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  • wmbanje 4w

    You're the key

    "Stop knocking on doors
    You are supposed to unlock "
    -wes mbanje

  • sugandhswani_ 21w

    Doors... As life walks by

    Opening some,
    Closing some,
    Some for a bit,
    Some forever,
    Keeping some half open,
    To go in and out...
    And then Visiting some from time to time...
    To smell those similar scents,
    That would bring nostalgia,
    As life walks by...

    3rd Jan 2022


  • lubabalo1 25w


    "open and close,
    open and close,
    open and close,
    open and close,
    such simple and so wooden."

    Lubabalo Sayo

  • bclark2681 33w


    Taught to aim for doors of
    Opportunity and lead a life
    Of beautiful comforting ease
    Yet anxiety slammed each
    Inviting door after another
    Leaving walled thresholds

  • muskanmathur 36w


    My absolution for their hate and their abdication of humanity led us to the different doors :)

  • affansajid 42w

    Books are the keys
    opportunities are doors
    and time is lock.

    Time changes the lock,
    find the correct key
    to open the doors.

    ©Arab Affan Sajid

  • srisaptoawaits22 44w


    Stations of love,
    Running across,
    In the midst,
    Million dreams,
    Your eyes paint,
    Like the nights,
    Opening the doors,
    Viewing closer,
    Enduring love!

  • capricious_quill 51w

    Behind closed doors
    Hope dwindles unto nothingness
    After being slammed on the face
    Aspirations plunge into boundless darkness
    And disappear without a trace .

    Behind closed doors
    Sin spreads his lusty leer wide
    And rams into the holy crevice of chastity
    Tearing apart her delicate inside
    As her tortured pleas beg his pity.

    Behind closed doors
    Corruption flutters her wings
    Aided by greed to reach new heights
    Never lyrics she sings
    Of impoverished veracity's plights.

    Behind closed doors
    Youth plans his own funeral
    Choking himself with tormentous fears
    Blood carves out an epitaph delusional
    Drowned by an outburst of tears

    Behind closed doors
    Cupid whispers sneakily until
    Passion wakes up in a melodious mirth
    And dances to a rhythmic trill
    As fresh new life prepares to take birth.

    Typed a verse ( is it even a poem?) as whimsical thoughts ran wild in my mind and my pen and notebook remained trapped behind closed doors.
    And I just cannot get myself to type directly, without using a pen to scribble first.... So here's it. How has it turned out?

    #mirakee #poetry #verse #behind #closed #doors #sin #lust #suicide #hope #life

    @clichepenname @revathychandrasekhar
    Tagging two of my poet friends here☺. Do give me your verdict on if it qualifies as a poem or not!

    Thank you Writers Network for the ❤

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    Behind closed doors


  • shivam_rs_tyagi 61w

    The Chaotic Prose

    The doors are open..the roads are clearer...lets take this journey within...

    The prose are darkened....the shades be sharpened...let just the chaos begin...

    Singing to the Raving sunrise....my thoughts are my dearest...lets take this journey within..the droughts are where, my fear is..the water will fall...will fill the all....cracks are where, my fear is....

    Let the chaotic prose begin...lets take the journey within....its just me and you....Since ever since....

    Shed the leaves of the whimsical tree..this' the end...let the children be free...

    Send the raven...let the children be free..offend the earthlings...if they choose to be...

    Singing to the brawls around...ages show,what outright they found....cage's where my fear is...singing to the freedom within...rage is where my prayer is....

    Let the chaotic prose begin....road to freedom....the doors within....its just have been, me and you...since ever since....

  • _writer_at_heart_ 63w

    The three doors

    Why to dwell in past when we can reframe the situation positively ?
    Why to reside half somewhere and half somewhere else when it is not lively sign ?
    Why to ponder over what you didn't get, when you can count the things you got especially the 'life' itself as your prize ?
    Decide wisely, what you would bring with you for yourself, after you visit three doors, life gives you with infinite surprise.
    The door of past - visiting which gives some pain, some memories to relive, some regrets, some failures and so on but it rewards you with a stronger soul and a wiser one too.
    What would you collect from here is always upto you for yourself and your pride.
    Won't you bring memories to cherish,
    Values to remember and experience to share ?
    Won't you bring lessons to embrace, love to share and time to utilise all your learning by being wise with your knowledge gained, for the rest of your life ?
    The second door, let's visit,
    With utmost care and firm steps on ground,
    Don't rush too much, don't walk too slow,
    Balancing would be absolutely right.
    The door of present is the second door,
    Where you stand untill it becomes part of your past,
    Where you live since you are alive and survived the previous.
    So, are you living this to its fullest ?
    Are you pampering yourself to reach till here ?

