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  • amimmy 9w

    See saw

    I will come out of the web of hatred, it will take time, but I will undoubtedly come out.
    But if once I get caught in the quagmire of love, then I will just go deeper and deeper into it.

    नफरतों के जाल से तो बाहर आ ही जाऊंगी, वक्त लगेगा, पर बाहर ज़रूर आऊंगी,
    पर अगर एक बार मोहब्बत के दलदल में फस गई ना, तो बस उसके अंदर ही चली जाऊंगी।

  • ticklekink 21w

    Don't hate me...
    I don't hate you..


  • grotesque 67w

    Whenever I am down with too
    Many burden, I try to understand
    Whether is it them or me? The world
    Can put me into one box but I will
    Come out of everything and will try to
    Slither away silently. We humans are
    Nothing but made up of innumerable
    Atoms that unites us incredibly. If we
    Fail to understand what's within us
    Then we fail to understand what is
    Outside of us. We are still discovering!


  • engineerwrites 68w

    So don't hate anyone just forgive them and be a good memory to them...

    #Donthate #life #guaranteeless #love #today #tomorrow #mirakeeworld #mirakeenetwork #writersnetwork

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    Don't Hate

    The person you hate today is not guarantee to live tomorrow!

  • anunknownwriter 73w

    only one thing makes
    you and I different


    cause really we aren't
    that cool on our own


  • inlovecraft85_ 81w

    LOOK HERE!!!




  • touching_byheart 84w


    Women are assertive when they talk
    With elegant style and walk
    If you really dream of ideal woman
    You can hardly believe them as strong as man

    Yes they have come in to being
    Neither as powerful queen of king
    Nor as female performer in circus ring
    But dedicated female character being

    We have confined her role in customary way
    She has left it far behind with decisive say
    Where are they not seen today?
    Almost everywhere for attention to pay

    She fits every where in dominating position
    In home she has formidable composition
    No one can do away without her presence
    Home will be reduced to rubble in her absence

    In sky they have ruled and on land too
    On technology and other fields they have pierced through,
    In some of the best economy of world
    Many areas have come under their fold

    Despite all this, her role has never diminished
    The influence is day by day increased but not finished
    Even though they may lie low in all the spheres
    They have found the way to excel everywhere

    Let us make room for them to shine
    They can not be neglected or put on side line
    They have come into being for playing role
    They are capable of responding to any call


  • beatificvibes 104w

    Life sucks is something I can't say
    But the whole thing seems like a bad day
    Always someone else with way more pain
    I try to be thankful in life and not always complain
    Until I get hit and drug away by a train
    As I got back on my feet, I saw a dream while awake
    I know how crazy I seem, a contradiction
    but wait...
    I can explain!!!!
    A beautiful smile on a gorgeous face
    Eyes has me lost consistently forgetting what to say
    A personality so strong and genius brain
    She makes my reality amazing and everything great
    Every day she is an awakening, a reminder to be patient and wait
    But now I miss her,
    so ill just sit here
    and write her a poem for when she is awake
    .....hurryyy upp though!!!!


  • mark_91 115w

    Some People Of Today's Youth

    Chehre Logo Ke Hote Nahi Khatam,
    Besharam saare kisiko aati na sharam,
    Keyboard pe saare bante h Shera,
    Dikhaave ne logo ke antarman ko ghera,
    Khud ka dimag na bhedh chaal me yeh chalte h,
    Dharam jaati bhed par har samay yeh ladhte h,
    Insaniyat ki raah se jaane yeh kaha bhatke h,
    Kamyabi ki duniya me beech me yeh atke h,

  • vedaaa 131w


    If only I had not loved the whole of you,
    One moment for one atom but my heart-
    Loved your each and every atom at once
    And found itself broken apart.

    If only my wanderlust was in control.
    Shouldn't have sailed amongst parts of you all alone.
    Got lost inside your veins while listening to the beats of your heart.
    I was just your white crayon, you were but the Red Sky of my Art.

    If only I had hesitated and sighed-
    The torn wings were not for flying at heights.
    You complain, "Skie, you broke my trust" , but love, you tore my wings and made me fall off the hill.
    My feelings for you, you told me to kill.

