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  • inked_it 19w

    Dove ️

    I won't carry any Grudges
    I won't carry any Hate
    I won't carry any Sulkiness
    Carrying the DoveBird on my way
    A symbol of Love&Peace

    Let the Prejudice depart
    Let all be Happy&Great
    Just Carry DoveBird in your Heart!

  • _knox_ 35w

    Liitle Dove

    There was this girl, she was a wonder.
    She was the one ,
    whom I will always remember
    Let me tell you about her in brief
    Little curious, full of stories
    Innocent yet her mind full of mischief
    Implacable yet kind
    She always used to speak her mind.
    Talkative yet unapproachable.
    Sometimes her words was like some riddle.
    An open book yet a mystery
    Always has a smile on her lips
    But her eyes speaks her misery.
    Little dove , I used to call her.
    Her eyes was deep like an ocean
    Yet her courage was like fire
    There was this beautiful girl,
    she made me wonder.

  • angeljohn 42w

    Love-The Whitened Dove

    War, a tar blackens and
    immediately seizes public-peace
    for it cuts, numerous hearts
    into bits of pieces.

    War, a shower of blood that
    stains every individual's soul with cruelty
    and entirely discards human quality.
    Thereby, accept death as their objectivity.

    War, a widower having invitation
    for endless grief and happiness just brief,
    gained by memories alone, with a belief
    to meet your retired love, parallel to creator-chief.

    War, a mirror with prior cracks,
    reflecting clearly the heart-break alone
    and rock like anger in one's eyes sown;
    while the source of the pain deserves to moan.

    War, requires an editing.
    It, by itself should seize and present peace.
    Cruelty ain't the result but forgiveness should be.
    Grief should be compromised by infinite joy.
    Love alone is the medication to cure heartbreaks.
    So, lets fall in love.
    Because; love is the whitened dove

  • madinah_writes 45w

    Love felt like lust, until you gave me the kiss of dove at dusk.

  • porcupine 52w

    Morning dove

    Early one morning
    Sitting outside
    A bird landed on the railing

    Without him knowing
    Captured his picture
    And later I can write something

    A morning dove roaming
    Stopping right there
    But I won't do any provoking

    Where was he going?
    After his rest?
    I began wondering

    His break was ending
    Then he was gone
    Back to his home I'm presuming

  • warriorofthenight 54w

    She's always there, staring back at me
    She never blinks, always wondering
    Why I stopped loving,
    Why I started abusing
    Why the comfortable silence
    Turned to dutiful tolerance
    Why I started to criticize every little flaw
    Every waist inch, every untidy stitch
    Why I took beauty as a law.
    I tried to tell her we were naive then;
    That we were as shallow as the devil's amen
    We didn't know what love signified
    We found that out as we watched youth collide.
    And as much as I smile and laugh, I feel our hearts bleeding
    Emotions so in check but our shattered mind pleading
    I feel cheated, I feel moved
    I feel broken and glued.
    I am the girl who was abused,
    The one judged and used
    Yet I am the one who dawned this damage
    The one who created the baggage.
    I am the maker and the made,
    The reason my own smiles fade.
    I never had a chance to love myself
    Insecurities came before innocence left,
    And there was born the hate, allies bereft.
    I don't know who is fighting who,
    My soul I'll keep, my mind adieu
    I'm falling from the inside,
    Wishing my actions to be unified
    I take the assaults
    I'll break over the results
    I'll try to love every freckle and volition
    But just know you're not alone in this condition.

    #youyouselfandi #planstobe #fight #dove #mindandsoul #warrior

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    Heart, Soul, Body and Mind


  • thamez 73w

    @mirakee #dove #bird #heartbreak #love #symbolism #bleeding #heart

    There is something poetic about the bleeding heart
    This is a dove with red marks on its chest
    The kind of red that resemble the color of blood
    And its always on the chest
    Makes it look like it got shot
    Right where the heart should be
    But its not in pain though
    Thats just how it looks
    And this is a real bird

    They say doves
    They symbolizes peace and love
    But what about this dove
    Pain and heartaches?
    A symbol for the broken hearted
    But the bird isn't broken
    The bird itself is just fine in the inside
    What do you think?
    To me its just fascinating

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    The Bleeding Heart Dove


  • sundaysky 73w

    Glowing light

    The pale blue sky. A flow of energy through your body
    Once you have a hold on your life.
    Carrie out important times.
    Just a long and deep breathe in and away.
    Heal with a white hovering healing light.
    Nutrients of the day.
    Give a long breathe out exhale and stay.
    Look at the ceiling in the bed room.
    Focus then close your eyes.
    Count backwards from 100 and resume.
    All your negatives
    All your worries.
    All your troubles
    Let them flow away.
    Flow away and remove them from your heart.
    Now from the number one.
    Hear is your start.
    You are flowing like dove.
    You are truly amazing.
    All that you do is simply and positively worth it.
    And you will never give up.
    Your happy and healthy.
    your a stealth is a rise above.
    Good clean spirit awaits you
    With a glowing light of love.

  • psychologygirl 76w


    Do you heard about AYESHA from Ahmedabad?

