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  • its_smn 3d

    Nothing! Just Mood swings

    When anxiety grows in me
    And despair roots deep in my soul
    I close my eyes and try to shut
    All the memories flashing on the screen of mind
    I put my hands on ears so that I couldn't hear
    All the voices screaming in my brain
    I want to stop my breath
    So that I couldn't inhale the toxicity around.
    Deep inside I'm so full of pain
    I wanna wash all the things in the rain
    So that I could see afterall
    The seven colours of rainbow on sky.
    So that I could regain all the my hopes
    That are desperate like evening sun
    My soul is hurt and demented
    But I hope I'll soon feel contented.

  • thoughtsofafracturedmind 3d

    Along his heart

    He picked a pen to ink her beauty,
    As lost in words for appraisal,
    Creating a world of possibilities,
    Story that legends foretell,
    Lost in his dreams of such,

    Untill his world turned nightmare.

    Lost in woods he found,
    Story that'll haunt forever,
    Creating a place in earth,
    As lost his muse to sorrows,
    He picked a shovel to bury her innocence,
    Along his art.


  • solitude_soul 1w

    Holding on to that tangled rope
    She looked at him with a ray of hope,
    The echoes of her misery resonating in her head
    Took the form of every tear drop she ever shed,
    Pleading him not to burn her soul in the flames of despair
    She begged to put an end to his silence that's haunting her like a nightmare.


  • princessluna 1w

    Fate Of Our Own Sins

    With the river of Blood, the whole world will tune in.
    Aggression will kill thousands,
    And so will Greed.
    Lust will suck out the blood of babies.
    Envy will paint their hands red.
    Pride will be struck by lightning.
    The clouds of melancholy will spread across the sky.
    Darkness will engulf everything,
    And nothing will be left except tears of despair, pouring down from the sky.

    © baisakhibhattacharya

  • pouredonpaper 2w

    And nowadays
    Oh! Love
    I cry myself to sleep
    Not knowing Why?
    Not knowing How to stop?
    And a vague prayer fills my mind
    "Just make it stop" it says
    "And I promise to never love again"
    But the only word that leaves
    Is still just a name

  • dreams_in_moonlight 2w

    An ode to beautiful women who are in pain. #poem #mirakee #beauty #pain #tale #love #despair

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    What if someday fingers of MahaVishnu wanted to create,
    A cast of beauty and a tragedy of fate,
    Eyes of a doe and skin of caramel,
    Heart of glass and joy as ephemeral,

    World watched in awe and a sense of pain,
    Beauty engraved in curves and happiness in vain,
    I watched from afar and with a mesmerizing view,
    What if that tale of beauty and pain was, my friend, you.

  • angelssymphony 2w

    Save Me

    Restless days,
    And sleepless nights.
    I wish I didn't have to live my life.
    Everyday is full of strife.
    I could never leave you all behind.
    I am strong.
    I am weak.
    I am something in between.
    I fool myself with a smile,
    It helps me to stay strong for a while.
    I have no rock, I have no boulder.
    I wish I could cry on someone's shoulder.
    I've been broken,
    I've been shattered.
    Upon your face my blood has splattered.
    I bleed it out,
    And I'm restored.
    I feel like a dead fish who has washed up upon the shore.
    My heart is damaged,
    My heart is sore.
    But I always find it in me to live some more.
    If you are rich in heart then I guess I'm poor.
    I feel lifeless in my core.

  • shalia 4w

    Covid india

    At first
    News covid 19
    people =something happening _ precautions =ok
    2nd wave
    News=People are dying lack of oxygen ,beds
    People=precautions =100 percent
    It gets very painful when news becomes faces and people dear to us
    Countless life's lost
    Families shattered
    And so many people had their life long savings spent
    Now=ok now lockdowns are in effect. People wearing mask. And praying covid gets over soon and please no more life's lost
    India can't handle anymore loss
    .Request =if u see anyone suffering emotionally or financially .try to help them .that's the least we can do

    Praying for no 3rd wave

  • brown_ocolus 4w


    Let's close our eyes,
    Pretend the stars aligned,
    That it's a clear sky,
    The dark was a shadow of light.

    Can we undo this moment,
    Sew up a reality of lie?
    Memories undone,
    And words unsaid.

