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    The failed detective !

    That was 1990 October 2 , praneeth sits on chair with disappointment and frustration as he was not getting any cases to solve since 6 months ! Praneeth suddenly gets up from the chair after hearing shoe sounds from the stairs of his house , a guy came to his house and waved hello to praneeth !

    Praneeth :- hello , who is this ?
    Madhavan :- hii praneeth , I am Madhavan ! I am here for your help.

    Praneeth:- okay ! What can I do for you ? Madhavan:- I am Madhavan , I work at Bangalore , I have a younger brother named mohan. Our parents passed away in a train accident , when we were young. So we have grown up at our grandmother's home in Hyderabad. One day I got a long leave and came to see my brother and grandmother to Hyderabad ! That day my grandmother was crying a loud as my brother was missing ! I took it easy as he used to move away from house all the time and come back after 2 or 3 days due to his anger issues , mohan is a chill guy who roams on roads and wastes all the money and time ! Grandmother scolded him that day. so he went off from home ! But after 10 days also he didn't reach home . I was little afraid and filled a complaint in nearby police station , but there was no use. It has been 1 year , but still he is not with us .... Please help me and find my brother !

    Praneeth:- well , I try my best ! Don't worry ....give me all the details and details of police station you filled a complaint at !

    Madhavan:- please find my brother as soon as possible in a month , as my grandmother is not well and living her last days , she wants to see mohan.
    Praneeth :- I will ! Don't worry ....
    Madhavan:- what is you don't find him ? Praneeth:- excuse me ? What do you mean mr.madhavan !

    Madhavan:- I am sorry , but ... I lost all the hopes on policemen , and my one and only hope is you .... Please find him In month .... Praneeth :- I promise you , I will find him....if am don't solve this case in a month , then I would resign my detective job !

    Madhavan :- I trust you , hoping you will help me in this !

    Madhavan leave the room , praneeth feels excited and starts the case . He goes to the police station and asks about the few detailes , policemen say him that mohan was in his friend's room for a day and leaved from their Praneeth goes and enquires Mohan's friend, he gets no clues from their ! Immediately praneeth goes to Madhavan's area to enquire the locals , and everyone says they don't know anything about this case. Praneeth feels disappointed and frustrated , once he goes to Madhavan's home , and immediately he was 'shocked' after seeing Madhavan's house was locked !! He calls Madhavan and Madhavan says that he went to Chennai for a business work , praneeth feels suspicious and sees from window. He was again 'shocked' after seeing empty room !! Their was no one in the house. Praneeth again calls to Madhavan .... Madhavan replies that ," I asked my grandmother to stay in local relative's house as she was always feeling sad and depressed ! It will be like a refreshment for her" Days passes on and praneeth gets no clues , he was stuck with the case. One day praneeth gets an idea and immediately he ran away to the Madhavan's area and searches for a CCTV ! Yes , he found that their is a CCTV at that place. Praneeth calls his friend who is a police , and asks him to give the footage of the CCTV. After sometime his friend calls him and says that , the CCTV was just fixed 3 months ago .... So they don't have the footage of 1 year back ... Praneeth feels so frustrated and looses hopes on the case , finally the last day has come. Praneeth was sitting in the hall of his home. Madhavan comes to praneeth's home and asks whether he solved case or not ... Praneeth sits silently with no answer , and after some time he says I was unable to solve the case ! And after going soo deep into the case , again I am getting to the starting point ....I am sorry ! He says.... Madhavan says it's okay , my brother came home !! Praneeth was literally shocked and said , how did he come home ? Did you find him ? Or how ? ... Madhavan simply laughs loud and says "the photo which I gave to you on that day was not my brother's photo that was my photo when I was a little young ! As it is in black and white form you was not able to recognize ! In fact I don't have any brother " Praneeth asks , then why did do all these things ?? Why am I given this case ? . Madhavan says , I am also a detective ! I wanted you in my team to work for me , so If I ask you directly to form with me. Then you would say no because your ego comes in between !! I wanted to kill your ego first , and then ask you to work with me , I heard lot of cases solved by you . And I like the way you solve complex cases. So I want you to be my friend and let's work together. In fact i created all the clues for this case , and it was all drama .... Praneeth smiles softly and says , I am impressed by the way you approached , sure !! I am interested in working with you.

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    The Divine Daughter

    When I took those rugged stairs on the valley, little did I have in mind about the terrain getting easier. However, it was with that impression that I began my less onerous climb to eventually stumble across a monkey carcass.

    Strangely, its head was decapitated and flies were busy in their merry making....A portion of its skin was rubbed off and that exposed it's wounded flesh.

    By the looks of it, this seemed a violent act of the local kids. Then I remembered that only few resided around the surrounding areas itself. This was due to the rumour going about, that the place was "cursed".

    "Madam?? Can you get a move on...There is still a few steps to the mandir",called out Gujjar

    Coming from the city, into this rural part of the country I was getting considerably exhausted. Still could not help myself into meeting with this solitary yogi who decided to stay within the village.

    Many people just across the Tahlik River, simply said that this pujari was powerful. It was a period of 14 days that he gave the villagers, before cleansing the area with his spells from the recent Cholera epidemic.

    I almost collided with a 100 year old banyan tree creeper that protruded from a large halo on the wall thinking about this Yogi. Meanwhile, the moss strewn steps exuded a familiar aroma to calm me down at the same time.

    "Careful Madam! You need to be aware of your surroundings",again said Gujjar

    We reached the zenith of that small cliff, and the mandir came into focus.

    The large horizon through the Tahlik river came into view, and a dull tap of the Dhol coming from the neighbouring regions where the villagers were currently residing.

    The beating was a method used by family head of chief villagers, to ward off evil.

    Meanwhile,the mandir was a decrepit place.With shades of darkness sitting in each nook and cranny. Other old trees had its creepers dangling down the roofs. It almost represented a giant caveman that was deep in slumber.

    Upon passing the entrance that was dimly lit, I was asked by Gujjar to wait by the lawn.

    I saw how amazingly replete the place,
    was, with its own shade of Bougainvillia flowers in contrast to the outside state around the mandir.

    "Beautiful isn't it?",asked a sadhu standing at the Mandir's lip.

    I immediately turned to face him and paid less heed for nature.

    "I almost feel how sober it makes one's weary soul, especially when she is far from home and wandering in the darkness", exclaimed the Sadhu smiling.

    He walked slowly to me, and looked me in the eye for few brief seconds before attending to the flowers.

    "No wonder the villagers worship me, as Ganaram Pandit the vessel to absorb all evil.....The beacon to attract angels", he pointed to me.

    "You heard about me? So you do know my purpose?", I asked

    "Do you think that superstition has grown it's branches across the more refined parts of society?", he asked non chalantly

    "Especially, from where the likes of you hail from!",explained Ganaram looking at me.

