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  • when_eyes_narrate 100w

    Endless rhythm of my heart,
    you're the breathes I inhale to sustain my life.
    In the world,
    where shadows make me feel unwanted,
    you calling my name fills me
    with the rare love for
    When the universe
    unables to get me in fear,
    Darling you are my
    Achilles' hill,
    making me vulnerable.
    Perhaps, love is another name of vulnerablity.
    My wilted nerves
    confines themselves
    with your blood,
    Valves behind the windows of my heart
    breathes in your lungs.
    The straits of my eyesights
    meet in your ocean eyes.
    To deal with the
    depth of your heart and
    vastness of your mind,
    I'm trusting the
    that's your soul.
    Since a long, I've dealt with
    hollow shadows all around,
    I find my first person in you, cruelly honest, irresistible fall.
    All were just words,
    you've taught me the meanings.
    Everyone is season,
    you're the climate.

    The darkness inside me
    needs your light.
    The desert inside me
    needs your rain.
    The land inside me
    needs your sky.
    The dusk inside me
    needs your dawn.
    The wounds inside me
    need your aid.
    The child inside me
    needs your sight.
    The demons inside me
    need your embrace.
    The lungs inside me
    need your air.
    The heart inside me
    needs your beats.
    The life inside me
    needs your will.
    The soul inside me
    needs your strength.
    The love inside me
    needs you
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and
    again and

    I don't believe in
    belated Valentine,
    Cause, you're my darling
    my only Valentine for my entire life,
    every year,
    each months,
    for all those minutes and
    entire seconds,
    in every milliseconds.
    Till I am alive.


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    Belated Valentine!

  • when_eyes_narrate 101w

    When you touched
    my lips through
    my soul,
    I became some
    struck bird
    who can't move,
    in either direction.

    The latitudes of north and south
    embraced each other.

    The moment I felt my lips against yours. I lost myself into your world.
    The time stopped and
    clocks freezed.
    I felt like a
    in the cloudy canvas.

    I forgot,
    the nooks and corners,
    Birds and squirrels,
    Trees and bushes,
    Leaves and winds,
    Cold and dewdrops,
    Greens and smirks,
    I just felt that you can hold the tides of my heart as some harbour.

    I was in dilemma how can I be the desert on the ocean?

    Being into you,
    I inhaled your breath and reside
    myself into your chest.
    My heart throbbed with
    might equal to some
    eruptions from Andes.
    And I had known you mean world
    to my fragile heart.

    Sometimes, I think how can you steal air from my atmosphere?
    But, I've felt that.

    For all the drugs from earth, I'm so
    are the drugs
    and I'm the
    high with their


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    Your lips are the drugs
    and I'm the addicted, high
    with their warmth.

  • when_eyes_narrate 101w

    Your heart is the
    where my sky of love and
    earth of devotion
    so vast and so deep.
    Your laughter
    is muse to my auricles and
    your smile,
    I'm high on that.
    In the starry nights,
    I was the
    Now, I dwell in the
    memories of your
    Your eyes,
    brown eyes
    are the heavy clouds,
    an art,
    whose rain I deny on my
    desolate sand.
    Your hand on my hairs
    feels like silky shade of
    maple tree,
    so bright, so light.
    Beside you, around trees,
    your eyes on me
    and my on
    falling leaves,
    the voice of falling is resonating
    with my heartbeats
    for you.
    Your presence captured
    my pains,
    so well trapping
    my soul with you,
    I can still feel your
    on my
    To be honest,
    I don't know
    how much my each piece
    of existence is
    in love with you?
    but I only know those
    scattered shards
    build themselves around you.
    Unparalleled paths,
    I know we'll make one,
    for the love so pure
    I can tear the ocean.
    I'm not worth your kind of love,
    but I know you are
    made for
    my kind of love.
    When you put your
    arms around
    my accumulated
    fragments, I want to live
    again, I fall in love
    with being alive again.
    All I feel in your
    embrace is
    a home for a vagabond.


