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  • lrthompson 8w

    Home, Divided

    Division runs rampant through unity on the break
    Torches flare as rage flickers smoldering kindling to flame
    Erupting the perpetual boils that fester beyond infections wake
    Fearful that lives saved are endangered for propagandas sake
    Nay, the divisions that split rip to shreds the patriotic fabric
    Shorn to threads amiable friendships that broach enmity
    Between brothers bound by blood shared
    Bleeding red in concealed unison given to each at birth
    As mighty Gaia trembles under the weight of shrugging Atlas
    Beseeching the old gods to return to former glories
    Resting lonesome Olympus from its divine pantheon
    To quake and shake the shared foundations built
    Atop mountains of lies stacked one after another
    Before the heavens part and holy Elysium repels
    The hearts of both men and women who dared divide
    A house unified on sacrosanct liberties inherent
    Gifted to the corruptible souls of humanity
    On the premise that justice should be for all
    That hold the highest values inviolable
    By any that would rabble-rouse the masses to forgo
    The established law of the land on such flawed premises
    Where words hold greater authority than actions convey
    And peace is but a pipe dream puffed in perfect rings translucent
    Fading before the light has a chance to cast dark shadows
    Imperfect in their reflection yet somehow flawless in impression
    Oh, if only we were not like that famous allegory
    Confined to our own individual caves
    Then maybe our eyes could open wide and once again
    Let in the truth that we have for too long allowed to blind us in hate
    Perhaps the fates would halt their furies
    And end our shared torment avoidable
    Unifying a once noble people to again stand proud
    A beacon to a world begging for freedom
    Clearing the fog of war and lighting the path
    Back to the house we once called home


  • om_nik 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Inequality
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #division #evil

    Inequality leads to conflicts.
    Conflicts breed division.
    Evil rules the divided.
    असमानता से शुरू होता है संघर्ष ।
    संघर्ष से होता है विभाजन ।
    और बुराई राज करती है विभाजितों पर ।

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    Inequality in the bottom is the foundation of evil.


  • sunset_in_autumn 17w

    #harmony #war #wall #division #destruction #penningforpeace #god #pod

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Saddened by the ongoing war in Israel- Palestine.
    Penning to appeal for peace.

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    It is a tragic story of the holy land,
    Bleeding lives, peace is dead.
    Holiness bombed by human's hand,
    Conscience is oblivious on the death bed.
    Amongst the sufferers, two are main,
    One with Quran, the other with Bible.
    Calling out for mercy in excruciating pain,
    Begging for humanity's survival.
    Wounded heavily,cries for harmony.
    Unheard, unfelt amidst war's cacophony.
    With weary souls, holding each other,
    Down they crawl.
    As inhuman mankind is busy
    Defining boundaries, and building wall.
    With mournful heart and teary eyes,
    With trembling hand, and sorrow sigh,
    They turned the pages of their book.
    Every page, every single verse they looked.
    Wondering in anguish, where did they go wrong!
    Each verse preached love and peace,
    Then why destruction and land boring deceased?
    Alas, humans' ignorance is too strong.
    They decided not to stay,
    As humans have gone astray.
    Crucified by the fight, pitying the plight,
    They left the promised land,
    Holding each other's hand.
    Mosque is there, Temple is there.
    But the LIGHT is gone.
    Sapiens still quarreling over their share.
    Darkness all around, doomsday set to dawn.

    Merciless acts in the name of most merciful.
    Brutal attacks in the name of benevolent.
    The holy city of God battles vanity
    As dark clouds of Irony rains insanity.


  • alastair_margerman 20w

    you and me

    we indulge the others freedom, provided it does not extend beyond the boundary of our ideology

  • shayne366 37w

    The many wonders across this world
    Has it's own place of cultural facts
    Sometimes will have certain people
    Who will try to get you attacked
    If you know what I mean for today
    Then you're a really smart person
    Because not everyone is going to know
    That we live inside a blinded division

  • gutzwvw 45w

    A Poor Laddoo

    Lived always indoors.
    Till he moved outdoors.
    Then he found more doors.
    An everlasting corridor of doors.

