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  • machoboy 5h

    आरोपों के बाजार में मैं भी बिका हूं, शक के दाम में सबसे ऊपर लिखा हूं।
    कीमत ना थी हजारों की पर लाखों में बिका हूं, हां, आज भी मैं कर्जदारों की किताबों में लिखा हूं।।

    किसी ने नींद खरीदी मेरी तो किसी ने मुस्कान
    किसी ने एक उंगली उठाई तो किसी ने पूरी उसकी दुकान
    किसी ने खुशी लूटी तो किसी ने मेरा स्वाभिमान
    किसी ने नीचा दिखाया तो किसी ने बनाया झूठा महान

    आरोपों के बाजार में मैं भी बिका हूं.........।

    �� लो मान लिया हमने
    है प्यार नहीं तुमको
    तुम याद नहीं हमको
    हम याद नहीं तुमको

    बस एक दफा मुड़के देखो
    ए यार ज़रा हमको
    लो मान लिया हमने
    है प्यार नहीं तुमको

    लो मान लिया देखा ही नहीं
    तेरे कांधे का वो तिल
    लो मान लिया टूटा ही नहीं
    तेरे हाथों से मेरा दिल ��

    #Mirakee #Depression #Love_ends? #Mirakeefamily #hindi_poems #Hindiquotes

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    बिका हूं।

    आरोपों के बाजार में मैं भी बिका हूं,
    शक के दाम में सबसे ऊपर लिखा हूं,
    कीमत ना थी हजारों की पर लाखों में बिका हूं,
    आज भी मैं कर्जदारों की किताबों में लिखा हूं।

  • ranjeetha 11h

    No matter how busy we are,
    let's promise ourselves,
    to spend some time,
    with oneself and
    with loved ones,
    to remove the pain,
    and mystery called "Depression"
    hidden behind those beautiful smiles.....

  • seas_underthe_soul 20h

    Wish +-

    I only wish
    she waits for me
    Until our Soul's Combine as a cloud..

  • seas_underthe_soul 20h


    Breath until it get lose...

  • bewildered_lyricist 1d

    LOVE Unsaid

    If at all she got a chance to
    Explain her awful ditch
    He would have hated her more
    For loving him little too much


  • machoboy 1d


    Unfortunately but yes it is true that on 18 September 2021 it's going to be exact 2 years since I have touched you or hold you in my arms. I still feel your warmth over my chest as well as in my heart but at the same time I have felt heavy over my chest.

    I have never expect that month of March which has given me immense happiness in year 2018 take it back all my happiness in 2020 with double interest rate.

    I have seen many people in my life who once call their love as pure as river Ganga but after break up they call it toxic or unhealthy, don't know why.

    In my case after more than 18 months of one sided breakup I have realised that people said all these things to console themselves that they were right at their decision but this is partially true. For example - my partner has doubted that I was going to misuse her personal photos but I didn't get few things which I hope one day I will.

    Like... People who are often involved in these stuff:

    1. He/she want to disrespect/defame that person publicly .
    2. He/she would ask for money in exchange of those photos as we have seen in some typical Bollywood movies.
    3. She/he want to take revenge of something in the past with that person.
    4. She/he could force other to live with them or forced to get physical with them.

    As of my capability I am only able to think these four points for a person to involve in these things.

    I was sure that my partner knew about my nature but I guess I was wrong. Because she didn't take any single minute to point her finger towards me in an objectionable manner.

    Even then I have asked two to three times to her - (Hindi) "kya tumhen sach mein lagta hai Main Aisa kar sakta hun ya phir pichhle 3-4 sal mein jitna Jana hai mujhe kya sach mein tab bhi tumhen Aisa lagta hai Main Aisa kar sakta hun Kabhi".

    And her reply astonished me as my spine has got numb inside when she said "kya pata"(who knows). After her reply I have asked myself those four points like this..

    1. If I have to disrespect/defame her then why in past I fought with others for her respect.
    2. Have I ever asked for money {forcibly or for some unethical favour}.
    3. If I have to take revenge of things she did in past why would I write copies, long messages, record audios and write uncountable emails to her so that she can understand things.
    4. Have I forced her to live with me or forced her to get physical with me, ever.

