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    Waking up,
    Feeling empty,
    Standing up,
    Still not alright,
    Seeing people,
    They are walking,
    There were you can't be.


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    How June described a rain?

    "Rain please shed a (t)ear and mercy the little me, you are impostering me" - June said while sobbing sarcastically

    A stale summer traumatized by the shopping spree of sweats parched on the tan, she stammered a drizzle over the black tea's brewing aroma that just steamed in granny's balcony and granny's white hair swayed in her twenties, as if her skin was not sullen of window sills.
    June muttered to herself, when she sensed a breathe blaspheming his greyish eyes, for the drooping dark circles were peeping underneath the couch, where the door drunk closed the jagged bottle, "alas! will he ever pardon himself?", June sighed.
    A windy sky later, June's cleverish grin exclaimed, "but I guess few sandals are kept stranded", as she peaked between the silly curtains, while a girl raised her chin. "don't you be the bus stop we slipped upon, for I will again leave the umbrella lurking", the girl mumbled and the bed sheets lied over her soaked, pruney fingers but he vowed her, "I will never let your pasta packet fall off your bicycle, I know you slurp the bowl!". June couldn't be more embarrassed than the girl's cheeks were, but June's feet splashed the browny puddles as petrichor smelled the grass tips.
    One slippery noon, a snoring sky was lazier than the street lamp and a car window, whose sick wiper had her bun messy and annoyed when the rose began to bleed, she looked back huffing with her bluish eyes, "see I told you, you never loved my braids", he knew she would again cross hastily, so he waited for 5.00pm, "maybe she is just angry of you so she won't show herself", his clock told him. So he hushed and the rose fell asleep on the pedestrian.
    A traffic signal's dead sleep had June accident someone's daydream, so June asked, would there have been rains if I wasn't June?

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    A June's dilemma


  • wavewalker3 9w

    Hold me, instead

    He says nothing when he speaks
    His promises empty
    He’s proven it to me everyday
    With every sleepless night
    And tear stained pillow
    I have lost so much time
    Watering these seeds he planted in my brain
    I thought beautiful flowers would bloom
    And replace the skeletons I hide in the closets of my mind
    And they did for awhile
    But with each passing breath
    The flowers have wilted
    Leaving behind the rotten remains
    Of something that was once so beautiful
    Over the years
    I have been wandering these dead forests
    And I’m lost
    I just want to meet myself again
    With every dagger you sent into my chest
    Every wound on my heart
    I held you
    And I apologized
    Every time you destroyed me
    I hold onto you, but I am so lonely
    And at night
    As I ache for you to hold me
    Well, it feels like holding onto you
    Is the loneliest thing
    I have ever done

  • czarcasm 9w

    Cruel is the blade

    Pain and Misery always love company so why is it always that here

    I sit and think and contemplate if the teacher and duo are near

    No longer human I float about my body anyone retains

    My soul the vessel my heart the weapon that poisons my own veins

    How cruel the blade that slices the heart

    How cruel of you to slice it apart

    For I'm already broken all my words have been spoken

    Now Pain and Misery being my only token

  • eiichiquoteslife 13w

    What About Me?

    I know you're struggling.
    I know it's difficult,
    But just once,
    I need you to ask me if I'M okay.
    Because I'm not.
    And I need YOUR support.

  • flakky 15w


    I used to feel life
    And everything that happened to me I felt it with so much sadness and that was depressing
    My life was pretty much getting slowed down
    But this moment I find,
    I no longer feel pain like I used to
    And now,I'm just that empty and numb fellow
    Slow and retarded
    I wish I could start life all over again
    But that's just in my dreams
    See you in the AFtERlifE


  • broken_soul9 21w


    Even though u don't care about me anymore, I can't stop loving you

  • manjunath_s_murthy 24w

    The battle

    The phone rang, it was HER, "what are you doing?" She asked.

    "Just sitting around."

    "You're sitting around and writing and listening to Eminem and sad!"


    "Are you gonna meet me?"


    "You're sad and depressing, you're SAD and DEPRESSING!"


    "Why do you even live, KILL YOURSELF!"

    She hung up and so did I.


  • uzziah 26w

    Me too

    Today I'm feeling barely alive
    Living life as if everything is fine
    But I'm to tried to pretend that I'm OK
    Each scar will speak more truth than my lips
    For once my mouth moves it forms lies
    So i suffer in silence

    The eyes that seemed normal when I was like you
    changed when that day happened
    And I'll find any excuse to say
    That wasn't me in that memory we both share
    As i avert from your gaze and lock my doors
    Silent in my world

    A hollowed expression underneath a joy filled face
    I scream for this masquerade to come to a close
    Whether the ties that hold me down break
    Or a fatal cut were to release this relentless cycle
    But until my fated end
    I shall suffer in silence.

  • taytay_nicole424 28w

    Don't Talk to Me About Love

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have cut yourself open with that jagged shard of trust continously lighting their candle while yours grew dimmer and dimmer until there was simply no more light left and you were trapped in complete utter darkness

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have pricked your finger on the thorns of that rose that you poured your heart and soul and tears onto to help nurture so that it may grow into something so invincible only to watch the one person you stayed up 24/7 watching over that damn flower cut it from the stem, stomp on it, and watch it die with a fucking smirk and a bloody jeer

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have experienced your heart shatter into a trillion pieces over and over left to pick up the shards alone because they have dropped you like you were nothing more than a broken toy no longer worth keeping but yet you still wish them the happiness, joys, and love of life while you struggle to ever let anyone touch your fragile fragments like that again

    Don't talk to me about love
    For I know just how cruel and damaging it can truly be