    I relaxed my muscles and went on confidently on my reveal,"Then it is needless to say, that yours was a cunning plan......I had my suspicions especially when I noticed the dead monkey by the stairs and a grassy residue on its nails. The mandir is swarmed by monkeys because this place also has a special shrine for the monkey god Hanuman. These monkeys discovered your food storage, where items to make prasad are stored. It is there that monkeys create pestilence.....You thought that by killing them you can create another unknown fear....However, I still failed to understand why you needed a whole place for yourself?....Then it came to me, that two weeks ago an opium racket was cracked on by the police not two kilometres from here......That got me thinking, and finally I was able to place the nub of my finger when some police was internally removed from Charipur for accepting bribes.

    He smiled and suddenly that turned into a grimace and he said,"Now I know why they regard you as the divine daughter, and your service undercover for foreign police organisations have made rounds around my people".

    I smiled the victorious smirk and said"The city police will surround the area very soon....It will be better if you show them the food storage area where you keep the opium".

    Gujjar came running out with a gun, but before he could aim it at me. I brought out my own firearm and aimed it at the Pujari.

    He gestured his accomplice to drop the weapon, and nimbly raised his hands.

    The police surrounded the mandir after an hour, and it was the commissioner who came upto me and said,"A job well done Mrs. Bakshi, just like your father all those years ago".

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    DBH lovers will understand better. My fav game and must be yours too if you like the post ��

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    Grisly puzzle
    Body discovered
    Suspects have alibis
    Truth a diamond
    Someone is lying
    Guilt concealed
    Fruit pick evidence
    Painting a picture
    Mystery fog clears
    Perpetrator revealed
    Confession the last resort.


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers: The Final Chapter

    Janet: Yeah but I told them to just checked the school, and they did, and they found it odd that there was no school today.

    Mr. Perry: And that is what really convinced them to go further in here.

    Janet: Yeah exactly and Camio also told me he found out a lot of info about you guy’s principal Mrs. Evanrock when he got his telepathy back.

    Anton: I knew it was something off with that racist bitch.

    Janet: Yeah, and come to find out, the real Mrs. Evanrock died 100 years ago.

    Anton: hold up, what?

    Mr. Perry: Wow. 

    Janet: The false Mrs. Evanrock had murdered the real Mrs. Evanrock while she was in her office.

    Mr. Perry: Wow, I got a sensed that something was off about her, but I just did not know what it was.

    Anton: That’s crazy.

    Cheetoe: Yeah.

    Janet: The false Mrs. Evanrock was a hag.

    Mr. Perry: Wow.

    Cheetoe: Damn.

    Mr. Deve: Geez.

    Janet: She stole Mrs. Evanrock’s body, the succubus entity entered her soul, taking Mrs. Evanrock’s thoughts and characteristics, it was like she died in her own body but the succubus was taking over. 

    Mr. Perry: Wow, that explains a lot, the real Mrs. Evanrcock must be the principal when it was an all-white school, and she must be racist, it is obvious.

    Janet: Yeah.

    Mr. Deve: Man, that false Mrs. Evanrock really fooled us all.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah, and to come to think about it, Mrs. Evanrock must have told one of “her boys” as she states, incubus to contact Camio on telling him it was my case to solve, he said this were like a game to them.

    Janet: Wow, she was the link to all of this.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah she was.

    Shonte: I just wanna go home, and hope this will never happen again.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah let us just go home.

    Janet: But your friend, Camio, is a life saver Demonico.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah he is.

    Anton: So this Camio guy is a hag too?

    Mr. Perry: I wouldn't call him that, he's a Cambion.

    Anton: I don’t know what that is.

    Mr. Perry: I will explain it in class tomorrow.

    Anton: It ain’t no class tomorrow, everybody else is dead, so I might have to go to another school.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah you guys will have to, you still need your education to graduate, I feel so bad that a lot of people lost their lives.

    Cheetoe: I know Mrs. Johansin is going to be really hurt that Quetip is gone.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah, a lot of their parents is going to be hurt, look, the police has arrived.

    Janet: What are you going to do now since all of this happened? Are you going to teach at another school?

    Mr. Perry: I am still going to teach.

    Anton: I'm gonna miss you, Mr. Perry.

    Mr. Perry: I'm gonna miss you too Anton and my other students that are deceased, yeah I am thinking about writing a book about my weird experience here.

    Janet: A book?

    Mr. Perry: A novel of my life and dreams of course.

    Janet: That sounds great, that will be a really good book to publish.

    Anton: Yeah that sounds cool, am I in it? 

    Mr. Perry: Everyone is in it that is in my life, I am going to make this book worth my life and make it known too. 

    Janet: I hope to read it when it's completed, that's if I'm welcome at your house again as your company?

    Mr. Perry: Sure you will read it, you can always be my company permanently.

    Janet: well you are such nice guy. 

    Mr. Perry: well you heard what they say about nice guys. 

    Cheetoe:  I see you, Mr. Perry, trying to hop down on that, I see you, man.

    Anton: Hahaha. 

    Mr. Perry: What does that mean?

    Janet: Haha.

    The End 

     In loving memory of Sigmund Freud.                                      


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 33:

    The Dream Master

    Mr. Perry: Man, that was a hell of a fight there.

    Janet: yes it was. 

    (Everybody is smiling in relief and before they leave out of the school, they stop near the front door.)

    Anton: Damn, what did we get ourselves into?

    Mr. Perry (puts his hand on Janet's shoulders) Now you have some explaining to do Missy, how did you know how to defeat them hags?

    Cheetoe: Yeah, and where did you get the coins from? 

    Janet: At first Demonico, I wanted to tell you who gave me this idea of stopping the hags, but he told me not to tell you until they all were dead.

    Mr. Perry: Who? 

    Janet: It was your friend, Camio. 

    Mr. Perry (smiles and eyes widen): Awe wow, what? Camio, he must were listening to me after all.

    Mr. Deve: That's the guy you were calling out to in the basement, huh.

    Mr. Perry: I did make that wish for him to be back in my life again, but I had thought he was going to show up physically, not giving you the message and killing the hags. 

    Janet: Yeah well he did, he reached me a couple days ago in my room, while I was sleeping I kept hearing a whisper and I saw his presence in my room. 

    Mr. Perry: Yeah that's Camio alright.

    Janet: I mean I was so frightened, I didn't know what to do, I thought he was going to kill me.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah Camio does have that terrifying image of his, but he won't hurt you.

    Janet: He looks just like a devil.

    Mr.  Perry: Yeah he does. 

    Janet: It took him like an hour to convince me, but I believed everything he said.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah Camio is very convincing. 

    Janet: He told me he heard you speaking to him through his telepathy and he didn't want to show up because he was still pretty upset with you never wanting to see him again, he was hurting by that. 

    Mr. Perry: I realized that I didn’t mean any of that, I did say that out of anger. 

