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  • little_rabbit 19w


    For the boys who thinks they can play with girls... But dont forget that, A doll can be Annabella ...

  • poesybird 31w

    The clock struck 3 am
    And I was out of my bed trying to find something I saw in my dream,
    Not in my dream, rather I would say
    Something related to my childhood.
    My precious doll who I named "piya"
    So close to my heart that I would never let her go.

    But soon one day we had to move out of the house
    Now we call it our "old home"
    Once surrounded by nature, am now surrounded by buildings
    No place for easy cycling
    But one day, we went to stay at our "old home" for two days.

    Now, continuation of my dream
    Which I already told wasn't 'just' a dream,
    I went in search of Piya,
    Seemed like I was under a spell; "maybe under piya's spell? " I thought for a moment,
    Soon, my mind led me to the old attic of the house
    Rummaging through the dusty boxes
    I found something, a box with my name written over it!
    Quickly I opened to see piya, my lovely childhood doll
    Now covered in dust
    Her hair, all over the place and her dress, torn
    But it wasn't only her dress torn, it was my heart too.

    It wasn't just piya who I found that night,
    Memories flooded my mind
    Photographs of my family smiling and my marble collection.
    I was surely under a spell that night,
    A spell casted by the attic of my old home.

    Today's challenge given by @miraquill
    #attic #oldhome #nature #doll #wod #ceesreposts #pod

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    Spell of the attic of my old home

  • ajit___ 34w

    एक रिसता य़ह भी //
    #doll #babydolls
    {Pic credit from #pintrest}

    उसके किरदार में सुरु दिन से समीक्षा हो गई,
    बेटी को बेटी बनते ही, माँ बनने की ईच्छा हो गई!
    माँ के सारे गुण वह बचपन में सीख लेती है,
    करुणा, ममता, त्याग, सब अपने ज़हन में लिख लेती है
    माँ से मिला प्यारा उसे भी आगे बाँटना होता है,
    जैसे माँ ने डाँटा, उसको भी आगे डांटना होता है!
    इसके लिए उसे, पापा द्वारा गुड़िया मिलती है,
    जादू की झप्पी, प्यार की पुड़िया मिलती है,
    अब जैसे माँ उसको नहलाती है,
    वो भी गुड़िया को वैसे ही सहलाती है!
    रिसता दोनों का धीरे धीरे बहुत गहरा हो जाता है,
    एक संजीव निर्जीव में भी खुशियो का पहरा हो जाता है!
    खुद से ज़्यादा वो, उसकी फिक्र करती है,
    माँ से कई दफा, वो गुड़िया का जिक्र करती है,

    लड़कों को खेलने के लिए, झुनझुना मिलता था, ����
    अब वैसे ही बन गए, झुनझुनवाला टाइप ������
    Girls dekho सभी doll जैसी ����
    Note [इसे फ्लर्ट ना समझा जाए] ��

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  • bejubaanshayar 36w

    Wo meri zindagi me muhabbat ke shiba kuchh lekar to nahi aai thi
    Lekin uske jane se muhabbat ke shiba bhi bahut kuchh chala gya hai

  • tabiya_13 38w

    If someone treats you like a doll, then sometimes you've to be Annabella to show them how much of dark those pretty pink shades hold.


  • miss_silentlyweird 42w

    ⚠️Some serious content ahead. Pardon for grammatical errors and typos⚠️

    Mom is weird since she's upbeat like we hit some lottery or perhaps we did, on the grounds that she advises me to wash myself appropriately thus I did. In the wake of cleaning up she dresses me with wonderful dress which I've never seen, the dress is fresh out of the plastic new making me not having any desire to wear it cause it's my first time having those.

    Mom tenderly and pleasantly brush my long, wavy hair. I grin cause I felt this time she genuinely adores me. She moves before touches my cheeks.

    "Magda recall that you're my doll," mom said while wearing the best smile. She gives me a red doll shoe and make me wear it. Today I felt like a genuine doll princess.

    My mother holds my hand and she said we're heading off to some place far. I giggled as the fervor develop. Possibly we will go to a mansion and ride a chariot like Cinderella did.

    As we went outside no chariot stopped rather it's a van, we strolled toward it and a man in a suit descended. Mother let go my hand that makes me wonder, she then bend down to converse with me.

    "Magda you recollect that I said you're my doll?" she asked and I nodded.

