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  • raika_ 6w

    -pages from a half burnt diary-

    28th February//

    Summer is just around the corner, and the sky beautifully holds together its serenity.

    There's a crack in the blue sky, through which crimson light peeps at the city headed home as a few orange clouds escaped the crack and scatter around on the blueness.

    A couple kites fly around as I stroll in my terrace and that is when my eyes land on two boys on their roof, a few houses down the lane as one of them holds onto the reel as the older one impresses him with his way around the string.

    It reminded me of Amir and Hassan and I smiled at the sun as it set and bid adieu.

    2nd March//

    Once again I meet the sun when it is on the cusp of saying goodbye as I drive towards home, but the few moments that we have, we talk about The Great Gatsby and sun quoted “I wasn't actually in love, but I felt a sort of tender curiosity.” and how sun found it relatable and I stayed quiet instead of telling the sun that I find it relatable too.

    On the drive home, I saw three kids on the green belt at the side of the road, one of them stood near the two, one of whom sits on top of the third kid and they all laughed as the third kid tried to free himself of his grip and weight.

    I told the sun they are playing, but the sun said, 'Are they?' and left, as I drove home teary eyed listening to Hurt by Johnny Cash but all I could think of was Hassan being raped by Assef and Amir who stayed silent.

    I took a turn from the nearest U-turn and went back to the green belt but when I reached the boys had left and the song had ended.

    /emptiness is what I felt/

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You might only understand this if you have read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. He is a brilliant writer who writes about things that need to be read. His words have always left a strong impact on the world.

    #fanletter maybe?
    #diaryentry completely and utterly lame but not fictional.

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  • love_whispererr 7w

    I paint a sky with blue crayons but my tiny hand can't draw kites and gorgeous birds on the meadow of soaring sky. But those pregnant clouds beg in front of me to place them on my blue sky and I try to romanticize my crayons to tint some black clouds and they're about to give birth some metaphors with the nudges of rain drops.

    I spray some red colors on the petals of a forgotten rose and it twirl its head with the melody of summer rain and breezes of my sweetheart's megalopolis. And near a faded facade, that rose blooms with a poetic smile on its lips and it opens out while crumpling some wild flowers with its amorous fragrance.

    I want to decorate a poem with the colors of Van Gogh, with the history of Babylon and Cleopatra, with the melodies of Bukowski and with the hues of Sylvia Plath. But behind a blue veil of life, I sleep with the paintings and truths of death.

    Let's paint together with some dark nights ;
    Let's decorate that night with silken stars ;
    Let's spray some happiness on those tiny hearts.


    ©Bidya B.
    (23rd Feb, 2021)

    #paintingc #diaryentry #wod

    Thank you @writersnetwork ��

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    I dream my painting and I paint my dream.

    -Vincent Willem van Gogh

  • antarraal 7w

    Dear Diary,

    It just doesn't end. The atrocities against women.
    I know the entire mankind, even animals face brutalities but nothing can be more savage then a woman getting raped.

    A woman forced, beaten, humiliated and violated by a man, and two days ago, there were six of them. And, one was a minor.

    Isn't it ironically maddening that an act when done with love, respect and affection can be so fulfilling and memorable but when forced upon, it kills. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

    They had beat her, raped her, inserted an iron rod in her most vulnerable part and then thrown her out from the bus. Even if a women is a curse on humanity, does she deserve this?

    Time flies by but the powerful men of this world don't have the laws or the guts to stop this. They don't have the punishment to send a chill down the spine of those who even think about raping.

    Is God listening or he is so partisan towards the males that he doesn't understand our pain.

    A scared grief stricken woman

    #diary @writersbay @mirakee @poetrydelivery
    #diaryentry @writersnetwork

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    Dec 18, 2016

    Dear Diary,

    It just doesn't end. The atrocities against women.
    I know the entire mankind, even animals face brutalities but nothing can be more savage then a woman getting raped.


  • bonitasarahbabu 7w

    February 21st, 2021
    Sunday 1625

    You already know what I am going to say. I'm sorry for disappointing you, but I am so tired of this. My jealousy is getting the better of me. It seems like no one, not even one single person is romantically interested in me. I'm just one of the guys because I'm a tomboy. I am not feminine enough to love. I know I should get over it, but it just truly stinks. You would think by now I would have no tears to cry, but I have a never-ending supply of tears. I think the times of living in isolation were better, because then I wouldn't know what love truly looked like. Maybe, just maybe hypnosis might work for me. Be hypnotized to never care to know about romantic love. This might just save me from the depths of the misery I am not really dealing with.

