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  • raghavendrabs 3h

    Sun, Waves and Hope

    When the sun sucks out any interest that remains
    And life takes a nihilistic turn
    The moon comes along with another set of dreams
    And the subconscious has something left to learn and in some cases, yearn.

    When the waves hit harder than expected
    But the sails of determination remain strong
    Despite the rocking of the situations inflicted
    And again the ship of life sees a happy change come along!

    When hopes twinkles like stars
    Just know that the darkness that you see
    Doesn’t linger like the dark gap between those twinkles
    In an never ending starlight spree.

    When you hit rock bottom and things just doesn’t seem to change
    And you’re all set to give up on life
    Remember to wait a bit more and let life rearrange
    Because a patient and difficult living is far better than a regretful afterlife.

    Raghavendra B S

  • hedwigs_mom 5h

    Turning you into writing is the only way for me to give us a chance at forever!

  • akila_rajendran 10h

    To people who hear out
    Just understand
    It took them years to come out
    Whatever you hear,
    Are emotions
    That has been dumped up
    And which is years old
    Bursting out of control
    Resisting to hide itself
    As it doesn't deserve to be hidden

    Understand, It has cost
    Loads and loads courage to open up!!


  • suwayda_aroosh 10h

    i don't want to breathe
    i don't want to feel
    i don't want to cry
    i want nothingness
    to hide me in its bosom.
    i don't want to be seen.
    this pandemonium...
    will break me into smithereens
    distresses, bit by bit,
    every bit of my being.
    heavenly solace,
    is yet to arrive.
    now my dear,
    pray tell me
    am i flying?
    am i drowning?
    i am just jesting.
    and laughing
    laugh, you too.


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  • 66crimson99 22h

    Brutal thorn

    19 year as I entered
    Was only welcomed by my mental qurrel
    Depression screwed me whole
    Nothing stood at all
    Family went busy alright
    Thought I had tried
    Didn't knew what friend describe
    Sleepless night by my side
    Bed rolled up my tears
    Oh!! I fell, fell and scattered
    Nothing stood by december
    Oh!! Before january faced me up
    Tried to drunken beat me up
    Oh!! They all eyed me tough
    Even leaving benches rough
    They moved to the brightened light
    Leaving night for me and rides
    Suddenly I was a hot topic
    Burning with their wet lies
    I begged for the counsel
    Poured days on the Terrance
    Nothing happened to the "Alright"
    Feb criticized me again
    Telling I am a junken rag
    Didn't knew where to hang
    As march ended up fast
    Books hovered me around
    Didn't stood in the exam
    Oh!! They left the dirt in my place
    Planning and facing the brighten days
    Leaving me with my new dark haze
    Years went by my side
    Still see the dirt as I cross by
    A tale of 2 years ago
    That still haunts an innocent soul


  • nighty 1d

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Struggle

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    Struggle, strife, cry at the travail in my life

  • bishal_paul 1d

    presence so comforting that pierces my eye ,
    staring brightly beneath my starry gloomy sky.
    no words yet a melody you bring,
    it's cold yet i hope for a spring.


  • bewildered_lyricist 1d

    One day

    No matter how hard you try
    No matter how long you wait
    No matter how far you walk
    It all gets better with time
    Everything will be paid off one day
    And then you realise that was the day
    you were dreaming for long


  • whoisyashu 1d


    तेरे हाथो की मेंहदी का सूरज जले,
    रंग भर आए जैसे ये शाम ढले,
    झरने की झर सी है ठंडक तेरी,
    भीनी बूंदों की छीटों सी मुझको लगे,
    एहसासों की माला पिरोए हुए,
    तेरे ख्वाबों को मैं गुनगुनाता रहूं,
    तेरी आहट को अब भी तरसता रहूं,
    तेरे किस्सों को मन में दोहराता रहूं,
    एक बार मुझे मिल जाए कही,
    वो जमीं आसमां की जहां तू रहे,
    मैन तुझको कही फिर जाने ना दू,
    तेरी बाहों में जी भर के रोता रहूं।।

  • poetssoul30 1d

    Inner battles Dedicated to dmx

    No one would understand
    Your fight
    No one will understand the demons you deal with
    Others will judge and assume
    Instead of trying to understand
    You find ways to face your demons
    You find ways to Endure the pain
    They don't see the pain you endure
    A fighter in every meaning of the word
    Until you can't anymore
    Doesn't mean you quit or gave up
    It just means you  Fought all you could

  • writeweird 1d

    I've been finally able to write something down after such a long time, and what better than the absolute sadness that haunts every corner of my fragile existence.

    I hope you enjoy it, as I did, as I was awakening.
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    #dying #here #pain #sadness #love
    #depression #dark #feelings #jammu

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    a certain paralysis

    I've been standing here
    staring at the walls

    it's been an hour and I'm
    still thinking, the world's
    sinking further away;

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.

    i feel so small and
    the room is shrinking

    somewhere in the distance
    i can hear the phone ringing

    maybe someone someplace
    knows of what i'm thinking,

    for how long can one
    live with a lie ?

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.

    the man in the mirror
    knows i've been drinking

    i hold myself together but
    the world won't stop spinning

    i've been spiralling where
    i stand, and i am sinking further

    falling deeper into the abyss
    and i've stopped blinking,

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.


