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  • shunya_ananta 2d

    Accept everything in its present state, it's everything you need for a better tomorrow.
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    Know, that you're not perfect,
    But know, that you're enough.

  • kv1504 1w

    Pain, what is it?

    Is it what I feel when things go bad
    Or it is when my soul is sad
    Does it come when I have sorrow
    Or when nights come but not comes morrow
    When I have difficulty to sleep
    Or when my brain gets numb after continuous weep.
    When my mind clogs up with self doubts
    Or I feel it when someone shouts
    Is it when some loved one dies
    Or I have it when I stare unblinkingly at skies
    Do I feel it when my garden is less bliss then theirs
    Or when God rejects all my prayers

  • iamshailesh 6w


    Slowly but steadily,
    The hustle will begin to nurture,
    And the doubts will begin to rupture,
    As the goals will become a reality,
    And soon all will earn is prosperity..

  • redishbrown 10w

    It's hard to make people believe to something you say or do, but I realized that it's harder to make yourself believe to something even your heart is unsure about.

  • starkanonymous 10w


    Staring down at nothing

    As what's compared to

    Staring up at God

    Staring at the heavens

    With its balance

    Shifts and falls

    Now staring at the demons

    The hell in which they crawl

    I try to find the meaning

    Of myself inside it all

    Am I merely human?

    Or am I something more?

    An angel with a purpose

    Or useless little horn?

    Is there greatness in this Temple?

    Or gray matter in my heart?

    Is hatred just that simple?

    Or love, a work of art?

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • joe_winterpens 10w

    This world crowned me with weighing doubts, but God replaced them with crown of clouds, made myself no one could fold.


  • the_healer_idealist 13w

    Is this a mistake?
    Getting close to someone,
    And that someone is not you?
    I can't describe exactly how I feel,
    But it feels like guilt,
    Regret, or remorse
    At the possibility of me forever losing the opportunity 
    To get closer to you.


  • miss_anonymus 17w


    If you go for doubts... I'll definitely go for end

  • bloom_tia 18w


    So much magic and mystery in,
    only your tiny spark.
    what is there to pin?
    But that devious shot in the dark.

    Already lit it's growing.
    So fast and hot,
    I wonder what's not showing.
    For that not everything you got.

    You may think this a goad,
    It's just nothing else fits on this road.
    Would it be a fantasy?
    To think of a courtesy?

    On your way,
    I hope your light never fades.
    Only to grow by day,
    Showing all the shades.

  • theflamingwords 20w


    तुम सवाल दागते रहो
    मैं जवाब देती रहूंगी

    तुम मेरी बेबसी पर हस्ते रहो
    मैं चुप चाप आंसू बहाती रहूंगी
    और अपनी बेगुनाही का सबूत देती रहूंगी


  • anubhavjha 22w


    All am gonna say
    Trust is the way
    Fading all doubts away.....

  • navya_writes 22w

    When are we even free from the state of confusion?
    Our minds are always occupied with questions of:
    Whether this or that?
    Right or wrong?
    Now or later?
    Yes or no?


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    Confusion is a relentless tenant in our mind.
    At times constructive.
    At times destructive.
    However, constant at all times.


  • ions0206 26w


    "Ideal relationship is that
    Where you don't hesitate
    To share anything with
    Each other without a doubt
    Of being judge.. "

  • loving_me 30w

    I want to fight for you
    But are you willing to fight with me?

  • pi_infinite 30w

    A wish to the mirror on my wall

    I wish that my body
    Finally felt like my own.
    I wish I could stop
    Obsessively tucking
    At the soft of my sides
    With fingertips stained
    To the bone with judgement
    Leaving hurtful marks
    On aging skin.
    I wish I could stop
    Analyzing myself
    As if numbers could ever
    Do justice to a body,
    Wish I could stop
    Weaponizing the disappointment
    And hate of others
    Against my own reflection,
    Wish I could show myself kindness,
    Wish I could overcome
    The indoctrination
    Of my socialization.
    I wish I could start
    Showing love to myself
    Like I do to the world
    And everyone else,
    I wish I could look
    Into a mirror
    And recognize myself,
    Be happy to see
    That I am doing fine.
    I wish that one day
    I will finally learn
    To appreciate my curves,
    My asymmetries,
    And above all,
    My humanity.


  • gaurangig 33w

    International Women's Day- Are we there yet?

