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    Bollywood serials itne drama dekhate hai ki real life log wahi chahate hai


  • ovais43 3w

    Humanity couldn't be someone's concern if he or she is taking literature merely as a hobby.


  • sheikh_huzaifa 3w

    Na Kar Day Tu Kuch Kaam Aaisa
    Jis Say Tujhko Samjay Bechara Aaisa
    Na Hai Zidd Mere
    Na Hai Aash Tere
    Kyun Na Rahay Tu Mujh Say Kooso Durr
    Nahi Rehna! Nahi Sehna
    Ab Yahan Ki Dostiyu Ka Taqaza
    Dekh Liya Ab Humnai Dosti Ka Phal
    Na Karni Ab Dosti
    Nafrat See Honai Lagi Hai
    Ab Mitta B Daina Issay!
    Nahi Nibana Tumko Sath Mera
    Toh Zooor Nahi Hai
    Yahan Thay Kayi Tumse Pehlay
    Sath Dainay Walay...
    Pata Tha Humko Tum Ho Kooso Durr
    Kam Say Kam Tum Pass Nahi
    Par Sath Toh Thay Na
    Mere Pass Nahi Thay
    Par Mere Sath Toh Thay Na
    Par Sath Na Diya Tumnai
    Har Wo Kooshish Kiye Dosti Ko Bacha Nai Ki
    Har Bari Yahi Say Juki
    Ab Hogaya Bohat Emotional Drama
    Ab Na Rehna! Ab Na Sehna
    Aaise Dosti Mai!
    Intezaar Tha Tumharay Aanay Ka
    Nahi Aayai Toh Koyi Nahi
    Raho Khush Tum...........

  • unnibabu 4w

    Sadist drama queen

    Earth is such a drama queen
    With a heart made of rock
    Whenever I tried to hug her
    She eschewed me for long

    Now when am over her
    Chasing after the stars,
    She is trying to hold me back
    with pandemic and all