    "since you're a doll you I need to sold you out so you'll not be stuck in the attic with me and by that I can show you the amount I love you," she expressed. I was terrified when she referenced that I would need to be sold off however I confide in my mother that she adores me.

    So I simply embrace her and simply follow what she advised me. I oblige the man in suit; he guided me to the van prior to living, I once glance out the seat by the window and wave my hand to my mom who's remaining outside without realizing that it's the last time I will ever see her.

    Cause I'm past the point of no return and too youthful to even think about understanding that mother sell me off like a barbie doll in toy market not on the grounds that she cherishes but since she simply needed to acquire something and that is money.

    I become doll princess not in a palace nor mansion but rather in the doll's factory where doll princess like us need to satisfy the owner who bought our body for them to enjoy playing in pleasure.

    #doll #toy #notohumantrafficking
    Source: Pinterest

    Ps: This is story is inspired to the documentary about some children doing a thing so-called “prostitution" and the worse part is they not even aware of it , some even sold by their own parent. It melts my heart and kinda felt devastated knowing this kind of settings is happening not just today but by the past years of living in this cruel world.

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    The Broken Doll In Doll's Factory

    I am too young to understand,
    Why mama sold like a candy into someone else hand,
    She said the I am her doll princess,
    So she sell me off after getting me dresses

    I arrive in this doll's factory,
    Where I needed to give satisfactory,
    Buyers come and go to bought me
    While I'm being locked out with box as toy appointee


  • jan_balan 45w

    Not a doll
    With painted

    - women

  • thebhavnasaxena 49w


    Ice in my eyes,
    Snow upon my skin,
    Here I am, risen another
    Morning, when the sun
    Shines on me, but I feel
    No warmth, my cold breath
    Mingles with the fog, and
    The wish I made blowing out
    Candles on my birthday cake,
    That wish is lost in the mist,
    Don't hold my hand, lest you
    Come to know, I walk these merry
    Streets, like a corpse, no beating
    Heart within my chest, 'cause
    Darling, they made a porcelain
    Doll out of me, look pretty, sit
    Properly, say nothing, they hate
    Tears, so say nothing, so I plucked
    Out my heart, what is a doll with
    A heart good for, anyway; don't
    Hold my hand, or you will catch
    A chill, nothing, nothing, that is
    What you get in return for the heart
    That you have vowed to give me,
    Don't wait to be let in, there is a
    Great winter, deep in my soul,
    Lost in the blizzards of my
    Mind, you will freeze to death,
    And I will feel nothing.

  • har_har_mahadev 49w

    अब तुम्हे क्या भेजें....
    Teddy bear

    यार तुम ..
    खुद barbie doll जैसी हो


  • akshay_vasu 50w

    The kid inside me who never received a doll for itself has opened a store and giving away the dolls it made to others.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • chongtie 61w


    In a rusted box of metal,
    Locked for decades in darkness
    Lays a shaggy miserable doll
    Cover with bruises so lethal.
    With brown dark patches all over her body.
    She left no strength to bawl
    Gruppy, fusty odour exhaust her all.
    She lost her zeal to crawl and doubt her existence.
    Then in distress strike a ray of lightning
    So powerfully ignate in flames,
    Touched her clumsy apperance
    And soon the scars shimmer tremendously.
    Ever then, the tiny doll breathe life,
    Never would she trapped in a rusted metal again.

  • trulyyours7 62w

    Glassy doll♥️✍️

    There was a colony of dreams
    A girl lived in it ..... !!
    So angelic and devine..
    In the courtyard of her house
    She used to sow some dreams ..... !!
    By the window of her room she loves to play with raindrops !
    She used toLaugh infront of everyone
    But used to cry secretly ..... !!
    She often used to stare at the moon for long times...
    ♥ then used to talk to herself....
    Every eye which sees her...
    Think she is a doll of glass....
    One day when she broke down...
    Then people come to know
    That crazy doll was in love with someone madly.....

    ©trulyyours7 Copyright_issues take permission before using anywhere.

  • ilexater 64w


    Barbie dolls on parade,
    plastic perfection,
    an illusion of control
    in the wild hands
    of an adolescent puppeteer.

    Give a totem all the things
    you wish your family could afford,
    the fancy car and immaculate mansion
    status symbols of your wildest daydreams,
    perfect life, love, family
    all gifted to a silicone doll.

    Whispered stories in an empty house,
    fill the corners of a small room
    shared with siblings
    with your secret desires
    and darkest nights,

    wishing for a life as simple
    as a Barbie doll on parade.