    If only you'd know I also want the fever to break.
    If only you won't show me this hate.
    If only I wasn't your painter and you weren't my Art.
    If only I had loved you in parts.

  • areebaqazi 150w

    There's so much Hate in this world
    And I feel like *I can't take No More.*

  • untoldwordsfallen 189w

    What is Fate?

    Fate is nothing but an excuse
    given by the people who are not determined
    By hard you can change your fate
    Just BE determined
    The one who believe in fate Just give up like a crybaby
    The one with tigerheart find their path in zero visibility.
    Ask yourself are you a crybaby or a tigerhearted?


  • anonymous_guy 189w

    I'm sorry if this isn't as good as normal, made other ones too recently but they have been personal ones for specific people and I couldn't share them (also why I haven't published any poem I have written for several days), dealing with some stuff so not sure how often I'll update but I should be doing it at least every week.

    This one's in a weird style, I'm not sure how it is to be honest, feel free to share your opinions in the comments (but please only positive criticism ��)


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    You say you need time, ok,
    I'll pretend that I'm fine, ok.

    Guess I'll see you in a bit, awhile,
    I'll try not to cry about it, awhile.

    I'll try not to fall apart, without you,
    But I am in parts, without you.

    I screwed things up with you, I know,
    More than a sorry is now due, I know.

    For what I have done I'm sorry, it's true,
    But now I can't help but worry, it's true.

    I only meant well, I'm sorry,
    But I did fail, I'm sorry.

    I had to do what I did, I thought,
    Too many secrets already hid, I thought.

    I had to own up to my mistakes, I did,
    So I told her the part I did take, I did.

    I need to regain all trust, I do,
    I hope it doesn't break us, I do...


  • mitujanavy 191w

    Coz u can
    Coz u can.
    Don't hate.
    Pls, why?!
    Coz u can.

  • anonymous_guy 192w

    Well I got chickenpox as an adult ��
    I was immune as a child (I had natural immunity as a child but it's sadly worn off)
    Just a poem of my experience of it.


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    Feeling dizzy, feeling foggy,
    Not throwing up but feeling groggy.

    Missing friends, missing birthdays,
    Missing life, stuck in a haze.

    Stuck in my room, can't see my siblings,
    Can't infect them, I haven't - I'm wishing.

    Can't see their faces, can't ask 'bout their day,
    Even for a minute, I'd like to, if I may.

    But I'm stuck in my room, bored of free time,
    I'm not free, I'm stuck, in this large room of mine.

    It doesn't matter, the amount I have of space,
    When I am stuck there, not seeing another's face.

    Missing those far from me, missing those near,
    Not seeing anyone, that I hold dear.

    When will it be done, when will I be well,
    Being free from this room, it would be swell.

    Let me out, let me go,
    When will I be free, I want to know.

    When will I be free, to see others,
    To see my friends, my sisters, my brothers.

    When will I be free, to see someone,
    To go outside, to see the sun.

    When will I be free, to go near,
    To be with the ones, that I hold dear...


  • anonymous_guy 192w

    Not too good from me but I was just writing randomly and thought I might post it.


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    Will they turn up, will they show,
    I hope they will, but I never know.

    My heart beats fast, as I journey on,
    Hoping they'll be there, they won't be gone.

    I pray they won't, won't leave me behind,
    Trying to calm down, to calm my mind.

    I turn up early, I wait for friends,
    Asking where are they, but not hitting send.

    It's not that I'm impatient, I'm scared you see,
    Scared that they'll go, that they'll leave me.

    I know I should trust, but I've never learnt,
    Because I had trusted, old bridges burnt.

    So I protect new bridges, for them I care,
    I guard these bridges, I always prepare.

    I don't take a chance, I try not to,
    Won't let them break, I only have a few.

    I varnish these bridges, I clean and protect,
    Anticipating the bad, the bad I expect.

    I wonder when, when I will trust,
    That my friends won't leave, leave me in the dust.

    I wonder when, I can rest and relax,
    Calming down, not keeping track.