  • pheith 7w


    Hi Refuge(my diary)!!!!! Oh I know what you're going to say! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shut you out.I just thought you wouldn't care if I kept it all in instead. Aren't you even tired of being there every time?
    The hurts,pains, quirkiness,laughters, iffy moments?

    Doesn't it take alot from you to listen and bare each of these seasons with me??

    Doesn't it?
    I wish I could do same for you, starting today,share your moments with me. I promise I'll still be here.

    -your crazy head


  • sameen_ 7w


    Monday, 22.02.21, 00:15

    What can LOVE give you, if not insecurities
    What can LOVE take from you, if not peace.
    And, I experienced both in a single day.
    Sometimes you can't see the truth that is right in front of your eyes and go on to build an empire on a fake foundation.
    DUMPPP!!! It has to CRASH.
    It did.

    Love lost, Life won.
    Once again.

  • the_late_night_reader 7w

    21-February - 2021
    11:30 PM

    Dear you,

    Today I will talk only about you. You've always been there for me, in my good and bad days. On days when I don't feel like talking, you just stay by my side watching me silently.
    On days when I feel angry or frustrated, you are there to calm me down. On days when I feel sad, you are there to comfort me, when I am happy you are there to celebrate it with me.
    You are there to listen to my random theories, my hopeless romantic thoughts, my overthinking train of thoughts. And how can I forget about the time, when I fell in love and keep telling you about it for days, how it feels, what we did on our dates, when we kissed first, when we had a fight, when I got jealous, when I almost got caught dating by my parents.
    And do you remember the time, when I was lost, when I almost gave up on myself, when I almost believed that I can't do anything, when I lost faith in myself. Now when I think about them, I smile thinking how stupid I was to think I can't do anything.
    There was also the time, when my secrets can almost get revealed when I left you at home, but thankfully no one noticed you between the pile of books and copies.
    You must remember the time how you entered my life. It was my 11th birthday, and I got you as a gift from dad, with a note that you will listen to me whatever the situation is, and he isn't wrong. You listened to me well throughout all these year.
    You are the best gift I ever received.
    I started with my list of favourite things, movies I like, games I play, friends I have, what I did in school, what I ate, and gradually I started writing about what I feel. I started pouring my feelings in you. Some days I bleed, some days I cry, some days I sing and dance, on your blank pages. But you never ever said anything, or asked anything in return.
    I learned how to be a good friend from you, listening without judging them, being there for every situation, crying in their pain, being happy for them. I learned these from you.
    To say simply, you are always with me, whatever the situation is, and I never ever thanked you for being a good friend,for listening to me all these years, for not judging me, so today I took this opportunity to say "thankyou" to you.
    THANKYOU for always being there for me.


  • yoyowrites_ 7w

    Memedicine= meme as medicine
    #mirakee #diaryentry

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    It's been a while dear diary, and I hope you are as eager to know as what I'm about to confide in you today. Last year was rough, it still is but I'm glad it's less suffocating than it used to be. Being away from home and staying all alone in this big city far away from my family, I'd be lying if I said I didn't crave for some company even when I am accustomed to living alone for a couple of years by now.
    2020 literally sucked the life out me but you know what I learned instead- resilience. Tough I haven't done anything noteworthy or extraordinary, I was happy for being able to make tea and distribute cookies for the tireless frontline workers during the peak phase in our area (with strict caution, of course). Embarrassingly enough, I was happy to see them enjoy the tea. But mind you dear, my sister would have annoyed me with her signature remarks for my tea that it could have been made better had she been still around. God, I miss her!

    Many things cross my mind lately but I must tell you something about how I survived the 2020 madness. As much as I received positive vibes from my family, friends, Bible studies and optimistic quotes I found on IG, Pinterest or any random social media platforms, I went insanely crazy for memes. They made me laugh effortlessly making my day pass by without much worries. One, two, three months in, I was living with a daily dose of some "memedicine" curing my daily struggles with anxiety, panic attacks, migraines and disoriented mental state.Oh, did I just make up a word for it? I guess I did and it sounds so cool. Lol. Pardon me dairy for feeding you again with a typical kind of entry. I promise to reach out to you with more exciting news next time. Until then, ciao for now.


  • the_farhana 7w

    #diaryentry #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork


    dear diary,

    i do not write a diary, i've never written any and i don't want to believe the fact that i'm about to write one now.

