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  • ions0206 8w

    Either do it or quit it but if you quit then don't give reason for it and if you choose to do then give all of you in this••||

  • angels_halo_shines 17w

    She Wins Again

    A bit strange, gotta be more to it.
    I do feel there is more to it.
    It’s your passion & we all know that.
    I will tell you,
    You go letting people take that away,
    You just can’t.
    You already have though.
    Taking away what little love you had.
    Acceptance, works both ways.
    Not one way, both.
    If one can’t accept it,
    So be it.
    She wins again.
    The thought of it all really is heart wrenching.
    I hope that this is what you want as well, or your heart will be aching.
    To do the one thing it loves to do.

  • commoved_1803 33w


    Don't stop here...
    You have places to go,
    People to meet,
    Phases to endure,
    And moreover...
    Permanence to deny.

    Don't stop here...
    These roads, narrow
    Or broad, clean or dusty,
    Crowded or vacant,
    All lie down on your way
    To give way to new routes...

    Don't stop here...
    These scenery, these woods
    And everything adorable
    Is a mere baseless display,
    A camouflage, an illusion
    To obstruct your objective...

    Don't stop here...
    A city lies ahead
    And more cities ahead of it
    Or towns or hamlets
    Or settlements where you
    Can settle all your affairs...

    Don't stop here...
    Unless you resolve
    Until the end of
    Understanding the process
    Underlying in the orders to
    Ultimately satiate the urge...

  • kauthar 42w

    Don't dismay

    It may sound cliche
    But there is always another way
    It may not be today
    But there will come a day..
    It will all end...with a hooray

  • letterseed 46w

    Hope shaped fireflies

    As you lay there open eyed, confused minded, broken dreamed...
    Let hope enter you like unexpected fireflies,
    In odd times, when least expected.

    And with that hope may you lit a fire.
    And with that fire may you ignite a thousand candle heads...

  • stella_writes 53w

    There are days when you feel like giving up,
    Leaving everything and going back to comfort,
    Not wanting to keep going through it,
    Just relax, slow down but don't quit,
    This is just a phase and it is going to pass,
    The other side is brighter and maybe a lil dull,
    But you wouldn't know until you get through Today!

  • snehalv 64w

    Don't quit, start again with more clarity & zest.

  • _desaiagraja 67w

    In life there comes a time,
    you wanna quit, you don't even want to breath.
    Think of what you always dreamed of in your childhood.
    Think of what you always wanted to be.
    Think of everything you did, to be where you are.
    The answer is in your childhood,
    The answer is inside you,
    And it has always been inside you.
    Think of the people who loved you,
    And smile on their face seeing you achieve that.
    Think of the the view when you achieve the climb that you always wanted to.
    It's ok to fall and it's ok to break,
    But this time you are stronger and better.
    Work harder and work smarter every time.
    To achieve what you always wanted to.
    Never ever let your dreams be fade.
    Keep it alive,
    Keep them beating with your heart beats,
    Even when you wanna quit,
    Especially when
    you don't even want to breath.
    Keep them alive, keep them beating.
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    Never let your dreams be faded.
    Keep it alive
    Keep them beating with your heartbeat,
    Even when you wanna quit,
    Especially when
    you don't even want to breath.
    Keep them alive, keep them beating.


  • boniem 75w


    Take note: The future is for fghters, not for
    It may be hard, dificult, painful but keep
    going, and don't throw in the towel yet...

    #keepgoing #fight #persist


  • boniem 75w


    Life is is a puzzle that you have to work on,
    And only you can unravel the mystery,
    God has given you the power and courage to
    make it happen,
    Look beyond the horizon and do the impossible,
    Break limits and boundaries set before you,
    Your miracle is closer than you ever know,
    Keep believing, and have faith...

  • luv_rival 76w

    If her mom wouldn't have called her at that time , she would have lost her girl & her happiness. Sometimes all you need is hope & confidence to live . Getting a heartbreak , falling for depression are common things people face at recent times .But it's never known who is suffering what. There is no one who will know better about you more than yourself . You know what you need , you know what makes you happy , you know what builds your confidence and it is you who know how to overcome such sufferings . These suffering becomes hard when you give up on yourself .But ending your life is never a solution .You had problems ,you decided to leave , so you left but you'll never know what your loved ones go through after you quitting the life. Whatever they go through is for lifetime whether it may be guilt, tears or anything.Sometimes it's good to share your problems with friends , family , siblings because they would listen to you rather attending your funeral. Atleast stand up to the mirror , talk to yourself , you may feel relief. Life gives you tough times , just to mould you for a better tomorrow . Remember , After storms ,thunders & heavy rain , Rainbow shows up .There is always a better day coming for you.

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    She shut the door hardly, threw her bag at the corner and laid on the bed ."I'm tired of everything ,I can't handle it anymore".Tears rolled through her cheers .Staring at the fan she imagined herself hanging to the fan ,a perfect silent prevailed. And suddenly her phone vibrated , turning towards it she smiled ,it was her MOM . She picked up the call ;
    "Hey dear, how was your day ? What did you had for lunch ?"
    "It was a tough day but I know how to survive ......."
    And the call went on.