    Janet: I know, and the coins were given to me by him telling me the spell steps, he told me that he had done some investigation himself on how to stop them, demented creatures, he said he went to his world of hags, I’m just going to say incubus or succubus because hag sounds like a curse to me, but there was this good incubus he knows gave him these coins and he told him the history of the hags and Camio wanted somebody to unblock his telepathy from wanting to seek some information on how to look for you all.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah he was telling me that he could not get a reach from the hags because they had blocked his thoughts.

    Janet: Yeah and a friend made him use his telepathy again and that’s how he found a way to reach you and hearing your voice again.

    Cheetoe: Man, that’s some weird tripped out shit there.

    Janet: Yeah, very weird.

    Mr. Perry: What made the detectives believe your story? I don’t think them…

    Janet: No I didn’t tell them there were hags in the school, I made up a lie telling them that I had a dream about you all being trapped here and need my help, it was like a hunch I gave them, they did not fall for it.

    Mr. Perry: Well it was a dream stopping them.


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 32:

    Dream Wish

    Janet: Remember guys, we have to do this fast.

    Unit: We got it.

    (As they reach the 2nd floor, the units enters out of the elevator first and sees a hag turning the corner in the hallway.)

    Janet: Oh my God.

    Unit: Shoot.


    Unit: There is the lab.

    Janet (putting her both hands over her mouth): Oh my God, there's more.

    Unit: Shoot them all.

    (As they shoot, more hags appears from behind the units cutting their bodies, turning the hallway into a bloodbath.)

    Janet: Oh my God, how am I going to get out of here, well I’m in here now, now where are the glasses? Oh there they are, I need something to put these in, God, how am I going to get outta here.

    (Janet is looking out of the lab door glass checking to see if the hallway is clear and hears a woman’s voice.)

    Mrs. Evanrock: Boys, what did I tell you? Not to kill off everyone like that, I want to use them for our dinner.

    (The hags roars while they leave the hallway)

    Janet: I gotta get outta here.

    (Janet enters back on the elevator going back to the basement and as she steps out of the elevator she peeps her head out seeing if the hags are around. She ambles slowly to the basement. As she walks back, she hears Mrs. Evanrock coming and she slowly closes the door.)

    Janet: I got it guys

    Mr. Perry: Oh thank God, where are the agents?

    Janet: They didn’t make it,  it was a struggled getting these.

    Mr. Perry: Just thank God you are alright.

    Janet: We have to be quiet now and hide these because Mrs. Evanrock is coming.

    Mr. Perry: Oh Jesus, give them to me and cut the light off, everybody quiet, don't say anything. 

    Mrs. Evanrock: Are my children alright down here?


    Mrs. Evanrock: Oh my God, what happened down here? And why are you all unchained, boys come here?

    (The hags roars)

    Mrs. Evanrock: Chain them back, I see you all were trying to get out of here but you can not do that here cause my…

    (POW, POW, POW, POW, POW. )

    Anton: Thank God somebody killed that racist bitch. 

    Janet: Now it’s our time to take over bitch. 

    (The hags roars and starting to attack and Janet shoots them.)

    Janet: Guys we have to do this magical spell quickly, any minute now these hags are going to be conscious again, there are more hags in this building and we have to stop them.

    Mr. Perry: Okay let’s do this now, let us have the glasses. How is it more glasses in here, I had 13 glasses in the lab, how did more get in there?

    Janet: Let's not worry about that, let's just focus on getting out of here, pass each coin out to everyone, everybody gets one coin that will help our wishful desires in killing the hags.

    Mr. Perry: Here everyone. Come on guys, let’s put these glasses on and lie down because life is really counting on us.

    (Everyone has agreed on having the dream)

    Janet: Everyone has to sleep and follow the steps I informed.

    (Everyone lies down and Janet announces the spell magic steps to them again and how to create the lucidity of the dream. They all make a wish one by one. their dream destiny begins and they all make it into the dream world.)


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers: Continue reading previous chapter

    (The incubus walks away)

    Foster (tearing and grabs Crawford’s dead body and lies on the floor): Oh Crawford, please don’t leave me, don’t leave me, buddy, come on.

    Janet (comforts Foster): He’s gone Foster, he’s gone, we have to be strong here, he’s gone.

    Foster: Oh God.

    Mr. Perry: It looks like we are back in this hell hole again, we can’t get out, how we are going to stop these things from killing us?

    Janet: I may know a way.

    Mr. Perry: What?

    Janet: I know a way to stop these hags and make them disappear forever.

    Cheetoe: Tell us the way.

    Mr. Perry: How do you know a way?

    Janet: It’s a long story, but to make these hags disappear you have to dream about them.

    Ron: What the hell? That’s not how to kill them.

    Mr. Perry: Come on Janet, make sense here.

    Janet: No, that is the way, you have to create a wishful lucid dream and think about the hags and you can kill them off one by one, we all have to create a dream magic spell, but we have to use some coins to perform the dream experiment.

    Mr. Perry: A spell and coins? What are you talking about?

    Anton: It’s something wrong with this bitch, (shakes his head) that sounds impossible.

    Jess: Yeah something wrong with her.

    Janet: Can you all just hear me out, just please listen to me.

    Mr. Perry: Guys? Everyone? Let’s just hear her out because this may save our lives and other’s lives, come on people.

    Ron: Well, we are listening.

    Janet: I know this sounds crazy but this is the only way to kill off the hags in this place.

    Mr. Perry: Where are the coins.

    Janet: I have em here in this black bag in my pocket.

    Cheetoe: We using money coins?

    Janet: No, these types of coins called dream coins.

    Mr. Perry: Dream coins, how interesting.

    Janet: These coins will save us in the dream, the coins are labeled to keep us in mind that it is a dream so we can focus on what we are doing killing the hags off.

    Mr. Perry: Where did you get the coins from? And how do you know about all of this, I am very curious now?

    Janet: A friend gave these to me, I can not say right now, it’s a long story, but let me just explain, you all have to trust me on this.

    Mr. Perry: We are listening.

    Janet: Okay so to create this magical spell in a dream, well this ritual has three steps to creating it, first, we have to set our expectation before we all dream about the hags, then we fill it in with our desires to help our desires to become a reality in killing the hags one by one.

    Mr. Perry: So to perform this creation in our dream we have to desire what we want?

    Janet: Yes, we are only using the coins to kill the hags, the coins are our weapons.

    Anton: I’m not listening to this shit, this shit don’t make sense.

    Mr. Perry: Just hear her out, please Anton, everyone. So how do we kill the hags with the coins?

    Janet: Okay just listen to my steps first, we have to have a clear image of the outcome we desire and then set up the stage for this outcome to happen in the dream of knowing what we want, the second step is to desire how much you want something to happen in your dream we have to use all of our senses to see it happening in the dream. 

    Cheetoe: What you mean about our senses?

    Janet: Meaning to feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it in the lucid dream.

    Mr. Perry (arms crossed): How do you know all this because you didn’t tell me you were ever into dreams and magic?

