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    The god gives you the next morning to do better from what were you yesterday....
    Don't kill yourself with stress...

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    E = mc^2

    Energies most conducive to sinning
    are equally conducive to winning.

    The only thing missing
    is higher thinking.



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    ... தலைக்கவசம்...

    விலை மதிப்பற்ற உயிரை
    விபத்தில் இழப்பது நியாயம்தானோ?
    அலட்சியமான சில செயல்களால்
    அவசியமான உயிரை இழந்திடலாமோ?
    சட்டம்தான் சரி செய்ய வேண்டும் என்றில்லாமல்,
    சாமானியர்களும் சாலை விதிகளை மதித்து நடந்தால்,
    சாலை விபத்தினால் நிகழும் சாவை தடுத்திடலாமே!
    வாசகங்களை மட்டும் வாசித்து செல்லாமல்,
    வாகனங்களில் பயணிக்கும் பொழுது தலைக்கவசத்தை
    அணிந்து செல்வது பற்றியும் யோசியுங்களே!
    சிரத்திற்கு கீழே அடிபட்டால்
    சிறு காயம் தானடா,
    சிரத்திலே அடிபட்டால் உனக்கு
    வாழ்வே இல்லை யோசிடா.
    தலைக்கவசம் அணிந்து வாகனத்தில் நீ பயணித்தால் ,
    தலைமுறையே அமைதியாய் வாழும் உன் வீட்டினிலே.
    காவலருக்கு அஞ்சி அணிந்திடாமல்,
    காலனுக்கு அஞ்சி அணிந்திடுவாய்.
    தலைக்கு வந்தது தலைப்பாகையோடு
    போனது இது பழமொழி,
    தலைக்கு வந்தது தலைக்கவசத்தோடு
    போனது இது புதுமொழி...
    - உயிர்த்தெழு நதியா

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    Tongue n cheek

    Death by a million cuts
    Not another heartbreak analogy
    Justice too bites the dust
    Media monsters in you we trust
    Such a joy to be alive
    Acceptance, far and wide
    Pain, only sought at the bakers
    Lies sells, for truth has fewer takers
    International plots like alien abductions
    No contact made, proof of their intelligence
    Your citizens barely care
    Let alone outside forces
    With Bollywood and ganja there
    Rapists have louder voices
    Scamper victims, your grief I don't see
    It smells like another, conspiracy
    My twisted mind can fathom that
    Fragile egos like their facts
    Tongue and cheek, sad irony speak
    "Jago Mohan Pyaare" this slumber is too deep

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    I'm guilty (lyrics)

    I’m guilty

    I try to be woke, hold no biases
    Look every one in the eye
    Through the hits and the misses
    But I am guilty, my impulses fail
    I don’t see us all, all as the same
    Your beliefs are different, you can’t be fully trusted
    Your religion seems scary, your beliefs so very rusted
    Your caste is different, your ancestors were not right
    Your skin is too dark, you might give me a fright!
    I’m guilty of not always seeing past
    I’m guilty of judging a bit too fast
    My heart has no malice but it needs to do better
    Unlearn, unknow, unfollow the old letter
    You people are lazy, you can’t work hard
    Your gestures are pansy, your skin is too scarred
    Your not a boy nor a girl, you have no place here
    Your parents are poor, you better live in fear
    Your English is broken, you can’t do this job
    You look like the sort whose likely to rob
    I’m guilty, my bias I can justify
    I’m guilty, I’m the system, I need to rectify
    You’re a Muslim, you might just be into terror
    You’re a Christian, you might be the churches torch bearer
    You’re a Parsi, you might just be slightly mad
    You’re a Jain, your just boring be glad
    The Punjaban is drunk, the Bong is eating fish
    I can’t eat this food, a Dalit touched this dish
    The south Indian accent must be good with technology
    The Kashmiris are all just secretly Pakistani
    I’m guilty of not seeing the deep rooted biases
    I’m guilty of propagation, I jokingly dis
    Even just writing these words we often hear
    Makes me ashamed just so we clear
    Uncomfortable truths we all need to confront
    Some have it easier, some face the brunt
    The object of our hatred, the easy mistrust
    So fixed in our ways, dust off that rust
    We can’t do better unless we see our flaws
    We can’t change the world with same old laws
    Collectively evolving is the scariest thing
    The powers to be need to feel your lightning
    Use all that rage to build something better
    Be a voice of change, don’t stay silent in fear
    Change one mind, create a moment of pause
    Shield those hurting, simply because
    I’m guilty like humanity, for not doing enough .
    I’m guilty for allowing this world to get so tough
    Debts mounted high, planet slowly dying
    Fighting the wrong enemies, don’t fall for their lying
    A healed femur, the earliest sign of civilization
    How we treat others, the very thing that defines our nation
    I’m guilty for taking things too casually
    I’m guilty for letting things simply be
    I’m guilty of trading my freedoms for peace
    I’m guilty for all the innocents not released
    I’m guilty for forgetting what it means to serve
    I’m guilty for letting them have more than they deserve
    I’m guilty for allowing politicians to act like rulers
    I’m guilty for letting the cops abuse their powers
    I’m guilty for all the mistakes we have made
    The world we destroyed, the society we create
    I’m guilty, I hate it, I will learn to grow
    I will make a difference, I will do more
    Equality is far more than gestures and words
    It remains an aspiration in this modern universe!
    I’m guilty for thinking my voice doesn’t matter
    I’m guilty for indulging their misguided chatter
    I’m guilty for letting future generations suffer
    I'm guilty for making your life so much tougher……..