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  • ghost_core 91w


    When Things don't go right as they sometimes will ....
    When the road you're walking on , goes uphill .......
    When you want to smile but have to cry .....
    When you're funds are low and your debts are high ........
    At those times .... rest a bit .. But don't quit ....
    Life is hard with some twists and turns . And one day everybody learns ...
    If you think You're a failure .. Don't think so because you're a player of a game which is meant for U to clear
    Don't Give up when you're speed seems slow Maybe you'll pass with another blow .....
    Success is failure turned upside down ...
    U can never guess how near you are
    It's always near when it seems soo far ..
    And that's the road on which U drive your car .... That time when you just have to do your last bit .... Tell yourself " you're strong .... DON'T QUIT " ....

  • neeyatiesalkar 92w

    Independent Victory

    I am been shattered in the emotions of bonds,
    Even after breaking I'm surviving strong
    In the woods of the known,
    I'm holding my falling crown
    My mind is on the winning
    Even if you want me to loose
    Walking in the hurting sand,
    I will still grab my magic wand
    I know if I break down
    I will still shine in the glistening ground,
    To all the souls, who are fighting like me
    Let's war it till - We are set free
    When the sun will rise, and the moon will set
    You will all be by yourself
    Keep grinding,
    Keep hustling,
    Babe- This is independent victory

  • crystalwrites 99w

    My eye

    Letters are my lens
    Words wrapped choroid
    Sentences filled vitreous
    Thinking since birth of optic nerve
    Writing as my visual serve
    Unless I observe
    that meaning stored in my eye

  • drnits 100w

    WHO says that at least 1 person commits suicide every 40 secs around the world and of every 1 person commiting suicide, at least 20 people have had a suicidal attempt.. also suicide is most common among the youth.. the figures are definitely alarming and the issue needs immediate attention.. one of the causes of suicide among other causes is succumbing to your failures and circumstances. Some people think of them as a dead end in their life, but I believe that failures are just as important as successes, infact they are your best teachers and friends..And you can cherish your successes only when you have learned some valuable lessons from your failures.. so this poem is my little attempt to give hope to those who are ashamed of their failures.. I hope you liked my sincere attempt, and if you did then please do give a thumbs up to this video and share with those who you think are currently demotivated from their failures, and spread some positivity and hope in their lives.. don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more such poems and motivation..
    #failure #mirakee #hindipoetry #motivation #inspiration #dontquit

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    हार से क्यूँ डरते हो,
    हार तो वो सिखलाती है,
    जो कामयाबी कभी सिखा नहीं पाती है,
    ये तो मिट्टी को भी सोना कर जाती है,
    ज़िन्दगी जीने का सही रास्ता बतलाती है...
    तुम हार से क्यूँ डरते हो...

    समझते हो जिसको मौत तुम,
    वो तुम्हारा एक नया जन्म है,
    तुम्हारे वजूद को बनाने का एक नया कर्म है...
    तुम्हे लगती हैं जो बेड़ियाँ,
    वो शुरुआत है उड़ान की,
    आसमान को छूने के निशान की...
    अगर लगता है कि ये तुम्हें वहीं ले आयी है,
    जहाँ से तुमने सफ़र शुरू किया था,
    तो सोच लो कि ये तुम्हे कुछ समझाती है,
    और तुम्हारी कमियाँ आईने में दिखलाती है...
    तो ज़रा ठहरो दो पल आराम करो,
    अपनी कमियों पे कुछ काम करो...
    आज जिसके कहर से हताश हो,
    कल उसके तेज से चमक जाओगे,
    और आगे ही आगे बढ़ते जाओगे,
    फिर मुश्किलों के सागर से,
    जीत के मोती ढूँढकर लाओगे...

    इसलिए हार से मत घबराओ तुम,
    और इसे हँस कर गले लगाओ तुम,
    क्यूँकि जब हारने के बाद तुम कामयाबी छूने जाओगे,
    तो उसकी सच्ची कदर कर पाओगे..
    बोलो, हार से क्यूँ डरते हो...

    "Fail harder, fail successfully"

  • thehoneybell 103w

    Life is like a game of chess
    and you play this game with Him.

    After every move of yours,
    He makes the next move.

    Your moves are called 'Choices'
    and His moves are called 'Consequences'.

    You will be tested...
    you will be challenged...
    you will be pushed to the brink.

    However, when you are found
    to play your game well,
    He wins by allowing you
    to win the game.

    #mirakee #pod
    @readwriteunite @musing_pixie @priyanshu__
    #escape #life #dontquit #writersnetwork #courage #readwriteunite

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  • lovepoems_doctor 105w

    Love lasts, lust is short lived. If u can't love someone then your lust is always short lived. To have a long lust, love someone truly.


  • ruchithajayaraj 105w

    Strom's don't last forever #bestrong #dontquit

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    You can't expect everytime right things
    To happen in your life,
    Because unexpected things do take place
    And the only way to get rid of it is,
    You have to grasp how to face it
    And that's how you will learn to lead in life


  • silvia_ 112w

    The greatest pleasure in life is to face challenges and achieve it. Life is too short to compromise and live with regrets.