    You must be, if not she committed suicide on 25th last month releasing a video as her husband tortured her brutally.

    is MENTAL TORTURE a big think?

    Okay we'll get into this later.

    Have to seen dove's new Ad

    Is there a Correlation between the two?

    Okay lets take one more example:
    Few days back one family came to my house for my rista.
    My father told me to apply BB Cream to look white and he said

    "Apan ko kisi bhi halat me apne aap ko pasand karvana hi hai iss bar. Aur unhone aap se pucha ki ap shadi ke bad padhyengi ya job krengi to apko "haan" nahi bolna hai, apko bolna hai jese apke ghar me hoga me vesa karungi"

    That uncle asked my father-
    Shadi me aap kitna karcha karengy?
    Or apni beti ko kya kya dengy?

    Ahh! Can you now see the correlation!

    Every girl has been told:

    "Bardast karna seekho"
    "Ladki ghar se dulhan banke jaati hai par vapis अर्थी mehi aati hai"
    Etc etc.....

    1) First correct this "BARDAST" meaning and set a limit.
    2) Dont push your daughter's into a Marriage where her worth is not weighted
    3) Accept "TALAAK" as an option. Do not think what others will say.
    4) take "Pre-Matrial counseling" to fill those missing gaps.
    5) Compromise and adjustments are part of every relationship but that's not a thing of only one partner.
    6) As a parent , Make your daughters Believe that you'll be there no matter what.

    As a girl what can you do?

    1) Observe thoroughly
    2)Talk straightforward
    3)check whether there's possibility of Compromise! If yes, is it from both the sides?
    4) Do not marry someone when you're heart is saying No.
    5) where DEMANDS are first, you first and last option should be always NO
    6)You can never be without an option remember that and allah is with you.

    **jiski jaha kismat hai,
    rista wahi hota hai.
    Talaaq ke bad bhi,
    Dubara nikaah hota hai**


  • harsh77 79w

    #love #fall #kiss #feel #relation #adorable #hug #miss #relate #ink #nature #travel #diary #dove #heart

    Bohot mushkil se sikha hai apne din ko raat karna kyu tum aasan samajte the isharo me baat karna

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  • shalu281096 100w

    Blue moon - you

    I look at the moon
    It reminds me of you,
    It was the month of June
    When I came to know about you.

    I don't know why
    But I took time to know you,
    And I won't lie
    You were one among the few.
    Whom I started to love
    And will keep on loving
    You were like a dove
    You were another king.
    The king who stole away our heart
    The dove that holds peace
    You were an art
    And you always will.

    You really did a good job
    There is no need to sob
    You are right now up there
    Looking at all of us
    Without any fear.

    I am sorry I couldn't be there for you
    When you needed someone
    I will try to be there and always will
    And I won't run.
    I still miss you everyday
    And I always will..

  • alxita 111w

    Note: Dove's Azure is connected to Story 4-E, or the epilogue of "When The Clouds Cry" Part 1.

    -- Dove's Azure --

    Out of the cages to the azures
    From fetters to ours so pure
    And to the chirrups we'll allure
    Beyond the soil we've endured
    To the rains where we'll inure
    Out of the ways are us impure
    While we're still lightly demure
    To the sunlight which is assured

    While a group flies by the west
    And to our souls that convalesce
    To our deities that're blessed
    Meticulous deeds effloresce
    Our pains may still evanesce
    But only a nickel will acquiesce
    The fact of freedom is a yes
    Finally we'll live to the fullest

    #poetry #equality #unity #freedom #better #dove #sky #scenery #life #azure #beauty #alxita_june_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Poem no. 131
    Jun. 30, 2020, 10:21 AM (GMT+8)

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    Dove's Azure

    "Our pains may still evanesce
    But only a nickel will acquiesce
    The fact of freedom is a yes
    Finally we'll live to the fullest"

  • tigress_writes 112w

    A diminutive dove flapped it's golden wings, gliding across the spacious sky. Furious beats of it's tiny wings, were all that was heard for a moment as it tried to soar higher, towards the sky.

    "Sky, why do you push me away?
    Share your grief with me, wouldn't it be easier that way?
    What can you hide from me, anyway? "
    It was a chucklesome sight. A tiny golden dove, who was like a speck on the colossal sky, argueing, relentlessly. Yet, all it got as a response was a rumble from the sky.
    So it flew down in feisty fury, perched on a branch and watched the sky from afar.
    She (the dove) had settled for it; she would observe the sky from afar, and always be there for it, when needed.

    She gazed at it, while it turned different hues, reflecting its emotions. She felt its outrage as she saw it turn crimson, over the injustice of the world. Yet, she pranced happily as it playfully turned a blushing pink, inviting the world to admire its sight.

    The golden dove was proud of her sky. The sky that still moved swiftly despite witnessing all the dark secrets of the world. She smiled at it; as it carried the imaginations of each child, shaped them into vivid clouds and wished them to fulfill their dreams. As soon as these children grew up, they gave up on their dream and the bleeding sky, once again dissipated those clouds to form new ones. While the golden dove grieved with the sky, she was also astonishingly pleased by it's strength.