    He was so deluded.
    For the choice was expounded.
    And he felt haunted.
    Where to live.

    Where to dine.
    Where to pine.
    Where to design.
    A dodgy plan of divine division.

  • loftydreams101 54w

    Death Cry of the Machine

    Stunned by the endless noise
    In a grey state of mind
    The hours only expand
    Taking more precious ground

    There’s a rift in the earth
    Lacerating us from the inside
    Through the steady bleak nights
    As castles burn bright red

    There’s only wilderness ahead
    Littered with the charred scraps of metal
    From our fallen machine colossus

    © 2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • dreamlyborgohain 54w

    We sacrifice our feelings when it comes to society. But does this society value enough our emotions? #division#mirakee#original

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    I can

    I can stay with you
    I can care for you
    I can be your shadow and you be mine
    I can grow with you together
    I can cook for you
    I can be the mother of your babies

    I CAN LOVE YOU...IF ....

    Society would have accepted
    My parents have seen you the way i see you..


    our CASTES were same.........

  • qawi_khan 62w

    The Two Big Crimes

    Of course now the world dig in deep danger
    Split of the thinking now giving us revengers
    Inception has begun which cut no ice with
    the brothers whose shoulders worked amid
    when the nexus of snare cried out to get rid
    indeed the fabric is tough so maverick brains
    are born cutting throats and putting the bane
    into the riddlers blot to spoil and for lust gains
    Patriots are no harm and so nationalists grin
    In please of bigot blocks they put puerile fight
    the next dawn girth their souls as if in fright.
    The virtues can't stand above all human kind
    nor do any sacraments of the past can grind
    the potion of dust they all played off together
    to provide the relics whose rust is still similar
    inside the people to live with pride and jocular
    The torment divide within the soul intrigue
    against the angels among humans to freak
    and to lost the poise that balance the bridge
    of domination and the other side the adage.
    The curtains we see and the preludes we look
    have hackneyed splenetic concepts in books. Wars among cultures and values to delineate
    the vagabond idea of tyranny is not any old
    the new saplings grown have reckoned it bold
    People master the nationalism from masters
    and so do the patriotism is flavoured in augur
    don't they understand the farrago of the giver
    that only one is to be lauded and from only one soul which is upset and separated lonely.
    We have done two big crimes deficit of wise
    remember we are parted by us and will pay
    the ultimate price with death driven demise.

  • purpleenigma 68w

    I did not originally intend on this piece sounding at all like political commentary or statement but rather a brief insight into current climate from my personal perspective (and here's hoping that I do not cause offence as this is certainly NOT (bold, underlined) my intention). #mirakee#mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writershub #writerstolli #writersreadersunite #writersunite #unity #divide #division #perspective @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Can we please not say
    That this
    All of this
    Is for
    We're tearing ourselves apart
    The very fabric of life itself
    We might be unravelling our hearts
    Only to create a mangled mess
    Where hatred and ignorance
    Dance, hand in hand
    Please don't tell me that this is unity
    When the divide is growing
    Day by day.


  • maitrisingh 71w

    Fault Lines

    A lot of Partition going on in my head,
    Why, Oh why, these lines do they spread?

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  • benjamins_poetry_ 82w

    Through beauty in love
    A deity above
    Slashes of red
    Dashes of orange
    The crunch of the dirt
    As I walk near
    Gushing fulfillment of lush
    Gardens of alluring blossom
    The egregious moment
    For now, ignored
    In dashing momentous abhor
    Remember this vision
    In a world of parlous division


  • c73poetry 87w

    It makes me sad

    I look around at the world
    And it makes me sad
    People hating others
    Because of beliefs
    And borders
    Or class
    We don't choose who we are born as
    Where we are born
    What religion our parents are
    These are inherited
    But used as labels to create division
    And it makes me sad
    We are all one race
    The human race
    And it makes me sad

  • raghavendrabs 92w

    Human? Or Humane?

