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  • zayanacullen 8w

    The Stitched Lips

    On the hues of sunlight,
    Sung birds chirping high.
    Peeping through the morning window,
    She harmonised the notes perfectly right.

    She sung as the sun shone bright.
    Came in mom, asked to make the pitch light.
    She nodded - energy booming bud,
    Lowered her sweet pitch in delight.

    Sun went down,
    Sunset was now in crown.
    Twilight descended,
    Night fell down.

    "Learn to keep quiet",
    Said her dad with word sliced in diet.
    "Adjust with blows to heart and mind."
    She hung her head; mind in lonely riot.

    She had to speak a lot,
    But tranquility hung in her abode.
    She had to scream a lot,
    Solidarity got up in loneliness caught.

    She had to cry a lot,
    She had to let her frustration out.
    But knew none would get.
    Knew, was the one to take in, not out.

    None hears,
    None understands.
    Needle and thread;
    She stitched her lips tight.

    Her pen wrote pieces with blood
    Dripping off her stitched lips.
    A solitary boat rowing yelled high,
    "I'm here to hear you out."


  • klangg 13w


    It was different there
    more heavenly
    more colorful than
    The air feels like something I've never inhaled before.
    The trees, the skies,
    the animals
    they have a gleaming
    shine to them.

    It was loud there but not infuriating
    It was even endearing.
    The people, all the people
    They have
    They finally looked like flowers,
    As if they have just absorbed the sunlight of life
    As If they have been coated with soil of regeneration
    The radiant grin on their faces
    Their genial guffaws
    Their soothing voices

    They truly were alive.

    I was sitting under the shade of this huge tree
    watching them while imbibing
    "Beautiful, ain't it?" exclaimed the child with hints of chocolate all over their face down to their t-shirt who appeared out of nowhere
    "It sure is," I responded with
    a smile
    and the kid joyfully ran back to their
    spot and tightly
    hugged her


    sounds of guns being
    Of the vases falling into the
    floor, being
    Of the uproaring
    cries of
    people being

    It's too loud

    Dreamy eyes peered out from beneath my closed lids,
    The world hasn't altered much;
    It is still gray as the
    dreary sky

  • shaykhhabiba 23w

    You see around you
    What you find? Nothing just desolation
    Desolation which has encircled you
    You search to escape and keep searching
    But life is not that easy for you.

    You feel strange,in a more stranger world
    Your beloved people seems unbothered and this gives you what guilt?
    You are dissatisfied , dissapointed and demeaned
    You see yourself being overthrown in a sore way. And this gives you pain? Pain which has no limit, no boundary, you feel empty but awful, and this gives you so much pain which is absolutely of no reason?

    Here it goes, not for hours, but for days
    And suddenly you become settled and you try to overcome whatever has gloomed you before.
    You feel yourself surrounded with love and care, but this doesn't last for long.
    Cause life is not that easy for you.

    And again you are in a desert, where you have nowhere to go and everything is utterly strange to you.
    You want to shout? But there's none to listen to you
    You scribble it on paper and this continues...

  • mrspectacular 30w


    Stephen Everton is a chartered accountant. He nags his wife, Stella for the whole day lamenting about the state of things in the country. She wishes there is a way she could get him to stop but unfortunately there seems to be none available as he goes on everyday wearing her out with his complaint about the country and how he would do better with the country alone than all the politicians have done together since assumption of office. He queries that the politicians do not know the first thing about rulership and for that singular reason have no business being in leadership. 'They are only there to enrich themselves and fill their pockets with people's hard earned money and when asked, they give us the story of that is how it has been since the day of our father's father's fathers. Why can't they be the ones to change it? Why must they continue in such untoward legacy?', Stephen queries Stella almost in a manner that would suggest she has a hand in the country's predicament but she is just as concerned about the country as her husband but there is nothing more she can do but hope and pray that things change for the better.

    'Calm down darling', Stella says pacifyingly. 'At some point in time, they will realize what they are doing is absolutely balderdash and turn a new leaf. I do not want you killing yourself over this because there is really little or nothing you can do about it. So please just calm down okay?'

    Stephen takes a look at his wife and with a smile, he plants a kiss on her forehead. He wonders how he did get so lucky to be paired up with someone as amazing as Stella in his life's trip on Earth. The Evertons decide to keep calm while praying and hoping that someday, somehow, the narrative would change for the better.

    One wonderful night after a little funtime with the kids and some alone matrimonial with his beautiful wife, Stephen retires to bed for the night. He would not expect what would happen the next morning but would be really glad that it happens. Resting in his bed for the night, he gets into a dream,
    'Good morning, Your Excellency. How are you today? You have a meeting with the minister of Finance in an hour from now. Another with the minister of Budget & Economic Planning and one in the evening with the general cabinet, Your Excellency'.
    Stephen nods his head with a smile, 'Thank you my good man. Where is the first lady?'
    'Oh, I was told she has gone for a drive around the city. She should be back before you are done getting ready sir'
    'Okay, you may leave so I can get ready', Stephen asks the Presidential Butler very courteously. The butler thanks President Stephen and with a bow, takes his leave.