    Janet: It’s a long story, I will tell you everything after we get rid of all these demons in this place, okay, and the last step is merging with the entities, once we build our desires while doing a magical spell in the dream and it reaches to the point where we will feel we are about to burst with energy, when we merge, we become one with their energy in killing them with their energy and holding the coin in our hands will kill each hag once we merge into them, and each hag we merge, will disappear when we place the coin in their bodies, the dream coins are powerful, we have to search for them all around this school in the dream to merge.

    Mr. Perry: Why we can not fight them in reality or use the coins in reality?

    Janet: It will be impossible for us to fight them in reality because their energy is very powerful and we all will die, and we can not let that happen, a friend told me that the coins were not made to use in reality, it was made to use in dreams to kill off the entities or demons that are trying to fight us in reality, even killing humans.

    Mr. Perry: Okay, so in the dream, we enter their souls by merging, so we have to touch them in order to merge ourselves into their bodies?

    Janet: Yes, but first we have to use a different weapon to bring them down, like wishing for a gun or a sword will take them down but it will not kill them or let the entity disappear, the only way to merge into them, we use another weapon and touch the hag to enter their souls and killing it with the coin in our hand and that will kill them off one by one, there are all over this school.

    Janet: Don’t worry about that now, I will tell you everything later, you all have to believe me, let’s just worry about killing them.

    Mr. Perry: Yeah, you are right, she’s right guys, we should do that, but isn’t that killing ourselves too, once we merge into their bodies?

    Janet: The key is, that you have to desire in the dream of how you want to live, it’s a wish we must make for ourselves to survive, by merging together with them to become them, we have the desire to leave their souls after we kill them, we have to make a wishful desire by killing them in their bodies because once we merge, we become them into their appearance.

    Anton: This is some weird shit.

    Cheetoe (shaking his head): Definitely is.

    Janet: You all have to do this if you want to live.

    Mr. Perry: I got an idea since we are talking about a lucid dream here, we can use my lucid glasses in the lab that I performed the experiment with?

    Janet: It puts everyone to sleep?

    Mr. Perry: It will put everyone to sleep immediately, we just have to hit the sleep mode button and we start wearing off quickly, the lucid glasses will be better than creating a lucid dream naturally and taking hours or minutes to happen.

    Janet: That is a very good idea, but where are the glasses?

    Mr. Perry: It’s upstairs in the lab, it will be very hard getting them though since the hags all over the place.

    Janet (puts her hand on her forehead): God, we have to figure out something.

    Unit: There are just 5 of us agents here, and we still have our guns, we can go with you and watch your back.

    Foster: look I don't think that's a good idea, do you know what kind of creatures we are dealing with? 

    Janet: We have to take the risk, that is the only idea that can help us get outta here alive, so let’s do this, but we have to do this very quickly, where is the lab?

    Mr. Perry: On the second floor, room 201.

    Janet: Okay, come.

    Mr. Perry: Take the elevator and Janet?

    Janet: Yeah.

    Mr. Perry (ambles to Janet and grabs both of her hands): Be careful, please.

    Janet (smiles): I will, please hold on to those coins.

    Mr. Perry: Okay.

    (Janet and the units take the elevator watching their back as they enter.)


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 31

    (They all goes into the dark invisible wall door.)

    Janet: Why is it cages in here? 

    Crawford: I hear something back there like something banging. 

    Janet: That's probably the survivors. 

    Crawford: Someone's walking.

    (A figure walks into the light of their flashlights.)

    Crawford: are you okay sir?

    (The man then turns into a creature and speeds up towards the units and attacks two of them.)

    Janet (screams): Oh my God.

    Crawford: Shoot.

    (POW, POW, POW, POW)

    Crawford: What are those things?

    Janet: A human incubus, they all called hags.

    Crawford (notices a floor door beneath and opens it): Anyone down there?

    The people beneath: Help. 

    Jess: Help us. 

    Mr. Perry: We down here, help, please.

    Janet: Demonico? Is that you?

    Mr. Perry: Oh my God, Janet? Is that you?

    Janet: Yes, we coming down. 

    Mr. Perry: Oh God, I'm glad you guys came.

    Janet (hugs Mr. Perry tightly): I am glad you are alive.

    Cheetoe: So this is the Janet you were talking about in your dream?

    Mr. Perry: It sure is. 

    Crawford: Unchain them. Come on everyone, let's get outta… 

    Mr. Perry: Crawford behind you. 

    (Crawford turns and gets sliced by an incubus and kills a lot more of the units.)

    Foster (and everybody else screams): Crawford!

    (POW, POW, POW)

    Janet (screams): Oh no.

    Ron: Not again, God.

    Cheetoe: Damn.

    (The incubus walks away)


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers:

    Chapter 30

    Crawford: The school does look empty.

    Foster: Even the parking lot is empty.

    Crawford: This is weird, there should be school today, it’s around 12 now, my daughter is in school, and it should be lunch time now for them. I can’t get this door open. 

    Foster (and Crawford Holds their feet upward): Let’s try kicking it with our feet.

    Crawford: It’s hard metal, we can’t get it open, we have to call someone now.

    Foster: I’ll call the whole unit to bring their pipes to break it down.

    (10 minutes later)

    Crawford: It’s about time you guys got here.

    Janet (gets out of her car) what's going on?

    Crawford: I told you to stay in your car, get back in there.

    (The troops breaks the door down with their tanks)

    Crawford: Let’s go in, it's so dark in here, anyone here?

    (No one answers)

    Crawford: Open all the shades, this is a big school, so we go all have to split up.

    The unit: Got it.


    (Janet gets out of her car and runs to the school.)

    Janet: Try the basement, oh my God, it's pitch black in here.

    Crawford: Didn't I tell you to stay in your car?

    Janet: check the basement, did you go there?

    Crawford: That's what we are trying to find, (Crawford yells to the unit) did you guys find the basement?

    Unit: This is a big building, we have to go down the stairs.

    Crawford: Everyone gets out your flashlights.

    Unit (points): Here Crawford.

    Crawford (walks towards the basement door and yells): Is anyone down there?

    (No answer)

    Crawford (rotates the doorknob): This door is locked, break it down. 

    The Unit: Yes sir.

    Crawford: What is down here?

    Janet (covers both hands with her mouth): Oh my God is that… 

    Crawford: It's human blood and dead bodies, it's a lot of em. 

    Janet: Oh my God,  Demonico? Are you down here? 

    Crawford (stares at all the dead bodies around the room): If he's down here I'm sure he's dead and gone by now, call the ambulance. 

    Unit: Yes sir.

    Janet (wailes): No, he can't be, I know he must be alive somewhere.

    Crawford (wraps his arms around Janet): I'm sorry Janet, but this is how it is. 

    Janet (moves away): No, I'm not giving up,  Demonico is a strong man, and smart, I know he is alive somewhere, I just know it. 

    Foster: Crawford? 

    Crawford: Yeah.

    Foster: Look at this wall here.

    Crawford: What? 

    Foster: The structure of this concrete wall is made odd.

