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  • heetvyas 19w

    I pinch my eyes shut
    With your spanks that warm my butt

    My lustful admission
    Demands you in a dominant position

    Pressing my perky nipples to pain
    I drip, yearn for you, in vain

    You fill me up together, with your teeth and the vibrator
    Trembling under your whim, you release the infiltrator

    Scream, moan, shudder to your penalizing algorithm,
    My warm wet fluid jiving to your unsparing rhythm!


  • delhibdsmdom 25w


    It begins when pain starts becoming pleasure


  • blus_stories 38w

    Defined by your choice of master must reside within.
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    Never allow the clumsiest Beta define your choice of your Alpha.

  • omega_the_virus 58w

    I can't describe the taste of you,
    But I know it.
    Just like the rhythm of your body,
    When I'm inside you.
    We like it rough..
    But I'm not rough right now.
    I need to feel you.
    No hand on your throat.
    Or hair balled in my fist.
    Just my lips on yours.
    Our eyes locked.
    Tell me you love me..
    Tell me to make you mine..
    Tell me to never let you go..
    Your alpha.
    He needs to know.


  • born_to_write_ 62w

    Me after studying inheritance and variation.��������‍♀️

    [ yes, i am having my midterm exams.������]

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    #daadigotyourback #dominant #reccessive #selfrespect #ego #breaking #messages #pod #quotes

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    His ego - DOMINANT TRAIT [EE]
    Her self-respect - RECESSIVE TRAIT [ee]

    ©a stenographer soul

  • omega_the_virus 70w

    As I hold you
    Breathless in my arms
    The heat of us
    Rolling off our flesh
    Smoky waves on the surface

    Let out that sigh
    Heart beating like crazy
    Sweat staining the bed beneath us

    I own you I whisper
    As I take you again
    Hand around your throat

    You need a reason why I love you
    Take all of me now


  • ovais43 76w

    منافق ہی ہوتا ہے نا جو آپ سے ملتا ہے تو آپ کی تعریف کرتا ہے اور آپ کے دشمن سے ملتا ہے تو اُس کی تعریفوں کے پُل باندھتا ہے ۔ہاں تو بھیاءجی وہ ہی بات کرو، کھری بات نہ کرو جس سے کوئی ناراض ہو۔ آئینہ خود دیکھنا تواچھی بات ہوتی ہے مگر دوسروں کو نہیں دکھایا کرتے ۔ بُری بات ہوتی ہے معاشرے میں عدم اعتمادی بڑھتی ہے ، فساد کا اندیشہ بڑھتا ہے ، نفرت پھیل سکتی ہے ۔ ہر دم بس تم اچھی اچھی پیاری پیاری بات کرو اور لوگوں کے دلوں کو چُھو لو۔

    خواب، ہاں خواب دیکھا کرو۔ اچھے اچھے خواب دیکھا کرو۔ اور خوابوں سے نا ، کچھ سیکھا کرو۔ اور ہاں خواب وہ دیکھا کرو، جنہیں تم حقیقت میں بدل سکو۔جو معاشرے کو قبول ہو۔ ایسے خواب ہر گز نہ دیکھا کرو، جس کی تعمیل سے دنیا میں جگ ہسائی ہو۔ چھوٹے چھوٹے خواب دیکھا کرواور زیادہ اونچا نہ اڑا کرو۔بلکہ جو اونچی اُڑان بھرنا چاہے یا اونچا اُڑتا دِکھائی دے ، تمیں چاہیے کے اُس کے پَر کاٹ دو۔ آفتاب سے لڑنے کی جس میں ہمت ہو ، اسے شرم دلاﺅ کہ خبیس انسان تم شرم کرو، بندے کے پُتر بنو، تم انسان ہو۔ ہاں کچھ بھی ہو ، دوسرے کوئی اچھا کام کریں اُس کی تعریف کرو۔ لوگوں کو بتاﺅ ، شئیر کرو۔ مگر خود ویسا کرنے کی ہر گز ہر گز بے وقوفی نہ کروکیونکہ تم غریب ہو ۔ یا پھرتم اس قابل نہیں ہو ۔ لوگ کر سکتے ہیں ، انہیں جچتا ہے کیونکہ ان کے پاس وسائل ہیں ، ان کے گھر کا چولہا جلتا رہتا ہے ۔ اور ہاں ہم تمیں نہیں ڈراتے ۔ جو دل کرتا ہے کرو۔ آخر تم آزاد ہو۔

