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  • poukii 1w

    In the dilemma of life,
    we might feel that pain is like a wheel,
    that keeps on rotating constantly,
    It might be something like a muscle,
    that contracts back and forth.
    We often have to let go off many relationships,
    for ourselves to recover from pain.
    We might need to ask people to walk on pier.
    We might need to leave many souls behind.

    But in the end all our pains,
    will turn into red velvet memories.
    Like the sea that turns to glass,
    after undergoing a lot of alchemy process.
    Patience is the key for all...

  • poukii 1w

    Pain, the most powerful lesson of life.
    Pain is what fuels us to reinvestigate things.
    Pain is what fuels us to focus on our core.
    Pain is what fuels us to
    see through the harsh truths of life.
    Pain is what fuels us to serve people
    who suffer more than us.

    It connects all living beings inspite of their differences.
    It affects all life forms,
    It is the major transformative thing in our life.
    that is bitter yet sweet.

    They say, it gets better with time,
    truth is , it gets better only
    when we accept it, it will heal.

  • distilled_thoughts 2w

    Swinging from this side to that,
    My heart becomes a pendulum.

    Set me free, she cries,
    I had enough of this ribcage.
    I want to fly out into this world,
    I want to chart the uncharted seas,
    Set me free, she cries.

    Nah, I'm good, she says,
    When I begin to sew wings to her,
    Who wants wings when there are roots?
    Who wants to be tossed in the air and sea?
    Nah, I'm good here, she says.

    Swinging from this side to that,
    My heart becomes a pendulum.


  • thedeadink 2w

    What you call a dilemma maybe!
    @writersnetwork #mirakee #dilemma

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    A yet another day passed by,
    sinking into a state of hefty oblivion!
    "Afterglow is a mere illusion",
    uttered that baffled instinct
    "But lamenting is a curse darling,
    and you dont want to know how it ends, back again!"
    screamed my bathroom corridor!
    "Defeating with these monsters every now and then!"
    The woman behind those closed bars sighed!

  • zaarun 2w

    Nahi hona tha toh huva kyun hai
    jis pe nahi jaana tha uss pe dil gaya kyun hai !


  • absynth 3w

    Couldn't resist a prompt on books.

    "Not everything was found in books
    He realized after reading books
    So he started from scratch on a blank page
    And let ignorance do all the hard work."

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    double bind

    A world without books means
    That this poem would never have been written.
    Now whether that's bad or good
    Is a personal interpretation.
    But how could we have understood
    The dilemma of such a situation
    When there was no record as such
    About its existence in the lexicon?

    No bindings and spines
    To keep our thoughts grounded,
    No way to define
    Our fears unfounded,
    No prints fine
    To show the other side of the coin,
    No straight line
    To keep our emotions aligned.

    But ignorance is bliss.
    Didn't we need a book to tell us this?
    Though what we never had
    We could never miss
    And everything would be as it is
    Untouched by our views
    But for the memories of a history buried underfoot.
    For had it not been for those books
    We would have never realized
    that all our differences are so much alike.


  • hawaii 4w

    Delphine III

    You complete me
    My mind my body
    All that is in me
    Your stare makes me breathe heavily
    My heart beats involuntarily
    Like my eyes when you're in sight
    I can't help noticing even in the night
    My GPS when I'm in flight
    I'm "Vision" with you by my right
    Living in a dull place you became my light
    Now I see colour aside from black and white
    I may not reach the height
    Or be able to win this fight
    To one day hold your hand without fright
    But you have my utmost respect with delight
    I never felt like this before
    From my nails to my inner most core
    You are the one a that I adore
    I can't stress any more
    These next months to explore
    I want you all the more mi amore!

    I'm yet to take action
    But I'm already in prison
    My undivided attention
    Your absence provokes suspension
    I need a new lesson
    to become a better person
    Cause I can already feel the tension
    Some say I'm crazy
    Maybe I am crazy
    Admiring someone never lazy
    With 99 problems like Jay Z
    I found my Queen B
    Now my choices are easy
    Mirroring her I've been keeping busy
    Because I see an engineer
    Making her family proud every year
    From first to final year
    Forsaking guys and beer
    Her path is straight and clear
    Standing from a rear
    That is what I see in her
    and I don't really care
    what you people think about her

    Delphine, If time stood still after we turn 18 I would still choose you over and over again!