    © unni babu

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    It was a rainy night, Sam was already late and didn't want to miss his last train, so with swift steps and thumpy breaths he finally reached the station. The station was almost empty, it was small and of ancient style, very few trains arrived at this station, therefore, the crowd was always deserted here.
    The old-style wooden clock on the entrance wall showed the time of arrival of the train. (Ticket counter was closed and so was inquiry department too but Sam was carrying a return ticket with him so he decided to wait)
    Eager to confirm on his train, he entered inside the platform and saw just a handful of people,
    an old man sitting on a deck reading newspaper, 5 to 6 people sleeping on the platform. Two men indulge in speaking and one among them was having a very huge belly as if he was pregnant. (Sam laughed and moved further)
    Suddenly his attention went to a beautiful lady who was standing on the same platform where Sam's train was going to arrive. This beautiful lady was wearing a pure white dress as if she was running late to get married, she was so attractive.
    Sam folding his umbrella, rests himself sitting next to the old man who was reading a newspaper.
    'Hello gentlemen did I missed the last train?', Sam asked the old man.
    The old man didn't respond, it was like he was much centralized on reading his newspaper. (He was sitting like a statue, quiet and frozen).
    Meanwhile, Sam heard footsteps approaching towards the desk where Sam was sitting.
    As the footsteps approached nearer, sam inhaled in a very pleasant floral and musky fragrance, he looked aside, to his surprise, the same beautiful lady was sitting next to him.
    Sam was stunned by her attractiveness, her charisma, her smiling face, her personality It was like a fairy visited wearing a pure white dress. (At this ancient-style station no beautiful lady like her Sam has ever seen before)
    'Where are you going?', A beautiful lady asked sam.
    (Finally, someone said a word in this empty station, Sam felt)
    'I am going to my home, Sam replied. Eyeing at her glamour, he asked her, 'Did I missed the last train?'
    'No you haven't, and to your surprise, the train might not arrive until we both become friends', the lady giggled exhibiting as if she was making fun out of him.
    'What? Sam replied shockingly.
    (By the way what good thing can happen in a man's life when a friendship is offered by such a beautiful lady to whom he is attracted to).
    A beautiful lady smiled with charm and assured Sam saying,' Relax I am kidding, by the way, my name is Monica, what's your name?'.
    'My name is Sam', he replied and added 'it is too late here, also the station is almost empty, don't you fear to be out this late?
    With a fierce voice, Monica replied,' I am a lady from Fem-Land and lady of this land don't fear.'
    The answer was strange for Sam but he was so immersed in her talks that he didn't felt necessary to counter her.
    Gossips went on further and time passed by quickly.
    Sam looking at the clock and in wonder said to Monica, ' we almost talked for an hour, yet the train isn't here. (...something was coming to be momentous for Sam)
    'I already told you that train will not arrive until we both become friends', Monica said again.
    Sam was already into her talks and her beauty, so he immediately without any further delay accepted her friendship proposal and ensured her, 'yes we are friends now.'
    As soon as he accepted her proposal, a bright light filled up the entire platform, it was due to the train, all-white both interior and exterior, shining like gold and covered with lots of flowers and with a golden tag indicating train from 'Earth to Fem-Land'.
    A magical train we can say.
    For Sam, it was like never seen before moment. He went in a total state of surprise by discovering the gloriousness of the magical train.
    Monica grabbed his hand saying, 'Sam our train has arrived, come let's go'.
    As soon as they entered near the train, the door opened and an old lady came out by holding a placard displaying 'WE WELCOME YOU NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE ON YOUR JOURNEY TO THE FEM-LAND'.
    'what married couple? who married to whom?', Sam now in a state of panic asked the old lady.
    To his wonder, the old man who was sitting like a statue just next to him rolled his newspaper and suddenly started to run towards him as like he had taken any secret dose of glucose, the old man came closer and confided, 'Dear Sam for Fem-Landers, accepting friendship request by men is like consenting for an official marriage '. Females from Fem-Land come to the earth to choose men of their choice. Monica chose you and now she will take you to her house.
    'What are you saying and who the hell are you old man?' Sam spoke out in anger and chaos.
    I am the father of Monica, I have given her birth and carried her for 9 months with care & protection, soon you too will give birth to our granddaughter and this old lady who is holding a welcome placard is my wife.
    (On Fem-land it's a male who gets pregnant).
    Sam was now totally confused and in anger yelled 'What nonsense this is? Have you all gone mad, how can a man become pregnant?'
    Shortly in distress, sam tumbled down unconscious on the floor.
    (to be continued)

    P.S- Chapter two will soon be out.
    Hope you loved this story. Keep Supporting.
    Comment down your opinions.
    Thank you for giving your time and reading this story��
    #longstory #fantasy #sci-fi #adventurous #drama #mystery #thriller

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    Jab rishtedaar paise dete hai toh aap sabse bare actor/actress baan jaate ho


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    had to break up with her cause she started calling me with some cute pet name.
    Things we do to save their world.

  • devilfish 5w

    Turn The Mirror Around

    If my child needed protection
    In the forms of therapy
    Posted in reminders of her worth
    In her mirror

    Because you tried to make her feel as if she were inferior
    I'd wrap myself in petals and simmer
    in Eris

    Prepared for my discord
    That will burst through forgiveness
    And wrath's exterior
    Contort in your most fearful indifference

    You gave to me suffering and birthed her in a heart with vision
    Giving reason her sustenance vengeance
    Has fused with karma's temperament

  • ciara1 5w

    #drama #mystery

    Saturday afternoon around 3:00pm, detective Michael picked Timothy up from his home, and drove straight to Hilley's Ice Cream Shop.

    "Hey detective?" Timothy said, feeling happy.

    "How are you kid?" Michael asked.

    "I'm fine," Timothy said.

    "You ready for some ice cream?" Michael asked.

    "Yeah I am, thanks, " Timothy said.

    "Welcome, " Michael said.