  • katharina 1d

    Don't step

    Don't step on my hand.
    I'm on the edge of a cliff
    It's my only hope

    ©Joyce Chow

  • bewildered_lyricist 2d

    The finished chapters

    And with time you go through those chapters
    The ones that brings butterflies in the stomach
    The ones that makes your soul dance in the dark
    With pages turning you forget it has an end
    With words rolling, you start living in every bit
    And then the time ticks, words disappear
    There arrives a new chapter and you don't find even the stains of the past one
    With ache in the heart you realise that chapter is over
    With shame you discover you were an idiot to live a winter dreams
    With pain you move on, trying not to look back
    The pages turn, life flows yet at times you look at your scar hugging the illusion of that wound


  • tamannanain 2d

    Helping people to come out from depression,not put them into it more.

    ...(.A)...My days are lying in a corner stonned,crippled and rusted.Nights stretch too long.I walk a mile and those waves push me back 2 miles.But I just don't stop breathing and hope for light.

    ...(B)....Well ,Tell me why are you feel stonned,crippled and rusted?You can share with me everything without any discomfort.I gonna don't judge you without seeing all the aspects of a situation.So,tell me what's is your problem??Dear friend,I help you to search such light that illuminate the prism of your life .You can move on ...you can do everything....you are omniscient ...look forward and move on...you feel light if you share your problem.

    ...(A)... Thank you dear friend.Nobody listen me .Continuously ignoring me from all my loved me makes me suffered.I feel so weak.But you listen me.I feel that i have nothing, I am failure,I am not good.That's why everyone ignore me.Tell me what I do???What is my fault??

    ....(B)...Listen,If anybody ignore you that doesn't mean you ate not good and you are failure. In today world,everybody is busy in their life.They don't understand the values of relation.There will be no fault of your in all these.You have to just move on.If you feel alone,you have to pen down your emotions.You can spend some of your time in the lap of nature and you can talk with me anytime.Spend time with your parents,help them.Okay.Don't think negative just think positive.

    ....(A)...Thankuu friend to understand me.Now,I am understand it is not my fault.Now,I always look forward and do something splendid.Thankuu so much.

    ....(B)..It's ok .Always be happy.

  • kitty8frost 2d

    Dear Happiness,

    I know it's been a while since the last time that I came around, I've just been so busy. Not with school or work, or anything important really. It's just that Depression has me cornered and I haven't been able to get out of the house. I know that's no excuse. I'm just weak. I'm even weaker without you. I know I should let you in but the last time that I did things went bad. Very bad. I lost control and said things that I hadn't meant to speak out loud. I hurt people. When I'm with you all I ever do is hurt people. I annoy them. I piss them off. I know it's not your fault but I can't stop myself from blaming you. I'd rather stay in my room than go outside with you. I'm sorry, Happiness. I didn't want it to go this way. But I'm losing this fight with myself and I can't have you getting in the way.

    P.S. Maybe I'll see you again, one day...


  • sweedle 3d

    Broken pieces of my heart lie scattered on the floor like mirror pieces. They reflect the face of a girl I never wanted to be.

    © Sweedle

  • menukarai 3d

    Depression can be most happy smile in face.


  • menukarai 3d

    Let me get out from the place of pain.

  • lunatic_pen 3d

    how to over come anxiety?

    this is a bit effective when you try to sing��

    let's sing my ABC and count my 1 2 3

    let's sing together ��

    #mirakee I wonder how to cut this rope without any sound��

    being who I am, sometimes I forgot the real me
    may be because I am �� human being with 50% errors
    this is all I can say thanks God I'm still alive and breathing 50/50

    HÀHAHA oh YEAH ������

    can be real, can be unreal

    #anxiety #depression #hate #pain #love which I don't know what is it lol

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    She's D'max

    there I see her
    again and again I see her
    she's crying alone
    crying without any reason

    there I see her
    again and again I see her
    she's laughing alone
    laughing without any reason

    there I see her
    again and again I see her
    behind that dark curtains
    she's hiding
    hiding without any reason

    there I see her
    again and again I see her
    she's cutting her self, bleeding
    she's dying, dying without any reason


  • paarthjain 4d


    Hey , just give it a minute read please...
    So, today is the world health day but health is just not about the physical health, there is something that is present, we know it is there, we know it is not well but still we ignore it... it is our mental health. Actually the side I have tried is a bit different, we as humans and especially INDIANS are very much caring about our brain but not our mind.
    See.. BRAIN is an organ that helps in regulating the body but there is something that helps in regulating your BRAIN and that is your MIND. The quote that I got from this side is that,
    "A BRAIN WITHOUT AN ACTIVE MIND IS A PERSON WITH THE PROBLEM OF SLEEPWALKING." It is active, it is working, but is not useful, and to make it useful u need some reason , logical and a lot of things and that is where the role of mind comes in.
    I know this could be illogical for some but I got some logic behind it, and decided to share it.
    See when your mind is not clear, when it is Disturbed, when it is I the phase of over thinking, the BRAIN stops thinking. Your whole thought process.. for the whole time revolves around the bubble you have or your situations have created. Hence it becomes a *SLEEPWORKING* brain, driving you to the stage that is DEPRESSION...and it is the brain only that don't let you to use your mind..because u have allowed it to control your thoughts.
    And you all know depression is an underrated villain that is more painful in real life than it is shown in reel life.
    So, thanks for giving it a read, and I thank u that you read it, leave a reply if I am correct or not...or any other thing that can be added.. would love that. So leaving with a message and an appeal..that whenever you find that your thought process is getting limited to a bubble that is made by you, your surroundings etc. Use your mind and try getting the answer of...
    Am I able to resolve it and bring myself out ?
    And if I am able to bring me out, if not, then what is stopping me ...
    and the moment you will get the answer you will be sorted....
    Thanks again for your read...