    I wonder when, when the bridges will hold,
    Hopefully before, I turn grey and old.

    I wonder when, when I can write,
    About my joy, not my fright...


  • anonymous_guy 193w

    I had an argument with someone, who had been bullying me online, so all their friends joined there side and cause I didn't give in they blocked me...
    It got me quite annoyed as you can see ��
    (Obviously I'm not saying in this to bully, just when they sent hateful messages about me, and I sent a few about them, they got really annoyed and we had a large argument, I don't agree with what I did, I'm normally quite a peaceful guy but I somehow ended up really angry and went to their level, please don't do the same as me, it's not the right thing to do)
    I kind of ended the poem badly, mainly because I had written a bit too much, and I was a bit too recently emotional, I just couldn't handle writing more even though I had (too many) words trying to get written in the poem. I also didn't feel good about using so many words on someone who had bullied me, so when I got to the (current) end I just wanted to end it there, so I'm sorry about the lack of a good ending.


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    You act like you know me, you judge when you see,
    You assume I'm who u think, but I'm only just me.

    I'm not who you think, not that you care,
    You think you've seen all, that I'm all laid bare.

    You judge me, you categorize,
    Thinking I'll give in, not rise.

    You judge me, thinking you know who I am,
    Thinking your a tiger, and I'm a little lamb.

    But I won't bow to your wishes, I won't bow to your rule,
    I'll rise up against you, I'll be as cruel.

    I've been hunted and fought, way too much in this life,
    But my fangs have sharpened from all this strife.

    I have survived cancer, bullying and hate,
    If you try to bully me, loss will be your fate.

    You put me in a box, angry that I won't stay,
    You think that locked inside there, I will be okay.

    But I've spent my life locked, there's not a cage I can't leave,
    You try and put me in there, but I dodge and weave.

    You don't care about my emotions, only your own,
    You don't care about what I say, but get annoyed when I make mine known.

    People back you up, because they know you and not me,
    But just because there are more, won't mean I'll bow on my knee.

    Just because I fight, not bending to your will,
    Why do I have to give in, and let you have your fill.

    You look down on me, right past your nose,
    But I was crouching, not now when I oppose.

    I won't pretend to smile, I won't pretend to grin,
    I'll no longer take it, no longer let you win.

    I've pretended for awhile, pretended to be fine,
    But you kept pushing forward, now you crossed the line.

    You laughed at me, I laughed back, pretending it was just a joke,
    But we knew that it wasn't, you tried to leave me broke.

    My heart's been shattered a million times, it is now as hard as stone,
    You can't break something that's broken, a fact already known?

    But you try and stamp on my heart, to deal the killing blow,
    But I've dealt with hundreds of you, maybe you should know.

    I won't break, be beaten or destroyed,
    Won't give in, just cause you're annoyed.

    You're not the only one who feels them, maybe I feel them more,
    Because I've known them for a year, and now they leave me sore.

    Emotions are new to me, they arrived not long ago,
    But bullies I have dealt with, several in one go.

    You whip me with your words, trying to make me bleed,
    But I don't feel your words, I don't have a need.

    I grab onto the whip, I try to hit you back,
    But you call in your army, making them attack.

    I didn't start the battle, I didn't start the war,
    But now your complaining, about you being sore?

    I'm bruised, I'm hurt, I'm bleeding, but you don't even care,
    Do you care about anyone else, it's probably really rare.

    You say words, you judge and you hit,
    But call for backup when I bite, kinda funny, a bit.

    Just cause I bared my fangs, let you see a peep,
    You get all scared, you cry and you weep.

    You don't have that right, it's not fair at all,
    What I've done compared, was tiny and small.

    You judged me as a rabbit, or some little small prey,
    You attack me again and again, getting mad when I'm okay.

    What gives you the right, to make me feel guilty,
    After all this hate, and the way you treat me.

    I did nothing wrong, you only just assumed,
    But because of that, you declared me doomed?

    Cause I fight back, cause I won't let you kill,
    You call on others for backup, cause I won't stand still.

    But that won't work, so you choose to run away,
    Won't let me say my story, won't let me have my say.