    If words were tears and the pen, the eyes,
    How long would it take for people to notice ?
    Before you cover it up with some lies
    Some told to others, some to thyself, and the rest to make it all seem nice!

    If religion were clothes and the caste, the coat,
    How long would it take for people to notice ?
    Before you start covering up your nakedness which is apparent
    Some inner wear of faith, a shirt of belief and an over coat of pseudo morality!

    If one being a Hindu is your problem,
    And you’ve ignored my pleas and think I don’t need you,
    You’ve stereotyped me into someone who is too rigid about everything,
    You supported other causes, you classified me as right wing,
    While you ignored the rape of a ‘Hindu’ little flower that was yet to blossom,
    And that you let the ‘Media’ play you!

    If one being a Muslim is your problem,
    And you’ve ignored my pleas and think I don’t need you,
    You’ve stereotyped me as someone who likes chaos and call me a terrorist,
    You supported other causes, you classified me as a leftist,
    While you ignored the lynching of a ‘Muslim’ little bud yet to blossom,
    And that you let the ‘Media’ play you!

    The little girl was just playing on her street,
    The little guy was planning to eat, what he deemed fit!
    The day you come out of cocoon of belief,
    The day you see beyond religion is when we will finally start seeing signs of relief!
    Relief from judging based on religion!
    Relief from all the hyped up media - spiced jargon!

    I am neither from the right wing nor from the left,
    My blood boils equally when a Hindu is violated
    And when a Muslim is lynched!
    My heart sympathises with everyone equally, unlike these bawlers for dollars!
    My eyes are open to everything and they shed a tear whenever something unjust happens!
    I am a human, and in that, one of the finest, an Indian!
    My country is the birthplace of many amazing religions,
    One which gave the world its first civilisation!
    Yet you thrive on a very mundane concept of divisions.

    I ask again, as a simple human, an Indian,
    Before you discriminate based on religion, caste, creed and the colour of my face,
    Think again and answer,
    If words were tears and the pen, the eyes,
    How long would it take for people to notice ?

    Raghavendra B S

  • n0th1ngn3ss 96w

    Above the Hills

    Vision in an invisible oval
    The only thing you cannot see is the edge of view
    Where to reach for with the eyes
    Provokes the double-lensed sword
    The insurmountable cutting edge
    In periphery none have ever gone
    Like all things liminal
    Twilight and Dawn
    Border and cross
    At what point can it be said
    White becomes grey and grey becomes black,
    If one moves slowly enough?

  • tiarag 109w

    Walking Through Town

    Walking through town
    Different expressions
    Some up
    Some down
    And riches
    All mingled together
    Such a huge gap
    Through this thing called class
    In my eyes
    I see one whole mass
    Yet all one species
    Walking through town
    Seeing all the division
    Is all but easy

    ©Tiara Gildon

  • kustard 110w

    Fear drives
    Helps us survive

    But most of all
    Fear divides

  • thoughts_of_oneself 124w

    Friends & Differences

    A friend in need is a friend indeed they say...
    But is it true for everyone out there???
    Some just pretend to be close,While some others pretend us to be dead even though we stand in front of them...
    Is it ego or is it the pride...??
    Is it color or is it money...??
    Is it fame or is it good grades...?
    Is it cast or is it religion...?
    That divides people...

    What makes those differentiating people to distance others so easily...?
    Is it being naive or is it love...??
    Is it soft nature or is it maturity...??
    Is it patience or is it self control...??
    Are these qualities looked upon as liabilities...??

  • aashi_singh23 126w

    यूँ दरारें ना डाल भाईयों के बीच,
    ऐ पैसे तू ना आ रिश्तों के बीच।