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  • succomber 1w

    Walking to the other side of the bridge was your choice.
    Burning it down was mine.


  • dreamer_4 2w

    Let's just be friends, I said..

    Let's just be friends, I said.
    I thought you loved me..
    That I was your special someone..
    But clearly..
    I am the same..
    Just as any other girl out there..
    I thought you only saw me..
    That I was your only one..
    But that wasn't true..
    And I was just a fool..
    To have believed..
    That you could love me that way..
    Because you are just a kid..
    You haven't grown up..
    You could have fallen for anyone..
    And I am not any special..
    I thought you were head over heels for me..
    But you weren't.. it was all just lies..
    That maybe to you.. I was cute..
    That maybe.. I could act silly.. and be adored..
    Is what I thought..
    But nope.. you are immature..
    You aren't where I am yet..
    So let's just be friends.. I said.

  • seraiah_writes 6w

    El_Prayer #1

    O, Lord! I do not ask that this bitter cup be taken away from me; but if it is Your will that we suffer, please grant us strength to endure!

  • maantra 8w

    अब तुम्हें हम नहीं बताएंगे
    समय बताएगा हम क्या थे।

  • undefined_visionary69 12w

    Dear Guy

    Don’t look at me
    Don’t talk to me
    Don’t touch me
    Don’t love me
    I’m much better now

    Signed the one unappreciated


  • thewallofsomeone 12w


    ["I am so done with my life",
    said this everytime,
    to myself and
    my closer ones around,
    now when I say again,
    I feel like I am now
    so done with saying,
    "I am so done with my life."]

    (#done #donewith #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #mundane #tired #lost #life)

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    "I am so done with my life",
    said this everytime,
    to myself and
    my closer ones around,
    now when I say again,
    I feel like I am now
    so done with saying,
    "I am so done with my life."


  • ct_and_skylines 13w

    There are bigger things to fret over in the world.

    You and I are not one of them.
    Where you put your eyes and hands is not a matter of importance to me.
    No longer will I cry about the pretty girls body in a brazier on your screen.
    She’s so pretty I feel mean.
    She’s a body.
    I’m a body.
    You want quantity not quality and I can’t keep up.
    I’m not a number or coin at your disposal.
    You’d sooner have a dime,
    you told me I was fine
    damn and those eyes grabbed me all the time.
    I’m a lucky penny. An angels trail at the sole of your shoe.
    I’m not a dime to everyone. I’m an angel to many.
    I’m quality I don’t cost a thing.
    If you choose me my love comes too, it’s a given
    I’m here to love you.
    But I won’t love you
    while you love her, and her
    and her too.
    I’m not your object of desire.
    I ain’t here to light your fire.
    You can step back and claim your past.
    There’s a reason we leave, our love isn’t received.
    Yours is not always what it seems.
    Love lies when we justify why we need more than one fuck.
    It wasn’t love after all.
    It was lust and it’s okay to be hungry in this world but gluttony and greed is a sin.
    Lusting is having greed for skin.
    A cute Christian boy’s sin.
    You want the world so you
    take it all in.
    Forgetting those by your side will remember the way you dispose of them.
    It hurts.
    The way you sin.
    You lie to me using sweet phrases.
    Close in my ear you whisper that you are staying right here. Here to stay and I cringe and wish you’d stop saying that to me as if it’s it meant to soothe my heart.
    You don’t turn me on.
    Your secrets are catching up and they are the pressure at the base of your throat.
    Keep it there.
    I don’t care to hear that you are human and to human is to err or whatever..
    I get it.
    It drives us all into the fire. Burned by passion. I don’t know what else to say, other than I’m okay with never sleeping in your bed again.


  • quarantinistani 16w

    The best you can do
    is the best you can do
    and maybe you could've done better

    but you didn't
    because maybe you chose not to
    or maybe because you weren't meant to

    and the best you did
    was the best you could've done
    because that was as good as it was meant to have been done

    and being done just good enough
    was good enough
    for it to have been done.



  • inspiration_telugu 17w


    This law of belief is operating in all religious of the world and is the reason why they are psychologically true.

  • faulty_puppet 19w

    Everytime the thoughts of giving up sinks in,
    Passes through the throat to find a room in the heart's inn
    I let out a few words filled with my banshee screams
    Rip out the poison and let the air in

    #kaafihai #enough #done #notsatisfied #noncontent #tolive #tohope #todream #tofight #tonotgiveup #hindipoetry #hindipoems #hindiwriting #hindiwriters

    @her_story @hindiwriters @scarlette_ @niviee @mirakee_words

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    Kaafi Hai

    Bachpan mera bikhra sa hai
    Rishte mere saare toote se hai
    Yaadon ka ek dabba mera ek lauta amaanat
    Par jaisa bhi hai, kaafi hai

    Ek hissa mera murda sa hai
    Kuch armaan mere adhoore se hai
    Chand khwaabon se judi hai saasein meri
    Par jitna bhi hai, kaafi hai

    Tukdo me chupi neend
    Neend me chupe hazaron darr
    Darr Ko rijhaun khokhle sapno se
    Khokhle hi sahi magar, kaafi hai