    (sighs) it's been a long year but it seems like (a) forever 'cos i can't really remember the time i've been in this gallow; wallowing in this angst and pain.
    my heart bleeds and my soul wither-- i speak and live in the shadow of myself.

    i can't picture what it was, what it is and what will be, sad right? but i think it's funny, funny and pathetic how you can't really figure anything out; you just keep living through what life throws at you, and you can't even question neither pull a fight: you just accept defeat after a constant battle with your inner self.

    I'm supposed to write a secret here; but my secrets have always been unimpeded-- they're my smiles, my giggles, my laughters and the jokes i cracked everyday.

    and if i was to write my secret(s) here: one day, someday; someone will find it, the world will see it and that's a breach to my insecurities....and i presume, another betrayal!


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    what is hope?
    If you'd ask me
    it's the lie we tell ourselves to give meaning to our desires

    what is life?
    if you'd ask me
    it's the hope we cling unto.


  • jaysri_writes 7w

    Dear Diary,

    I know I shared my most important days with you. I shared my feelings, my memories, my sorrows everything with you. You are the one who always stand by my side no matter how rough the time. I can see my beautiful ages in your every pages. I feel good when I reminisce my golden days. Thank you for saving my memories. Thank you for being the one close to my heart. This lonesomeness would have devoured me if you weren't there to handle me. I wish to continue my journey with you dear diary.

    With much love
    Yours ......
    #diaryentry #wod @mirakee

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    Dear Diary

    Lonesomeness would have
    devoured me if you weren't there
    to handle me

    #diaryentry #wod

  • antheia_ 7w


    Rᴇʟɪᴄs ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ʙʏɢᴏɴᴇ

    SUNDAY.. A day of rest yet a li'l extra time on sunday calls for deep cleaning & related chores, as it's real hard to keep a house spick & span when it's lived in by two tiny humans.
    So as a part of my sunday cleaning routine while dusting those bookshelves I came across an old diary of mine.. the one I used to journal, in the final year of my post graduation.
    Skimming through those dusty pages my gaze settled on a particular date & I travelled back in time..revisiting the relics of the bygone.
    12 April 2013

    The ravaging ��ℴ����ℴ���������� is unleashing her fury against the glass windows in my single dorm of the university hostel as I pick my pen to jot down today's diary entry.
    A new bride, rushing to meet her mother whilst on her earthly sojourn, the magnificent ��ℴ����ℴ���������� is flying through the ashen clouds uprooting every obstacle that stands in her way.

    Grappling with ��������������, desperately I wait for tomorrow to arrive. For tomorrow i'll head home anon my classes get over to meet my beloved after biding away from him for so long. But unlike ��ℴ����ℴ���������� as a new bride i'm yearning to melt in his warm embrace inbreathing his heavenly essence while as a brief sojourner to my husband's family home.

    The fiesty ℊ������ℴ������ at the university gate will bid me adieu after lending me her sanguineous blush and the fragrance of those ivory ������ℴ�� entwined as a scrunchie in my onyx braids along with the mellow chimes of my anklets will apprise him of my homecoming.
    The chirpy ��ℯ��ℯ���� & the perky ��ℴ��ℴ�� , heralding the advent of spring, together will join us in celebrating the first amorous ���������� of our conjugal life.



    ʙᴏʀᴅᴏɪsɪʟᴀ ~ Bardaichila / Bordoisila (norwesters) is the local name given to the gusty winds in Assam (a state of northeastern India) which is ravaging in nature. It is followed by heavy rains and occurs just before the spring season or the Assamese festival of Bohag Bihu.

    Legend has it that “Bardaichila” is a married women who is visiting her maternal home to celebrate the local festival of Bihu.
    The word has its origin in Bodo language: a literary sweet expression of different words taken together that is Bar meaning Wind ,Dwi meaning Water and Sikhla meaning girl and the word is associated with the mythological Goddess of Nature and Her mighty presence during the festival of the spring.

    ɴᴀʜᴏʀ~ Assamese name of the fragrant flowers of the Indian rose chestnut. (Hindi: Nagesar).

    ᴋᴇᴛᴇᴋɪ~ Common hawk-cuckoo.
    ᴋᴏᴘᴏᴜ~ Fox tail orchid ( state flower of Assam).
    ʙᴏʜᴀɢ~ Assamese equivalent of Boisakh (bengali)/ Vaisakha (hindi) season corresponding to the months of April/ May celebrating the spring harvesting festival.

    P. S~ I married the love of my life while I was in the final year of my post-graduation.

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  • lucent_muse 7w

    Dear Diary,

    It's sad isn't? Another day without her knowing she loves him. I feel I should say something but I really don't want to be in the middle of the civil war that will occur. I have my own issues to solve too, don't I?

