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  • kp_singh 14w

    With every dog's death, a piece of my heart also died.
    A piece of my heart also got burried with the body of every dog I lost.
    And when I feel, I can't take it anymore.
    God sends a dog in my life with the missing piece of my heart!
    I am not sure, whether it is ​the same piece that died or got burried but my heart is complete again to love them! -Kps©2021

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    With every dog's death, a piece of my heart also died.
    A piece of my heart also got burried with the body of every dog I lost.
    And when I feel, I can't take it anymore.
    God sends a dog in my life with the missing piece of my heart!
    I am not sure, whether it is the same piece that died or got burried but my heart is complete again to love them!

  • sinister_sage 32w

    You entered my life without any permission
    Yet here I am, counting blessings every passing season
    Few friends had warned of all the unanticipated love I'd receive
    Never did I imagine, you'd teach me selfless love, a motherly instinct I believe
    We may teach you tricks and actions of sit, stay, up, down, wave & fetch
    But the life lessons you imparted are so fundamental, the simplicity is unmatched.
    Be it the joy of greeting your loved ones or even strangers & acquaintances
    You are never partial, the happy tail wags knows no human set boundaries
    To wait for your human, and dance with joy when they return home
    Your sloppy kisses on the face can make a heart melt out of stone
    The way you learn so quick when offered a piece of cheese
    I realise through small delights like these, what gratefulness is
    How you try so hard to get toys at height and never easily give up
    Social butterfly you'd be, the way you interact with other pups
    I knew how to love, perhaps I did lack the flair for sharing & receiving warmth
    But you my honey pie, led my love to transcend & empathize through all lifeforms

    #dog #petlove #doglove

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    I knew how to love, perhaps I did lack the flair for sharing & receiving warmth

    But you my honey pie, led my love to transcend & empathize through all lifeforms

  • marykurian 40w

    The tail of love.

    Its 5 pm.
    The train whistled.
    I am waiting for you, my master.
    And i will sit here, and wait.
    I dont know how long it will take.
    But i love to wait for you.
    You are the only one i love to wait.
    Autumn leaves fall, my feet met snow.
    The gentle breeze of spring,
    The scorching summer sun,
    Everything changes, but not my love.
    I will wait for the train,
    Hoping you would step out,
    as the door opens,so that,
    I can hug you as much as i want
    And together we will make lovely journey
    to home.
    The second train passes by
    and the door opened...
    So many faces stepped out,
    but not you.
    I will sit here. I decided to wait,
    until you come.
    So many shadows passed by.
    Some patted me and called Hachi...
    So many times i heard my name,
    calling out by many strangers.
    Darkness loomed.
    The platform turned silent.
    Some one asked me:
    Why are you waiting Hachi ?
    You dont have to wait anymore...
    But how can i return, without you ?
    How can i forget you ?
    You are the only one i waited for.
    I will be here again.
    to wait for you,
    No matter what,
    I will stay, to be with you.

    - inspired by the movie Hachiko Monogatari

  • easy_to_type 41w

    Mixed Emotions' ❤️✨

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    I feel like something is missing now
    Going near to the door down
    Missing the essence of love
    That every single day made me to glow
    Across the kitchen floor
    Playing with him whenever I get bore
    Longing to meet again
    Four feet trotting behind
    With a blind love
    A true soul
    Will I get again?
    A partner with no ego
    Persistently retiring back to me
    Faithfully precious gem
    I just ever got
    A true soul
    Will I get again?
    Moving on isn't just easy
    Having that huge craze
    You'll materialize on my dreams
    And even in my journey of my life
    That one innocent face
    Made it all
    I gave him 3000
    He gave me infinite

  • aasthabajpai65 56w

    Animal Love

    They make you smile
    Just in a while
    They need your love
    And some food is enough
    You can trust them blindly
    They prove it kindly
    They just need some place
    So lovely to embrace
    Don't you be so cruel
    To stay in this world,they don't need your approval
    Don't beat them for God sake
    Even he cannot forgive your mistake
    They are the most beautiful creature on this earth
    Their presence make this life so worth...

