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    Meeting someone special can be soothing to one's spirit and soul. It makes life a lot special and beautiful.

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    Choosing you is really easy,
    your touch in my life has made life easy,
    you came into my life, and laughter returned to me,
    peace also found her way back to me,
    from day one, you've gotten my attention
    like a soldier on the parade responding to attention!
    Not once, have you stop bursting my brain,
    I will be with you, come sun come rain
    cos it's you alone, my eyes see.
    Like the captain of the ship on sea,
    you are the captain of my heart,
    undoubtedly, you are the sweet melody of my heart.

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    Happy Independence Nigeria!

    I'm ever proud of being a Nigerian������

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    Dear fellow Nigerians,
    might seem as tho this country is
    not worthy of any celebration,
    our problems are far too numerous
    for any celebration to make sense.
    True! It all look gloomy,
    no light seems to be on the horizon.
    Still, we must be our own light,
    and give everything needed to shine it.
    Everything is available for us to ignite our light,
    God has blessed us tremendously,
    all that remain is our fight, our fight for this light.

    Dear fellow Nigerian believers,
    might seem as tho
    God has decided to pay a deaf ear
    to all our day and night prayers
    but remember the effectual fervent prayers
    of the righteous availeth much,
    it is impossible for God to deny His people their requests
    So don't give up, strengthen every feeble legs.

    Dear Nigerians,
    Happy Independence
    ...notwithstanding, our future is bright!

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    That one person, the rule doesn't apply to��

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    I love my space.
    I love it better,
    when it's just
    you and I.


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    The state of things in the most populous black nation in the world is alarming, the people charged with the duty to maintain and sustain the country have done nothing but worsen the country.

    They are a set of selfish, wicked and corrupt folks.
    And everyone just want to abandon the country for greener pastures.

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    What do you say to the one,
    people have totally given up on?
    How do you console her, whose life is been controlled
    by vicious, callous and selfish ones?
    What do you say to the woman pregnant
    with multitudes of potentials?
    But no one will give her a chance,
    her people don't even believe she has a chance.
    How do you console her whose life is ruined,
    before her eyes as she cries helplessly?
    She is Nigeria, stupendously blessed above and beneath,
    yet watches her children's suffering go unending.
    She cries for help, begs for deliverance from the monsters
    whose mission has been to milk her dry, and
    take all that belong to her, her glory, dignity and pride.
    In the hands of these monsters, she wails day and night,
    people say she can't be rescued,
    they say the poison has eaten too deep into her, to be saved,
    no matter what anyone brings to the table for her.
    Her children have given up on her,
    they don't want anything to do with her,
    to them, fighting for her
    is a lost cause, nothing good can ever come out of her,
    the only way to go, is to deny her.
    All alone with her oppressors, she wails day and night,
    wondering why her own people won't fight for her,
    with all of the treasures buried in her!

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    For those who don't believe in pre marital sex, or fornication, for religious reasons, they anticipate their wedding night with every thing within them.

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    Here it is, first of its kind,
    the first of many of its beautiful kind.
    Many time I've wallowed in the thought
    of what will make of this first of its kind.
    The first of many to come for you and I.
    Come here my lady, let our bodies
    get closer than they ever did to each other
    that they might whisper their secret desires
    as they have been sold out to each other.
    Hold me everywhere, please feel free to roam
    all over my body as your soul so desires
    because tonight, all my soul desires
    is to explore your body like an explorer.
    Come now, let us lie together,
    this night has to be very different.
    The first time is the most anticipated time.
    We are no longer two for we have become one.
    Shame is prohibited here for it's an holy night.
    Lie with me my woman, let me worship your body,
    my offering has long waited for this night.

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    This is to encourage believers to not let go of God's hand no matter what they might be going through in life.

    God has your back no matter, how you feel!
    Only God's promises count, not your feeling...your feeling will fail you, but God's promises are "Ye and Amen" in Christ Jesus!

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    To the brother now in the valley,
    That brother going through hell at the moment,
    To the sister battling with disappointments,
    Tears have colonized your eyes like the colonial masters,
    To parents feeling helplessly helpless over their child,
    Suffering from pains that lack identity,
    That parent going around with an empty heart,
    Because your precious child just kicked the bucket,
    To you overwhelmed with confusion,
    Clueless on what to do, where to go,
    To you feeling all alone, forgotten
    By friends and family,
    To the believer whose faith
    Has refused to move mountains,
    To you, He says;
    rejoice, rejoice, rejoice evermore!
    say to your mind, "drink water"!
    for I am right besides you through it all!
    I am willing and I am able...
    ...to make all things beautiful,
    better than the former,
    in my time!

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    This is to encourage everyone going through tough times, not to give up but to keep trusting God through Jesus Christ, as they keep going.

