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  • mariateresa 14h

    Fear as been used to weaponize us against one another. Love is the only truth. I ask you my friends to see through the illusion of separation and understand that to really be free, we must 1st claim our own individual power. We do that by healing ourselves. Basking in the present moment that is our gift. Connection is the key.

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    Light be the key

    The star of my heart filters the art
    Mapping messages of emotional responses.....
    Hum temporarily as they rattle, push together and start
    Feelings of others pain and sadness
    Knowing inside that we will all go through periods of madness
    Harbor of hope grows wide enough offering love as a buoy
    Heaven on Earth is available for all not merely a few
    No rules, no control, no debts to pay
    Beacon of light lines the path and shows us the way
    We all carry this light in one way or another
    No masks required for casting aside judgements is the order
    Allow the rhythmic heartbeat of love to guide you over their imaginary border
    Separation is an illusion created by the ones who claim power
    When all along the directive is set from soul's contract for each to master
    Rise brothers and sisters, answer the call, that's begun to knock and keeps growing ever louder
    We each hold a piece, the key to peace and harmony
    Listen closely, as it bubbles up to the surface from within
    Turn away from distractions and see through with clear eyes
    Love is the only truth we need to follow and abide

  • mariateresa 10w

    Always remember

    Remember to have fun
    Remember to be silly
    When you play with these ideas you are alive and gitty
    Polka dotted with childlike wonder
    Painting with yellow mixing in blue to become green
    So peaceful, bubbling to the surface becoming serene
    Make all the funny faces
    The ones that make you laugh out loud
    Never hold back
    Live your life free and proud
    And in the quiet moments, remember to pray
    Honestly expanding upon grace with truth enough to say
    God, there you are
    Innocent and pure
    Filled with love
    Allow the peace inside
    To shine to the Light
    Which shares Divine love
    Remember to keep

  • good_soul 47w

    Although No One ever dared to travel this Path
    I had to journey into the Unknown...
    Road which leads straight to My Heart,
    Path where You and Me used to roam.

    I keep searching for Signs in the Day
    I stay awake to Hear at Night,
    Thinking that I'll find You someday...
    I keep basking in this Divine Light.

    Felt this Thirst, so sipped My Tears
    Fatigue is what that still let's Me walk
    I'm at My Worst, yet no one cares,
    Too Weak to even take a look at the clock.


    Where exactly are You Lost?
    No GPS could help Me track...
    Never this Path did You ever Cross
    I'm not an Idiot to miss the chance of having You back.

    Have stopped walking but didn't give up the search...
    Still waiting with Open Arms,
    My Heart keeps calling, it's on the verge...
    Don't doubt it anymore, You're the Chosen One.

    Holding this Torch, to show You the Way
    Don't think You're going to be Alone,
    This Heart is Yours, so You're going to be Okay...
    I hope You find Your Way Back Home.


    #waybackhome #backhome #path #road #roadnottaken #roadmosttravelled #love #divinelight

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  • sumedha16 155w

    Divine light

    Life always will make you do things that you have thought of doing.
    Before your birth the soul in you decided itself what are the things that are going to happen in your life. So, never be depressed when life makes you taste lemons because everything that's being happening, is happening for a reason. So always have a smile on your face and remember the ultimate goal of reaching the divine light with in you.