  • nikhil_paliwal 63w

    Dog love

    Dogs are cute...
    There nature is good there habits are good...
    There loveliness is good....
    There name is too good....

  • scribbling_reality 73w


    You bought me from a dealer,
    and you paid a heft.
    You cuddled with me before going to bed.
    I asked you for a walk as soon you're awake,
    And run for the ball you threw at pace.
    You served me food,
    Milk, biscuits or any stew,
    I drool everytime my happy place.
    I grew old and sick sometimes,
    Now you feel, i'm not fine.
    You pay the bills at vet everytime,
    So why this time you struggle to be on time?

    You took me for a ride,
    Maybe a long drive.
    I thought ice-creams would be mine.
    You went out to buy,
    And i was standing at this beautiful sight.
    Where i see you holding the cups,
    But you were just a passerby.
    You closed the door and stare right,
    I was petrified, still i waited,
    till red turns green,
    And you accelerating your dream.

    I ran and chased you all along,
    Hoping you'll say i was joking moron.
    However, there came no time,
    When you stopped and said it's fine.
    I chased, and i started panting on my lungs,
    Hoping that you'll gaze at me once.
    I know i'm old,
    I know i'm not fun,
    Please take me home,
    Don't make me run !

    - Scribbling_reality

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • honeyhoneu 78w


    When you know I miss you soo
    Then why you go the time I grow

    Slowly slowly pain started
    In your arms I get injected
    Then why too cry when my pain was high
    I took it soo long, and left you alone
    But it's okay it's okay
    Just bring it on

    Moment you come, moment you go
    My tail render you to take my blow

    You saw me I see you
    Feed me again
    Touch me again
    Live it again

    Call me lona, In labra or retriever
    Don't you worry my believer
    White or brown whatever you choose
    Smarter and curvy
    The only Lona cruise

    Mumma oh Mumma
    Strong dear Mumma
    I miss you I love you
    I hug you I lick you

    Oh mumma oh dada
    See you again was in the last fight
    But now,
    Waiting for your smile
    Looking in a bowl while
    Feed me and take me
    Request you again
    Take me with you in the heavy pain.

  • tejaswini_3 80w

    ~On The Russet Platform~

    My dearest Shujin!
    On those thoroughfares of Shibuya,
    Back on that russet platform,
    Your Hachi, the palamino canine,
    Bided to see your courteous smiles,

    Passerbys– in long costly overcoats,
    Were aboarding and alighting hotfoot,
    But me– I could just sense you,
    My guardian; now a waning shadow,
    Never would he be returning...

    O those people! They pitied me,
    For nine years, I waited and waited,
    Those rosy morns and beaten eves,
    Remembering games, and daisy chains,
    and laughs– I breathed serenity all the while.

    Those immortal eleven years!
    I spent; with gratitude and beatitude,
    It's time I come unto you,
    For the chimes ring, of my eleventh hour,
    – breaking shackles of my life,

    The wind tousles my brown pelage,
    Senescence whispers a farewell tune,
    The air is strangely silent; so is my heart,
    As I descend– in a deep slumber....

    And now, my dearest Shujin!
    Hither on this white death bed,
    I lay–with frozen eyes and cold fur,
    A corse; I am for bystanders,
    But forever for you– your pet Hachikō

    © tejaswini_3

    Credits for the phrase 'Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs' goes to Roger Waters


    Shujin: 'Master' in Japanese

    Palamino: light brownish golden colour

    Beaten: exhausting and forlorn

    Pelage: fur of any mammal

    Thank you so much Carolyn Ma'am for this wonderful opportunity. I wanted to write for a long time about Hachi's loyalty, but just wasn't able to get the write words. And your challenge just invoked many thoughts....I hope I have done justice to that pure doggie's soul

    @writersnetwork @carolyns_challenges @tamanna3 @bushra_tasneem @saloni__ @shaiz_fs @the97_introvert @thesunshineloves @btslove

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    On The Russet Platform


  • yayinology 81w

    On 31/05/2018, we took her to our home.
    She couldn't sleep that night, she was barking at regular intervals.