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    A home for a vagabond!

  • when_eyes_narrate 101w

    I hold your face in my songs,
    Elated a little to peep through your eyes.
    You look like the day you expressed your love to my hungry unloved heart.
    I felt like I'd never felt before.
    And since then,
    Some days I remains in colour of your rays and some days I ignite like clinkers in fires gaze.

    The chaos and peace jumbles in your breeze but darling your eruptions burn my grasslands.
    With my pain and passion,
    I've felt the love which breathes
    heavily through my lungs.
    You flow through my blood.
    My flesh knows how you smell,
    my bone is attached to you more than my skin.
    The demons that surrounded you once,
    you've never known I invited them into my blood and flesh.
    They haunt me with your denials.

    The curtains once heard the melodies of our love, they now hear the lyrics from
    some broken radio. I remember how my rains slided down,
    perhaps that's lost in the mirage of life.
    I know how to love you
    till my skin gets cracks and bones turn into dust,
    my heart stops beating and blood corrode into rust.

    You're the land with some bricks, darling I've built my home into your arms.
    Like a vagabond, so unaware of how devotion smells, I've breathed them out.

    Out of my darkness, I'm painting a sun for your love.
    Perhaps, my painted sun will be there, longer than your shadows.
    In snowy ways along with your footprints, there are my scattered pieces, raging with fire,
    they don't know the difference between tropic and frigid, they all have is heart.


    Don't linger if you wanna leave.
    Don't forget if you want a lifetime.
    Don't ruin if you still feel the way you used to.
    Don't stop if you wanna built our castle again.
    Don't fight if you wanna love.
    Don't look away if you wanna look again.
    Don't lie if you want the trust.
    Don't hide if you wanna say.
    Don't break if you wanna initiate.
    Don't stay if you start to feel for someone else.

    Along with above all,

    Your one broken promise has
    left stains on all over my layers of heart.
    But, now with your whole heart
    promise me a little more than forever.


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    Promise me
    A little more than forever.

  • when_eyes_narrate 101w

    Your summer
    burns my barks,
    Your autumn
    scatters my leaves,
    Your winter
    covers my crown,
    But darling,
    Only your spring
    can bloom my flowers.


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  • when_eyes_narrate 102w

    You are so full
    of love that I'll die
    of consumption.

  • when_eyes_narrate 103w

    Veiled in the mysteries of life,
    my black were cutting through your whites.
    Unprepossessed strife,
    I became patient of your songless nights.
    In your breeze, so gentle and fragile,
    I hovered insanely, jerking carefree wild.
    Washing my bloods in your tide,
    I hourboured through you, in and out, broad.
    Your hands were neither swords nor knife,
    How did you pierce through my heart with lights.
    Spotted your eyes on my miseries in rife,
    Sweetheart, you didn't care about my demons' fight.
    You are an art darling, so painted, so versatile,
    How could I fit there? A wildfire in ocean's mild.
    You're the sky, having clouds, enormous and wide,
    I'm the desert, barren, devastated without abode.
    Melting in your hands now I want you in my afterlife,
    In very nook and each down, on different heights.
    In cronet with long laces of old vintage wife,
    I surpass my nerves of tender heart in your rights.
    You'll be the rain in my lap of desert, soul and fertile,
    I know, we have an entire castle of our love to build.
    I'm blinded in your affection, you're worth this blind ride,
    Being paradox, my love, we're uneven but not odd.
    ~ Kanak


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    Uneven but not odd.

  • when_eyes_narrate 104w

    My heart flutters
    as it remembers your
    brunette eyes
    over my pale face.

    The ache of the
    first warmth still reside
    My brain cells
    freeze over
    your memories
    and I forget the crowd
    around me.

    Your husky voice
    beats around the walls
    of my eyes,
    I slightly remember
    what you said but the ardor
    I embrace it for ever.