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    Future memories

    Rewind the hands of the clock
    To a time before it needed to
    hold half the heart of the world...

    Think back to a time before we
    Had to hold our hearts on our sleeves
    Just to keep it beating...

    Pick up and reverse the sands
    Of time that have fallen
    At the same rate as our bodies...

    Reminiscence back to a time
    Where you'd say "me too"
    And be talking about a happy story...

    Cast your mind back to a time when
    You thought about how to add to the world
    Not when you'd be subtracted from it...

    Now fast-forward and
    make it a reality once more.

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    Nothing False Can Withstand
    The Test Of Time

    Be You
    Stay True

    Falsehood Only Maintains
    On Lies
    And Lies Have A Expiration Date

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    I forget sometimes,
    Just how much I've lost,
    In my pursuit for perfection,
    And then life will show me.

    And I?
    I brace myself. I cannot do much else.
    Not in the face of myself.

    Unless I do better.


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    I find myself here daily. Drowning in my own self pity. I want to go to the highest peak and just scream. Is this life. Is this what I have to look forward to each day. Something has to give. I've got to do better. Life is more than struggling. Life is more than arguing. Life is more than loving, but not feeling it 100% in return. It's possible to be alive, but not living. I don't know who I am anymore. I want to know. I know I'm more than a dreamer. Why am I not putting things in motion? Why can't I just brush off the self doubt and depression and find that spark, that fire I Know is there.

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    That time of the year, where
    many embark on a routine,
    bogus self introspection
    and blame their mishaps
    on the same negative energy
    they claimed to have gotten rid of
    beginning of the year...

    ...and the cycle goes on and on and on...


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    Who Are We?

    Infants, children, adolescents getting ahead ourselves.
    Toddlers destorying home even with parental guidance.
    Blindly denying the wreakage taken place.
    Every place stepped left wreaked for qui pro quo.
    If we knew better than we would do better.
    Even with history behind us leaving a path of olive branches showing us the way.

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    We only sing the
    first verse out of four of the
    national anthem


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    Three points
    Three directions
    Set destinations
    A triangle

    Circle lines indefinite
    Parents follow
    Families move
    Within the circle
    Distances shift


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    Let's stop. Let's stop it all. Let's stop letting our demons convince us that we aren't enough. Let's stop letting our fears tell us we aren't meant for each other. Let's stop convincing ourselves we can do everything on our own, let's let each other help. Let's stop believing what our demons interpret and actually listen and experience each other's love for the truly beautiful thing that it is. Let's stop following our fears to the brink of our own destruction and instead let's start following our hearts. Yes, we mess up and in the end we hurt each other, but we were never what our demons convinced the other we were. We never meant to hurt each other and it's time we accept that. These twisted lenses fashioned for us by these fears and demons that have haunted us, they've blurred our realities and blinded us to the truth of our love and the realities of our futures. Let's stop looking at our love through their eyes. We are so much more than we've become, so let's dive in. I promise, I'll hold your hand at the edge, let's free the butterflies in our souls and jump.

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    Padre y madre

    There’s no right way to parent;
    There’s only a wrong way,
    To parent without love


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    Walk Away

    You hurt me with no care at all,
    Had me thinking you was all I need,
    Day and night I hide the pain with a smile on my face.

    Asking myself is this love or am I losing it all, second guessing it all.
    Loving you was all I know but you made it feel like I was fighting in a war.

    This not love at all..... Walk away

    You cheated and I stayed, you lied and I believed you, you physically and emotionally abusing me and I didn't think none of it but you love me.

    I tried to walk but you found a way for me to stay. You bring gifts and flowers to cover the pain you cause me day by day.

    This not love at all.... Walk away

    You called me names and made me feel low but I knew you didn't mean it all. I lost our baby and you wasn't there to lend on but you was cheating on me. That day I knew you didn't love me at all.

    I packed my bags and I walked away.... NOW THAT'S SELF LOVE because enough is enough. Now you wanna see how it feel to not be loved.

    This not love..... So I walked away


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    Stand UP
    Speak OUT
    Be HEARD

    Do not let fear silence you
    Believe in change.
    Look to the future
    Know we can do better.

    Be part of the better.

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    Ex Doesn't Mark The Spot

    I want you to know, if you are searching for treasures, your ex doesn't mark the spot.
    If they couldn't appreciate you: maybe they deserved you then (but couldn't see it), or maybe not.
    But the treasure was in you, Fool's Gold is what they thought they knew.
    It only took a little effort to clean the dirt, and here you are shinning brand new- like a new birth- live afresh, and love anew.