    #crush #beauty #appreciation #dilemma

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    Delphine III

    I'm not trying to hide
    I just want you by my side
    Your appearance your character inside
    That's the beauty I adore with pride
    But there's rules I have to abide
    On a high cliff by the sea side
    You struck me down with your tide
    Often now I'm washed by these waves
    of emotions flooding in I need a save
    because everytime I see your face
    its like a light shining in a dark cave
    I can't help being struck down by your wave
    There's a road in me you paved
    So beautiful I want to walk it with you
    Holding your hand I only see the sky blue
    and fertile green pasture perfect for two
    Delphine, you don't have a clue
    of the things that you can do
    The colours I see in you
    There's no one more true

  • rmitra 9w

    The Dilemma

    So much to learn,yet not much to say...
    So much to yearn,yet the heart betrays...
    So much to unravel,yet the mystery to entice...
    So much to admit,yet so hesitant to recite..
    So much to ask,yet replies are forbidden..
    So much to seek,yet beauty lies in the hidden....

  • sagar_varma 9w

    Me to Me:

    "Dude stop checking your social media, there won't be any message from her. Its over, she's gone, and you're alone now"

  • thaat_black_shy_gyal 11w

    I’m fine, I’m okay
    But is it ever really fine?
    Nothing ever seems to be ok
    Thousands of voices, each one trying to be heard
    Millions of questions, all trying to find their answers
    Countless feelings, all waiting to be expressed
    Always in a dilemma on which way to go
    So many choices to be made, each one with his own pros and cons
    How do you choose one and damn the consequences?
    Help seems so near yet faraway
    Life - an endless quest
    A journey full of storms no matter the route you choose
    Sometimes I’m lost, sometimes I feel like I’m doing it right
    I’m really not okay, it has never been fine
    But then there’s peace in knowing you’re doing your best in this journey of life

  • nonwriter 12w


    If you have money, you have everyone...
    Parents, children, siblings, family, friends, neighbours, strangers, society...
    Everyone wants you in their lives...
    Everyone wants to be in your life...
    If you have money, banks, family, friends all are willing to lend to you...
    If you have money you can attract more money...
    If you don't have any, you are the loneliest person on the earth...
    You are nobody's child, nobody's parent or sibling...
    Nobody wants to be your friend or neighbour...
    Nobody wants to know you...
    If you don't have money, you become invisible...
    Your speech and silence are the same...
    Nobody hears your voice...
    You might as well not exist...
    Dilemma is how to treat these people...
    When money is one's friend again...
    Don't know where we are headed...
    On the path to empathy and humanity???
    I doubt it...

  • petrichor_essence 12w

    PC:- google
    It looks weak yet its pumping.
    It looks dry yet it's nourished.
    It looks dull yet it's bright red.
    It looks melancholic yet it works.
    It looks perplexed yet it's sorted.
    It looks fine yet not fine.
    It says nothing,yet it remembers.
    It seems to have forgotten,yet smiles in silence.
    It seems to be rude,yet tender inside.
    It seems free,yet trapped so bad.
    U can't feel the pain of a heart whose circumstances are so worst to be bad !
    The feeling that can't be syllabled.
    The heart that lost everything that made him breath,that made him think,that made him feel,that made him eat,that made him blush.
    Now, its just stunned,
    So stunned by the hit that no words left.
    He says he will get through and will win..and he gets weak when need a shoulder to stand back.
    Oo my life! Tell me what you are..I don't understand your meaning...
    Is it fulfillment or separation...
    Is it satisfaction or just Pain..
    I ask u , life

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    A beating dead heart


  • jameschishi 13w

    Chasing the wind

    As I felt a sudden touch of ecstasy in my heart,
    My curiosity keeps on burning perpetually.

    I let my eyes descry for it,
    Found nothing but complete dilemma.