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    آخر تم آزاد ہو


    چلو اب چل ہی پڑے ہو تو چلو،جہاں تم لے چلو،جہاں تم لے جانا چاہو ،لے چلو۔ ہمیں زندگی میں کوئی کام دھندہ تھوڑی نا ہے ۔ فارغ بیٹھے ہیں ، آپ ہی کے لیے بیٹھے ہیں ، چلو۔ یہاں چلووہاں چلو۔بس چلو چلواور چلو۔ نہ رُکو کہیں ، نہ دیکھوکہیں ، جیسے سب اندھا دُھند چلے جا رہے ہیں ، تم بھی چلو۔ نہیں نہیں ، عقل کا استعمال ہمارے لیے تھوڑی نہ ہے۔ یہ اوروں کا کام ہے سوہنے تم بس چلو۔ کوئی ضرورت نہیں اپنا مقام و معیار بنانے کی۔ سب بھیڑ چال چل رہے ہیں تم بھی چلو۔ جدت پسندی ، اصول پسندی سب تب ہی جچتی ہے جب تم اور وں کے سنگ چلو، جہاں سب چلے ، دوڑے جا رہے ہیں ۔ کہیں رُک کر ، اِدھر اُدھر دیکھنا، وقت کا ضیاع ہے اور ہر ایسا بند آوارہ و بے حیاہے ۔ جو لوگوں کو دیکھ کر آسمانوں میں جھانک کر اللہ سے فریاد کرتا ہے کہ ان انسانوں کو جس مقصد کے لیے پیدا کیا تھا ، یہ تو اس کے برعکس ، اُلٹی سمت میں چلے جا رہے ہیں اور تو اور منز ل کا تعین بھی نہیں ہے ۔بس ہوس ہے ، کسی کو پیسے کی تو کسی مرتبے و مرعات کی ۔ سوچنا، اور سوچ کر عقل کی کو ئی بات کرنا بھلا کہاں کی عقل مندی ہے ۔ پاگل ہوتے ہیں وہ سبھی لوگ جو لہروں کی مخالفت میں زور آزماتے ہیں اور اپنی توانائی سرف کرتے ہیں ۔ خدارا تم ایسے مت بنو۔ جہاں سب جا رہے ہیں ، تم بھی وہیں چلو۔

    پڑھائی کرو، نوکری کرو، چھوکری چھوکرا کرو، چاہے عقل کا کباڑایا ردّی کا ٹوکراکرو ۔خدارامخالف سمت نہ چلو۔ دیکھوخاندان والے کیا کہیں گے ،معاشرہ کیا کہے گا ، ہماری عزت کا جنازہ مت نکالو، عزت کا بھرتہ مت بننے دو، بس چلو۔ صبح کو نکلو، کام دھندہ کرو اور شام کو گھر آپڑواور کھا پی کر وقتی موت مرو۔پھر صبح اُٹھواور جو کچھ کل پرسوکیا تھا، آج پھر وہی سب کرو۔ چال ویسی چلو، جیسی سب چل رہے ہوں۔ کپڑاایسا پہنو،جس میں دنیا کو کوئی اعتراض نہ ہو ۔ بات ایسی کرو جو سب کو پسند ہو ۔ اُس کے لیے بھلے ہی منافق ہی کیوں نہ بنو۔کیونکہ منافق ہی وہ اخلاق پیدا کر سکتا ہے جو سب کو بھائے ۔

    Rest in Canton*

  • sanchari_karmakar 88w

    She plasters her mouth aggressively over mine...our tongues fight for dominion over the other until I give in and let her have her claim over me....

  • rightcalling 109w

    Waiting doesn't make perfection unless you are going through observation, even we can ascertain with the cleanness while going through the mist within a certain aloofness. Play with sense to make your life's canvas! ✍️

    Imagine more than meets, enjoy more than deeds! ��

    #accordingtoplan #thetwothings #enlighten #waitfor #observation #heartfelt ��️❣️��️ #nightend #vibrations ✨ �� #freshthoughts #coming #dominant ��️��������✌️

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  • romantic_bdsm 113w

    The Highway To Love

    Passion is the vehicle, willpower is the fuel, effort is the driver, saftey is the seat belt, motivation is the journey, honesty is the gauge, communication is the blinkers, self-control is the speed, trust is the breaks, determination is the distance, stability is the axle, balance is the tires, and love is the destination.

    Can you make it?


  • nastyquotes 117w

    Keep in mind,...

    A submissive requires more than the average girl;
    More attention, more structure, more rules.
    She also need more focus, coaching and time.

    It's a lot to take on-
    But a girl gives a lot
    She submits her will
    To the will of a Dominant.
    This is the Power Exchange.


  • jeet07 120w

    A poem of a submissive man

    Dreams shatter as they break into pieces,
    When the reality of the matter kisses.
    With you as my Dom, I thought of becoming yours for ever,
    As your pet, as your slave, as you sub leaving you never.

    But this is never an easy ride,
    My emotions don't have a place to hide.
    Your mood swings high and low like the tide,
    And You are busy making tenders of sulphide.

    Within the four walls I have a demon in me,
    Which I feel afraid to let it roam free.
    That demon can be tamed only by the godess,
    With love and whips and belts.

    I am bonded in chains,
    The master who weild the chain will rein
    On me, I don't want to give that power to anyone else other than a few,
    To call someone as my mistress this heart hasn't found anyone other than you.

