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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 7w

    THE DIADEM: A Fairy's Tale
    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Within the land of seraphim
    The Fae Queen lost her diadem
    Someone grabbed it, on a whim
    Perhaps a playful cherubim
    Oh what to do, what to do?!
    You see, the truth - she never knew!
    She thought her power all was found
    There within the missing crown
    For, years ago, a sight unseen
    Befell the royal Fairy Queen
    A djinn had cursed her with a spell
    An evil curse, the djinn knew well
    The djinn had made the Queen believe
    Without the crown, her power would leave
    All for the sake of jealous pride
    So cunningly, the djinn had lied
    Alas, the Fae Queen was forlorn
    She'd had that crown since she was born
    A gift bequeathed her, by her mother
    'Twas rare, and unlike any other
    And by her mum, these words were said
    Whilst she placed it, on her head
    "Wear this proudly, from this day
    Behold! You're now the Queen of Fae!
    Be humble, daughter; lead with grace
    You represent the Fairy race
    Let this thought guide your every hour
    Inside yourself, you'll find your power"
    But lo! Those words were all for naught
    The curse erased what she'd been taught!
    The djinn was jumping 'round with glee
    Carrying on triumphantly
    Long years, she'd waited for this chance
    She couldn't help but sing and dance
    And now, the djinn could take control
    As was her long awaited goal
    The Fairy race would due her bidding
    They'd be her slaves, no I'm not kidding
    One and all would be her slave
    That no one but the Queen could save
    The Queen was pacing, to and fro
    Pondering where the crown did go
    When something dreadful reached her ears
    The cries of Fae folk's pain and tears
    And when the Fae Queen spied the djinn
    A burst of power surged within
    From tips of toes, upward it spread
    Then like a crown, it wreathed her head
    The Queen, who now had grasped the truth
    Was feeling rather bulletproof
    She boldly walked up to the djinn
    Methinks we all know who did win
    The djinn was vanquished from the realm
    The Queen, of course, reclaimed the helm
    Her diadem was soon returned
    The cherubim had lived and learned
    What started as some harmless fun
    Had caused the curse to come undone
    The Queen released him, free and clear
    Thus he thanked her, with a tear
    That night, whilst sipping cinnamon tea
    The Queen sat thinking, gratefully
    The facts, now known, her people freed
    The djinn, long gone, exiled indeed
    She'd rule with grace, throughout her days
    Forgoing all egoic ways
    For there's no need of feckless pride
    When one beholds their power inside.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 10/15/2021

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  • shrihari_nandini 87w

    #shrihari #mylordvishnu #shriraam #seetharaam #janki #sita #ram #govind #hari #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #victory #obeisances #diadem #complexion #Raaghav #Hanuman #parmatma #ShriRam_Navami #ram #navami #hks #NamoShriRaghav

    नमो श्रीराघव
    - भव्या गोगिया

    नमो राघव, श्रीसीतारमना
    श्याम तन सुंदर, सर्व दुख हरणा
    कोदंड हस्ता, अतुलित हैं छवि
    जय जय जय श्रीजानकीपति
    मुकुट विराजे शीश पर रवि सा
    वक्ष श्रीवत्स अतुलित भूषण सा
    करुणा के स्वामी राघव हैं
    सर्वगुण आल्य सुख सागर हैं
    नाम की महिमा सब जग जाने
    सब ज्ञानी जो गाते सुनाते
    हनुमान सेवित श्रीरामा
    वज्रदेह स्वामी परमात्मा
    अयोध्या पुरी के स्वामी हे,
    मन बसो सो मेरी विनय
    सीता जी संग हृदय पधारों
    करों कृपा, भव सागर तारों

    Obeisances to ShriRaaghav (Scion of Raghu)

    Obeisances to Raaghav, the Husband of ShriSeetha
    One who has Shyaam(black) complexion and who vanquishes all sorrows
    One whose hands hold Kodand Bow, and whose appearance is unparalleled
    All Victory to Such Husband of ShriJanki
    The diadem on his head looks like Moon itself,
    And on his chest is Srivatsa, which looks like a matchless jewel,
    Raaghav is the Lord of Mercy
    He is the abode of all good virtues and the Ocean of Bliss,
    The Glories of His Name is known World-Wide
    Which is sung and recited by all the Wise!
    ShriRaam is served by Shri Hanuman
    He the Super Soul is the Lord of One whose body is as strong as a Vajra (Hanuman ji)
    Oh Lord of Shri Ayodhya Puri,
    Reside in my mind, such is my prayer!
    Come to my heart with ShriSeetha Ma!
    Show your Mercy and compassion, and make me cross the Ocean of World!

    @drinderjeet @snigdha_pihu @setusrivatsa @aarsha_ns @odysseus

    Happiest ShriRaam Navami!
    Pic credit: Sketch of ShriSeethaRaam by me! ��❤

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    नमो श्रीराघव

    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • cainkojah 130w

    They say a hell of a ride
    It's been the worst of a drive

    I am hiding under my skin
    Listening to my noisy silence
    Afraid of a recurrent shadow
    A scar that will live to last

    Never had a feeling of comfort
    Got used to sharing
    No point in trying
    Got peace in violence
    Not so long a pine
    Love will never let me in

  • cainkojah 130w

    What am I like?

    A rose
    Full of prickles and thorns
    Yet drives you to me
    My scent and sight

    A poem
    Hardly rare to pick my persona
    Am all with written lines
    But more than words

    A riddle
    Short and petite
    Concealed and figurative
    Times with a prize
    But an answer at last

    A still and bright