    Crawford (Crawford touches the wall and it opens): Oh God, it's an invisible wall door. 

    Janet: Oh I know Demonico and the other survivors must be in here, (puts her hand on her chest) something told me to trust my instincts. 

    Crawford: Well, I hope your instincts are right.

    (They all goes into the dark invisible wall door.)

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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 29:

    Crawford's Office

    Janet: Hello.

    Crawford (shakes her hand): Hello I'm Crawford, how you do?

    Janet: Not good.

    Crawford: What information you have on the missing children’s case?

    Janet: You know who Demonico Perry is?

    Crawford: Yes, we met him.

    Janet: Well, last week I had dinner with him, and he was telling me about there were a lot of his students that had gone missing on some days that all seemed coincidental to him.

    Crawford: Okay.

    Janet: And after we had dinner he invited me over the next day, he was talking about some dream experiment he’s going to perform at the school Saturday morning at 10:00 am-4:00, and the next day I had called him to see how did the experiment went, he said it went well, and Monday I called him to check on him again and he didn't answer, so I called him later on that Monday night, I didn’t get an answer again, which seemed odd because he always answers his phone quick when he is at home around those times, and Tuesday, I called him 9 times and I still didn’t get an answer, and that’s when I thought it was something wrong here, I went to the school yesterday, and I knock on the door and it was closed.

    Crawford: What time were you there?

    Janet: It was early at 9.

    Crawford: that is odd because the staffs are in their around that time, and school was supposed to be open yesterday.

    Janet: I waited by the school till 4, and I didn’t see anyone enter the school nor come out of it.

    Crawford: Okay, tell us where you might know where they are?

    Janet: I had a dream that Mr. Perry and some students needed my help badly and kept calling my name and there were these strange looking people…

    Crawford: Hold it, you going about this based on a dream?

    Janet: Yes.

    Crawford: No way.

    Janet (Shouts): You have to hear me out here, I know there is something wrong, I know in my heart they are somewhere in that school.

    Crawford: No, They are not there, you can’t base this case on a dream, that is not a hunch.

    Janet: This dream seemed powerful, I know they must be there, look, just please check the school, at least do that, please?

    Crawford: We’ll check and see but we are not basing this on a dream here, let’s check the school, Foster.

    Janet: I am going with you.

    Crawford: No, you go home.

    Janet: No, I’m going, that is my friend out there that needs my help, I’m going.

    Crawford: Okay, you can come, but you have to stay in your vehicle.

    Janet: I understand, as long as I’m there.

    Crawford: Okay, let’s go.

    (Detective Crawford and his partner drive to the school while Janet pursues them.)


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 23:

    Cheetoe’s House

    Cheetoe: We gotta project we doing Saturday ma.

    Mama: A project this Saturday? Why it has to be on a Saturday?

    Cheetoe: Cause that would give us a lot of time to complete it, it’s a dream experiment he wants us to do, we have to be there at 10:00am-3: 00 pm.

    Mama: Aw okay, early, you just better make sure you eat some breakfast before you go.

    Cheetoe: Ight ma.

    Mama: And ya’ll go be up there for a lot of hours?

    Cheetoe: Yeah.

    Mama (puts her hand on her hips): And a dream experiment huh? 

    Cheetoe (nods): Yeah.

    Mama: Never heard of that, but it sounds like it should be fun.

    Cheetoe: I know it is go be fun, I love that class ma, I know Quetip and Shonte would've really wanted do this project.

    Mama: You really miss your friends don’t you?

    Cheetoe: Yeah, I do ma, I miss them a lot, I think about them every day, and sometimes I can’t even sleep cause I would wake up and think about them, hoping that I will see them at school the next day.

    Mama (rubs his back): I know, and I know it’s hard not seeing them no more, but keep praying for em, I just thank God nothing didn’t happen to you.

    Cheetoe: I know ma, I’m getting tired now.

    Mama: Yeah get some sleep.

    Cheetoe: Ight ma.

    (Cheetoe hears his closet doors opening and closing)

    Cheetoe (jumps up): What the fuck?

    Succubus: Cheeeetoeee

    Cheetoe (eyes gets big and swiftly jumps up): What the… What the hell? 

    (He hears thundering)

    Cheetoe: Probably the wind, that was probably a dream, (shakes his head) I’m tweaking.

    Succubus: Cheeeetoeee.

    Cheetoe (sits up lying his elbows on his bed): Awe hell naw, this ain’t no dream, who the fuck is that? Is it somebody calling my name or I must be dreaming, (scratches his head) yeah I must be dreaming.

    Succubus: Cheeeetoeee.

    Cheetoe (eyes broaden with fear): Mama?

    Succubus: No one can hear you, Cheetoe.

    Cheetoe: Mama?

    (The succubus appears in room)

    Succubus: She can’t hear your voice, Cheetoe.

    Cheetoe (blinks his eyes): Is this a dream?

    Succubus: No dream, Cheetoe.

    Cheetoe: I never been so scared in my life, what the hell are you? Where you come from, and why you look like that?

    Succubus: I am a succubus.

    Cheetoe: What is that?

    Succubus: I am a succubus that give you satisfaction and pleasure.

    Cheetoe: What do you mean pleasure and satisfaction?

    Succubus: Desiring your sexual needs.

    Cheetoe: Uh, I don’t want any pleasure from you, all I want you is to go away.

    Succubus: I’m not going away until you give me what I came for.

    Cheetoe (rubbing his hand on his face): Is this a lucid dream?

    Succubus: No, this is very  real Cheetoe.

    Cheetoe: Are you goin to kill me?

    Succubus: If you don’t give me what I came here for.

    Cheetoe: Please don't kill me, I'm too young to die. 

    Succubus: I will not harm you unless you give me what I came for.

    Cheetoe: What?

    Succubus: I want to lie on your stomach.

    Cheetoe (scowling): What? This is all making sense to me as weird as it is, you must was the thing that took my friends, Quetip and Shonte?

    Succubus: Who are they?

    Cheetoe: you know who they is bitch, my friends, I think you took them, you must took them from they rooms, that’s why the police can’t find anybody who kidnapped them.

    Succubus (flies towards him and sits on him): I didn’t take your friends Cheetoe, I only came here for you.

    Cheetoe: I don’t wanna have sex bitch, get off me.


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 16:

    The Chief’s Office

    Crawford: We questioned all of Marcus Johansin’s friends and enemies that he fought, they all have alibis and states that Marcus was the starter of all the fights, and they all jumped him for different reasons, the last person we interrogated was Buddy, he stated that Marcus was talking about him offensively and he had beat him up, we searched all their homes and didn't find any sign of Quetip, what else you think we should do now?

    Chief: Now, you are going to have to question every student that he knows at the school, that can eliminate suspects and help us find where he is, get started on that.

    Crawford: Okay chief, on it.


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers: Continue reading previous chapter

    (The detectives leaves)

    Foster: You think that kid has something to do with Marcus's disappearance?