  • neelanshu_chaturvedi 123w


    Sun doesn't ask the moon how to glow.
    It shines as it wants.

  • grayinu 123w

    Dom x Sub Poem

    Warning! Dom and Sub Poetry ahead!

    She enters the room my breath hitches her boots tredding softly across the tile floor, my eyes meet her's and I know I'm falling so much deeper than I ever was before.
    My heart pulses in my chest wanting to be freed from it's cage, oh how much I longed for her sweet embrace I wont ever forget what happens today how very much she tempts me to play this dangerous game of pain.
    No sense in being afraid Master knows better for I am only a slave, she makes me so needy to give me what I crave. "I'll beg again and again I'll do what you say."
    No matter how far I run I'll always come back, you are the only master I'll ever have.


  • rupal_kaur_anand 127w

    Be a kind of person who will not slow down because of someone's cheap tricks .
    Be the person who can rip anyone into pieces
    Be a person other's will be scared to take advantage of

    #strong #strength #powerful #words #dominant #motivation #superiority #strongpeople #words #oneliners #madewords #writeups #writings

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    Oh dear
    I am not really
    A tame person
    Try destroying my peace
    I will break your bones

    ©R.K Anand

  • lilsafeheaven 127w


    Daddy - (is sitting on the couch playing video games)

    Babygirl - *comes into the room dressed only in knee high socks and one of his oversized hoodies* hi daddy!

    Daddy - *doesnt look up from the screen* hey baby

    Babygirl - *pouts and sits next to him*

    Daddy - *continues playing, not paying attention to her*

    Babygirl - *pouts even more and straddles him on his lap* pay attention to meeee

    Daddy - after this round princess

    Babygirl - *whimpers and starts to grind against him* but daddy..

    Daddy - *raises an eyebrow looking at her for a second then looks down her body* no panties huh?

    Babygirl - *giggles shaking her head no* I just thought you'd like to see what belongs to you, sir

    Daddy - *blushes a bit trying to keep his composure and just continues with his game*

    Babygirl - *starts to grind against him a bit more, burying her face in his shoulder*

    Daddy - *bites his lip to hold back a moan* what do you think you're doing angel..?

    Babygirl - *giggles while rocking her hips over his growing bulge* nothiiiiing.. keep playing hehe

    Daddy - *leans his head back and groans trying to concentrate on the game*

    Babygirl - *leans down softly kissing and licking his neck* do I make you feel good, daddy?

    Daddy - *growls deeply putting his controller down as he grabs her by the neck* very good baby

    Babygirl - *whimpers and stops her movements blushing deep red*

    Daddy - *smirks using his other hand to guide her hips back and forth* did I say you could stop, slut?

    Babygirl - *shakes her head and grinds on his lap shakily* n..no

    Daddy - *lifts her up standing her on the floor while he stays sitting on the couch* on your knees, now

    Babygirl - *blushes and shakes her head again* nuhuh

    Daddy - *raises an eyebrow looking into her eyes* what was that?

    Babygirl - you can't tell me what to d-

    Daddy - *cuts her off by standing up with his hand around her neck as he pushes her against the wall roughly and his voice drops dangerously low* you do what I say, when I say it. Understood, slut?

    Babygirl - *nods immediately getting onto her knees in front of him* y..yes master

  • thegirlinwhitecoat 131w

    There's logic. And then there's your instinct.
    Pay attention to what dominates.


  • magicalmystery 137w

    Letter By a Little Girl

    I'm so happy to know you've loved me all along.
    I've missed you, Daddee. I've missed being your little girl. I've missed you pulling me into your arms, as I lay like a wax doll to melt in your warm embrace... Your breath on my ear, mouth sucking gently at my breast... I'm your little toy, Daddee. The moment your hand touches my skin, the entire world disappears, and I kneel before you as the god you are in my eyes... Let my life be my dedication to you; I crawl to the space between your legs. My aim is please my Daddee; nothing else matters.


  • manisha2009 138w


    Our society exists to
    Co create
    never Agitate
    Dominate or Suffocate

  • magicalmystery 139w

    Tears And Shame

    You're taking me camping tomorrow.
    And I can't stop crying.
    As I read over our messages,
    All I can think is how badly I need you to control me.
    And you won't.
    We're not right for one another.
    But you won't hear that from me:
    I'm going to just have to think of you as a lover,
    Because, regretfully, you could never become the man I need.
    I would be beyond happy if you took me into the woods and treated me like a dog.
    But you aren't. You won't. You don't understand;
    Beat me with a stick and tell me what to do;
    I want to be on my knees for you, Daddee.
    Please use me, please hurt me, please just choke me:
    I don't want to be let down again with your kindness.
    You don't understand how badly I need to be owned.
    Why won't you treat me as the slave I'm willing to be for you?
    Why would anyone say no to that opportunity?
    Am I not good enough for you?
    Does my devotion mean nothing to you...?