    And now not only she and her brother were alleging or blaming me even I have joined them. This is because of my nature <if someone constantly speaks to me wrong then I also consider myself wrong>. I do have some qualities (given by nature) like if I do something wrong to someone I have realise it very quickly.

    After a one year, she was talking to my best friend and then she said something which was completely unacceptable to her allegations. She called me "LIBERAL".

    Her brother on call said that I have already said that this guys(me) was not right. If I had got time, I would have asked him how he could say such a thing even when he didn't spend 10 minutes with me in his life(I am not disrespecting him but yes I want to know that how without knowing a little (Kunjam-Kunjam) of any person, he can tell about him, is he God?

    To say that I love you is nothing but my heart knows that how he is loving you even after you misunderstood things completely. And I proud of my heart that even after all allegations he tried his best to not lose his originality.

    [I don't have idea what I have written above ��]

    ��अगले जनम विच अल्लाह
    ऐसा खेल रचा के भेजे
    मैनू तू बना के भेजे
    तैनू मैं बना के भेजे��

    #Mirakee #Writersnetwork #Love_ends? #Depression #Blooming #Truth

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    To allege someone without
    knowing the whole truth is barbarity.

  • wifey_suicide 1d

    I got hoes sitting on tinder...

  • mooney2201 2d


    No I'm not the one for you,
    Nor you are for me,
    I can never be happy with you,
    Bcuz all I do is bleed.

    Carrying a heavy heart,
    Watching my emotions depart,
    Here I lie in the acatalepsy,
    That is slowly becoming my idiosyncrasy.

    I hope this doesn't hurt you,
    Bcuz I never loved you,
    All we had was an illusion,
    Nothing more than confusion,
    Driven by impulse, never by passion.

    I know you will find your lucky stars,
    And I wish you a new start,
    I don't think it will be easy,
    But let's stop being so klutzy.

    I shall close my eyes as I effervesce my duende,
    I hope you don't think I'm smiling,
    Bcuz this is the sound of me dying.x

    1.acatalepsy: incomprehensibility of things; the belief that nothing is certain, only probabilistic
    2.idiosyncrasy: way of thinking that is characteristic of a person; peculiarity
    3.klutzy: socially inept
    4.duende: mystical charm of one's art
    5. anagapesis: falling out of love for something or someone

    #concretepoetry #wod #concretepoem #aestheticposts #poemporn #wordporn #pod #ballad #depression

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  • majhdhaar 2d

    Meetha zeher

    Tere bina lage harr pal bhaari
    Tere lambe saath se lagne lage maut pyaari
    Aakhir kyun hai tu talvaar do dhaari.

  • squeaker 3d

    I tend to reflect on my mental state a lot..writing is my therapy when I cannot afford to go to actual therapy. #mentalhealth #CPTSD #PTSD #awareness #depression #anxiety

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    The War

    These battles have left me bruised and broken in a war he started.
    Left me with nothing but Trauma from the moment he departed.
    I have fought so long and so hard to find my way back from this.
    But sometimes, I find myself sinking further into the abyss.
    I thought I found a way to drop some weight... to help me swim.
    But the light of the surface only seems to dim.
    Lying to myself has become the only way to breathe,
    even though the lies do nothing but make my emotions seethe.
    They boil over sometimes, I've tried to stop it..
    spilling over until I drown where I sit.

    Nightmares all blur together at this point, no sense in remembering the details these days.
    The fabric of reality always splits open, leaving me clinging to the ends as they fray.
    They say to live in the moment, take it one step at a time.
    But living in a moment where you feel nothing but fear, is an unforgivable crime.

    Shame is a hell of a word, and I hate the way it tastes.
    I am not ashamed of the war I've waged within myself for all these years, it hasnt all been a waste.
    Ive seen my friends and family laugh until they cried
    Been there to pick them up when their loved ones have died.
    I have sung to the moon and stars when the nights seemed too silent.
    I have cherished the sun and clouds before the weather turned violent.
    I have shook the hand of the devil and wished him the best.
    I have cursed God for every soul he has taken to their final rest.
    The good times are always great until they come to an end.
    If this war has taught me anything, it is how to bend.

    Bend, but never break.
    That is what I whisper to myself with every breath I take.

    You don't have to understand anything I say,
    I am not asking you to remember every line.
    Just keep in mind the war that is raging within me
    every time I say, "I am doing just fine."

