that I have also published on Amazon Kindle, in various segments. This is Part-1 and I hope you'll stay in touch with the piece as we go through the gripping and evocative challenges that the characters experience.
    And yeah, don't forget to comment below any kind of suggestions to the story as we go and I'll surely consider them and make the appropriate changes in the story.✌️
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    #shortstory #part1 #horror #fiction #drama #action #thriller #love #death #heartfelt

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    A Short Story- Part 1

    ‘Good Morning Students’, I said as I walk into the class with a brown leather suitcase held in my hand. After having an incredible brainstorming session for about an hour, I finally give the students a break. I, then, walk back to my cabin and start packing my bags. As I am doing so, my colleagues surprise me with a cake and congratulate me. The celebration lasted for two hours, after which, I drive home in my Chevrolet Cruze. And that is how I celebrated my last day at the college as a chemistry professor.

    For the first time in my life, I have plenty of time and I don't have anything planned. I knew retirement would be monotonous but for the first few days, everything started seeming like a temporary change in my life and I thought to myself that I will eventually start teaching again. I felt that way since I am afraid to accept the reality, that is, my retirement.


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    #emotional #detachment is sometimes needed to protect ourselves from unnecessary #drama and #anxiety

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    Wanna shut everything down
    I don't know what I feel
    But I just wanna disappear


  • porcupine 3w

    The sky at dusk

    Deep black within the bushes
    Thick clouds cover the sky
    A thin beam of light shines through
    Nature is a lovely drama at night

  • kasminastro 3w


    It's so funny when some people can't take the same jokes they tease others with.

  • betibetss 5w

    Yey! It's #BadPoetryDay today! Haha. We can write anything we want to! This piece is inspired from the political circus & drama here in the #Philippines regarding the poor pandemic response. Authorities are currently having a blaming party.

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    Wala nang hihigit pa;
    bagsik nitong palasak
    Ang pagkawasak o warak;
    pagkayurak ba? Anumang uri ng sira pa–
    Salitang binitawang gulagulanit pa.
    Aasa sa pag-asang pagkakabuo sana;
    lalo't sa paggaling ng madla.
    Kinabukasan, paano na nga ba?


  • vijivg1708 7w


    Never Expect The Best
    Side Of Someone!!
    Because No One is
    Real Now a days !!
    All Drama's Has
    The "Conclusion"✌✌✌

  • ciara1 8w

    Dine In

    Hot summer day out in the Hoagy Shop.
    The foul mouthed cashier is waiting on the customers standing in line to order for a phily cheese steak, fries, and hamburgers.
    The restaurant is narrow.
    The cashier is very rude.
    "WHAT YA'LL WON'T? I DON'T GOT ALL DAY," the cashier asked rudely.
    "That is so unprofessional," an elderly woman said.
    "It is. Why do she gotta have an attitude an she fixin our food?" a woman behind the elder asked in suspicion.
    The restaurant got busier and busier.
    The foul mouthed cashier is waiting on the customers to order for a phily cheese steak, fries and hamburgers.
     ©All Rights Reserved

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    Dine In

  • lonesome_artist 8w

    [ Behind the scenes]
    Here I am again in a room,
    sad, wondering what would happen around
    Will the mind be at peace again tomorrow or will the heartbeat speed up again
    With every happening experience in my life
    I have things in mind that are degrading to my own character,
    in my being, being weak, being pure words without deeds,
    in my impatient personality hoping for pleasure that goes to nothing ... And

    After a year in college, I was still a loser
    in the lift, chose a course that was not as heavy as a lawyer,
    Yes I admit I was left behind in the academic field,
    I know I made this path to be happy but,

    That used to be something else on my mind now,
    I wish I had improved on the days I was still able to catch up
    But now, it has fulfilled my dreams to myself,
    But I never thought about the fate that would come in my future.

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    I never thought I gave life to a dramatic story


  • un_recognized 10w

    Life without drama is monotonous


  • ions0206 10w


    One thing which still bother me
    Very much why we didn't
    End up together there was
    Love between us and every
    Thing was also awesome
    But still we broke up somehow
    Without any proper discussion..

  • ayisha2011 12w


    They were miles apart,
    Nowadays they don't speak to each other cause of thier fights,
    He is in her thoughts,
    She is in his thoughts,
    They lost in thier thoughts,
    They were waiting for each other
    Who takes first move...
    But the sad truth is nobody is going to take a move...
    They were still miles apart...

  • jee_tu 13w

    When you know how much you have to offer,
    You dont chase!

    When you know how much you want from the other,
    You wag your invisible tail all the time!


  • shubham_20 17w

    Bollywood serials itne drama dekhate hai ki real life log wahi chahate hai


  • ovais43 17w

    Humanity couldn't be someone's concern if he or she is taking literature merely as a hobby.


  • sheikh_huzaifa 17w

    Na Kar Day Tu Kuch Kaam Aaisa
    Jis Say Tujhko Samjay Bechara Aaisa
    Na Hai Zidd Mere
    Na Hai Aash Tere
    Kyun Na Rahay Tu Mujh Say Kooso Durr
    Nahi Rehna! Nahi Sehna
    Ab Yahan Ki Dostiyu Ka Taqaza
    Dekh Liya Ab Humnai Dosti Ka Phal
    Na Karni Ab Dosti
    Nafrat See Honai Lagi Hai
    Ab Mitta B Daina Issay!
    Nahi Nibana Tumko Sath Mera
    Toh Zooor Nahi Hai
    Yahan Thay Kayi Tumse Pehlay
    Sath Dainay Walay...
    Pata Tha Humko Tum Ho Kooso Durr
    Kam Say Kam Tum Pass Nahi
    Par Sath Toh Thay Na
    Mere Pass Nahi Thay
    Par Mere Sath Toh Thay Na
    Par Sath Na Diya Tumnai
    Har Wo Kooshish Kiye Dosti Ko Bacha Nai Ki
    Har Bari Yahi Say Juki
    Ab Hogaya Bohat Emotional Drama
    Ab Na Rehna! Ab Na Sehna
    Aaise Dosti Mai!
    Intezaar Tha Tumharay Aanay Ka
    Nahi Aayai Toh Koyi Nahi
    Raho Khush Tum...........

  • unnibabu 18w

    Sadist drama queen

    Earth is such a drama queen
    With a heart made of rock
    Whenever I tried to hug her
    She eschewed me for long

    Now when am over her
    Chasing after the stars,
    She is trying to hold me back
    with pandemic and all

    © unni babu