    They soon arrived at Hilley's and went inside. The ice cream shop was

    an average size shop. It was almost the same size of a barbershop. It was also designed as a barbershop. The tile floors were in square sizes colored black and white. There were high seats and high tables that are the same color as the floor. Michael went up to the counter check out.

    "May I help you guys?" The man asked.

    "What kind of ice cream you like?" Michael asked Timothy.

    "Banana split, " Timothy said.

    "You are reading my mind kid. Uh let me have two banana splits please, " Michael said.

    "Two banana splits coming up, " the man said.

    They took their ice cream and strolled to the high table by the window.

    "Aye this is good, " Timothy said, shoving a mouthful of it down.

    "You enjoying it huh?" Michael asked, with a grin on his face.

    "So good, " Timothy said.

    "Yeah, so how have you been? You've been taking good care of yourself?" Michael asked.

    "Yeah I have, I've been…" getting interrupted by the buzz of Michael's cell.

    "Aw geez I have to take this, excuse me for a moment Tim, " Michael said, getting up from the chair and answers his cell.

    "Hey buddy what's up?" Michael asked.

    Timothy was observing his body language. He knew something was up. Michael soon hangs up the phone.

    "It looks like I have a lead on the disappearance after all, I have to go down to the office Tim, I'm sorry all of this couldn't go as it planned, " Michael said.

    "To me, it went as planned, I'm almost done anyway, but did y'all find them?" Timothy asked.

    "No we didn't, but we may have some leads that can help us find them, " Michael informed.

    "Okay," Timothy said.

    "Come on kid, let's get you home, " Michael said.

    "Okay, " Timothy said, leaping down from his seat, and throwing his trash in the recycle by the door.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 35

  • ciara1 5w

    #drama #mystery

    Timothy went home, and called Gregg.
    "What's up? What did that detective say? We ain't in trouble is we?" Gregg asked, feeling very agitated.
    "Naw man, it wasn't nothing like that, he just said he talked to Maron and D'Angelo's friends and said he believes all of us got nothing to do with it, " Timothy stated.
    "Man I'm glad too, I got so nervous man, " Gregg said.
    "It's cool man, we all covered, hey detective ask me out for some ice cream this weekend, he go pick me up and go to Hilley's, " Timothy said.
    "What? Really?" Gregg asked, getting excited.
    "Yeah man, " Timothy said.
    "Can the rest of us go?" Gregg asked.
    "It's just me only, " Timothy informed.
    "Man, that's being selfish for real, " Gregg said, getting angry.
    "How is that being selfish man?" Timothy asked.
    "It is, that cop just want to take you out for ice cream and not us, that's favoritism, " Gregg said.
    "I been knowing detective Michael since I was in that accident at that hospital when them dudes jumped me in that alley. That was the time he asked me out for some ice cream, but we haven't catched up on it, that's why he asked me out for some now, " Timothy said.
    "Yeah man, but still, we yo boys, we should come too, " Gregg said.
    "I will ask him next time, " Timothy said.
    "Okay, see you tomorrow, " Gregg said, getting off the line quickly.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 34

  • ciara1 5w

    #drama #mystery

    On Monday after school, detective Michael parked his car in front of the school. He was eager to talk to Timothy about Maron and D'Angelo's friends. As soon as the school had let out, detective Michael finally saw Timothy and his friends leaving out. Michael wanted to talk with Timothy only. He slowly scrolled down his window, and yelled out for Timothy.
    "HEY TIM? " Michael.
    Timothy looked up and signalled his hands letting him know he will come.
    "I wonder what he want?" Timothy asked his friends.
    "Maybe he knows about our set up, " Gregg asked.
    "Man, I hope not," Timothy said, sighing. "Okay, I talk to y'all letter man, let me see what he wants, " Timothy said, walking towards detective Michael's vehicle.
    "Hi Tim," Michael said.
    "Hey detective Michael, what brings you around here here again?" Timothy asked.
    "Hop in the car and I will tell you, " Michael said.
    "Okay, " Timothy said, opening the car door. "So did you talk to they friends?" Timothy asked.
    "Yes I have, they said they believe you and your friends have something to do with D'Angelo and Maron's disappearance, but I know deep in my gut that you Tim has nothing to do with this, " Michael said.
    "You right, me and my friends had nothing to do with Maron or D'Angelo's disappearance, I swear to God we didn't, " Timothy said.
    "I believe you Tim, I believe you. I just have to do some more leads around here, you know any other leads I can follow? Do you know anyone else who I can talk too?" Michael asked.
    "I don't know anybody at the moment, but if I do, I will let you know detective Michael, " Timothy said.
    "Thanks Tim, that's all I wanted to talk to you about, hey, what you say, we follow up on that ice cream this weekend?" Michael asked, generously.
    "Really? Yeah, I would wanna do that, thanks detective, " Timothy said, feeling happy.
    "Okay than, I will pick you up at your address and we can go get some ice cream at Hilley's, let's say at 3:00? " Michael asked.
    "Okay, thanks, " Timothy said, getting out of the car.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 33