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    Alone in the valley,
    all by myself with breeze
    darkness as my companion
    in the mountain,
    on a downward spiral
    with a sharp blurry vision,
    in a fight with darkness,
    richly blessed empty pocket,
    disturbing my peace
    like an empty barrel,
    big empty stomach
    like a weightless blown balloon,
    forgotten in the background
    to watch others far ahead,
    drowning in the pool of worries,
    worrying about the time
    a better tomorrow will be birthed,
    all eyes on me,
    all questions walking up to me;
    when will your prayers
    give birth to your testimonies?
    clueless on the date,
    my mouth got dumb,
    yet my heart remains firm on God
    my eyes remain fix on the cross.

  • dosbambi 8w

    For us in the Christian faith, wherever the saints gather to worship and fellowship is different names.

    It is popularly called, church
    sometimes, it is also called; the house of God
    Other times, it is called Zion

    Whatever it is called, the place is a scared place, and we believe that, when we gather in that place, the presence and power of God is available to do healings, miracles, signs and wonders...and over the years, we have seen that happen all over the world.

    So, permit me to invite you to the Christian Church close to you this coming Sunday and experience God through His Son Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit!

    Thank you☺☺☺

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    I was glad when I was told,
    let us go to the house of the Lord,
    to join the saints bought by the Lord,
    in raising holy hands in worship of our God,
    gather as a family to learn the person of our Lord.
    Everything but the house of the Lord, can be on hold,
    when it is time to go to the house of God.

    I was glad when I got to church,
    pains and worries left in a rush,
    fullness of joy took over with so much rush,
    my crawling faith got revitalized in church,
    my understanding came alive with a gentle touch,
    I get transformed every time I go to church.

    In zion, deliverance and holiness have both found a home,
    the Lord Himself is the builder of this home
    ...said of Zion, the law shall confidently stroll out of you,
    your reign shall see no end,
    the gate of hell shall fail to see your end,
    I AM, shall forever abides in you.

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    To put the truth out there for you to see
    love stories always get me muchi muchi
    all of the intricacies that come together
    to birth love between a man and a woman
    are beautiful and sweet, they often get me awww.
    Romantic movies definitely have a thing on me,
    especially those ones with very great actors
    they sure know how to create all manners of fantasy.
    It's a beautiful thing for the eyes to behold
    a man and a woman falling in love.
    Makes me wonder how high I will fly
    when I finally fall in love.
    I'm so much in love with love
    that I can never get enough of seeing
    a man and a woman falling in love.
    How will life turn out, without witnessing
    the great phenomenon of
    a man and a woman falling in love...?

  • dosbambi 11w

    In life, people tend to ridicule and belittle other people's challenges and struggles, because they feel they are going through a bigger challenge, so other people should just suck it up...

    This mentality is one huge cause of mental sickness that has gotten much attention. Whether or not you understand someone's struggle and pain, don't make matters worst for them by belittling and ridiculing their pains and struggles!

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    The peculiarity of our challenges
    do not make his challenge
    bigger than her challenge,
    neither does it belittle
    their struggle and pain.
    We are all at different levels!

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    Tell me your experience if you have ever been heartbroken by a lady because of her age, status, pride and ego...

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    How do I get you to take my word?
    I said your age isn't a factor to me,
    even your past, is so in the past to me,
    yes, your mistakes are plenty like the stars,
    they don't in anyway matter to me,
    why can't you just believe me?
    Your status and class, though high like a
    skyscraper do not intimidate me,
    they are not lions, they do not scare me!
    Why will you not take my word?
    Does it not count anymore,
    has it stopped being the cool breeze
    that calms you and brings you peace?
    How will I survive this pool of love, you made me
    fell into with you?
    Oh! My love, you shouldn't have let your ego and pride
    in on our beautiful love story!

  • dosbambi 11w

    How many times, or have you ever gotten a heartbreak because of age difference?

    Plz, tell me in the comment section

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    She said no, no to my yes.
    She said, she's too old for my yes.
    Five years is her too old for my yes.
    I told her, that's not a long bridge for my yes.
    She insisted, she doesn't want to think about my yes.
    Her hands couldn't leave my hands, and her eyes
    so beautiful, like the stars shinning at night,
    wouldn't agree with her words cos
    her heart is in a fight with her
    tongue over her words.
    She cared too much for her ego
    and pride that, she let me go
    with the river that flowed
    from her beautiful eyes.
    I didn't know her age is
    strong enough to
    stop our love!

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    People don't really change...we just don't pay good attention.

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    I didn't change!
    You just didn't get close enough
    to see this side.