    Now my mind is running fatuously,
    Searching for that hankering soul.

    In spite of my perplexing state of mind,
    I still shove myself on and on.

    Now feeling a sensation of something gravitating towards me,
    It’s a momentary blow of wind.

    I run after it hoping to find something,
    It leads me to nowhere but nihility.

    Now you can empathize me,
    I was chasing the wind.

  • nonwriter 13w


    Post on FB, post on Twitter, post on Instagram, post on WhatsApp...life has become a series of posts. I have lost myself but, found friends some followers, some strange people who I don't want to know. Life on the internet highway is even more perilous than the Expressway. Can't quit either. Too addicted. Too afraid of being forgotten. Even by one's own children. What a dilemma. Wonder where we are headed.

  • mrittika851999 15w

    Writing after a while because of lack of content. But here's wishing everyone a happy new year, 2021. Stay safe, hale and hearty!

    Trying to get in touch with the inner writer of mine. If you like the post, comment down suggestions and follow me and share the post, it will mean the world to me and a token of encouragement. Thank you so much!

    @readwriteunite @mirakee @writersnetwork
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    New Year

    New Year always signify new beginnings.
    What happens when you can't begin anew when there are old remnants?
    Fight through it? Or, go with the flow?
    But, ultimately, the light at the end of the tunnel brings hope.
    That's what a New Year signify.

  • musings_of_mk 16w

    Loneliness is addictive
    Once you live in it for a long period of time
    you don't feel the need to be around people
    There are times when you won't be able to handle it , there will be too much in your mind and too much in your heart and yet there won't be a single one to share your grief.
    But you will learn to fight it alone.
    And then a day will come when you won't feel the need for someone to be there to be by your side .
    Your journey will just be a one way path , path to a stronger and better you
    Grow and glow through your loneliness
    If life has thrown loneliness at you , then be it , Get that addiction hard

  • closet_of_heart 16w

    "My calibration"

    Deep down into the sea i dive into the suffocation,
    The lights of the ocean give highs to the fascination,
    The blues of the water turns into my salvation
    The crux of my body jumps into the conclusion,
    My voice in the head gives hint to my agitation
    My present can eventually turns to my future imagination
    Can my life become like your picture with full illustration?


  • mrittika851999 17w

    Sometimes all these questions bother me so much! Do they bother you too? Lemme know in the comments below. ��

    Also, who else loves Meemaw and their Meemaws?❤��

    Trying to get in touch with the inner writer of mine. If you like the post, comment down suggestions and follow me and share the post, it will mean the world to me and a token of encouragement as well❤ Thank you so much! ��❤

    @readwriteunite @mirakee @writersnetwork
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    How do you know whom to trust and who not to,
    How do you decide when to leap and when not to.
    Does anything go according to your decisions?
    Does life allow you to do whatever and however you think of anything?
    Meemaw said that this is what makes the life interesting,
    You don't know what is going to happen,
    How things are gonna unfold,
    Nevertheless, lucky are those who enjoy come what may,
    And the rest, well, I don't think I am in a position to say anything about that!


  • petrichor_essence 17w

    Hope,I am successful to make my heart understand a bit indirectly by a poetry...these are some words that are a little bit able to elaborate confused thoughts..we all have in different extents.


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    If my heart could speak

    A confused little fist- sized thing I've got.
    It's an irony,must be flexible coz,it will seize if gets stubborn!!
    But,if my heart could speak,

    I'm enthusiastic and crying blood the same time.
    But,it's a need of mine.
    I want to be nice and kind.
    But,your rudeness makes me blind!
    I think way too emotionally.
    Will u understand my melancholy?
    I feel imprisoned here
    Everything going on is a nightmare!
    If I expose the real feelings of my own
    I feel like I'm a big moron!
    Will I get a chance to rejuvenate,
    If I get a chance to debate!
    To find the vibes I've been wandering,
    But,the stereotypes makes me wondering!

  • aishafirdose 19w

    Hundreds of Words,
    Thousands of Thoughts,
    Tons of Love,
    Leaves me in Dilemma.