  • marianotsaint 5w

    He Says

    "Babe you scare me sometimes"

    "Your mood changes like disco lights"

    "You are like the black widow spider"

  • heyoka_warrior 5w

    Breech Journey

    From God's breath of life in mum's womb,
    An embryo was formed, a peculiar;
    Head up, feet down, why didn't I turn?
    I was conceived, received in wonder.

    Did the thunder beings favor me?
    Did lightning strikes when I was born?
    I didn't choose nor did I plan this;
    Did God thinks it's best for me?

    Breech birth it was but not Caesarean
    For I did come out of mum's birth canal;
    Was I forced to do it or did I finally decide
    To face the world with strange eyes?

    Childhood years were not so pleasant
    With all its drama, pain, and lessons;
    An outcast in this exile, I bore
    The weight of my life's purpose.

    Darkness was fond of me, I adopted
    The void, the depths, the fire, the storms;
    My soul was battered, mind injured
    From fighting foes and my violent demons.

    Innocence torn like broken angel wings,
    My wounds they turned into wisdom;
    Obstacles bumped along the way, I fell;
    Thank God, my Messiah caught me.

    I came out fine, resilient, and able
    With carefree, happy-go-lucky nature;
    I withstood the serious blows and thrived;
    God upheld me in the power of His might.

    With all sobriety I focused on the race
    By the grace of my Lord and Savior;
    He shall finish in me until my last journey
    And I shall dwell in His Presence forever.


  • amproar 5w

    Why not me . . .

    Whenever oppurtunity comes it slips off my hands . ..
    No matter what is reality you still pretend . . .
    What is this strange game of luck . . .
    Where someone is always a lame duck. ..

  • ciara1 6w

    #drama #mystery

    The next day of school the police department showed up asking questions. Timothy and his friends were demanded to go to principal Robertson's office. Timothy walked inside first.
    "Timothy?" The policemen asked in shock.
    "Detective Michael?" Timothy asked, being shocked as well.
    "You two met?" Mr. Robertson asked in curiosity.
    "We sure did, when Tim was in the hospital several months ago from his accident I've saved him from, it looks like you are in good health now Tim, " Michael said.
    "Yeah I am, nice to see you again officer, " Timothy said.
    "Glad here. I still haven't forgotten that ice cream I promised, " Michael said grinning.
    "Haha, naw, me neither, " Timothy said laughing.
    "So why I brought you all in today is that we are taking Maron and D'Angelo's disappearance seriously since they have gone missing for six days now, and we are hearing rumors that you all have been making some threats to D'Angelo and Maron that you all will hurt him teasing Mark a few months ago, " Mr. Robertson informed.
    " We never said that, we never said that we were going after them, we just got mad and said we tired of them messing with us, " Gregg stated.
    "Now there are rumors and witnesses that you all have said those things, and I remember you all have gotten to a fight with them too, " Mr. Robertson said.
    "Let me have a word with them alone," Michael said.
    "Okay, " Mr. Robertson said, getting up from his chair and leaving out of the office.
    "Okay, now, Timothy what's going on?" Michael asked.
    Timothy informed detective Michael everything that happened from day one. He told him every single detail of how Maron and D'Angelo had teased Mark and them all everyday since their fight in front of the school. The only thing Timothy has left out was how they were planning to scare D'Angelo and Maron off by a street thug.
    "That's what happened," Timothy said.
    "Okay, I'm understanding the picture now, but do you know anyone who are linked to this?" Michael asked.
    "Please talk to his friends, they would know, " Timothy stated.
    "Okay I will definitely talk to them about this matter, " Michael said.
    "Are we in trouble detective Michael? Timothy asked.
    "No, you are not, so don't worry kids. Okay? So that is all for today, let me get your principal," Michael said, opening the door.
    "Okay, you all can go back to your classes, " Mr. Robertson informed.
    They all had left the office. "Man, I'm glad that's over. That detective Michael seems cool as hell Timothy, that's raw you know 5.0," Gregg said.
    "Yeah he cool, he ain't nothing like them other 5.0s out there, " Timothy said, walking back to their classes.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 32