    Your words are
    muse to my heart
    your desires are agonies
    to my each nerve.

    How it feels
    to be caged up
    in the arms of
    I felt the same
    when you enveloped
    me in your arms.

    Our fingers entwined,
    It seems like
    for ONCE
    everything will be okay.
    Now, the gaps
    between our fingers
    the yearnings.

    I've swam and risen
    in the ocean of
    your grey heart with red
    waters all around,
    Now, I'm
    drowning there.


    I know,
    I'm a nightmare
    for someone so dreamie
    like you.
    Nightmare me
    worth dreamie you.
    For all the dreams
    of your nightmare,
    me from my

    The snowy zephyr
    and I wore your
    Now, your memories
    smells like you.

    Tik tok
    The needles has
    knocked on
    But, my hands
    still recall your

    I tried to
    get ride of your
    But how can I battle
    my truest

    The despair and fire,
    Do you too feel
    the ruins of distances?

    Scuffling emotions,
    I'm tired of
    all essence based

    With all wails
    and cries, I
    gather myself from
    pieces in ruins and

    I suffer the rage
    of days well.


    In my nights of
    pangs and twinges,
    darling I often wonder
    Have you ever
    felt the way I do?


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    In my nights of
    pangs and twinges,
    darling I often wonder
    Have you ever
    felt the way I do?

  • when_eyes_narrate 107w

    Too often, I find myself in the mist of thoughts, as if I'm drawn towards them and they knock me down and leave me devastated. I once thought that there's no way to mend my heart breaking outrage. But, darling you prove me wrong by aiding my wounded heart. Bit by bit, you collected the pieces of my fragile heart and mend them into one again.

    For the world, I'm the comrade for their sorrows and pain. They call my name in their agonies, again and again. I love to be there with their sufferings as their shadow. But, you're making me realize even this shadow has its body to follow. You make me the companion, walking hand in hand with smiling oliver face. A friend forever in both euphoria and melancholy.

    I used to think that love appears to red but in true self it is pitch and grey. The waste of purity and wails with rain. Ohh! The heartfelt love is heartless prey. Day by day, you become the beloved prey in my wildforest of emotions. First taught me how to love and then make me trust those reds of love in form of your affections. Now, I see the reds of your heart connecting the dots in my heart.

    They hear my laughters, but you my love, you hear my cries in tiny parts of my life. I don't let people in, and when you came I could't make you wait. I surrender my very and every feelings in your hand. I place my sunshines and sunsets in your arms. I believe that you'll adore both from the bottom of your heart. Maybe we're destined to be like this, insanely and awarely in love.

    At the moment where I get a ride to the nightmares, you come out as dream which I wanna live forever. You can never understand what you're to me. You do things for my existence without even knowing yourself. The ice, blues and jazz, all I want to live with you. The rays, violets and rains, all I want to feel with you. The warmth, reds and chills, all I want to embrace in you. Darling, in this changing world, I want you to be my constant forever.

    The dense fire of thoughts, I lean down them on your chest. Pondering with your heartbeats, I set every pain free and start to make pace for contentment. I place the mirror who's my body and your eyes. Darling, for you I initiate to live a long lost life. I can't scribble what I adore about your whole existence, as my whole life is less to write and perhaps, the trillions words are less to express my feelings for you. So, I try to pour some out of billions thought about you.


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  • when_eyes_narrate 112w

    The callings knocked my heart and
    it started to beat fast.
    Some unknown euphoria trapped my mind
    inside its wall.

    The happiness got deviated from my door, I tapped myself that, rising from the gloom. I ran so fast, my breathes had lost the path.
    Insanity was controlling my facade.

    Laughing and crying.
    Oh!! the violets and reds.
    My eyes danced with rains but this time without any pains.

    The way peace looks, can be felt, but those feelings I can never comprehend. The eyes caught the knowns, I suggested the happiness to move a little more.