    And the door of future is the third door,
    What you are sowing in the present is what you will bear here.
    Its unknown but the past and present make you ready to visit this place.
    It doesn't matter you have your odds with you,
    you are always rare and unique with your own life story to live and share,
    through your impact on others and yourself.


  • deepflowsoul 69w

    Garden of Balance

    I imagine the universe as a garden of balance,
    Each consciousness choosing an entrance.
    Love and pain swirl and mesh harmoniously,
    Many doors light the sky opened uniquely,
    And they walk through mostly unknowingly.
    All the consciousness knows is how they feel,
    And they get to choose what is real.
    To dwell in pain is their power or to not,
    To loosen or to solidify various knots.
    It's so uncontrollable yet simply tough,
    We get to choose If we alone are enough.

  • jan_balan 71w


    are closed
    Roads are blocked
    Peace struck in the
    middle - happiness vanished in the end.

  • fiuntscriptum 72w

    Charmed to the Head

    Been thinking about it but...
    Been looking to but...
    Been trying to but...
    They said that I would do well but...
    Man it's been tough and you know...

    Now listen...
    What you think about, you plan
    What you look for, you go to
    What you try, you do
    Wait hold up...
    What you been trying, you been doing

    Now listen!
    Damn this life be hard,
    It's hard because you want better
    It's hard because you know better
    It's hard because maybe you messed up
    It's hard because maybe you made it so

    Now listen!!!
    The talk has processes
    The processes are positives
    The positives open doors

    Open doors creates a better life
    A better life gives you the success
    Success gives you gratitude
    Gratitude for respecting you when you did
    When you did what they scoffed at
    Scoffed at you for having you in mind
    You in mind when...
    Charmed with your head on.

  • akshay_vasu 76w

    When the infinity wouldn't open her doors for me, I would sing your name like it was the only song I knew. And she would always open her doors and embrace me once she heard that.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • gutzwvw 77w

    A Poor Laddoo

    Lived always indoors.
    Till he moved outdoors.
    Then he found more doors.
    An everlasting corridor of doors.

    He was so deluded.
    For the choice was expounded.
    And he felt haunted.
    Where to live.

    Where to dine.
    Where to pine.
    Where to design.
    A dodgy plan of divine division.

  • akshay_vasu 77w

    I'll tell you something about infinity. The more you visit her, the more stories she tells you, the more vibrant it gets, and the more you become a piece of her. Once we are done here and leave this place, she takes our memories and thoughts and locks them up inside a room. She shows them to the ones who come after us, fearing that she would close her door on them someday. But let me say again, she will never close that door on you. Once you are the child of infinity, you are always a child of infinity.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • renukadeshpande_ 80w

    // Doors //

    Isn't it unusual, how some of the most simplest things in our rooms mean so much in life. Like, our doors. Even though they're one of the most simplest elements in our lives. Sometimes they really interest me. Not because I love the timber or the joints that hold it. But because I feel they're much more than that.

    There had been a millions of times when I had entered into peoples lives and hearts through those doors. Either by my kindness or by my love. And most of the times I've loved what was on the other side of the door awaiting for me. Sometimes it helped me meet one of the most amazing people.

    And ofcourse one of the worsts too. Sometimes I opened and went to those people and sometimes helped them come in too. Either way I do regret meeting them at times. But that's what it is. Sometimes in life we are going to enter in someone's lives. Leave from some, some are going to come and some will leave.

    And then there will be people who'll stay, forever. They'll be there with you even if you close the doors and shut the windows. Some will break those walls and enter to be there with you. And for some you'll do the same.

    Not all doors are going to open in life. Some we will knock, but will never be answered. And some we will have to shut hardly; no matter how much it hurts. And that's what it is.

    Things will change, people will come and go, some will stay for some days, some forever. To some you'll go yourself, some will come to you. It won't always be easy; to hold the door for some to go. But sometimes you just have to do the hard things. Irrespective of weather you like it or not.

    So, don't dwell infront of the closed door and don't cry for closing one too. For it's not just the open doors that carry your destiny, closed ones hold it too.

    All you have to do is keep walking through them. And see how beautifully your life unfolds.

    - renuka .d

  • nigarrao 83w

    Doors aren't bad!

    Each door can be unlocked,
    No matter how stubborn or blocked.
    Just reach out with faith,
    And your polite words with humble gestures will plunder the scaith!

  • amoghavarsha 83w

    They Say

    If One Door Closes Another Door Opens

    The Secret Is You Don't Know How To Knock


  • amoghavarsha 83w

    Good manners will open doors that the best
    education cannot.

    © Clarence Thomas