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  • mariateresa 12w

    Come out to play

    Skipping down a flower lined path, along the coast where the tide comes in low
    Find me there with a open heart, collecting seashells and singing to myself in a rhythmic waves, deeply breathing, my body slows
    Hypnotized by nature's beauty, swinging on a swing connected to a tree brach
    Aliveness envelops my every thought and feeling like electric energy coursing through my soul creating a spiritual homecoming by its avalanche
    This is how I express my truth
    By playing like a child, inner peace and tremendous love
    Remembering what I held so dear
    Sovereignty born from youth
    Returned to me by following the path
    Coming home for me at last


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 102w

    Oh black of night
    With veil of mystery
    Your truth obscured
    Throughout all history

    I pray my words
    Shall set you free
    Much like the life
    You gave to me.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 11/7/2019

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Black is the color of the unknown
    It is the color of mystery
    And unlimited potential
    It's the color of birth
    And the primordial, ancient abyss

    I tell you, black is the color of creation
    And do not mistake this
    For too long we have been led astray
    I seek to resolve it this very day

    All that lives and breathes
    Springs forth from the darkness 
    The darkness is the field of creation
    A filed of pure, unlimited potential
    Where all things are entirely possible

    We are taught to fear the dark
    But we should honor and revere it
    What flower does not hail
    From the rich blackness of soil?
    Fertile ground that gives way to life

    Which human didn't first incubate
    In the dark, black confines
    Of its mother's womb
    Where it was safe and warm, loved and well nourished?

    All have come forth from the darkness
    All were sheltered there in its safety
    All trusted and thrived in the dark
    And were free from fear

    Even the light gives way to the dark
    Just as the dark gives way to the light
    Each and every single day
    When sun and moon cross paths

    Dark and light, black and white
    Are both mutually beneficial
    Both equally necessary
    Both an integral part of All That Is

    Dark of night and light of day
    Let my eyes see truth today
    Let all untruths now be set right
    We're born of darkness and of light.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 11/7/2019.

    Creation image: Artist/owner unknown, but all rights go to that individual.

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  • starreauxvsqueenie 161w

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    I shall be your safe heaven for the rest of your days. I find delight within your presence,hope and happiness within your smile.Your spirit tells me more than your words. One kiss would have wrote the book of our love story.Before we ever lived it.You were my past,now you are my present and you will be my forever future. Golden wings of love, we fly far beyond this world.