    What if time's undone?
    Hurting you, not me?
    Will you be upset and judge?
    Or will you understand?

    Let's call it hope;
    For now and for you.
    A hope that's poison,
    Sweet and potent,
    A lie that likes being consumed;
    The lie called time.

    Sweetness linger now,
    Around me than anywhere.
    Am I consuming the poison?
    Was I being lied to?
    Or was I the lie?

    To know means to wake up,
    And see what's hidden,
    In the shadows and in the light.
    But can I take it?
    Or will I break?

    And I heard it:
    Just don't open those eyes,
    Not Yet.

  • vhelmont 4w

    That good thing.

    The good thing of begin a broken heart with broken wings in a shipwreck of a flying ship.

    Is that you learn to see all the broken hearts that lies around you, ironically we all lost in the same myst but also we are all alone.

    Wondering all by ourselves trying to reach the exit, ignoring that the only way to get out of the myst, is lying inside of all the ones that are lost with us.

    Only helping others to be free of this dark vail we call loneliness we found ourselves free of his dark claws

  • earl_maurice 5w

    Broken Grail

    Like an old drinking glass I lay on the floor in pieces, and beyond repair. You wouldn’t know how beautiful I once was by looking at me now, only the mess that I’ve become.

    You wouldn’t know that kings, artisans, and scholars had sipped the wine of wise inspiration from me.

    How could you know?

    How could you know that I had quenched the thirst of queens in times long ago?

    A masterpiece of craftsmanship, I once was called. Now I am empty, and broken.


  • broken_witch 5w


    Trying my level best...
    But yet,
    There's the rest...
    Making life,
    A difficult test...

    Scraping away at me,
    Like a lemon losing its zest...

    Falling down, getting crushed,
    Giving up on all hopes...
    Yet, holding it all, close to my chest...
    I'm trying my level best...!

  • broken_witch 5w

    Broken yet Strong...

    As I sit & try to write,
    Hopelessness engulfs me;
    Unable to form a coherent thought,
    My despair hits me...

    In my own company I find peace,
    It's like loneliness is my best friend;
    I find solitude better,
    Cuz in front of no one, can I bend...

    Yes, my ego is supreme,
    But that does not make me mean;
    Circumstances made me what I am,
    This is not how forever I've been...

    Still reeling from my past,
    My wounded soul screaming;
    Oh, how I wish this wasn't life,
    But just me dreaming...

    Falling down, breaking, grieving,
    Through everything I've borne, I'm still breathing;
    Alive on the outside,
    But inside I am dying...

    No matter how desperate I feel,
    Never in front of anyone does a tear roll down my cheek;
    I can't let myself be so exposed and vulnerable,
    I can't show that I too, can be weak...

    For in this world to survive,
    You need to be brave;
    Whatever you may wish,
    Whatever you may crave...

    - _Broken Witch_

  • andrewmell 6w

    #love #hurt #pain #despair #rhymes
    A little poem to take out of my chest the pain that my ex casted upon me when she lef me for her ex

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    Bleeding Quiddity

    Tell the tale of a heart in ache,
    Pumping liters of scarlet throe.
    Ceded it's feels for wight's sake,
    Ousting it's mirth for some woe.

    Rehearse what've been said,
    And expose what's concealed.
    Cover the flesh with pure red,
    Snithe what was to be healed.

    Recall that which was done,
    To make a gullible heart ache.
    How deeds from long agone,
    Can twist the brave ashake

    Let be know to hir,
    That a heart in ache.
    Only instills fear,
    So wary and awake.

    Let be known to her,
    That a heart in ache.
    Is even way weaker,
    Than a straw to break

    Let be know to him,
    That a heart in ache.
    Beams a light so dim,
    That it's easy to forsake.

    Let be known to me,
    My heart is in ache.
    Love is a tragedy,
    As harsh as fake...

    My heart is in ache...
    More than i can take...
    But love is not fake...
    'tis a drop in a lake...


  • andrewmell 6w

    Cast Out

    On the verge between land of the living and land of the dead.
    Stood from each side one of the newlywed.

    The spouse short after the nuptial mirth,
    Came the reaper claiming her bosom.
    Her heart was weak way befor birth,
    And festivity hath not spared from snithing her blossom.

