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  • sword_x 3d

    Made for each other

    One day i noticed that my dog is limping, he was having pain on left hand. So i decided to take him to the hospital next day. I applied leave for next day and left for home. On the way i met with an accident and my left arm got fractured. I came home with a plastered hand. My mom was like you were coming to take care of his left hand and now both of you guys left are injured. I replied her "That's y we are made for each other"

  • ehsaas007 1w

    An Appeal

    Dear Readers,
    Hope you all have been doing good!
    Just a Reminder..the winter is all set to drop down the mercury to the lowest..i request you all to help these stray dogs in fighting the chilling cold in night..just drop a cloth or a jute bag or any piece of cloth near by such stray dogs that can help them alleviate the suffering..and see the happiness you get while doing so..Earn blessings..just do it!

  • alltimefamished 5w

    Dogs are man's best friend

    It was pretty dark. The street lights were almost down, and the only light she had was her phone light.

    A guy walked to her. She was frightened but was holding the pepper spray for her safety.

    Even before she could react, the street dog barked loudly and gathered all the other dogs.

    He was surely a new person in the street.

  • heartords 18w


    I want to earn enough to make sure that one day i wake up to retriever pulling my blanket, husky licking all over my face, beagle penduling his tail in joy,rottweiler gazing me like I'm most beautiful thing in the world.... No humans, peace!

  • porcupine 21w


    A gentle dog they are
    They love to snuggle
    Beside you sleeping
    They love to cuddle

    Looks are deceiving
    This dog is not bad
    They may seem mean but
     Seldom are they mad

    They are very strong
    And enjoy doing work
    If it's for their owner
    It would be their perk

    My favourite breed
    Is the rottweiler
    If I were to rate them
    It would be a ten for sure

  • pradeepkumar_radhakrishnan 21w

    If humans had their tails... Emoting Emotions wouldn't have been this complicated.

    #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #pets #dogs #puppies

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    Imagine having a tail and wagging it high, when you meet your favourite person..


  • entanglednerves 22w

    You know who

    I look at those streetdogs
    And then I look at us Humans
    Someone's breathing free
    Someone's untouched by opinions
    Someone's going No strings attached
    Someone's least worried of how it would all end
    Someone's wiser but is on the streets
    Someone's an "evolved" fool, you know who..

    - Shivin

  • kamrie872 23w

    He lived a good life
    Simple and the same
    He didn't need much to make him happy
    Back scratches
    Food and water
    A time to enjoy the outdoors
    He knew the routine well
    He saw familiar faces
    Heard familiar sounds
    But there was one he never heard in the house
    A whistle from afar
    Who would try to take the place of the one he knows
    Instinctively he wanted to respond
    He looked around searching and felt a tug
    His eyes back to focus with a reminder of his good home

  • avishiwrites 24w

    My CompanioN

    i remember my slippers,
    being your new home.
    i held you in my palm,
    and you felt so warm,
    for you were too tiny to holD.

    they said,
    dogs are maniacs,
    and they make your house dirty.
    but i learnt from you,
    that i am no less,
    even when things are
    hard to express,
    even when i am at mess,
    because that's how you have always been.
    even though a lot messy,
    you know how to love me madly.
    you are always jumping around and
    you never let the house be lonelY.

    if i were to be grounded
    for months or weeks,
    i wouldn't mind it,
    with you on my side.
    and only if you were to accompany,
    i wouldn't care being trapped
    a thousand miles away.
    because sweetheart without you ,
    I can't know how to survive a daY.

    ©��������ℎ�� ��ℎ����

    @mirakee #avishiwrites #avishichug #companion #doglover #sweetpoem #mustread #deep #poemfordog #dogs #friendship #truelove

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  • libra_fey 25w

    Eyes burning
    With often nights spent crying.
    I am numb to my feelings
    Wanted someone to understand me by
    just looking at my eyes.
    Then my good deeds sent you In my life,
    You held my hand
    And now I am on cloud 9.
    You sat beside me when
    I didn’t expect anyone,
    Licked my tears and
    Woofed me not to cry.
    It meant whole and beyond the universe.
    No words can exactly explain
    What that meant to me.
    No bizarre can ruin my life
    When your paw is on my hand.
    But your biting still hurts ;-)