    Just cause I'm different, I've been bullied for long,
    Just cause I'm different, is it really all that wrong?


  • anonymous_guy 193w

    Did a different type of poem, hope you all like it.


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    Why can't dreams be real, and life imagine?
    Is it possible, could that happen?

    Because life is a nightmare, full of fear and terror,
    Is life being true and dreams false an error?

    Living a life without shackles and chains,
    Living a life without sadness and pain.

    Is it wrong to dream of living the dream?
    Why can't we live life, beyond what it seems?

    Why can't we change the world, getting rid of sadness and pain,
    Why does it refuse to change, always staying the same?

    Can't I be unlimited, unchained, free,
    Can't I be myself, can't I be, me?

    Can't I be the dream, can't I live it,
    Living the deam, living without limit.

    Can't we live the dream and wake from this life,
    Can't we live our dreams, without any strife?

    Can't we stop dreaming, and wake from this reality,
    Can't we be our dreams, be who and what we want to be?


  • anonymous_guy 195w

    If anyone wants me to try to write a poem for them please email AnonymousGuyMirakee@gmail.com
    I'm not the best writer but I enjoy writing poems and can give your story a shot (please include as much information about what you want as possible in the email so I can write more)


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    It's only something small, it'll be gone soon,
    I know they're lying, been lying since noon.

    First they said it was tonsils, so they cut them out,
    I know they're wrong, I tell and I shout.

    They don't believe me, I'm just a child,
    They say it's not severe, it's something mild.

    They lie and they lie, hiding the truth behind a smile,
    But I've known for long, I've known for awhile.

    They shout inside the hallway, smile inside the room,
    Hiding behind a smile, my certain doom.

    They say it's going, that I'm doing alright,
    I don't argue, I know they already fight.

    I've seen the papers, never changing,
    But they say the lump, is slowly waning.

    They spend time with me, like never before,
    Not thinking about themselves, but me it's for.

    I barely ever saw them, now I see them everyday,
    It's cause my life is going, it's slowly fading away.

    I smile all the time, what's the reason why?
    I can't bare to see them, to see them continue to cry.

    I cry while they're in the hallway, while they cannot hear,
    I cry while they're far, and smile while they're near.

    They hide it from me, I hide it from them,
    I hope that I will die, so the hiding can finally end.

    But my body resists, it continues to fight,
    Fighting all day, fighting at night.

    My parents break down, they can't hide it anymore,
    So they cry in front of me, they fall on the floor.

    It's not a sad poem, although it seems so,
    This all happened awhile, about 12 years ago.

    The day after they cried, after we shared our pain,
    The papers, I saw them, and they were not the same.

    The doctors were dumbfounded, shocked and aghast,
    My parents were happy, my life could continue to last.

    And so I write this poem, to show you what happens when,
    When you show your emotions, and you don't pretend...


  • anonymous_guy 196w

    Going through some stuff emotionally, apologies if I am unable to post as much. Also pretty busy looking for a job. (If anyone in London has one going an interview would be much appreciated ^^ )

    I will try to post more, but I need to sort myself out a bit so I'm not sure how long till the next one (normally post every two days so a long time would probably be a week, idk though)

    #shortpoem, #donthate, #writersnetwork

    P.s I'm kinda tired so if there are any grammatical/spelling errors please tell me so I can correct them.

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    The question?

    Why did she ask me it, ask me that question,
    The question that I wish, she hadn't mentioned.

    I was doing ok, I was doing alright,
    But she asked me, and I can't sleep at night.

    I had gotten over those feelings, well I thought I had,
    But then she asked me, and it's driven me mad.

    She asked me why I liked her, after all this time,
    But that drove them over the edge, these feelings of mine,

    I had bottled them away, I was doing fine,
    But asking me that, is it crossing a line?

    She had rejected me, what's done is done,
    But being asked that, it really isn't fun.

    I had been doing fine, I was fine as a friend,
    But after being asked, it's gonna take awhile to mend.

    So I said I'm avoiding her, can't see her no more,
    I can't be a friend, to the one I adore...