    However, there came a time when the sky couldn't hold on any longer. It shrieked its pain in thunders and drenched the earth in its sorrows. Being the doting friend that the dove was, she fluttered her delicate wings, and flew towards the sky, facing the riotous rainstorms head on!
    The weeping sky finally, opened up its gates, to the miniscule friend, who had a gigantic heart.
    So every time you look at the sky and notice golden streaks woven across its pale blue expanse, know that its a tribute to its friend.
    Let it remind you of the golden dove. Let it remind you of the friendship that sprayed golden speckles on those blue days... Be that friend.
    ©Tigress_writes ��

    ¶20.6.20|9:00 am(GMT+5:30)

    ~Pic from Pinterest

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @cyan_rose @bluepuppy01 #pod #skyc #blue_abstract #June20_musings #clawsof_rawink #friendship #dove

    *** Find my other posts on friendship under #stripesof_friendship

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    What is the sky hiding?
    -A story on
    the tribute of friendship.

  • alxita 115w

    -- Uncivilized Him --

    Letting the bird out of the cage, just like him
    The perfervidness embracing his insides and brims
    The sunset says, our paths faithfully intertwine
    But telltale tunes of his, unknowingly sublimed

    Eolian chasms singing his unhappy synchronicity
    Was he deemed the devil or the marionette indeed?
    Did his transparent figures of love tainted his mind?
    Did he race a wave of thoughts for being formerly blind?

    Was he attaining to a different path without me?
    Did he just fool me with his cliché phrases blatantly?
    He intended for a different universe, without me
    Towards another, he went there with both his moieties

    Letting go of the dove flying high into the skies
    Letting go of a guy who've fooled me so high
    Setting him free for his new objectives bestowed
    Letting him as another page as I fervently go

    #poetry #love #heartbreak #fool #relationship #dove #cage #unfortunate #incident #chapter #life #lettinggo #sunset #mirakee #alxita_june_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 105
    Jun. 2, 2020, 10:26 AM (GMT+8)

    (Another attempt of me writing about a relationship ��)

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    Uncivilized Him

    "He intended for a different universe, without me
    Towards another, he went there with both his moieties"

  • ms_shayara 115w

    Presenting my another English poetry special!

    In her journey, the black and white cloud
    She wanted to scream..
    To scream out loud
    No one grasped her,
    There she felt all alone
    The footsteps to escorted her,
    By the time she has gone.

    Multiple times she looked around
    There was only her silhouette..
    The shadow on the ground
    She recall all the promises,
    The vows of forever love
    All she left with blemishes,
    Contrasting the symbol of dove.

    - Nancy Uppal



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  • faiza_wani 122w

    Amidst the sea of pretty faces,
    With a vampire grin and dove eyes,
    She stood out like a moon.
    And he was bound to fall prey
    To such a deadly art.


  • nocturnal_enigma 125w

    -ove; -oves ~

    Let's us 'fly', ️ high above;
    Just like a pair of doves. ️️

    Let's wander around; rove.
    See the shape of sea's cove.

    Let's dance; Show our moves!
    Have a 'Staring ️️ Contest'; Gove;

    Let's cook; Watch-out the fireon stove;
    If the food taste bad, it can be improve;

    Let's stay together and still in love❤️...
    with each other; Our story will be wove.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • red_wave_oceans 133w

    Fly away white dove, past the clouds,
    to a new place without any crowds,
    once you get there, safe and sound,
    you can be happy and I can be proud

  • yashvibansal 135w

    #sur_title_ch @thesparklingpoetry So thankful for this challenge and so sorry for the late submission!

    The tears.
    The pain.
    The cries.
    The silent screams.
    The waterfalls of broken constellations.

    The monsters, appearing from under her bed
    And creeping up into her head.
    Threatening to eat up her soul,
    Raw and whole.
    The waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Comments, painted by a thousand tongues,
    Deep and sharp, the words stung.
    She's fat, she's ugly, she's bad, she's mad
    She can't do anything
    She's a drooping flower,
    Faint and sad.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Yes there are stars
    And the Man in the Moon
    But sometimes they go away
    And leave her alone too.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    They rained upon her
    Scarring in their touch
    Threw herself upon the floor
    Begging them to leave
    But they didn't heed her pleas much.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Oh, yes, those monsters were adamant
    But so was she.
    Eating away at my mental peace?
    Try me!
    Echoed she
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Cried Rumor to Depression
    I can't help you any longer
    She's found what she needed
    And she's stronger!
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Ran Depression to Fear
    And cried, " Help me dear."
    My roots are being uprooted
    Her soul is rising!
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Said fear
    Can't help you dear
    She's found that dove
    Which helps her rise above
    She's found it at last,
    She's found self love!
    Waterfalls of beautiful constellations
    Waterfalls of beautiful constellations.

    17 JANUARY 2020

    #waterfalls #dove #constellations #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #dear #fear #roots #rumour #rumor #depression #mending #brokenbutbeautiful

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    Waterfalls of Broken Constellations

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  • diverzain 136w

    12 words poem

    Lovely doves
    Convey peace to the world
    Perhaps they still know it.