    While the cultured, civilized and educated world celebrates 8th March as International Women's Day, there is a question that troubles my mind- are we as a country, as a society, as a human population in a place to celebrate Womanhood yet? For the world we are the fastest growing economy- our GDP growing at the rate of more than 7% in the last fiscal year... And various other statistics to prove our growth, we do boast of a progressive economy! But what about our society? Are we growing progressively at even half the rate of our economic growth when it comes to women?
    Many of the readers will ask where these doubts stem from and I will narrate to you incidences that I have experienced and have been experiencing throughout!
    I remember going to a remote area of the country to conduct a research project. What I saw there was what I had been reading and hearing for almost all of life... I saw with my own eyes the discrimination between a girl child and a boy child! What was blaringly visible was the neglect of the health of the girl child. No matter how sick the girl would be, the family would wait for the weekly visit of a doctor sponsored by a corporate to get free medicines. On the other hand if the son was sick, the family would be ready to shell out exorbitant amounts of money, which they could scarcely afford, and seek treatment for him in the nearest private hospitals! While malnourishment was rampant, it were the little girls and the women suffering more than the males of the community! Most of the women who came to the doctor (I was traveling with the free ambulance from village to village for 4 days), had Anemia, were undernourished and had bore more than 4- in some cases the number would go as high as 8 or 9- children ,even when they were clearly not in the physical condition to do so! On asking them why they would not take advantage of the government initiatives on family planning, mostly they would reply that the family heads wanted them to have more children, so that they would have many sons!
    The irony was that these women did not realise what was wrong with this entire institution of the society they were living in! It was as if I was an alien species to them... An educated woman traveling on her own. Not one of them wondered about my liberty as a woman. And this is only what i experienced in a very small region of the country in a very tiny timespan! I can only imagine what the bigger picture will look like!
    Yes, the government and the corporate citizens have taken a lot of efforts to bring about change, to create awareness, to strengthen the position of women in India, but I feel the real problem is changing the mindset of the women themselves! For centuries, they have taken the role of the submissive, meek stakeholders of the society,

    Some would say, don't compare the situation with the entire country. I agree. It's not statistically correct to do so! But what about some other issues such as safety of a woman? I, myself as a woman, though put up a brave face and travel alone, am still scared to travel alone at nights.
    What about the liberty to think, talk and do what a woman wants?
    I have seen so many near and dear women belonging to so called 'educated, modern, civilized' families constantly sacrificing their dreams. I have seen them stay in a relationship only out of sheer social pressure! I have seen them looking at the elders for permission for the samllest of activities. I have seen them not having financial freedom, despite going out and earning! I have seen them not able to express their pain, as it will be construed as a social weakness.
    I must also say here that I am one of the very few inidan woman who never ever had to face discrimination of any kind... infact, I am proud of the fact that my parents never made me feel inferior in any way because I was a girl! Infact I probably was favoured
    and loved more. I always had the liberty to make my own choices, take my own decisions and live my life on my terms- something that I was able to do even after marriage!
    And that is why my heart goes out to all those women who do not know the meaning of the words 'liberty', 'equality' 'justice'!

    There are many successful, free women who are living at par with their male counterparts! But if we compare it to the whole population of the country, the percentage would probably be in decimals! At a macro level, we have found our equality! But what about the micro level? When will every woman get everything that every man gets?

    I firmly believe that the real woman's day would be the day that we do not have to fight for our rights, when the government does not have to keep a woman's quota anywhere, when we don't have to take advantage of being a woman, When we celebrate a 'Men's' day, would be when we have really achieved success as women!


  • dinakarreddy 34w


    Her intentions made him a stream of doubts.


  • akku_goel 35w

    Quote #46

    "Something is missing as always"


  • marianotsaint 36w

    Life is short.
    Don't be someone's maybe
    Don't shrug and say it's complicated.
    Don't be someone's sometime.
    A mere pastime.
    Life is indeed short.
    Don't waste it hanging by a thread.
    Unsure of your own self.
    Cut them off.
    Those who want you in your life will say it and fight for it.
    Every moment counts.

  • ms_shayara 36w

    When you have an inner voice that how someone feels for you from first day but still you have a cloud of doubt on life!


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    Mujhe tumhare ehsaas ka ehsaas
    pehle din se tha...
    bs anjaan the toh us ehsaas ki
    gehraayi se.
    Yun hi nahin musaafir kisi ke darwaze
    pr dastak diya krte hain,
    Chahte hain jab safar ka thamna woh..
    Tabhi kisi ke dehleez pr aakr
    unka naam liya krte hain.

    - Nancy Uppal