    The gravity had hold the lanes.
    The stairs, that smirking kid, roving dog, all added memories to love with my moving veins.

    The clicks and camera, photograph that turned ray. Those all are now the moments rolling on my once travelled way.

    The least travelled road is now my favorite spot.

    The clock, the cruel clock never showed mercy.
    Tik Tok,
    The Tik Tok
    And the Tik Tok

    The needles were moving fast than my heart throbs.
    It was time to say goodbye with the promise of several hallos.

    Hope can be hopeless
    and dispair can feel the hope.

    The metaphors made me understand their meanings when I hold happiness in my hand. The essence evaporated with numbness in sky. I forgot the traces of several eyes.

    Ever saw the rainbow from sky painting on canvas with infinite whys?
    That's how I felt while holding the paradise in my arms with closed eyes.


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    15 Minutes.

  • when_eyes_narrate 116w

    If the dark clouds doesn't leave your sky,
    If the rains become the afflicted rise,
    If the hailstorm never leaves your lanes,
    I'll be the brolly over your head to
    hold the thunders against each tide.

    If the land turns barren without any life,
    If the drops forget your way without strive,
    Even if the desert become your abandonment,
    I'll be the ocean crying thousands of rains
    to nurture the life you hold in your veins.

    If the hellfire surrounds your steps,
    If the lighting strikes again and again,
    If the hail of fire brings the scorching pain,
    I'll be the snow falling over your each wound
    like autumn's leaves on brown woods.

    If the northern wavy wind hits your face,
    If the blood inside your pulses freezes,
    Even if, the coldness inside the breeze threatens,
    I'll be the warm wall burning like coals in mines
    to stand between you and those frost yells.

    If the moon left you starless sky,
    If the nightmares never leaves your eyes,
    If your eyes don't find any shine in horizon,
    I'll be the lullaby to soothe your nights,
    I'll be the there burning my heart as light.

    From your first sunshine to your darkest night,
    From spring's aroma to the devastated fall's sight,
    From the warm rays to the scorching light,

    From the soothing zephyr to consuming fires,

    From the crowd with hundred shadows to you without even your own shadow,

    From happiness to agony,
    From trade to bargain,
    From lullaby to melancholy,
    From pleasure to pain,

    From always to forever,
    I'll be with you.


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    I'll be with you.

  • when_eyes_narrate 120w

    I tried, so hard to run away
    from your illusional warmth.
    But, you seemed to reside into my lungs.
    And, your air of absence choked
    my breathes away
    until horizon kissed the sun's first
    shine and split my soul into peculiar duplicate.

    I ran so fast,
    But, it seemed like you run through
    my veins into my blood.
    To avoid your atoms under my skin,
    I slit the surface with knife of cruel time.
    Here too, your wills were controlling
    my naive heart.
    Your shadows of every emotions
    carved your effigy,
    everywhere in my heart and
    they refused to pump out the blood in pain.
    So, my hands started to
    bleed blue
    and my heart turned numb.
    My restless soul cried with red
    raining from my cloud skin.

    The red strangled with blue.

    They resulted in my body into somewhat violet.

    Darling! Have you ever felt, how deadly blue is to red?

    Even, my violet skin was unable
    to resist
    your grey temptation.
    And, when I lost all my colours,
    your ice heart never left me
    but the
    black bruises all over.
    Suddenly, you came to soothe
    the dark over the surface.

    But, you should have told me, how to control
    each atom of my body
    which love you more than its existence.



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    Half loved

  • when_eyes_narrate 120w

    As the two long
    running parallel roads go.
    I'll walk till
    I find any connecting dots
    of our apart lives.
    I'll be walking on pebbles,
    along meadows,
    through the bushes,
    over the fallen autumn leaves.

    I'll climb
    the streaming hills
    and the narrow valleys
    and the slopping mountains
    with all my feels.