    Crawford: I believe that kid, he was taking up for his sister, I would have done the same, you would have done the same too if you had an autistic relative.

    Foster: I can’t say I wouldn’t if I got into that situation.

    Crawford: Where does Trevor Anderson stay?

    Foster: He stays not too far from around here, on 76th N Preston street.

    Crawford: Let's go.

    (A knock on Trevor’s door)

    Can I help you, men?

    Crawford: Yes, are you Trevor Anderson’s mother?

    Mrs. Anderson: Yes.

    Crawford (shakes his hand): I’m detective Crawford, this is detective Foster, we are here to ask your son a few questions regarding a classmate's disappearance, Marcus Johansin, is your son home?

    Mrs. Anderson: Yeah he home, is my son in trouble?

    Crawford: No ma’am, we just got some questions we want him to answer.

     Mrs. Anderson (yells): Okay, Trev? Trev?

    Trev: Yeah?

    Mrs. Anderson: These two cops wanna ask you some questions.

    Trev: About what?

    Mrs. Anderson: Just get in here boy, they just wanna ask you some questions, that’s it, get in here.

    Trev: Okay mama.

    Trev (scowling): What they won’t? 

    Crawford: We want to ask you some questions regarding Marcus Johansin’s whereabouts.

    Trev: I don’t got nothin to do with that, we just go to the same school, that’s it.

    Crawford: Some of his friends said you and him had a fight.

    Trev: Yeah, we did, but that was last year, that’s old news now, it wasn’t nothin.

    Crawford: Can we sit down and talk?

    Trev (resist frowning): Man.

    Mrs. Anderson: You not in trouble Trev, they just wanna ask you some questions, that’s it.

    Crawford: So what happened between you and him? 

    Trev: We got into it over some nonsense yo, he was cock blocking me and this girl I really wanted to talk to at school, he started saying his flirty words to the girl, I said “nigga this is my woman, why you cock blocking me muthafucka?”

    Mrs. Anderson: Watch yo mouth.

    Trev: Sorry mama, but so he go say “cause he that nigga,” and he was really being thirsty over this girl I wanted to talk to, so I pushed him towards the lockers, and he pushed me back, and I stole off him, and his friend Cheetoe pulled him up from the floor, and Cheetoe started getting into it with me, pushing me, and me and him started fighting and the guards broke us up, that’s all that happened.

    Crawford: Okay, we understand your situation, but we have to ask you where were you last Thursday night around 10:00 pm?

    Trev: I was here, I said I don’t got nothin to do with that.

    Crawford: We have to ask that question to clear you out of the suspect list.

    Trev: I was here.

    Mrs. Anderson: He was here, he was playing his video game.

    Crawford: Okay, we are finished.

    Mrs. Anderson: You know, that is sad that boy is missing, his mother must be taking it very hard.

    Crawford: She is, we are doing whatever it takes to find him, you take care, ma’am.

    Mrs. Anderson: You too, bye.

    Foster: 79th N Kingston is where Marcus other enemy Buddy stays at.

    (Crawford knocks on Buddy’s door)

    Who that?

    Crawford: The cops, can we speak to Buddy, please.

    Buddy? Buddy? He’s not home.

    Crawford: Are you his mother?

    Naw, I’m his sista.

    Crawford: Can we come in and ask you a few questions, ma’am.

    Sister: I don’t think that’s a good idea.

    Crawford: It will not take long ma’am, he’s in there I know it, you better let us in, or you may have to answer some questions at the station.

    Sister (frowns irritatedly): What y’all won’t?

    Crawford: We want to speak to Buddy.

    Sister: He ain’t here.

    Crawford: Can we look around?

    Sister: I don’t think…

    Foster: What’s that noise back there? 

    Sister: That’s my dog walking, but like I said he ain’t…

    Foster: It’s somebody back there ma'am, and it isn't no dog. 

    Crawford (touches Foster on the shoulder): Go see who it is.

    Foster: Buddy I know you back there, he ran into the backyard.

    (Crawford and Foster darts rapidly into the backyard)

    Foster (grabs and catches Buddy as he falls in the grass): Put your hands behind your back boy? Don’t move a muscle.

    Buddy: Man, I ain’t do nothin.

    Crawford: Why are you running away from us son? We just want to ask you some questions.

    Buddy: I don't got nothin to do with Quetip’s disappearance if that’s why y’all here.

    Crawford: We just wanna ask you some questions, we are going to go inside now, now we are going to take these cuffs off if you are ready to cooperate with us, are you ready?

    Buddy (nods): Yeah.

    Crawford: Okay. So what happened between you and Marcus?

    Buddy: What you mean what happened?

    Crawford: Some people say you and him got into it.

    Buddy: He was starting something with me.

    Crawford: What happened?

    Buddy: We was playing around roasting each other, so when he got too far, that’s when we started fighting, that nigga play too much yo, and he sent his friend Cheetoe to beat my ass up cause Quetip was too much of pussy to fight on his own.

    Foster: That is probably why you took him somewhere and hid him so nobody wouldn’t find him.

    Buddy (nervously shakes his head): Naw, man, I didn’t, I wouldn’t do that, you have to believe me.

    Crawford: Where were you last Thursday night around 10:00 pm?

    Buddy: I was here with my homies, chillin, my sister was here with me.

    Sister: He was here.

    Crawford: Where are your parents?

    Buddy: Our parents died a few years ago, we stay with my uncle and his wife.

    Crawford: Sorry to hear that, where is your uncle and his wife?

    Buddy: They went out somewhere, but you can ask them, I was here, I’m telling the truth. 

    Crawford: What time they will be back?

    Buddy: Around 11:00.

    Crawford: Okay, that is all the questions we have for right now, don’t leave town, if you do, we will track you down, and find you, and you will go to jail, you got that kid?

    Buddy: Yeah.

    Crawford: He’s not involved either, Mario, Cheetoe, Derek, Jakwon, Trevor, and buddy has all alibis.



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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 15:

    Jakwon's House

    Jakwon: Who is it?

    Crawford: It's the cops, open up.

    Jakwon (jolting): Oh shit, the law.

    Foster: It smells like they getting high in their (loudly voice) you better open this door unless I break it down boy.

    Jakwon (slogs to the door): Ight, hold on. What y'all want?

    Crawford: You getting high son?

    Jakwon: Naw.

    Crawford: You lying, cause we smell It all over you.

    Jakwon (frowns and bolding up his hands): Man, what the hell y'all won't?

    Crawford: We wanna ask you a few questions, can we come in? 

    Jakwon: What kind of questions?

    Crawford: Questions about Marcus Johansin's disappearance. 

    Jakwon: I heard about that, the whole school is talkin bout that, but I don't have nothin to do with it.

    Crawford: We just wanna ask you some questions about him, you know him, right?

    Jakwon: Not like that.

    Crawford: Some of his friends says you and him had fights.

