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  • ___mara__ 2w

    I love you

    The three words that's suppose to make you walk on sea
    Has capsized me
    A stranger to me could spill it like pouring rain
    And all I can think of is how my ears want to shut down each time the wave brings it to shore
    Even a dog could bite you on the first day
    Wagging his tail at you after a long day
    When you had a bond day

    SMH!!!! Three words
    Empty words

  • ruby_sun 6w

    We might get #deceived by the way we look at things
    It's all in our #perspective,
    Our point of view...
    We might be unknown of what really the truth is and believe in what we see
    But what we see is not necessarily what someone else sees.
    So what's your perspective?
    #mirakee #miraquill #dilemma

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    What's in pain,
    And not in joy...?
    For joy, makes me forgetful of worries and leaves me wordless,
    While pain, bleeds words out of my heart so perfectly.

    What's in rage,
    And not in calm...?
    For calm, makes me stagnant of my surroundings and untouched by the world
    While rage, makes me stand up for myself and hurt the ones who hurt me, unbothered of the fact :
    Them being my fellow beings.

    What's in greed,
    And not in contentment...?
    For when I'm content, I don't want to walk ahead and want to soak up the goodness of present.
    While my greed gives me unending thirst for advents, makes me want to soar higher and go farther.

    What's in lust,
    And not in love...?
    For lust, holds nothing but ecstatic pleasure, harmless and momentary.
    While love holds a melancholy to it, which will stay in my heart till the unending ends and the angels die...

  • bloom_tia 7w

    All those caterpillars
    that became butterflies
    had turned back into caterpillars
    after all those times.

    All those times
    we spent as lovers
    have come to this now our honeymoon stage is over,
    the Law of Diminishing Returns is taking over.

    What is it, you ask?
    I'm no lawyer to take just,
    but I'll explain it to you my love,
    everyone goes through this, not just us.

    Economists says,
    the more you have something,
    it worth to you less.
    That's what we are, that kind of being.

    The more we spend time together,
    the less the pleasure.
    The more we give,
    the less we appreciate.

    But hey, don't fret.
    It doesn't mean we don't love each other,
    or that we love each other less,
    It's just nature, I guess.

    I think it's a good thing,
    to have this kind feeling.
    Since I have the tendency to be obsessed,
    this, I think is for the best.

    Also to prevent from being satiated,
    or from being dependent,
    to stand up with our own two feet,
    and from time to time, miss a kiss.

    Because we cannot give what we don't have,
    we should learn what they call the greatest love.
    It's to love yourself so you can love,
    with it, you can give all the love you have.

    If I am complete and you are as well,
    we can support and love each other very well.
    Without missing a piece of our identity,
    without having doubts in ourselves.

    So this law, my love, is just a proof,
    that we are getting more mature.
    In our love we are more sure,
    that whatever obstacles, we can endure.
    The Purpose of Diminishing Reverts not only happens in the economy, but in relationships as well. This stage is a make or break point. Make or break? Choose wisely.
    #diminishing #dilemma #writersbay @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    The Purpose of Diminishing Reverts

  • jkhusty 7w

    I was shaken from my dreams, thrown into realms of reality,
    Those same unwelcoming boulevards,
    Between beings who disgust me,
    Who shout I don't belong here.
    These streets repudiated me long ago,
    But I am still captivated by it's mysterious turns,
    Though it's every speck calls me an imbecile,
    Yet my dreary side still looms on its walls.
    I am caught between two spheres,
    Not ready to leave any one of them,
    Although they both abhor my every aspect.
    They aghast my presence every second,
    And I am still gaping at the anomaly, trying to accentuate my importance,
    Yet they abstain me from them,
    And I am forced to go adrift.

    #dilemma #sad #love #anotherworld

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    I never belonged here....

  • thebhavnasaxena 7w

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
    And there she stood, twilight hanging
    Over her shoulders, she heard love sing
    To her, its promises of bliss thickened
    The air, so she choked on them each
    Time she drew a breath, but there was
    Something else too, her heart that had
    Been battered, crushed and torn apart
    In the name of love, its pieces were
    Seduced by the glitter of power.

    Wearing her dilemma as a blindfold,
    She went around in circles, pouring
    The shards of her heart into the soil,
    Her tears quickened the womb of
    The earth and there sprung up a
    Forest of hungry fruit, with a passion
    For power, seasons came and went,
    And yet blind she was still, till one day
    The clamoring of the trees was loud
    Enough to drown love's song, and its
    Promises of bliss dissolved under the
    Aroma of the hungry fruit ripening.

    #hunger #power #passion #love #dilemma #people #life #choices #wood #heart #feelings #poem #poet #freeverse #creative #writinglife #wds #pod #writersbay #mirakeeworld #journal #words #quotes #nature #shewrites #followme #readwriteunite #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #poetsofmirakee #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #forest #wod

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    As she sits on her throne today,
    She ofttimes thinks of the fork
    In the woods, of what lay on the
    Other road, were there really pillows
    Of sunshine on a bed of flowers
    And the arms of a lover waiting for
    Her to snuggle into?

  • tumaku 11w

    who do you choose for life
    a friend
    whom you've known all along
    a stranger

  • saffrone 11w

    Pls repost if you like my work
    Kind of abstract poetry; it chases various thoughts ��

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    Tangible heart

    It do take turns
    And yet it returns
    My tangible heart;
    And it's indifferent form.

    Non-unless it hibernates
    Into misery and songs,
    It seeks redemption
    But, the hour just moved on.

    You do want to turn!
    But aback it's gone.

    It's just my tangible heart;
    And it's indifferent form.

  • swarajtembhurne 12w

    Is this right?