    And if my bare feet
    will crumble on path,
    become unable to strive
    another step.

    I'll remember
    the way your laughter
    enlighten my day,
    your sunshine smiles
    over my raining eyes,
    your icing words
    on my burning heart,
    your peaceful eyes
    on my dooming facade,
    your songs of love on
    my darkest nights,
    your dreamy presence
    in my nightmares
    your imperfect love
    which let me survive.

    And then,
    I know
    I'll not gonna stop
    through hell fires in rage
    or through empty shores,
    across the sea
    or in waving ocean,
    over plane plateau
    and barren wasteland,
    I'll travel the burned bridges.

    I won't look back
    for any regrets,
    instead the love in my heart,
    deeper than ocean,
    vaster than sky,
    will pump hope in my veins.

    I'll reach the edge
    where you will be there
    with your sunrise smiles
    dwelling in my drizzling
    eyes again.


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  • when_eyes_narrate 121w

    Lost among the stars under the sky,
    I used my disillusionment to carve poetry about my agonies.

    Tragedy lied in my selfless devotion for the selfish folks. Conjured of blind faith, I kept denying your hand to hold mine.

    My hostile emotions started to droop in front of your love. My bones witnessed the smell of an unknown ache.

    Welling from my fears, I laughed over love.
    Unconquerable emotion hiding behind the lips recognized the sunshine behind rains.

    Your smiles healed my scariest dreams, you felt my pain hidden in the journals. Perhaps, you started to know me better than me.

    Whispering in havoc, your fingers entwined mine, lifeless me found your eyes stuck over mine and I found my home in your heart.


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    I found my home.

  • when_eyes_narrate 122w

    He is the shortest poem
    in this enormous sky of
    clouded words. His metaphors
    swallow my thoughts like
    the desert soaks the raindrops.
    His syllables get on my
    nerves, but they ignite the life
    which once took shelter
    in my dry nights. And his
    parable stanzas has provided
    me with home inside its
    meaning which summarize
    my whole life.


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    The shortest poem.

  • when_eyes_narrate 123w

    The wild soul inside my bones
    and flesh is the hardest
    thing to be with.
    She is obstinate and her fire is unbearable. She dwells in fear deeper than oceans and lingers
    long in thousand doubts.
    She writes herself in pages of catalogued lies.
    She is crazier than the
    whole lunatics of this world.
    Dominant over the things, she loves and she feels like she hasn't made to be loved.
    But, you keep her sane from letting things go.
    You keep moulding her fire
    again and again,
    until it melts in your hand.
    Your wings let her fly above clouds and make
    her conscience stable.
    The pages whose ink has embraced her since forever,
    has now lose the grip
    after watching her wet
    with your colours.
    The insanity inside her praises your sanity.
    Your shadow has
    dominant her sinking heart.
    And she has started to think that
    she can also be loved.

    @writersnetwork #diarydear

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  • when_eyes_narrate 125w

    Whole constellation♥

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    And sometimes,
    someone offers you the
    whole constellation, when
    you haven't even expected
    a single star.

  • when_eyes_narrate 126w

    Since, the day, I learnt to count the uncountable stars in the sky.
    You're the best thing that ever happened with me in a long while.


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    July was a poem
    studded with stars,
    swallowed me in
    among the
    I saw the crescent
    moon, who addressed
    itself full of flaws.
    The sheer beauty
    of flaws surpassed
    the fears of
    my heart. We
    talked, we cried and
    end up in exchanging
    lifetime vows.

  • when_eyes_narrate 127w

    You're the magic, you're the love.

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    I neither
    in magic
    nor in love.
    I witnessed
    them both
    in form of

  • when_eyes_narrate 127w

    I've seen my home in a person.��

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    Day by day,
    bit by bit,
    with the pieces of
    my heart,
    I've built home in you.
    It's not my distrust.
    But the worst fear
    to roam around
    insanely, homeless
    without you.