  • ciara1 6w

    #drama #mystery

    The Next Day of school, everyone was still asking about Maron and D'Angelo. It has been five days since they went missing.
    After school, Gregg had waited up for Damen to give him his pay from scaring Maron and D'Angelo off. Damen pulled up in front of
    Gregg's house and Damen was standing on the porch watching him get out of his car.
    "What's up lil shorty, That's my pay?" Damen asked.
    "What's up man, and yeah. Aye man, you sure you haven't heard from Maron and D'Angelo? Cause the whole school is asking for em, they really desperate on finding them man, " Gregg said.
    "Yo man, I told you and yo boys yesterday that I haven't seen them catz again after I scared them off, " Damen said.
    "Okay man, I believe you, " Gregg said, reaching out his hands for a hand shake.
    "You believe me man? Ight, I don't even see why you and yo boys concern about them muthafuckas anyway, an y'all wanted us to scare em for y'all, " Damen said.
    "I know man, it's just the school is on our butts with this since we had beef with em, " Gregg said.
    "Be cool man, don't trip over them niggas shorty, ight?" Damen said.
    "Okay man, " Gregg said, as they both give each other a dab, and Damen leaves the porch.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 31

  • ciara1 6w

    #drama #mystery

    They all caught the bus home. "Where could Damen be?" Timothy asked.

    " somewhere, and I know he got D'Angelo and Maron. I have a gut feeling he does, " Gregg said.

    That night at 9:50pm, Gregg's phone ranged. He was sleeping and waking up reaching for the phone.
    "Hello?" Gregg answered.

    "Yeah you asked for me shortie?" Damen asked.

    "Hey Damen, where you been, we was looking all over for you, " Gregg said.

    "I took care of the job, " Damen said.

    "You didn't kill em Damen, did you?" Gregg asked, being worried.

    "Naw I did what you asked me to do, I scared him

    bad, and believe me, they won't fuck with y'all again.

    "Cool, I like that. Where are they?" Gregg asked?

    "What do you mean shorty?" Damen asked.

    "Me and my boys were under the impression you have em, " Gregg said.

    "We just scared shorties off couples days ago in the alley and gave in a few punches and left em where they was at, " Damen said.

    "Aw okay, just wondering man, well when you are going to pick up your money?" Gregg asked.

    "Tomorrow at 5:00," Damen said.

    "Okay well thanks man, " Gregg said, as they both hung up their lines.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 30

