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  • husnachikwela 1w


    My first birthday which I have celebrate when I was in class seven. This is my first beutiful birthday celebrate while I have ready being grown up.
    My second birthday it was when I was in pre form one. This was another style of cellebrating without any cake. Only one of my fellow student lied one me with cup of taking shower. She told me that there was someone who said that it was owned by her. I know that She choose that way because most of time I was bollowing her cup. When only moving outside! I got a backets of water in my body.
    My third birthday it was when I was in form two while doing my Nacte examination. This I prepared it myself, because it was not a suprise.
    And my last birthday, It was when I was at home. Sitting in there kitchen preparing dinner. I was only being called with my mother like she was wanting to ask her something to do.
    Only to open the door I found myself with a cake at the table.

    In addition. It was when I was cellebrating after my class seven studies. My mother prepared to me four cakes to me. One we eat it at school company with my teachers and my fellow pupils, second and third when we was at party after school coumpound. Where pupils went to dance and eat. And remainder, we finished it at home after the cellebration.

  • amulbaby_ 4w


    I have been deprived of sleep lately. Peeking upto window near my bed I guess at my most unpalatable melieu- the winter's eventide.

    Predominantly throughout my early teens I had an exhilaration at this hour of the day. Later these days I have a sensation of missing him, on watching the stillness outside. Feels like this is the representation of him- the calmness. The clement ambience outside, the brisk breeze are the elucidation of something appealing and I still feel devoid and makes me vulnerable. I feeble as I yearn for him to be by my side.

    Being someone who antipathies with every season outside, still felt the fevour of supple green grass and subtle falling leaves of autumn, when his presence nudged and fondled me.

    Upon fading away from my beloved possie in thoughts, I get back to my sanity and crave for him again. It seems like ages even when he had made me chortle a little while back. Sooner it gonna be in the after-hours when he'll caress me with his baritone like voice.

    I conjecture,his smirk at the end to which I had gone crimson red that day, very well portrayed the fact that he knew his charisma has done magic within me.

    That's all for today
    Peggs ♡

    27th October, 2021

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    i was an
    amiable bairn,
    until I stumbled
    upon his gaze

  • trulyamazing 8w

    Of a Day in the Life

    Each day is a new chapter
    In the hefty tome of our lives
    Even a small piece of news
    Can upset the schemes
    Perfected over years

    Like the roof of
    A centuries old house
    That caves in one day
    Having witnessed years of
    Joys and fortitudes

    Causing a maelstrom
    Of dust and debris
    To settle over all things
    Old and New
    And invoke disbelief

    The dust settles
    But the walls stand tall
    As silent proofs
    Of the layers of history
    Visible on their visage

    And then a beam of sunlight
    Kisses the floor
    That hasn't seen the sky
    For as long as it can remember
    The trees and sky beckon above

    Life like the centuries old house
    Finds a reason
    To hold on a little longer
    Because the ray of light
    Had found its way through the cracks


  • venus93 18w


    Dear diary,

    Today was an ordinary day but I do not know why while walking through that crowded street, out of nowhere i felt this sudden rush of happiness inside me it was strange. I could smell the scent of something delicious being cooked in a nearby house and it took me back to my childhood and to my grandma's kitchen, where she used to cook all sorts of delicacies for us grandchildren when we visited her during vacations.

    We would watch TV in the hall or play in the courtyard , all the while leaving a part of our senses back there in the kitchen , taking in the inviting aromas wafting in. When others seemed to be too engrossed in a movie or a boardgame or a catch me if you can, I would surreptitiously slip inside the kitchen, sweet talk to grandma and get a taste of what's being cooked before everyone else did. While I eagerly dived into the piping hot dish , she would lovingly admonish me to take care not to burn my fingers or my mouth. That love and care used to make the already heavenly dish taste even better. How I miss her ! If only I could turn back time ..

    Who knew a casual walk through a crowded street would end up as a wonderful trip down memory lane !

  • seraiah_smiles 22w

    This is an excerpt from my reflection after reading Chapter/Day 28 of a book by Randy Alcorn entitled,
    "50 DAYS OF HEAVEN" — "Reflections That Bring Eternity to Light"

    I highly recommend this book.

    I'm loving Heaven more because of this book. My love for Our future eternal abode burns stronger. Must read.

    @aphrodite53 I'm sharing this joy to you.

    Also, to those whom the Lord planted a seed of interest for holy, good, or Christian things, what are you waiting for... If you have the ability to get a copy of this book, why not get it, right?
    Kuya Ry asked me, "Prince, what's that book you're reading?"
    Showing him the book cover, I told him, "50 Days of Heaven."
    "(Is that good?) Let me borrow it after you finish reading everything in that book." He smiled.
    "You can, if you want to," I replied, noticing my slightly lowered-volume voice (maybe I was shy?).
    He just screamed in a high-pitched but low-volume voice, "aaaA."

    P.S. #diaryentry This caption above is a #shortstory between me and my dearest brother. We're Filipinos, so we conversed in Filipino. Therefore, the dialogue is translated to English just to suit the audience, which is you. ��

    P.P.S. Kuya Ry, just be sure that you'll borrow it after I read all of it, K? HAHAHA, no choice... Well, actually, I can choose to not continue reading it but no, I plan to continue reading it, because well, I want to, and yeah, you said it.

    P.P.P.S. With a pencil, I've started to add my commentaries and underlines.

