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  • kp_singh 1w

    Pay attention to how your dog behaves with your lover/spouse.
    They can foresee what's coming your way! -Kps©2021

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    Pay attention to how your dog behaves with your lover/spouse.
    They can foresee what's coming your way!

  • kp_singh 2w

    Anyone interested in adopting a dog?
    Please comment ��

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    Anyone interested in adopting a dog?
    Please comment

  • kp_singh 6w

    With every dog's death, a piece of my heart also died.
    A piece of my heart also got burried with the body of every dog I lost.
    And when I feel, I can't take it anymore.
    God sends a dog in my life with the missing piece of my heart!
    I am not sure, whether it is ​the same piece that died or got burried but my heart is complete again to love them! -Kps©2021

    #adoptdontshop #indiandog #adoptdesidogs #lifeofarescuer
    #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #doglover #doglove

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    With every dog's death, a piece of my heart also died.
    A piece of my heart also got burried with the body of every dog I lost.
    And when I feel, I can't take it anymore.
    God sends a dog in my life with the missing piece of my heart!
    I am not sure, whether it is the same piece that died or got burried but my heart is complete again to love them!

  • avishiwrites 24w

    My CompanioN

    i remember my slippers,
    being your new home.
    i held you in my palm,
    and you felt so warm,
    for you were too tiny to holD.

    they said,
    dogs are maniacs,
    and they make your house dirty.
    but i learnt from you,
    that i am no less,
    even when things are
    hard to express,
    even when i am at mess,
    because that's how you have always been.
    even though a lot messy,
    you know how to love me madly.
    you are always jumping around and
    you never let the house be lonelY.

    if i were to be grounded
    for months or weeks,
    i wouldn't mind it,
    with you on my side.
    and only if you were to accompany,
    i wouldn't care being trapped
    a thousand miles away.
    because sweetheart without you ,
    I can't know how to survive a daY.

    ©��������ℎ�� ��ℎ����

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  • eric2410 25w

    Loving friend

    #dog #doglover

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    प्यारा दोस्त

    तेज बारिश में छत ढूंढते-ढूंढते मिला,
    मजबूत छत के साथ अपनापन भी ढूँढ रहा था वो।
    बेचारा लाचार था,
    उसे अपने घर में पनाह दी,
    उसके खाने पीने की जरूरतों का ध्यान रखा।
    पता नहीं लोग क्यों डराते थे उसे, बार बार तंग करते थे,
    दुसरे का गुस्सा उस पर निकालते थे।
    उसका कोई परिवार नही था,
    उसे अपने परिवार में शामिल किया।
    वक़्त के चलते दोस्ती गहरी होती गई,
    मेरे सुख दुख का साथी बन गया।
    एक रिश्ता सा बन गया, ऐसा रिश्ता जो निस्वार्थ था।
    बेजुबां था पर बहुत कुछ कह गया,
    उसने खुद से ज्यादा दूसरों का खयाल रखा।
    कई दोस्त बनाए लेकिन उसके जैसा कोई नहीं,
    वो कोई इंसान नहीं बल्कि मेरा प्यारा सा कुत्ता था।

  • passionate_prism 33w


    Blue eyed small pup,
    Fills heart with love cup.
    One month old,
    Not scared of dogs, very bold.
    Powerful & graceful,
    With eyes that can pierce your soul.
    Gentle wolf like spirit,
    With heart of pure gold.
    Devoted till the end,
    A dog can only be man’s best friend.
    Loved to play,
    He Made my day.

  • aasthabajpai65 49w

    Animal Love

    They make you smile
    Just in a while
    They need your love
    And some food is enough
    You can trust them blindly
    They prove it kindly
    They just need some place
    So lovely to embrace
    Don't you be so cruel
    To stay in this world,they don't need your approval
    Don't beat them for God sake
    Even he cannot forgive your mistake
    They are the most beautiful creature on this earth
    Their presence make this life so worth...

  • searching_for_my_querencia 55w

    To the one who loved unconditionally��

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    Pawprints on my bedsheet are still alive...
    But your warmth is fading...
    I don't know where to put my head and rest anymore...
    The feeling of trust you developed inside me is fading...
    I used to feel your presence every day with the sunrise...
    But day by day these mornings are fading...
    I don't want to walk alone anymore...
    Because something beautiful inside me is fading...

  • _desaiagraja 60w

    I always wanted to pet a dog......

    Noo this story does not end with me petting a dog, nooooo (still a dream. May be some day��)
    And if you are a pet lover and your parents are not, then yes you understand me very well.
    You got my feelings dude.
    You are the one who mostly hears that who will take care of that pet, get the dog when you have your own house and that argument never stops, it goes on and on......

    But on the other hand instead I planted some plants.
    Okayyy I know that doesn't match at all with petting a dog.
    But I realised it actually the same, except you don't get that hug and licks in return.
    But trust me every day seeing them grow is a whole lot of happiness for me.
    I get up and brush my teeth have my tea and then I run to my plants with the sparkled eye to see how much the babies are grown, or is there any new bud, and when the flower blooms on them my happiness level reaches its height.
    I take care of them so much, I talk to them and even sing to them sometimes (cause no one can bare my singing in the house other then them)
    And I water them ofcourse, and soil them every 15 days, I have brought 4 new plants and planted them on my own and take care of them since then.
    Advice:Try planting (and take care of them like babies)
    It makes me happy and it's the most favourite part of the day, sometimes I just stare them cause they are so pretty (and the neighbours starring me like I am crazy PS :JK)

    Person reading this is awesome ��
    May you find your happiness
    And plant trees/plants if you can,
    And thank you for reading my story.
    #trees #plants #greens #live #love #life #forever #pets #dog #doglover

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    Quarentine story

    Quarentine story Of a girl who wanted to pet a dog....
    But ended up planting ❤️
    Do give it a read

  • joy__balraj 62w

    Different beings
    Same soul
    Knitted together

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  • hiya04 72w

    "Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole "

    Dogs play an important role in our lives. Instead of crying for not not having that one contact to call at night. Have a pet for yourself. They'll always be there for u, without judging u & most importantly love u unconditionally. ❤ ️

    #lost #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #doglover #love #friendship

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    Miracles with paws❤

    The day I lost u,
    For the first time,
    I cried for a lost soul.
    I told myself never to fall for it again .