  • ciara1 6w

    #drama #mystery

    Gregg made a trip to get Damen's address information at his building site, and they all were on their way to look for him.
    "Where do he stay?" Timothy asked Gregg.
    "He stay on 95th N Pollasky Ave, " Gregg said.
    They all caught the bus to Damen's house, and 20 minutes later they arrived in his area.
    Damen's neighborhood was deep in the ghetto of low lives and crack dealers walking the streets having nothing better to do with their living. The four boys passed a group of young teenage thugs standing by a two-flat building. The young thugs were gawking at the four boys as they passed by them. The gang knew judging by the looks of Timothy and his friends that they did not belong in that environment.
    "Hey I'm glad my neighborhood ain't nothing like this man, " Timothy said.
    They all were near Damen's house, and as soon as they arrived at his place. They were all hesitant and agitated to ring the doorbell.
    Damen's house is an average old fashioned white looking house that looked similar to the homes in the film "Boyz N The Hood."
    "Who go ring first?" Gregg asked.
    "You go first, since you the only one who thought of this whole operation, " Timothy said, pushing Gregg towards the grey stairs. He walks up the stairs and rings the doorbell.
    "No answer, let me ring again, " Gregg said, pressing the bell. He then rings it two more times, and gets no answer.
    "Ain't getting nothing, " Gregg said, walking back down the stairs. While walking, someone answers aloud behind the door.
    "AYE WHO IS THAT?" Someone asked, sounding like a woman's voice.
    Gregg turns around and walks back up the stairs.
    "Yeah is Damen here?" Gregg asked.
    "DAMEN AIN'T HERE BABY, " the person said, while opening up the door. Standing was a overweight light-skinned woman wearing a white flower house dress and also wearing a purple scarf.
    "You know where he is?" Gregg asked.
    "No I don't, that boy always be in and out, I can't keep track of him, " the woman said.
    "Okay, can you let him know when he get in that four boys asked to speak to em, tell em to call me, he got my number, " Gregg said.
    "Okay baby, I will let him know, " the woman said, closing the door.
    They all went back home.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 29

  • ciara1 6w

    #drama #mystery

    After class, Timothy and his friends were spotted by their lockers by Maron and D'Angelo's friends. They saw the four boys conversing, and one of them ambled close to them in a rageful manner.
    "Aye what you do to our friends yo? Where they at? I know y'all lames got something to with it? How did y'all do it? We wanna know, " the boy asked them.
    "Do what?" Gregg asked.
    "Don't play dumb with us niggas, we know y'all the smartest niggas in the school, and I'm not surprised what y'all did to let my home boys go ghost on us, " the boy said.
    "We don't know what y'all talking about, but we don't got nothing to do with them being gone, we swear, " Gregg said.
    The boy and the crew gets more close to Gregg and the others.
    "If we find out y'all did something to our home boys, we coming for y'all niggas, y'all got that? I SAID DO Y'ALL GOT THAT?" The boy asked aggressively.
    "Yeah we hear you, " Gregg said.
    The crew begin walking away from them.
    "Hey man, we need to find out where Damen at right now, ain't no going home right now, " Timothy said.
    "I gotta get his address, it's back at the Gig's On The Street, " Gregg said.
    "Well let's hurry up and get it then, " Timothy.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 28

  • ciara1 6w

    #drama #mystery

    The next day in class, Mr. Robertson was asked to speak with Timothy and his friends. Timothy and his friends met in his office.
    "Have you all seen or heard from Maron and D'Angelo recently?" Mr. Robinson asked.
    "No, " Gregg said.
    "What about the rest of you?" Mr. Robinson asked.
    "No, " they all said.
    "The reason why I'm asking is because their parents phoned us yesterday, and informed me that they have not seen them in 4 days. Their friends have not heard from either. They have not heard from them both since Thursday morning, that's why I'm asking you all, " Mr. Robertson informed.
    "Naw we haven't heard from them either, " Gregg said.
    Mr. Robertson nodded his head. "Okay, that's it, you all can leave go back to your classes, " Mr. Robertson said.
    They all left his office and started talking out loud in the hallway. "Man, I wonder what's going on, I can't even believe they gone all this time, that's why we didn't see em yesturday," Timothy said.
    "I dialed Damen last night 4 or 5 times and I couldn't get an answer, so I'm thinking he did something to em, " Gregg informed.
    "Damn, we should find out where he stay at, " Timothy suggested.
    "I got his info, we should find out tomorrow right after school, " Gregg demanded.
    They all agreed and went straight back to their classes.

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    Mystery Boys Chapter 27