    ©Eryn Ricketts

  • mindscapeofamy_95 3d

    There are days,
    When you just want to stay in bed
    And do nothing.
    The world ceases to exist
    The chatter of people seem distant
    The things you cared for don't matter anymore
    The ones trying to hold conversations with you
    Unfortunately are speaking to themselves.
    You don't know why it is so
    You cannot find the starting point
    Or fathom how it would end.
    Or would it?
    You want to scream
    You wish to shatter a glass
    You want to rip something apart
    You wish more pain to yourself
    Than already exists
    Sigh! Am I depressed?

  • guided_liberation 4d


    As I move closer to the death of my flesh I can't help but realize that no one is really alive. We are all just acting out this temporary game we call life. What an interesting game to play. Finding very little reasons to stay.

  • zarinthelion 5d


    And as I sit here at 3 AM
    watching all the movies that we used to
    I can't stop thinking that I fucking need you
    Even though I fucked up and you got your vengeance.
    I sit here in silence remembering every inch of your face. From your smile to your teeth you hated to the glasses that were to big for you. I can't stop thinking of your face. I still think of how you taste it lingers on my tongue like the taste of blood. Bitter and familiar. I can't stop thinking of you no matter what I do. You appear in my dreams. I don't know what they mean. Everything starts with a hi. But I never got to say goodbye.

  • ankita_uni 1w

    " Random thought of my depressed mind "

    I think people should not cry after a family siyapa they should try dark comedy instead I mean

    Laughing burn more calories than crying babe kaamse kaam hot toh Baan jaauugaye . Upar sea google mea jaa Kar roti huee logo koe dekh self satisfaction mill jayega kukii competitive as we are kaam sea kaam kaahanne koe mill jayega ke ess chutiya sad soul sea toh meri life better hai .

    I am sick I know


  • saikiran98 1w

    Don't mesh with the people ..
    Ofcourse they leave you someday..
    Allow to love yourself ❤..

  • a_stone 1w

    Ever Happened?

    Sometimes you want to share your feelings,your sadness or just wannna cry out loud in front of the person you trust the most,but u don't?coz u don't wanna ruin their happines!!!

  • bewildered_lyricist 1w


    While complaining the heights that couldn't be reached,
    Money couldn't be earned,
    love that didn't turn to a fairytale,
    People lost,
    Hurts that slit the heart,
    And everything dealt and called bad,
    Taking a moment to thank the blessings received, would give a complete answers for all the grievance♥️


  • claralynne 1w

    Sunday Sadness

    I wish the sun would go away.
    I wish I had the words to say.
    All I do is lay.
    An inner child is dying to play.
    Most rest.
    Pass money on a tray.
    Life in disarray.
    Skies are painted grey.
    Nostalgic memories begin to fray.
    For our sins, we eventually pay.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 1w


    Achingly bitter are my dreams,
    The ones I have in place of every memory.

    Repression and forgetfulness,
    My sweet gentleness.

    I wish I knew,
    All the things I wished to forget.

    I screamed and cried for years,
    So afraid the child I was,
    Trembling with bloody back.

    You needed help.
    You needed kindness.

    They gave you fear.

    You pushed it all away,
    But now I am left here,
    Crying to heal,
    Left with the mistakes of years of neglect.

    I dream in the shades of trees,
    The things that lurk.

    I refuse the shaking,
    The heat,
    The tears and the bile.

    Let me dream of the things we fought to forget,
    Let us heal,
    Let us mourn.

    Our heart is heavy.
    Cold and afraid.

    I will continue,
    So the abuse will never persevere.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 1w

    I Remember Waking

    I remember waking.
    Opening my eyes and breathing,
    Yet my life is so distant.

    I grew so cold with myself,
    Like another person,
    That now I find myself learning more about myself.

    Everyday I find I have preferences,
    I did not wake with them,
    Yet I remember waking.

    I find myself,
    In the creaky floors that drive me mad,
    In the gentle breeze that makes my heart swell,
    In the foods that I refuse to eat,
    And the ones I eat so freely.

    My ears used to belong to creaky floors.
    That gentle breeze was such a fright.
    The refusal of food tasted like a swollen lip,
    Gluttony like starvation.

    I find myself so interested with myself.
    All the things I learn about myself.

    It's almost like a dream,
    But I remember waking.