    Jakwon: Man, that was a long time ago, I don't got nothin to do with him being missing though, (waves his hand angrily) man I’m not askin no mo questions.

    Foster (points): You better answer our questions boy or you will be answering them down at the station.

    Jakwon (scowling and shaking his head): Ight man, come in then, aye y’all gotta roll, I got some serious stuff I gotta take care of, I holla at y’all later, ight?

    Durk (pointing his finger at the detectives): Ight bro, take care of this.

    Jakwon: I will bro. (gestures his hands outward) So what’s up?

    Crawford: Where were you last Thursday on the night around 10:00 pm?

    Jakwon (pointing his finger down): I was here.

    Crawford: Do you have anyone that can validate that?

    Jakwon: My father, he was here.

    Crawford: Where is your father?

    Jakwon: He at work.

    Crawford: I know your father doesn’t appreciate you getting high in his house?

    Jakwon: He cool with it, we both get high together sometimes.

    Crawford (shaking his head): That is a shame, so what did you and Quetip fight about?

    Jakwon (shakes his head as he sits on the couch): Quetip, that nigga, can get too far with his jokes.

    Crawford: What do you mean? 

    Jakwon: Jokes that can really offend some niggas, we got into it cause he was making fun of my sister, she autistic, I used to take her wherever I went, she in a home now where other autistic people stay, but my father wanted me to always keep an eye on her, and one day, 2 summers ago, I brought my sister to the store with me, and I saw Quetip there, we were cool at first, but I was telling him my sister's situation, and he go say "aye man why yo sister aint talkin?” I said cause she autistic, and he go ask me "do my sister get dick?" I said aye man, that's my sister yo, don't be dissing my sister like that man, she sick, she ain’t aware of what's going on, you know what I'm sayin? 

    Crawford: yeah I know what you saying. 

    Jakwon: So he apologized.

    Crawford (nods): Okay.

    Jakwon:  My sister has a habit of keep rocking back and forth on the couch, and one day I invited Quetip over here, (points) we were sitting on this couch right here, my sister was sitting at the end, we had some music on that she was rocking back and forth to, and Quetip started mimicking her rocking back and forth like she was, I said yo man, that's my sister, stop, we don't play like that with folks that got that type of condition.

    Crawford (nodding): Right.

    Jakwon: He took it too far and just kept on mimicking my sister, that's how Quetip is, he doesn't listen for shit, so I got mad and didn't like it that he was messing with my sister like that, so I just snaked his ass, and he said "aye man why you do that for nigga?" I said cause that's my sister yo, leave her alone, she ain’t bothering you man, you don’t play like that, she can't help how she is, you feel me?

    Crawford: Yeah, I understand where you're coming from.

    Jakwon: Yeah, so he got mad and pushed me, and I punched his ass in the face repeatedly, and you know it wasn't nobody around to stop us, so he made me mad, I beat em up pretty bad that he had to go to the emergency room, and I kicked em out of my crib, and he called his ol boy Cheetoe up to finish what he started, when I was in school the next week, Cheetoe caught me off guard in the lunchroom and snaked my ass in the back of my head, and we both started fighting, I gotta few marks from him kicking my ass, and that's it, I dont play when it comes down to family, that's just how I am, you feel me?

    Crawford: I understand you had to look up to your sister, but you just could have told him to get out of your house without throwing the first punch, you have to control your temper son.

    Jakwon: I know, but that's my sister doe.

    Crawford: We know where you are coming from, but fighting him is not the answer to solving the problem, son, you have to start thinking before you throw a punch and realize in your head that why am I going to do this? You need to start thinking before you get into a bad situation, that’s how life works, just always keep that piece of advice in mind kid, you got that?

    Jakwon (nodding): Yeah, I understand, I try too.

    Crawford: Don't try, do it.

    Jakwon: Ight.

    Crawford: Well, that is all the questions we have for you today, don't go anywhere because this is a serious case.

    Jakwon: Ight.

    Crawford: Have a good day son.

    (The detectives leaves)


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers: Chapter 14

    The Next Day

    Mr. Perry: Hi, can I help you guys?

    Crawford: Mr. Perry, correct?

    Mr. Perry: Yes.

    Crawford (shakes Mr. Perry’s hand): I’m detective Crawford, this detective Foster, we are here to ask you some questions about your two students, Marcus Johansin, and Kiara Davis.

    Mr. Perry: Yes, sure.

    Crawford: We already questioned their parents, I was just wondering if you knew all the student's contacts that Marcus got into fights with?

    Mr. Perry: I have never seen Marcus fight anyone in here, but if you want the student's contact information you can go to the principal's office.

    Crawford: Okay, thank you, and do you know if Kiara had any enemies here that didn’t like her or anything.

    Mr. Perry: Shonte is a smart student who gets along with everyone here, she’s not a bad kid, but sometimes she and Marcus would argue, but it was not like that.

    Crawford: Okay, thank you, sir. 

    Mr. Perry: Do you guys know if Marcus and Kiara’s disappearance are related?

    Crawford: We have not reached that conclusion yet, we are still trying to find out.

    Mr. Perry: Okay, well if you guys need anything else, I’m here.

    Crawford: Okay, thank you, sir.


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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers: Continue reading previous chapter

    (The detectives leaves the house)

    Crawford: What was the first contact name Mrs. Johansin wrote?

    Foster: Cheetoe.

    Crawford: Cheetoe, what kind of name is that?

    Foster: A nickname?

    Crawford: I know it's a nickname, but why Cheetoe? I would never want to name my kid after his favorite bag of chips.

    Foster: That's how it is with these black kids in the hood, they come up with weird names, I have a lot of people in my family with weird nicknames like that, but our nicknames have to mean something to us.

    Crawford (smirks): Aw yeah? And what was your nickname?

    Foster: When I was a child my mother called me Pooky.

    Crawford: Hahaha, why pooky? 

    Foster: Because my nose sticks out, she always used to squeezed my nose a lot and called me that name.

    Crawford (smiles): She still calls you that I know. 

    Foster: Yeah she does.

    Crawford: Hahaha.

    you know anyone that Marcus had fought in school?

    Cheetoe: I know a few he had beef with, this dude name Trev, Buddy and Jakwon.

    Crawford: You have any info on them so we could get in touch with them? 

    Cheetoe: I don’t know em like that.

    Crawford: Quetip’s mother told us that he had fights with his friends but it wasn’t serious.

    Cheetoe: Those wasn’t his friends, they were like associates he knew, I just know that Trev and Jakwon stay on Corliss Ave.

    Crawford: Okay, are those all the guys he got into it with?

    Cheetoe: Yeah, because every time he got into a fight with em, he always wants me to defend him because he always had trouble fighting them alone, I’m his best friend, I know.

    Crawford: Okay, alright kid, this is all for right now, we will keep in touch if we do need anything from you, and we are sorry that you are going through this, kid.

    Cheetoe: Ight.

    (The detectives leaves)

    Crawford: We do have to go up to the school tomorrow morning and get all of these guys addresses, and talk to this teacher Mr. Perry.