    I am excited to start a new role, new places and people to visit and meet, learning new things. Yes, I should be very happy. Beaming with smiles even. Sigh. There is always another hurdle waiting for you in front.

    The past always comes to hunt me but this one is bringing its own Popcorn and drinks. Wanting to watch me flounder around like a drowning bear.

    We got a surprise of our own dont we?

    I am thankful for life, opportunities, grace, favour and life itself. I am grateful for loved ones. Even with all these happening I still get to smile.

    Now, let me go plan that surprise birthday Jam. They wouldn't believe it.


  • writerwithin 7w

    Dear Diary

    Sunday/21.02.2021/10:40 PM

    Dear Diary,

    Writing to you about today,
    Today was a sunday,
    Usually it is a fun day.

    Either trekking on hills away,
    Or Sitting by the Sea on clay,
    Is how I spend my day.

    But with Covid, Life has taken a U turn.
    All our days are getting troublesome.
    Work from home is twenty-four by seven.

    No work life balance in any profession.
    One cannot differentiate hell from heaven.
    Everyday is only leading to depression.

    So, I spent my day in a better way,
    For all our well being, I did pray,
    Spent time with loved ones without delay.

    We cannot wait for the world to be a better place,
    It is upon us to be in the moment and ace.
    That's how we are gonna win against the virus in this race.


  • aphroditenow 7w

    Feb, 21, 2021

    I saw him again at the same place on the same time. I stumbled and fell again. Only difference was this time I was the brittle, the fragile crashing against the concrete breaking my the core shaking the sanity.
    I was no longer the plasticine that would bend and not break. I was neither the stunningly beautiful yet resistant bone china. I was turned to a cold glass with broken edge the moment I stopped looking for the warmth in his lost gaze. Instead, I looked for the answers to all of my questions that would leave me restless. I searched me in his poems. I no longer placed me and him together. I no longer placed us in the shell I made with love and care. My doubt had possessed my faith. Perhaps I had never loved him well. Perhaps I loved his face, his eyes, his presence, even his name. His serene face made me feel everything in this world was right at its place. Perhaps I was the poison who had no peace or space. Perhaps I loved him only when I built him up inside my head.
    Today I saw him in clear daylight and couldn't find me. It was natural yet I burnt with a demonic rage. I killed him in stupor not knowing I was getting killed as well.
    And now here I am coming back to sense drowning in repentance. I had better not question. I had better let him be and had not looked for me....

  • sanyaaaa 7w

    Dear diary,
    Thanks for being there when nobody else was.
    You know all those unsaid confessions,
    Unheard feelings and most importantly the reality behind every fake smile.
    I wish you could be a person with whom even without thinking twice i could share what I actually feel.
    Without being judged, where i could be just me.
    Its been 20 years in this world but I still doesn’t know why being sensitive and emotional gives another person a chance to hurt you.
    Seeing good and kind people it gives others a real time opportunity to hurt them. I don’t know why a person can’t just show whatever they feel. It is so complicated to be something different that what you actually are.
    It hurts me every single time when someone’s heart is broke.
    It breaks me when there is someone who is giving up on being good and loving.being strong and being soft is an impossible combination for me. But i chose being strong.
    We all go through from lot and grow through from this but when we start hiding what we actually feel, we fear loving again, we fear heart break again, we fear trusting again.
    And then what else is left? We’re alone and lonely. Sailing alone in a small boat with a fear of drowning.
    I shed my tears with my diary, I captured my happiness within my diary and I cherish each and every memory with my diary. You never judge me whenever I am crying over a very little thing, you were there with my every little happiness. You know I tell you every little detail about what i feel and what i love and you always hold my every little secrets. When I told you I stole my sister’s chocolate even after finishing mine. I told you what i’ve sacrificed in my life just to see my loved ones smile.
    I wish I could find a human version of you and
    Can talk with you for hours.
    Thanks for being my best best friend.

    #wod #diaryentry

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  • starrdust 7w

    #diaryentry #wod

    Partly fiction/non fiction

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    Sunday, 21st Feb,2021

    Dear diary

    Don't be so surprised. Yeah I know I don't remember you often but nothing special happens you see.
    You are the keeper of my dreams, my secrets, my fantasies, my memories, just everything good I've ever had and for being the best listener, I adore you so much.
    Even if it seems like, I haven't forgotten you, how could I?