    But how could I resist
    That adorable face and curious eyes ,
    Always wanting to play.
    From snuggling & cuddling in my lap
    To jumping on me to wake me up.
    I still remember the times ,
    His greed for affection drove me nuts .
    Coz I could never say no
    To those beautiful eyes.
    They say I spoiled him rotten
    But what can I do,
    My love for u cuties
    Know no bounds .
    I hope he's happy up there.
    He will always be my cute little munchkin.

    Coming to the present,
    I'm blessed with a even cuter bitch.
    She'd nonstop wag her tails
    Never leaving my side.
    & her doe eyes,
    I could never not fall for it .
    She's soon turning 6 months
    My babygirl is growing .
    Hope u are ok up there❤

  • scorpio7 77w


    Born in a place I longed for,
    Haven't imagined I could see tall figures unlike me,
    I was there.,
    Cuddling with my fellows so called 'siblings',
    Guarding was our duty over life,
    Couldn't thought I would end up in such a Disney Land I should say

  • tiethethought 77w

    To the one I'll never get over with.
    We brought you into our lives with our will and in no time, you became our little baby.
    A family member who wasn't attached by blood.. but.. by time.
    I can never forget your twinkling eyes when we first brought you to our place and the way you would bark at us yet cuddle with us.. longing for love and attachment and food of course!
    And then came the biggest friend of yours - The Ball.
    You would grab it in your mouth and would force us to play catch catch.
    And sometimes when no one would be there to play.. you would bark at the ball so it would throw itself and you could play.
    And I remember how you would bark at dogs of double your size and show heroic you are but you were still adored in your tiny size and even when you were in your gigantic size.
    Just as it is said - no love story is same
    Similarly.. no dog story is same.
    You ripped off my favourite novels and some of my shoes too..
    And after that you would isolate in the corner of the house where you'd always go after you were scolded.
    Gradually it became a habit for us to give you all our favourite food.
    And even when we went out on a trip or to a wedding, a part of us still stayed with you and we found ourselves in the thought did you have your food or what you'd be doing at that very moment.
    Our trips were successful only after seeing your wagging tail! And the hugs when you would stretch all over us and at times make us fall too!
    Guests would be welcomed with loud barks and then smelling them to make sure that we would be safe.. you did this always but it felt new everytime.
    And when you left us.. you left us all in tears.
    A dog is said to be the most faithful friend.
    Now it's my time to show you that even humans can be loyal.

    We loved you always and will do forever.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @writerstolli

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    To my dog.. PS I still love you.
    *I don't own a dog but know many of them.. so this is to all the proud dog owners*

  • shraddhathuwal 85w

    Wagging his tail
    He run towards me
    Jumps revolves slides
    And plays with a big smile.
    He wakes me up
    With his cute pink tongue
    And let me hug
    His soft fur.
    When I cry sitting in the corner
    His eyes says... I'm here!
    I'm here my hooman
    With my muddy paws and fur
    But a crystal clear heart
    I'll wait for you
    Every minute
    Every hour.
    My eyes will never lie
    Until I die.
    I just need you eternal love
    Love that stays
    Forever and young..

    #mirakee #doglover #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writerstolli @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #love #poetry #thoughts #friendship

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    His hooman


  • shreeyadav 85w

    Give your heart to dogs
    and they will never break it.


  • lokeshdahiya 88w


    जरूरी नही है हमेशा कुत्ता ही वफादार निकले।
    वक्त आने पर आपका वफादार भी कुत्ता निकल सकता है।

  • pushpahas 93w


    Dog is just not an Animal, it is the one who was there when no one else was.
    #Gharya #DogLover #PetLove

  • fuzzy_spuffy 97w


    The true
    Love the only one
    Heart which licks
    Our feet

  • shisainegarcia23 98w


    I chose not
    to mourn
    for I couldn't ask
    the Heaven for your breathe.

    Took a distance.
    just so I couldn't see
    shovel digging,
    for your new home.

    Rather, I asked
    for angels music
    to fill me with happy thoughts
    and a lyric of you to remember,

    Run free!

  • mystic_100nam 100w

    Tyson (Our dog)

    नन्हा सा आया था वो
    जैसे चार पावं का गुड्डा वो

    गत्ते का घर भी बनाया उसके लिए
    फिर सारे घर में राजा सा घूमता वो

    जब मैं जाती महीनों बाद भी घर
    तो भाग के पीछे पड़ता वो

    जब आते पापा ऑफिस से घर
    तो सबसे पहले बतलाता वो

    जब आता भाई तो उसके साथ ही घूम कर आता वो
    बहन की तो बस गोद में खेलता रहता वो

    चाहे जितनी बार भी डाट देती मम्मी उसको
    बस उन्हीं के पास बैठ कर खाना खाता वो

    झगड़े भी करवाए उसने पड़ोसियों से
    और दुनिया भर की खुशियां भी देता है वो

    अब थक गया है शायद रातों को जागता है जो
    इसलिए चैन कि नींद सो गया है वो