    Dekhi maine thodi zindagi
    Dekhi harkate naam jinka duniyadaari
    Dekha asli, naqli, shwet, fareb aur aisa laga
    Jitna bhi dekha, kaafi hai

    Zindagi mutthi me hai lekin nahi
    Hai kuch koshishen, kaamnaye
    Sochta hoon ruk jaun kahin
    Jitna bhi kiya, kaafi hai

    Ek kitaab hai hazaaron pannon ka
    Pannon me chupi hazaaron kahaaniyan
    Kabhi main rehnuma, kabhi kirdaar par
    Jitni bhi kahaaniyan hai, kaafi hai


  • drishyachirps 19w

    Embrace their absence

    It's okay if you feel miserable,the person you loved left you. They don't seem to love or care anymore. You are allowed to feel bad for as long as you want. But life doesn't stop. Don't give so much control of your life to anyone that their absence affect it in a way it's ruined. Sometimes love doesn't last forever and then sometimes people loose feelings in a millisecond. It's not your fault it's just how it was supposed to be. You were not meant to be. Don't chase them, they are running for a reason. Keep your self respect and standard high. Focus on what's more important.You.Don't hope this never would have happened because everything cannot last forever in your life. It would make it perfect and life is not perfect. Let them go. Let them be happy. It's the only way you'll ever be able to get over them. It's okay that it's over. It was a good time that you spent so cherish it. These are memories and they will fade away with time,you won't even notice. Don't hung upon people they aren't worth it. Love yourself and the world will love you.


  • drishyachirps 19w

    It's okay to fall out of love

    Sometimes you have to accept that things have changed and that you have changed. Sometimes it's not possible to love someone forever. People always fall in and out of love. When you encounter such realisation instead of waiting for long and trying to love someone harder just let go. Because love is not something to be tried it has to come from within. You have to understand that people who mattered to you so much yesterday are not that important today due to some reason and it might or might not be their fault. Sometimes it's just you. You can't love them anymore. You love yourself the most in the world,it's not selfish it's self care. Don't try to fix things that are broken beyond repair. It's not worth it. Leave them for good. Don't be friends it will get them through hell. Choose yourself and your happiness. Sometimes do what's necessary not what's right. And you'll realise over the time that it was after all the right thing to do.


  • sarahrachelea 20w

    I never "give it a try"
    I'm giving my best
    All out, as always
    And now I'm just done


  • sumita_panigrahi 20w

    This hell loop never ends, if you want to be peaceful, free yourself from every chain..
    #mirakke #love #life #lost #done #keepgoing #condemn #loveyourself #youarebeautiful

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    Never shed a tear for someone who condemn you, blame you and let you down.
    You know yourself better than them. It seems like it doesn't matter what they think or write about you, but deep down what they think about you matters to you, but why..???

  • pujith_66 20w

    *Retire from your Memories*❤️

    Sitting for a while, trying to escape from myself, I lost! I lost the way, I lost my way, I lost my existence! I felt tired! I think, as if its done. Its all over. Nothing to live for!
    But what about the memories that witness our being! The time, let it fractional also but you were mine for that! You said you woll be with me here beside me but all I am left with is your memories now. I have to surrender. Its not my fate but its your fakesm. My heart asks this question to my brain daily "How can one be so perfectly fake-hearted?" and you know what's the answer I always get..... My brain replies that's its not you but its me, my own whose is all fault! And today I think my brain is right!

    Floating over the ocean of your memories, I remember how you used to be close to me... how you are always in search of an excuse to talk to me. Say me was all that wrong? Was all that a part of my imagination? Well i think no. You were a part of my life, or I should say you are life! Still today each detailing of your behavior towards me makes me embrace. But what's the matter now is you are jot here for me!

    Ever wondered, till the last moment I was following you, I was begging for your love! But its not love what one have to beg! Still now I couldn't understand where was my fault? Was it chosing you? No... It can't! As your betray made me strong! Made me capable! And yea I have a very good answer to your statement "my parents won't agree" is it so? Have you ever tried to ask them about it?
    Well, how many times did I tell you that I will take care of everything. But u never did listen to me right?
    Well, now I think it's all done.

    Feeling your essence as the first meet, I learnt how to live life without you! But it is becoming difficult to live life with your memories!!
    I will live my life with all that I have!
    Wishing you best of luck, i retire from your memories!


  • tejasvianant 23w

    अगर मेरे गाँव आओगे तुम
    तो तुम्हें माँ से मिलाऊँगा मैं
    जो वादे किए हैं मोहब्बत में
    वो सारे वादे निभाऊँगा मैं

  • themiraclesshope 25w

    Sometimes people treat us in a way that we should never show our love/care to them anymore in our life.

    They will give us the feel that we should never talk to them anymore.

    #doneanddusted ❤️

  • storyteller_agam_ 26w


    There was all silence around
    And a girl standing on the ground
    She was unknown that she is going
    On a land where the poor needs a hand

    Sneh was forced to go with a man, she hasn't seen before
    Because, she was a girl seen as a product and teh deal was done for sure and THE DEAL WAS DONE FOR SURE.

  • jomygk 27w

    For once in my whole life, I just want everything to Stop.

  • jomygk 28w

    Good bye