    #love #dogs
    Thank you @writersnetwork for ❤️

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  • strangewriter2002 28w


    Don't make a lion roar

    Cause when he roar against your barks it won't be just any roar


  • shubham_20 29w

    Mere feelings ke saat maat khelo

    Accha kutte ke bhi feelings hote hai


  • rainkeyy 30w

    The friends that hold on to you are the friends that you should never let go. Picture credits go to YouVersion Bible. #pod #friends #love #dogs #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    I strode toward the door, my hand grasping the knob
    A loud howl halted me to a stop
    It was raw and exposed, his pain so potent I could see
    I knew that he had chosen me

    He is my guard who will always alert
    Making sure that I never get hurt
    He senses when I’m upset
    Showing that he is more than just a pet

    The light that shines in the darkness is within him
    It burns and flares, never being dim

    Find the friends that hold on to you tight
    That are unafraid to do what’s right
    Because at the end of the day
    Would your friends stay?

  • bishal_paul 33w

    along the streets i stray,
    some treat and other chase away.
    all say my puppies are cute,
    but once they grow cuteness is a dispute.


  • porcupine 35w

    Dogs are special

    Canines are remarkable
    Truly outstanding
    Loyal and faithful
    Their tail always wagging

    Always willing to play
    And ready for a walk
    They love their car rides
    And enjoy time at the park

    They protect ones they love
    And will guard all the time
    Defenders of the family
    As was the dog I called mine

    And dogs are very smart
    Very therapeutic
    They help with loneliness
    And cheer you when your sick

    A dog is something special
    From a puppy to old age
    They make our lives better
    But please
    Just don't keep them in a cage

  • nightowl19 36w


    Dogs are the most loyal of pets
    They protect us from harm
    They love unconditionally
    They only want food, a warm bed and
    To be loved in return


  • poetrynz 37w

    Men are like dogs, but dogs are loyal.


  • hallgd 38w

    #I like dogs
    #dog love

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    Nothing excites my dog like...

    My dog Crash sitting next to me, being betrayed by his whining expressing the need to go out,
    and relieve himself under some unsuspecting tree.

    His excitement to get outside I venture to say there's no doubt.

    He has an eagerness as if going out for the first time, as he jets out with a shout.

    He turns this way, and that, and back again on a dime.

    He asserts himself with a loud voicetuous bark,

    Truth be told we don't know about him most of the time.

    For a small dog he has lots of spark.

    To other dogs he is fierce , and wants to strike.

    He is even more keen at night in the dark.

    His greetings is often unpleasant, more reminescent of telling someone to take a hike.

    But Nothing excites my dog like...

  • porcupine 39w

    Dogs (edit)

    They are so loyal
    They stand right by
    Always ready to foil
    Plans from bad guys

    Standing on guard
    Any day or night
    It seems so hard
    But ready to fight

    Always protective
    Of ones they love
    Like a detective
    Examining stuff

    Anything unusual
    They will know
    Just like a tool
    Their nose shows

    And devoted
    They love fully
    It should be noted

    A best friend
    They have style
    Just one look
    You must smile

    Gifts from above
    They have purpose
    To spread love
    To the rest of us

  • shivangij 40w

    Human and dog life

    The two dogs I saw near my area of living. I thought that since they were wild. They would bark and may even bite us at anytime.

    A few days later, I saw little fourteen puppies to whom these two dogs have birth. Everyday, whenever I noticed from the balcony of my house. I could see the puppies fighting with each other like we human as siblings used to do when we were kids. These puppies care for each other, fought, stood for each other and so I could see they as puppies and we when we were kids among siblings are same.

    I could notice the nurture, motherhood, parenting, concern of the dogs towards those puppies and so I could see their love. I felt they had no obligation for earning and sustain living like us. Earlier, I thought that their life is heaven.

    But every cloud had a silver lining and so it was here. The gloomy and calmness in the mid night with a soothing weather, I could notice the shrillness, echoing and heart-breaking cries of the dogs and puppies which made the pleasant night look like a nightmare. The voices could resemble, that something breath taking has happened.

    I could rarely feel sleepy that night and so felt difficult to sleep. My mind into three thought of the voices. The next day, as I woke up, I reluctantly went towards the balcony. From the balcony, I could see the number of puppies were reduced from fourteen to twelve. I feel like floor apart within me, when I thought now that dog's life is better.

    I could say humans live a way better life than dogs. I could that day also realise that we are the ones to destroy their living or environment in some way or the other.