    Shepherd Series — Volume 2 Chapter 5

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    Greatest Glory

    In this earth, I wanna suffer for the Deity.
    I wanna die for God, figuratively and literally.

    With my utmost humility and charity,
    That's the greatest glory
    I can ever—and want to—give the Almighty.

  • magical_poems 24w

    Dear diary

    Waking up praying no bad news
    Between positivity and negativity, I choose
    Smiling all day to no gain
    Wish everything to be normal again

    Helping my mother
    Playing with my father
    Irritating brother at weekend
    Wish everything to be normal again

    Penning down words of poetry
    Words describing my feelings, unknowingly
    Poems saying my heart's desire
    I want to end it all, by ice or fire

    The end of dark days are near
    I want this pandemic to clear
    You know dear
    What I fear

    My fear of these never ending days
    But somewhere I appreciate these ways
    The nature is healing fast
    The forest would be again deep and vast

    This will end with the world new again
    Oh, with this wish I sleep then
    You are a great listener, my diary
    And a best friend entirely
    Hope the new dawn bringing good news
    Wish this would end with my views......
    #diaryentry #lockdown #feelings #fear #hope #life #nature #forest #wod #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Dear diary,
    You are my life partner, my memory, my well wisher, I share my feelings with you, whether it be good or bad.... Happy or sad....

  • seraiah_smiles 28w

    A Worry And A Voice

    I dreamed. I awoke from my slumber. I regard no dream (no matter how terrifying) as a nightmare. But if I'm being honest, I might consider this one as one.


    (This below is not the dream but a recollection of reality.)

    When I stared at those wondrous eyes into nothingness, mine became unsettled.

    "Trust me; I know what I'm doing," I heard in my mind.

    Instantly, I knew it was the voice of the Wind. I thought, "Was it yours too?"

    I want to believe it is; I believe. Therefore, as I stare at those wondrous eyes with the capacity of my mind, I tell myself, "Alright. I'll continue to trust You, you."

    ~ ~ ~


  • seraiah_smiles 28w


    A common Tuesday afternoon (not-).

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    In My Heart

    As the last song played, I tell you, my dearest brother, this time I had with you shall not fade.

  • seraiah_smiles 28w

    I may fall, and my soul may stall, but I shall rise in Spring after all.

  • seraiah_smiles 29w


    Pangiti-ngiti lang ako, patawa-tawa lang ako, ngunit namromroblema na ako sa school works ko HAHA.

    I've no one to blame, not that I want to.

  • seraiah_smiles 29w


    I was looking down from the hall when I suddenly heard a male's voice (doesn't know who it belongs to); it says, "May hinahanap." or "Finding someone (in English)."

    No one:

    Me in my mind:
    Ha? Ah, yeah, I'm finding Nemo..!. Ah! I mean, I'm finding Dory. W-w-wait..!. Okay-okay, I'm finding kuya __.

  • seraiah_smiles 29w


    Still, I have role models in my life:
    the epitome of everything good: Jesus.
    the forerunners of holiness: angels and saints.
    my personal lesson-bringers in my life.

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    If I were to borrow someone's life even for an hour, I would not.

    I am me. I'd rather improve myself than to wish I were somebody else.

  • seraiah_smiles 29w

    I'm willing to be weird when that makes you shine.

  • seraiah_smiles 29w

    #diaryentry Those people are those people, whoever they are.

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    Me thinking if "those people" think of me:
    It couldn't be. Hmm... it might be, but, nah.

  • seraiah_smiles 29w

    To the Person that God Destined for Me (If There Is Someone),

    I'm not looking for romance, nor shall I look for it.

    Let destiny find its way to bring us closer together.

    If and only if that is the Will of the Wind.

  • seraiah_smiles 29w

    Kuya Ry,

    As for you, I think you've learned much about me already. I've been so open, and I think at least in that medium, I also will. No more long message in this, you've got yours already.

    Just know that... Emmanuel. And. 1 G25 3. Strong-ly brother. Think straight, it's → 26.

    (Still... I'm here, quiet and immersed in my thoughts. I'm trying. You know.)

  • seraiah_smiles 29w

    Kuya Exequiel, I really can see that you have the brilliance and hard-work. Just continue and improve on these things, and also in humility and fear of the Lord, then I can guarantee you have your bright future ahead, with God.

  • lucifer_morningstar666 29w


    You are the spark I always need in my life...
    The grace in your eyes, so deep n sweet...
    Your glowing skin captures my eyes...
    Falling in void I cannot sleep.....
    You are the dearest yet I cannot speak..
    All I want you to know you are the only one I seek...


  • bonitasarahbabu 29w

    On the busiest day of the week,
    I got a flat tire.
    Managed to pull over,
    And I hoped someone would help.
    It was to no avail,
    For everyone was busy and one the run.
    I was worried,
    But thank God for Google.
    I looked it up,
    And I was able to change it on my own.
    My car was up and running,
    And I was proud of myself.
    Despite not knowing how to it at first,
    I was able to successfully change my tire.
    Proud of myself, I am
    And I would love to teach others how to accomplish this task.

  • kashaf_gill 29w

    Dear diary
    You are my permanent best friend
    You are the only one
    Who never gets bore from me
    You are the one
    Who was always been there when nobody else was
    You are the one
    Who supports me in my bad day
    You are the one
    Who reminds me of my golden memories
    You are the one
    Who knows me very well
    You are the one
    To whom I used to tell
    All the events in detail
    Dear diary ,
    Thanks for being my beloved
    Dear diary,
    I love you so much