    Groom alone short after obsequies grief,
    Came to the reaper asking for rest.
    For his felicity was sourishly brief,
    And sorrow've had of him the best.

    The wroth bride on her side felt hapless,
    Thoughts of the verboten crossed her mind.
    To be made on a glory day ardorless,
    Was indeed doomed of a sign.

    The groom faced the reaper and said,
    My soul be yours conciding i join my love.
    The grim by his scythe cut his head,
    And uttered: "once below forget the above".

    The bride then an ariel implored,
    Asking for a last breath.
    The fairy, her life to the bride bestowed,
    But once alive she shall never taste death.

    The suitor probed Elysium and hell,
    Chasing the one that got away.
    He found of her not even a cell,
    Just a piece of her wedding array.

    The bride scoped all leading evidence,
    In quest for her beau.
    All she found pointed to his evanescence,
    Such as a rotting trousseau.

    The groom then realised his debacle,
    That he would never return home.
    The bride knew the obstacle,
    That her decision was one of a gom.

    On the verge between land of the living and land of the dead,
    Stood the fence that could only instil dread.
    The hex of an unholly love with no apprise,
    Brought otiose to one and the other demise.


  • uduli_ 7w

    Loser's scream...

    Ocean of despair ; drown me
    Flames of agony ; burn me
    Needles of remorse ; pierce me
    Why am I still alive...?
    My inner demons ; kill me....

  • tuiethetweety 7w

    "I am now"

    every morning brings hope,
    yet,i can feel unfortunately
    it's not for me at least.
    although i keep on hoping.
    hoping to have a better day
    ahead when i wake up.
    sometimes however it happens
    but most of the time,it just doesn't.
    Despair and agonies seem to be
    my alternative shadows,which never
    leave me,not even in darkness.
    I die every moment,still hopes try
    to keep me alive,making me think
    maybe it would get better,who knows?
    then dead me feels alive again the other
    second,which again turn the same as before.

  • thesoletraveller 7w

    Lonely Night

    In the night we despair
    To the loneliness that
    Lies within you and me
    We see the truth behind the veil

    In the night we are the king and queen
    Sitting on a throne of thorns
    Looking ahead to the swirling sallows
    Of a tree bowed down in defeat

    The moonlight shines upon the thorns
    Making them glow like diamonds
    Only when you touch you feel the pain
    Of something you thought was yours to gain

    We wait for a being impervious to
    What the eyes behold
    Who may come and take our place
    Give us some saving grace

    Then the night may not be our fate
    We may walk towards the dawn
    Lumbering towards the wet grass
    And may feel happiness alas

  • nadii_o 8w


    It happens very often but I control myself,
    I question my existence and I question who I am? But I assume it's normal because people have it worse so thinking that it's not, is not really worth.

    Do you get this feeling as if you will break down? So you think about the future, think about the people you love the ones that you know, so the reason you survive is for them and not for you.

    You may call it pathetic, you may call me a people pleaser, but my mind is at war? I'm not alone then, I may be at ease. it's truly just for my own selfish greeds, but I tell myself that I'm good and that I got this.

    Let's be honest, NO one does! no one has "got it" and no one will get it, because everyone has a different experience however similar it may have been... it's still unique in it's own sitting.

    You can wait for that, 'someone' or just move on. Life and time it DOESN'T wait for anyone.
    Experience will 'always' be different, in due time you grow and blossom... and life? it will ripen until you go back to your original form.

    Whatever it may have been soil, spirit, rebirth or Nirvana maybe just blank inexsistence sleeping a slumber of peace and quiet! beacuse life is an oasis, an oasis of something which we never got to decide.


  • ameyakolhatkar 9w

    The Epilogue of thunderstorms

    It was a stormy night,
    Rained hard, like cinematic just before a fight.
    No one had clue, what i might do !
    Despair , its nothing new.
    The thunder broke the silence
    You broke my heart,
    Lightning shattered the sad fragments of sky
    You shattered my happy ones as i lie,
    Awake through the calamity,
    I couldnt get a grip on reality.
    Maybe i can make the dark a friend,
    So that i can postpone, today's "The End".

    Keep an eye on the weather,
    I smile like they never seen me cry. No, nah, never.