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    The day she took me home
    to see her folks, the place she called home.
    I remember that day like it was yesterday.
    The sun was all out that afternoon,
    seemed, he woke up on the wrong side
    and that scared the shit out of all the clouds
    that they all went into hiding.
    The journey started without our lips with us.
    Out of the blue, she broke silence and said;
    This is all that I am,
    no extra anywhere, nothing on the other side,
    all that I am is all you've seen,
    all you've seen is all you will get.
    As she let those words out, her face
    gave me a look into her heart,
    then I saw those words travelling deep down
    from the most beautiful part of her - her heart.
    It was then I knew, shit was about to get real.
    And like the grave yard that just saw his guests left,
    she went back to her silent mood.

  • dosbambi 14w

    Have you ever meet someone like this?
    You ever being in this kind of situation?

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    You ever met someone;
    someone who made you felt
    like you've known each other
    for a very long time and you both
    couldn't just get enough of each other,
    your talk didn't run out of fuel,
    the laughter never needed to be coerced,
    you totally lost track of the time,
    the location got lost in the background,
    your attention was arrested without much ado,
    all through, nothing really mattered
    other than the connection happening,
    you can't remember all you talked about
    cos every discussion was spontaneous,
    you were happy to be lost in the moment,
    everything you felt was mutual?
    That was your first encounter, but
    quickly turned into a reunion.

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    How often do we take time to just look around and just thank God for life and how beautiful it can get...because life really can be good and beautiful.

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    Sometimes, life can be good,
    she does know how to decorate our faces with smiles.
    See how she causes our paths to cross with folks
    whose souls, laughter and even smiles
    warm our heart.
    Think of the beautiful times we enjoyed,
    times we laughed so much we couldn't stop,
    remember those days we wished they won't end,
    lovely moments we cherish.
    Every now and then, our mind look back
    and cause our heart to just leap for joy.

  • dosbambi 27w

    As a guy, you remember reaction that happened, when you see ladies that turn you on?

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    Once, my nerves were calm like the sea
    when taking a nap,
    my hormones were a flock of sheep
    behind a shepherd and his staff,
    my innocence was safe
    like precious stones kept in the safe,
    you could say my Johnson, is like the
    calmness that envelopes the day.

    Since you came into the picture,
    your figure eight, has unsettled my sea,
    my hormones are no longer a flock of sheep
    and my innocence is no longer safe,
    your thought keeps tickling my Johnson,
    daily showing me a slideshow of your breasts,
    your cleavage; a beautiful and sexy window
    has gotten my eyes totally hooked on.

  • dosbambi 27w

    Although he ended the relationship, he couldn't stop lusting after her body.

    So, he ask for another opportunity into her life, this time, nothing serious, just casual and vibes.

    He knows, they are not good together, and he can't marry her, so he just want to be friends with benefits.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #lust #lustoverlove #erotica #sexythoughts #sex

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    What do you say to us stylishly
    opening that closed door again?
    Are your arms still wide open
    to bury me therein?
    That I may lay on your chest,
    that your bosom might be my
    guide into the land that breeds dreams,
    that your body might be the firefighter
    my burning body is seeking.
    What do you say to, you and I again?
    With no assurance here,
    and on the horizon.

  • dosbambi 28w

    The resurrection of Jesus Christ, is the most important event, that made the Christian faith.

    If Jesus remains dead, didn't rise, His sacrifice would have been a waste...and this is why, this celebration is the most important of all celebration in the faith.

    Thank God, Jesus rose from the dead.
    Thank God, He lives today.
    Thank God, He defeated death.
    And because He lives, no limitations, no guilt, no going back...
    Jesus Christ, He is the hope of glory!!!

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    Hallaluyah! The tomb is empty,
    Jesus is no more among the dead.
    He rose from the dead,
    'Cos, He is the King without end,
    His reign is till eternity.

    Because He lives
    the purpose for His death is guaranteed,
    His sacrifice is enough for all lives
    His blood speakes better things.

    He rose to give justification to all that believe,
    that after our salvation, all things become new.
    This is total freedom, no guilt! No place for grief.
    His resurrection was the straw that broke the camel's back.

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    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #jesuslives #eastersunday #christianpoem #christianquotes #christianpoet

    This a poem on Easter...
    The Jesus poem
    Telling the Easter story in poetry.

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    Jesus very well knew,
    His glory and power won't come with Him, He knew.
    He will be all man, not half man, He knew.

    Yet, He came to fight for humanity,
    took upon all of the sins of humanity,
    He was beaten, blood was harvested on His body,
    insults, abuse, even curses came from everybody
    to mark appearance, as a show of victory
    over Him, who came for the salvation of humanity.

    They lied against Him, preferred a murderer over Him,
    He who knew no sin, became sin for all
    that the Father had to abandon Him.
    They served Him bitterness, He showed love to them all,
    even interceded that the Father might forgive them all.

    The sky who witnessed the event, got moody all day,
    when He gave up the ghost, the cloud burst into tears,
    they laughed at Him, thinking it is finished.
    Three days latter, He defeated death, conquered the grave,
    saying; I am He that died, yet lives forever!