    In an hour's time, he is done with his bath and just as he is coming out of the bathroom, his wife returns from her drive around the city.
    As she enters the bedroom, he flashes a smile and she waltz over for a hug.

    A few minutes later, the first family walks out into the open hall all dressed and ready for the day, the children are sent off to school while the president and first lady prepare for the retinue of meetings scheduled for the day.
    When the first meeting begins with the Minister Of Finance, he is surprised that the President has called such a meeting with him alone instead of in-cabinet but it is only to prepare him for the cabinet session which would hold later.

    'I have called you here today because I am about to call for a cabinet meeting and the topic to be discussed is within your purview'.
    'It is an honour Your Excellency'
    'Yes, we are cutting expenses. All those unnecessary allowances from this day stops and anyone caught embezzling money would be beheaded because we cannot have such unruly characters living on the lives of a thousand people. One man alone eating the money meant for five hundred people? No'
    'That is a great idea sir and it is sure to ensure even distribution of resources.'
    An orderly informs the president of the arrival of the rest of the cabinet for the scheduled meeting.
    'That is great. Please have them come in'
    The entire cabinet is caught off guard with the news of the cutting down but President Stephen cares less about their greivances positing that if they are comfortable with it, they can leave office for people ready for the task.

    A few of the cabinet members relinquish their offices feeling distraught over the decision while many uphold President Stephen's standpoint cheering him on with statements such as,
    'This is our president'
    'We believe in your government, Mr. President'
    'He is the president of our dreams' and lots more.

    Acknowledging the cheers, he stretches out in his bed and wakes up in the process. Surprisingly, something feels different. He checks his watch to discover it is the first day of his country as an independent. Could it be what he thinks it is? Of course it is, he has gone back sixty four years in time with his entire family. They are now the First Family. Taking the chance, he decides to change the history of the country for the better.

  • porcupine89 38w


    empty beds, harrowing howls -
    my city in a cashmere-fire gown,
    precious trinkets of pious growls.

    her senate snores in palatial peace.


  • james_taumas 43w


    Absolom they cry
    The beautiful warrior
    An angel fallen
    His sword named desolation
    Pestilence his steed
    A lord of war
    Demon host he leads
    Bloody tsunami follows
    Widows and children mourn
    Cities to ash
    The destroyer has arrived.


  • aarzu_words 44w

    The man was so desolate,
    that he never left my broken heart


  • harsh77 52w


    A Dragon
    I'm fire, I'm death
    I'm the one who is behind your death
    I'm the one called the desolation of Smaug
    I saw the Hobbit who stole my Arkenstone
    I buried everything who came in throne
    Hobbit has Ring and came like wind
    I was slept in dreams of under the mountain gold
    Hobbit saw fire on the mountain below
    People frozen watching fire in snow
    Smaug came with desolation
    Said "i hope that you remember me"
    When the Smaug came all day turns into a darkness
    We are just hoping for some miracle and enchantress ✨
    And then the one man killed by Bard with a black arrow and his body falls on the boat carrying the fleeing Master of Lake-town
    And then Thorin oakenshield is king who having a crown
    Thorin oakenshield dread to the quest for Smaug’s treasure,
    Thorin has greed of Arkenstone
    Arkenstone is gem of king
    Smaug has fire in his mouth and big wings.

  • pallavi4 67w


    I often sit and reminisce those moments
    From an era now long gone
    When I trusted you with everything in my life
    And how easily you would lead me on

    You would take advantage of the faith
    I put in your judgment
    Take my patience and me for granted
    And choose cruel words as punishment

    You found it easy, dismissing me
    And everything I held dear
    While I sat like a bird afraid to fly
    Inspite of the ground being so near

    You cut off my wings and convinced me
    I was much too naive to try to fly
    Everyone around me protested but
    I trusted you instead, I often wonder why

    With the conviction that my inability to bear storms
    Would hinder my flight forever
    I found solace in your treachery which I thought
    Was for my own good, I couldn’t fly ever

    I chose to put my confidence in you
    Instead of trusting my inner voice
    You told me struggling was pointless since
    I really had no other choice

    An epoch passed while I remained chained
    Convinced in my inability to be who I was meant to be
    And then one day found the strength to shrug you off
    And finally began to see the real me

    It took me a while before I could fly
    Before I was strong, confident and proud
    Once I finally got you out of my heart and head
    I reached up to grab the clouds

    Never will I ever see myself through another’s eyes
    Trust someone else more than my own wings
    Ineptness, inefficacy and frailty are just in one’s head
    As long as one keeps a hold of one’s own strings


    12th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • anonymous_antivist 68w


