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  • seraiah_smiles 8w

    I sail ahead to uncertain seas. My captain, the one that drives me, he uses his only map to navigate all throughout this journey. Sometimes, the weather is as kind as a clear, refreshing bottle of water. Other times, a gentle breeze or faster wind would compel me to go beyond my usual speed. Oftentimes, rains would meet me like a friend that's politely pouring beverage into my cup, or vice-versa. Rains can also be like friends, fighting, or actually just having a misunderstanding. Anyhow, I continue travelling in these uncertain seas. Looking back, aren't rains actually helpful? Without them, I wouldn't be where I am right now. Why? Of course, it's the water cycle. Without precipitation, these bodies of water I'm on will be gone through evaporation. There are times when these outpours become storms and waves appear overgrown. My captain looks at the map steadfast and decides where I best go according to his judgment. In a number of detours, my captain discovered treasures. However, this time, we found ourselves surrounded by mist: tiny droplets of water in the air makes it difficult to see. I have hope, nevertheless, and always will: like before, I know that this situation will turn for the better. I have hope, indeed, and always will: that my captain and I will certainly arrive someday in the Paradise that we, O, so Hope for.

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    Royal Clipper: An Autobiography Of A Ship


  • dilsewrite 13w


    Perhaps some detours aren't ,
    detours at all.
    Perhaps they may be the actual path.

  • kafkasempere 74w

    Blind reflections 6:

    If it doesn't fill you up and you don't enjoy it, don't do it. You forgot it for a long time, so long that it costs you to return to your same conceptions. Do not stray. Focus again. Enjoy it now that it is a precious time although the world is unhappy, sadly it can be a precious misfortune for those who are not so unhappy.

    Reflexiones ciegas 6:

    Si no te llena y no lo disfrutas, no lo hagas. Lo olvidaste por un largo tiempo, tanto tiempo que te cuesta volver a tus mismas concepciones. No te desvíes. Céntrate otra vez. Dísfrútalo ahora que hace un tiempo precioso aunque el mundo esté desgraciado, tristemente puede ser una preciosa desgracia para los que no están tan desgraciados.

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    Blind Reflexions


  • natanalatress 105w

    Life is sometimes like a road trip
    We get lost, frustrated & don't know which way to turn , sometimes we have to stop, take a detour, make a u turn, & slow down, & it still sometimes takes us a lot longer than we thought to make it to our destination but we make it! Life is full of stops, detours, u turns, and slow downs but if the person driving keeps the faith and keeps going their destination is right over the horizon where it's been all along...