    When mommy scolded me for spoiling her lipstick , I pouted but kissed you on the first page to get the perfect mark I didn't know existed.
    When I had a little crush on that kid in 3rd grade, I couldn't stop blushing while gushing over him, writing every single detail of my 'supposed date'. What was it again, a nice candle light dinner , soft music and soft giggles?
    Then when I got first prize for my creative writing, did I not write every single word of appreciation, and narrated the whole story to you again, weaved my future over a piece of metal that I valued more than my new bracelet.
    Of course I told you about the friendship bands we exchanged each year and all the plans we had made for the next ten years because 'friends forever' was a real thing back then.
    And then I told you about this guy who liked me but could not say so and how attractive it was when he finally got the courage to.
    I told you how special he made me feel, a slight smile and a sweet text of his and how I exaggerated it to a love song?
    And then when we became strangers again, you too felt the void right? I made sure to acknowledge your feelings and left plenty space before writing
    'he's gone'.
    And just like that another 'she's gone' when the beads of my friendship bracelet started turning pale and one day it broke apart just like us.
    Anyways, I planned my days, my classes, study schedule ,sleep schedule, everything, every night
    But then
    The difference between days and nights became obscure and sleeping became an escape, waking up - a necessity and writing to you- another something I grew tired of.
    I didn't want to give up on you, I swear.
    I haven't but the thrill I was used to has ceased to exist and I want to protect you from this sorrow.
    You are my happy place, my treasure , my keeper and I don't want to ruin you.
    I hope you understand, I know you do.

    Until next time.


  • savagewritesbeauty 7w

    Diary Entry: Word of The Day


    I am grateful for the abundance of tender loving care that I receive from The Collective Consciousness of The Universe.



  • wilmaneels1 7w

    21 February 2021

    Dear Diary

    -It's been a weird couple of days
    Just couldn't get myself to write since I lost my first account

    I have been logged out of my original mirakee account called *wilmaneels*
    It feels really weird having to start over
    Not sure how I feel about this

    I missed writing and I can't think of a better place to do it than *Mirakee*
    So her I am as *wilmaneels1*
    Praying I will be able to access my old account soon


  • love_whispererr 7w

    To a brave mother,
    21st Feb, 2021

    Last night, I cried a lot while holding some sweet memories of you. You called me at 9:45 pm but I said "okay, I'll talk to you later. I'm studying". You were asking "what's your dinner ?". I didn't answer you but at 11:11 pm, I wanted to call you to ask what about you. I wanted to look at you with a poetic smile with innocence in my tiny brown eyes but I was not there with you. No-one saw my cry, no-one could listen my scream but the night was breathing for me so that I could be alive to watch the morning sky.

    Do you know, how much I missed you. I know you are missing me too. It is so crowded here ; but on this crowded streets, I am standing alone with lots of recollections of you. You should hold me tight that I could not leave home. All are busy here, no-one listens to me. My diary pages are denying to hold those dwindled feelings with tears and my ink is rejecting me for thousand times. What can I do ?

    I want to write many letters for you but my words are so wet that they can't be fixed inside the bag of that arrogant postman. I forgot consonants, vowels and syllables but I want to write a poem for you and to read in front of you with a big smile but I can't pretend anymore. I want to be back to your arms of a brave mother who forget that she suffers too.

    I am a waterdrop, searching for a bottle to fit in it ;
    I am a scream, searching for a night to cry for it ;
    I am an alone fish, searching for a sea to gulp it ;

    But I can't write anymore.

    From a girl who lives in a hostel

    #diaryentry #wod

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    You are so brave and quiet ;
    I forget you're suffering.

    -Ernest Hemmingway

  • theobsessedwriter 7w

    Dear diary,

    How do you sleep at night?
    With all the secrets you keep.
    You poor thing.
    You must be so burdened.
    By all the apprehensions you surely hold.
    So completely helpless,
    With all the tears you couldn't have wiped.

    My dearest diary,
    I'm so very sorry,
    That you can't write back to me.
    I imagine your replies as empathetic.
    But also ruthlessly honest if need be.

    It might sound pathetic to say this ,
    Maybe even seen as lunacy to some,
    But you're a friend of mine.
    The dearest, though I'm sure you know that.
    Countless times you've brought me relief my dear.

    Even now as I drone on.
    You still lend me your blank pages.
    For me to paint as I see fit.
    I could never be more grateful.
    I've had many friends over the years.
    But none could ever hold a torch to you.

    So selfless and willing.
    Always there to listen.
    How could I ever repay you?
    That is except to say,
    How meaningful you are,
    How much I adore you.
    My very dearest diary.