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    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 13:



    (Knock on Mrs. Johansin's door)

    Mrs. Johansin: Yes?

    Hello Mrs. Johansin, my name is detective Crawford, and this is my partner detective Foster.

    (Crawford reaches his hand out)

    Mrs. Johansin (shakes his hand): Hi how you do?

    Foster (shakes her hand): How you doing ma’am?

    Mrs. Johansin: Hi.

    Crawford: We are here to ask you some questions regarding your son Marcus Johansin's whereabouts.

    Mrs. Johansin: Yes, please come in.

    Crawford: Thank you, ma’am.

    Mrs. Johansin: Can I get y'all anything?

    Crawford: No thank you, ma’am.

    Foster: No thanks.

    Mrs, Johansin: Have a seat.

    Crawford: We know that your son has been missing over 48 hours now, we want to do as much as we can to help bring your son to our safety.

    Mrs. Johansin (hands flat on her knees): Thank you.


    Crawford: We understand how you are feeling ma’am, we can imagine what you are going through, detective Foster and I have children ourselves.

    Mrs. Johansin: Please do whatever it takes to find my baby, please.

    Crawford: That is why we are here ma’am, we are going to do everything in our power to find your son, we will not give up.

    Mrs. Johansin: I appreciate that.

    Crawford: I have to tell you this but we got a call yesterday from another parent that goes to the same school your son goes, telling us that her daughter went missing the morning she didn’t see her in her room.

    Mrs. Johansin (eyes broadening): Oh Jesus.

    Crawford: We don’t know if the two are related or not, we already interviewed her yesterday.

    Mrs. Johansin: What’s this girl’s name?

    Crawford: Kiara Davis.

    Mrs. Johansin: Shonte, that’s Quetip’s classmate and friend, he brings her name up a lot.

    Crawford: Oh really?

    Mrs. Johansin: Yeah, they been knowing each other for a while.

    Crawford: Okay, we are going to the school tomorrow to interview some of the staffs, do you know if your son had any enemies that you could think of?

    Mrs. Johansin: No, I don't, Marcus has a lot of friends.

    Crawford: Was he a well likable kid in school?

    Mrs. Johansin: Yes, there were times he had gotten into fights with some of his friends at school, but it wasn't that serious.

    Crawford: Do you know where I can reach his friends?

    Mrs. Johansin: I know some you could reach, you could get a hold of his friend Mario, Derek and his other friend, Cheetoe.

    Crawford: You have their numbers and addresses?

    Mrs. Johansin: I only have their numbers.

    Crawford: Okay, can we have them?

    Mrs. Johansin: Yes, I can write them down for you.

    Crawford: Okay, thanks, ma’am.

    Mrs. Johansin: Cheetoe is Marcus's best friend, he always had his back on everything, he hasn't been in any fights with him or Mario or Derek, but they may know other boys at Morgan Park who he had fought. 

    Crawford: Okay.

    Mrs. Johansin: You can also talk to his teacher Mr. Perry, he would know what's been going on in the school.

    Crawford: Okay, what subject does Mr. Perry teaches?

    Mrs. Johansin: He's a dream teacher.

    Crawford: A dream teacher? Is that a subject?

    Mrs. Johansin: No, that's what my son calls him, he suppose to be a science teacher but he teaches them about dreams and nightmares Marcus told me.

    Crawford: That sounds like an odd topic to teach to the students.

    Mrs. Johansin: Well, my son and the others like that class and the teacher.

    Crawford: Well that’s good, we will contact both of them, but before we go, can we have a look into your son's room? That is our policy to search for clues in the victim’s room that could help us find your son.

     Mrs. Johansin: Okay, sure, his room is a mess though.

    Foster: His bed is unmade, so I’m thinking that the unsub took him while he was asleep.

    Mrs. Johansin: What do you mean when you say unsub?

    Crawford: A person with an unknown identity, unsub is known for a suspect.

    Mrs. Johansin (bobs): Okay.

    Crawford: Did you lock this window ma’am?

    Mrs. Johansin: No.

    Crawford: Did you hear anything coming from this room the night he went missing?

    Mrs. Johansin: No, I was asleep, I didn’t hear anything.

    Crawford: Okay, there is no sign of forced entry here, does your son usually have the windows open or locked?

    Mrs. Johansin: Only when our central air don't be on, but most of the times it does be on, so it be mostly closed.

    Crawford: Okay, if the unsub took Marcus, he would have screamed or yelled out for her, but he didn’t, she didn’t hear anything.

    Foster: The unsub could have held a gun up to his face telling him to be quiet unless he would kill him.

    Crawford: How could he have gotten in here and the windows are locked?

    Foster: He could have gotten clever and used a door silencer.

    Crawford (points): Possibly.

    Foster: The forensics lab didn’t find any fingerprints in here or anywhere in this house earlier.

    Crawford: This unsub has really covered his tracks, no sign of anything, no fingerprints, no evidence showing if the unsub even been here, he is smart and clever. 

    Foster: He is trained.

    (The detectives leaves the house)


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    Ladies and gentlemen
    Here's the second part of my newly explored detective series. I hope you'd like it as well. Feedback is must

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #detectivepoesy #detectivepoetry #poetry #English #detective

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    Detective Teo (Part Two)


    Once I planned to explore the outskirts of Orenda
    A city full of enriched flower fields and pure streams
    As in my childhood, I used to watch in the dreams

    I went a little farther away and reached the O’Neil river
    Where I saw a woman figure sitting on the bank alone
    Splashing the water, staring the stone she had thrown

    I found her side look quite familiar to anyone I knew
    First, I thought it just a lame but later to my amazement
    I recognized she was Teo, and began to stare in amusement

    Why and what is she doing here and even more all alone?
    Maybe she wanted to be alone or tired of hectic routine
    And don’t wish to let anyone, come in between;

    Her inner peace and nature, so I decided to move away.
    Meanwhile, she looked at me and dropped her jaws down
    Wondering what am I doing up here away from the town?

    Hello! We both spoke at the same time in sheer quietness
    “What are you doing here?” – both quaered, same again.
    Ah, nothing! She replied added, “just fresh air to gain”.

    Same, I was just feeling bored so decided to take a walk,
    I replied while looking the entity full of aesthetic grace.
    She spoke, “you are too looking same with the same face.”

    I chuckled and asked, “care to walk together a mile Teo?”
    Yeah, sure, why not? After all, we met after a long while.
    Remember we used to chase criminals more than a mile.

    While talking and walking we stayed together for four hours
    Time flew like a storm and evening shadows began to hover
    Reminding us the fact, hey folks, yes, the time is over.

    I think it’s too much late for both of us, I addressed her
    Where are you staying in the city by the way, Ovis?
    I told her the address and she told her, where she lives

    Then, with the promises to meet again, we finally;
    shook hands and walked away to our own ways
    And darkness again covered the whole sky fading the day