    I went and sat with her, tried to pet her, and all I felt was guilt. She was with her mom, all happy and playful, and my family ruined that. I still couldn't forgive myself for that, even though I know that she might have ended up in some other house.

    The 2nd day, we didn't tie her, we let her roam around the hall, and by that night, she found her favorite spot to sleep, and stopped barking at night.

    Fast forward, she slowly got a place for herself in all of our hearts and rooms. She became bossy, learned a considerable amount of words. Even started arguing with us and learned to pose for a selfie.

    Then I went somewhere far away from my home, and she stopped going into my room after searching and waiting for me for a month. Tbh, I thought when I get back, she'll not even recognize me :(
    I came back home after 6 months and she wouldn't let me go for a solid 30 min. And was with me the whole 19 days.
    Then again, I went to college and came home after 2 months, and the same thing happened.

    Now she is pregnant :) and she is so tired and kind of uneasy all the time, she couldn't sit or sleep properly, carrying her kids all the time, going through a lot of emotions, and being not able to communicate. I could only imagine it, to some extent.

    And before 23min I went to check up on her, she was all curled up and on her way to sleep. I tried to touch her, but she barked. She must have been in pain or something. So, I let her be and went outside to have some water. When I came back, she was outside the kitchen waiting for me.

    Despite feeling so drained, she had to get up and walk all the way up to me so that I wouldn't feel sad.

    And this is what I call as LOVE.
    I don't know whether I deserve it. But I know, she deserves all the Love in this whole fucking world. And I hope, I'll learn someday, to Love her like that.

    #love #truelove #doglove #sad #guilty #memories #blessing

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  • thenixwrites 82w


    He is the purest soul
    that does no harm.
    His sloppy kisses
    and paw-mises,
    drooling lips
    and furry cuddles,
    dripping licks
    and Frisbee snaps,
    distasteful baths
    and relishing walks,
    paws on my
    shoulders when
    I'm wretched
    He is my Baby.
    And I promise him that
    I will be the
    best dog-mom ever.


  • amirthavarshini_m 83w

    She always thinks that no one loves her.

    To prove her wrong, he came with a wet nose and a wagging tail.


  • sanchari_karmakar 87w

    Nah he ain't just a dog..he's my brother. Who's got my back and is a first grade trouble maker in the house..So, on this brother's day, I just wrote this for my brother..the one with a huge heart and yucky licks and I loveee to boop your nose..huge fluffy bunny.
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  • tedaa1910 88w

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    3months 10days was her age when she came to me for the very first time..Hugging her tight I gave her a name..She became the ANGEL in my life..She eats with me ,she sleeps with me ,she goes for a walk with me..she make daily talks with me .. we never need internet, smart phone or any other scientific invention to contact each other.. She stays with me day and night ..we fight a lot ,we shout of loud.. After reasonless silly fights, she comes to me and hugs me tight..
    I can never imagine my life without her.
    She never leaves me alone and I love her a lot
    She is my ANGEL��

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    Love you ❤️♥️


  • the_writershome 88w

    The purest form of your soul lies in the reflection of your dog's eyes.


  • anjaanladki 89w

    माँ ही होती है जो अपने बच्चों में फर्क नहीं करती...
    माँ ही होती है जो अपने बच्चों का साथ कभी नहीं छोड़ती...

  • theintrospectiveink 90w


    her sorrows
    oozing still, that poor
    mongrel's soul dripping, scalding

  • sanjana_ajit 92w


    They didn't joke that " Dog is man's best friend ". In fact, dog is man's best friend. If you feel sad Or ignored, take few seconds to think about the dogs you see in the streets... If you see their eyes, they all have some kind of pain in them... They also deserve to be loved and taken care of.. Even if your best friend leaves you, I assure you that your dog will never leave you
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  • sharonshre 97w

    A Woofie Buddy

    Sometimes the best solace has four legs, fur, a wagging tail, and a drooling mouth