  • acexlee 67w


    Wishing for it to stop
    The cycle
    The cycle of playing
    Being left
    Being found
    Being hurt
    Being abused
    Being reminded
    That their a doll
    Their only job is to wait
    To watch
    To wish
    For change
    For it to stop
    For a better life
    For a life
    For freedom
    For free will
    But they can only watch
    Watch the madness
    Watch the pain
    Watch the emotions they wish to have
    To only wait
    Wait for a change
    Wait for it to stop
    To only wish
    Wish for something new

  • silent_swayam 76w

    She played me away

    She plays me like a doll
    Come and go for a roll
    But when I wake up from my dreams
    I set up to go for a stroll

  • eden_with_eve 81w

    He loved her like a doll
    He built her a shelf
    When she didn't want to sit there he told her she was selfish
    She didn't ask to be made of glass
    She was never born to be hollow
    Love is less without some heartbreak

  • alxita 85w

    La Poupée is French for "the doll".

    -- La Poupée --

    Exscinding is the exuberant enclaves of ecstasy
    Exposing is the doll for renditions of synchronicity
    If the audience does not approve its deemed performance
    Expecting will be a waterfall of backlash in dissonance

    If unwilling to let out an atmosphere for their wishes
    They will suffocate, and backfire like a crisis
    Imperfectly perfect, they demand for perfection
    If perfectly imperfect, they execrate for imperfection

    What will happen if they too, present for show-and-tell?
    Will they bleed the same blood like her, shyness dwells?
    What will happen if she doesn't entice their lame guts?
    Will they die from their expectations on the spot?

    "Je veux la liberté," her soul says in a callous way
    Imprinted is the indoctrinated society of dismay
    If darkness chokes them, they weep for the help signal
    If she chokes though, will she just be so typical?

    #poetry #doll #showandtell #liberty #freedom #oppression #society #life #system #darkness #controlled #stage #drama #mirakee #alxita_june_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 108
    Jun. 5, 2020, 10:31 AM (GMT+8)

    1. This poem is partly inspired by Melanie Martinez's song "Show and Tell".
    2. "Je veux la liberté" roughly translates to "I want liberty".

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    La Poupée

    "Imperfectly perfect, they demand for perfection
    If perfectly imperfect, they execrate for imperfection"

  • rani_shri 85w

    तेरे सिवा कोई और हमारे पास आया ही नहीं,
    क्या करें तेरे बिना सांस लेना हमें रास आया ही नहीं।

    ख़ुदा ने भी तेरे सिवा किसी और को हमारा बनाया ही नहीं,
    हमनें भी किसी और का होने के लिये कभी ख़ुद को मनाया ही नहीं।

    ज़माने में भी तेरे सिवा अपना किसी और को बताया ही नहीं,
    ख़ुदा कसम तेरे सिवा कहीं और अपना प्यार जताया ही नहीं।

    तेरे सिवा किस्मत नें कोई और राह हमें दिखाया ही नहीं,
    किसी और की हो जाऊं ऐसा मैंने ख़ुद को सिखाया ही नहीं।

    सचमुच तेरे बिना जीना मुझे आया ही नहीं,
    क्योंकि तेरे बिना दिल को धड़कना भाया ही नहीं।

  • rani_shri 85w

    ऐ ख़ुदा,
    मुझे अपने लिये कुछ नहीं चाहिये,
    बस मेरे अपनों की सारी ख़्वाहिशें तू पूरी कर दे...

  • dopalkizindagi 88w

    Kitne bhi tut jao ,par bikharne ka Nahi..
    Zindagi hai bas kamse kam yuhi chalna sikhjao!

    Waqt Ne hai kiya humpe ye kaisa sitam,
    Tumbhi bejara ho,lekin barbaad hogaye hum,
    Jaane Kis raste mujhko lejayenge,
    Par Disha ye mere dagmagathe kadam,
    Saath De thi parchayiyaan ,aur meharba horahe hum..!

    Love you zindagi������������������������������ #slibbings group #Doll.

    Living life creates something,
    But,Death Doesn't...

    Live life ,living is strength..

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    *Live life,
    Death ends.*

    Waqt ne hai kiya ye kaisa sitam,
    Bin zakham ke barbaad hogaye hum,
    Tut ke bhi bikhre Nahi ,zinda hai hum,
    Kyu Ki,Marne ke baad sirf ek Mudda hai hum..!