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    And for that particular day,
    I cried but for the last time.
    Coz I've decided that from the next day,
    I won't care,
    I won't even think of you, & I decided not to disturb you ever again.
    For a moment I thought I would give up & would definately talk to you again.
    But next moment I thought of killing myself.
    Because that pain was unbearable.
    Leaving you was not in my plan.
    My plan was to live with you forever. The only person I've truly loved is you.
    But that day I decided that this has to end.
    I stopped caring about this whole world.
    I promised myself that I won't make any friend again.
    Am still keeping that promise.
    I don't know. I might be wrong to do that but I've no choice. I don't trust anyone.

    So am changed now.
    The deb you are seeing now is completely different.
    I don't talk much, I don't make friends, I keep myself busy with everthing.

    And now if someone have to be with me then they might except me in whatever way I am.


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    Last cry

    The day you said me that,
    "You don't love me anymore,
    & don't even think me as a friend"
    I cried & I cried a lot.
    But for the last time