    Ever since I stepped foot into the college, the only reason that compelled me to stay was the vivid aesthetic view outside my window. It was almost as though a whole new world was within my reach . Every morning my soul was lifted with a whole new spirit. Fun part was I never slept early, living the night life with you guys and hence never woken up early for classes creating memories that I thought were just sketches on a paper; But too many sketches fill a paper. Even though they weren't perfect, they lifted my heart, my agony that hid behind a perfect smile . Now all that I have left is a little piece of that paper with the picture gone and the rest faded to the wind, long past these voids of time.
    Each day the sun falls, we rest assured there's a morning after. Sometimes, we forget to consider that a peaceful conscience with no repent of a bruised and redundant past is the only way one manages to close their eyes. There is no longer a visible sun. Only an agony filled sky with clouds of gloom that rains the tears of solitude which splash around my broken ground sowed with the seeds of sorrowful desolation. Now the sun has set in my horizon to rise above yours. If you could see me now, you would bring back all those things we could have been.
    Sometimes the words we speak eternally wound somebody, but in the end it's the silence that kills us.

  • zainabnajmi 73w


    steps secured safely
    in linear motions
    one after the other -
    an internalized motor skill,
    yet skipped one and tripped;
    clowns making a fool from the outside
    - the feeling of desolation.


  • james_taumas 74w

    Nuclear nightmare

    Bright light
    Vulcan's roar
    Voices silenced
    Scorched sky
    Desolation wave
    Impossible to flee
    Towers fall
    Manmade inferno
    Lives ashen
    Nuclear nightmares begins
    One button pressed.


  • mrrenegade 76w

    Plague flower

    My deep venture where the shadows slither into the pit of collyrium and
    my harrowing hovering all across the
    forever lying
    solemn path of desolation

    prolonging judgement..

    Alone! Forlorn!
    I make shifting from my gaping dejection...
    Darkness is a prejudice...
    A concoction of dignifying hate and putrefying self loathing...

    A plague flower was reborn
    on my moss laden coffer of expiation....

    A Justinian purge salivating through my unpronounced fixation.....

  • majaz_rahil_khan_ 94w

    The Gloom

    The Sun Is No Where To Be Found
    Black Clouds Above My Head So Profound,
    All I Can See Is Fog Around,
    Me On A Pristine Hill Pleasing The Gloom.

    I'm Lost In The Fog My Mind's Doomed
    Woods, Hills, Roads And Into Me I'm Totally Zoomed,
    I'm A Puppet Of Nature It Plays Me Like Pause And Resume,
    I'm Ostracized, So I'll Be Staying Here In The Gloom.

    On Abloom Valley I Levitate With Jack Frost
    Was Half Into The Grave But Now I Exhumed,
    I Was Froze And Defroze And Froze And Defrost,
    I'm The Dignity Now Cause I'm Used To The Gloom.

    Through Darkness And Desolation I Bloom
    Like A Lotus Striving Out Of That Dirty Womb,
    I Live To Die, To Build My Own Tomb,
    I Remain Undefeated I'm The King Of The Gloom.!

  • khanjaseera 95w


    Me:I hope....
    Myself:what you hope?
    Me:I hope a hope....
    Me:damn!I hope a hope ..the hope I hope is full of hope but the hope I get is no hope...
    Myself:hey gloomy girl,take a nap.

  • preetii_ 105w


    Desolation I feel every day,
    I sit in the dark,
    The tears roll down my face,
    And I keep yelling it to go away!
    Darkness is taking me in,
    I try to reach out,
    But the sound gets caught inside.
    I can see the demons,
    Coming out and pulling me towards them.
    I close my eyes,
    I try to deceive,
    But to no avail.
    I lay there numb,
    Only the body with no soul.
    I lost myself,
    I've given up,
    I've given into dark!

  • james_taumas 107w


    Sun betrays
    Drought reigns
    Fertile green a memory
    Perfect storm stirs
    A single spark
    Tinder brush set aflame
    An inferno born
    Indiscriminate destruction
    Scorched land and desolation
    Insatiable monster feeds
    Deaths under ashen skies.


  • sakinahosennee 108w

    A cold night

    A cold night wrapped with blankets
    Raindrops crashing against the glass windows
    Violent winds as if fighting for something precious

    Streets once so noisy
    Now feels desolate
    Not a single soul in this dark night
    Like a cemetery....


  • sharmilajuliet 114w

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    Image Credit : To it's rightful owner
    18th November 2019

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    Despairing, Desolating
    Distressing, Anguishing, Agonizing
    Affecting, Alarming, Suffering, Torturing
    Upsetting, Hurting, Disturbing, Unsettling, Disquieting


  • thoughtjutsu 116w

    Insaaniyat ki Hesiyat

    Maaré gayé.
    Maaré ja rahé.
    Marté rehengé.

    Kya bas ye hi hé hesiyat insaniyat ki?

    Ek dard bhara maghmoom wujood?
    Ek dusron ki tabahi?
    Ek dusron sé tanhai?


    Title: The Capacity of Humanity

    [People] were killed.
    [People] are being killed.
    [People] will continue to be killed.

    Is that all humanity is capable of?

    A painful, woebegone existence?
    Seeking the destruction of each other?
    Being isolated from one another?