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  • mariateresa 27w


    Bright and shiny, effervescent fun
    Bubbling to the surface dancing in the Sun
    Expressing happiness, joy and love
    Warmth radiating from within bursting outwards feeling heard through the greatest of songs
    Inviting all who witness to join in and come along
    Meant to be shared by those that choose
    To see all wondrous beauty, alchemizing the blues
    Stepping forwards with a spring and a hop
    Prelude to laughter, pulling out all the stops

  • merlinthewizard 80w

    Poor Dad

    Dad: I'm SICK of you talking back to me Jimmy!

    *A few moments later*


    Dad: *standing outside of house*

    Mum: Don't worry honey, it's just some self-isolation. Jimmy does it all the time!


  • sassybitch 110w

    Don't fret too much. Things are working
    out exactly the way they should. Keep
    dreaming and aiming for great things, you'll
    get there eventually. Until then, make the most
    of where you are and what you have. Be grateful.
    #blessed #dontworrybehappy

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  • sirrmo 162w


    Many people believe happiness is a state of mind, something one can just turn on and be happy at will, others have said happiness comes from spiritual awareness, and some believe happiness is a reward given by doing good deeds. These are all right and wrong in my opinion, for me happiness is a state of being hard to reach but necessary to maintain. One can decide one day to try and be happy, but simply acting happy can't help you, you must work to be the best version of yourself every day.
    Realise all the things you do every day, count the positives personal and general, and remember the negatives, if at anytime what you are doing has more or worse negatives than positives, stop, let go, move on.

    Life is not a sentence, and even in systems designed to keep us busy we have the opportunity to try and be more. It's hard work to be happy, you can't just decide to be it, you must work every day to get there, not as a goal in and on itself, but as a new perspective you earn along the way to bettering yourself.

    It gets easier everyday, but you have to do it everyday. (And a bit of music never hurt anyone)
    That's my advice, it's your choice how you react to it

  • latikamalik_ 205w

    Everything is in rush all around her
    Everyone is in a hurry
    And here she stands still trying to make sense of it - N number of questions and thoughts in her mind .
    People come and go so easily There are less emotions in today's date more of the need for self fulfilment and desires .
    And just when everyone is busy in pretence , she is a train and her life is a station .
    People come in at certain time and leave when they reach at their stop.
    Some stay longer and others might be for a little while but eventually everyone will leave when their stop comes .
    Definitely one thing she has learnt with time
    That just like the train
    The train doesn't wait for anyone , it never changes it's journey for anyone anytime .
    It keeps moving forward in its direction towards the destination and never looks back.
    And it waits for none and is always on time.
    So those who wants to be with you will never make you wait and belittle you.
    They won't ask you to change for them .
    They will appreciate you for you who are .
    The right ones will be always available on right time.
    Be strong headed and keep this thought as long as you breathe . Enjoy the journey and little moments . Life is too short to worry and regret over petty things .
    #writers#thoughts #feelings#livelovelaugh#dontworrybehappy #enjoylittlethings#lifequotes

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    Everything is in rush..

  • rchefiee 238w

    Be A Pineapple:
    Stand Tall,
    Wear A Crown,
    And Be Sweet
    On The Inside.