    Feels like I am doing all this without any doubt.
    People say I am lost!

    I agree, but don't know what's wrong,
    I wanna find,
    Wanna know....

    All I know is ....
    I am just tired ..
    I am deprived .....
    Of all the Worldly happiness tides...
    I expect a lot,
    I try a lot ...

    I am not happy
    I am not sad...
    I don't know what this feeling is.
    Is it anger? Or Is it pain?
    Is this right?
    Or is that it?

  • garima_fountainpen 13w


    Something to be said
    Something to be heard
    Then why its not coming on tongue
    And just lingering in heart.

    Speak out loud and clear
    Or should I just keep it inside
    Will it give the desired results
    Or will it lead to more Dilemma?


  • manazscorpio 15w


    Say by a lot people often
    A Book signifies
    Blend of knowledge and minute experience.
    A few even refer
    A book as a realm of opinions.
    In some cases
    It is even instrumental for writers
    To manipulate the readers.
    Gets buried under such a critical juncture
    Being trapped in a dynamic view cage.
    Turn the knob and entered finally
    Into this dynamic world
    Along with a bag full of dilemmas.
    But got astonished after analysing
    Each and every leaf bars of this cage.
    First unfold leads to second
    And second leads to third
    And this process goes on and on.
    Now it feels like
    Prior to enter the cage
    I was a stranger to it,
    But now it treats me
    Like its own son.

  • jenapriyavhjeenu 17w


    Never go back when it's over
    Stay away
    Never accept again

    #Begging #Relationship #Deadflower #Dilemma

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    Begging to the end relationship
    is like watering a dead flower.

  • zarvic 20w

    Stuck in self- analysis

    A ship in a desert of water around it,
    Searching for a piece of land
    To quench it's thirst......

  • cosmicpoet 20w

    crossfire of feelings

    Feelings are choked and
    drowned inside,
    wants to be manifested now.
    refuses the urges and pleeds,
    comes out a bit uncontrollably.

    Just like the roots of the trees,
    it supports my heart from deep

    I fear if it comes outside,
    calamity of emotions would surely

    But if it remains inside my heart,
    the rage of emotions would made
    me mentally decayed.

    Still in dilemma,
    to let them go out?
    let them be inside?
    Being in between,
    I'm falling beside.


  • distilled_thoughts 20w

    Decision making

    In the silent darkness,
    As needs and wants crowd,
    Nudging me wordlessly,
    I wrestle with myself,
    What should I decide?


  • oenomel 21w


    I want to bleed, but why can't I?
    I want every drop of my blood on paper.
    The red looking at me smiling proudly,
    While I glance back with so much intensity.
    Oh, so much in love.
    I want to be filled till brim,
    Not stopping the red.
    So appealing,
    Giving me so much comfort and content

  • soumyatiwari02 21w

    The big dilemma!

    It's difficult time for our earth
    We have to break the chain,
    The virus is catching human to human
    Whole world is facing it's pain.

    It's misfortune of human
    Or animals are taking revenge,
    This outbreak started from china
    Which is very-very strange.

    The virus spread via droplets
    When a person coughs or sneeze ,
    Or try to touch their infected hand
    to their mouth, nose and eyes.

    We have to protect ourself
    From this difficult situation ,
    For the care of our life
    The best thing is sanitization

    Try to be in home
    Don't be fear from this corona,
    Then only we can win
    From this big dilemma.

    ✒ soumya Tiwari

  • distilled_thoughts 21w

    What is this?
    Hanging above my head,
    Hovering midair,
    When did it appear?
    Was it there from the beginning?
    Or did it come just now?

    Will this vanish someday?
    This hook and a dot,
    Will it stay forever?
    Always a phantom about me?

    Why am I always confused?
    Will I be clear at least once?
    When will this giant question mark
    Shadowing me day and night dissolve?


  • naykinephantom_ 22w


    Shallow drips, fuckin' with fiends, colluding,
    writing down names, looping up negativistics,
    the very dream of thirst, nomadic tendencies,
    gulping hooch, prepping the world of fucks,
    blending salts, grooving on four-five seconds,
    the heart still bluffing, she was not though,
    had enough of daisies, praisin' nicotiana,
    blessed, they said, pointing out them flukes,
    never got played up, still swaying down odds,
    outstanding love, lust, ethics and pedigree,
    i kept on walking, alone, lookin' up on icons,
    got betrayed, beholden upon balmorality,
    somehow crawled my way, craving for peace,
    to greet masquerade, the potrayal of quietus,
    finally got paved, there goes that bastard,
    passed upon afterlife, the poor soul of mine,
    offsetting hellishness, they never thought of,
    to hell with spilligion, i give you, quidamity.

  • poukii 23w

    In the dilemma of life,
    we might feel that pain is like a wheel,
    that keeps on rotating constantly,
    It might be something like a muscle,
    that contracts back and forth.
    We often have to let go off many relationships,
    for ourselves to recover from pain.
    We might need to ask people to walk on pier.
    We might need to leave many souls behind.

    But in the end all our pains,
    will turn into red velvet memories.
    Like the sea that turns to glass,
    after undergoing a lot of alchemy process.
    Patience is the key for all...

  • poukii 23w

    Pain, the most powerful lesson of life.
    Pain is what fuels us to reinvestigate things.
    Pain is what fuels us to focus on our core.
    Pain is what fuels us to
    see through the harsh truths of life.
    Pain is what fuels us to serve people
    who suffer more than us.

    It connects all living beings inspite of their differences.
    It affects all life forms,
    It is the major transformative thing in our life.
    that is bitter yet sweet.

    They say, it gets better with time,
    truth is , it gets better only
    when we accept it, it will heal.