  • taranamarjitdhillon 32w

    Afraid to fall asleep
    For the dreams that haunt me
    Anxieties hits different
    Don’t know what i will be
    I am hysterical all day long
    But Demons do awake
    when the sunlight is gone
    What should i do ?
    Please it is soo dark here
    Embrace is what i need
    Peaceful long sleep cant be an answer to this.
    Its hard here alone
    My stomach hurt
    to theres a limit to the pain i can endure

  • sylvia_aurora 35w

    #depressing #sad #bealthdetoriation #myfeelings #mycreation .
    In no ways m promoting depression , people write to vent out their feelings and so I am doing it... if ya re alone u can reach out to me at @celestria.bts_lucifer07. Dont worry I dont have to follow we can just talk ...be safe lovelies��

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    I will be gone

    U dont have to resist me for long,
    Because soon I think I will be wiped off and gone,
    It's not me who wants to tell that, it's my health who says,
    Detoriating like a ball rolling off in a few days,
    Oh dont worry I think I have came to the end of my life's song,
    And I swear I wont disturb u anymore ,I will be gone

  • jeffree 43w

    The Railroad

    Many, many years ago
    there once was a quiet town
    the only attraction; a single train
    which had already shut down

    My father said it was breath-taking
    a sight you could only imagine
    until someone died that fateful day
    for now the station lays abandoned

    For he had once conducted it
    the best train conducter around
    he was always humble and kind
    I had never once seen him frown

    He used to smile quite a lot
    when my mother was still alive
    she would always make him laugh a lot
    for she was his motivation, his eternal drive

    I don't remember much of my mother
    but one thing I will never forget
    was how my father met his lover
    and how one-another were so dead-set

    My father grew up an orphan
    who shined shoes for a living
    he worked hard for his earnings
    and was thankful for every penny

    When he got up from shining
    he lost his balance and fell
    and when he looked up
    his heart began to swell

    A girl appeared before him
    her hair golden like the sun
    looking down at my father
    this was where they begun

    She smiled and waved at him
    as if they knew one another
    his heart was pounding faster
    for he knew he already loved her

    She helped him up from the ground
    And my father then said
    'See you around...
    maybe around 10?'

    The girl then laughed
    and replied with a grin
    She went on to say:
    'What will we do and when?'

    My father was surprised
    having to improvise on the spot
    'We could go see the train,
    but that was just a thought'

    Her hair was as yellow
    as her smile was big
    for she responded with a 'Sure,
    I'll be there at ten'

    That night my father and that girl
    were in awe of the train
    for it was the only interesting thing
    besides the once in a while rain

    As the years went by
    my father saved up his earnings
    for he decided that very night
    he loved her, his heart a flame burning

    He went on to buy the train
    and eventually married the blonde
    his wishes finally came true
    everything else past was beyond

    The final day of the train's operation
    was when had I lost my mother
    for my father's train had lost all control
    now responsible for the death of his lover

  • jeffree 44w

    The Smiling Boy

    There once was a boy
    Who would smile at things
    no one could ever understand

    I once saw him smile at a single leaf
    it had lacked its natural color

    I remember seeing him smile once at school
    when he tripped and fell down the stairs

    He would always walk to the tallest hill
    every day and smile so brightly

    But one instance would be forever burnt in my memory

    The boy sat alone on the hill as he always would
    I went up to the boy and asked him three questions

    "Why smile when you see that single leaf?"
    "Why grin when you get hurt?"
    "Why tread to the tallest hill?

    His voice was soothing for the reply he gave:

    "For what I saw was myself"
    alone and without my lover
    falling down the stairs was nothing
    for I would at least recover"

    "The tallest hill was where we had made our final vow
    to get married, to have children, and to never, never frown
    I promised her I would smile brightly for the stars to see
    and to this day I continue this promise until I am free"

    Soon after a storm came and flooded the entire town
    The tears of all the lost ones had been drowned

    After the flood I never saw the smiling boy again
    But I know him and his lover are continuing their promise
    Because time to time I see two stars twinkle brighter than the rest.

  • anthonyx10x 48w

    The dangerous part of me
    Something I can't touch
    Something I can't feel
    But it's always lingering
    It's always whispering
    Past experiences
    That I can't forgive myself
    A little jolt of happiness
    Just to have depressing lightening
    Flash signs that say
    I don't deserve happiness
    Replaying moments
    You try to forget
    But you can never forgive
    That's what happens
    When your dangerous part
    Is your own thoughts
    - Anthony D'Amico

  • yoitsleohere 50w

    by @yoitsleohere
    this poem contains suicidal behaviour! if you are not comfortable with this then please do not read!
    he sat on his bed,
    blood running down his arm,
    tears running down his face,
    he goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror.

    pale skin,
    dark bags under his eyes,
    sore tear drenched cheeks.
    he hated what he saw.

    he runs water,
    filling the bathtub,
    he sits down in the icy cold water,
    he sits there in silence.

    he thinks about his life,
    he thinks about his family,
    his friends,
    as he takes his final breathe and plunges bellow the water.
    sorry that its bad but I tried my best.
    #depressed_bean #yoitsleohere #poem #bored #drowned #bad #depressing #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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  • __arka__sanniel__ 53w

    A heavy heart and a broken mind.
    Searching desperately for you, but
    why are you someone they can't find?
    Questions arise, my mind grows doubtful.
    My mind is breaking apart,
    I try but cannot overcome,
    unable to unwind.

    What went wrong?
    Towards your love, was I blind?
    Towards you and your feelings, was I unkind?
    Tell me where I went wrong, for
    I cannot take this no more,
    this heavy heart and the broken mind.


  • ryancier2 53w

    The Corporate Void

    Even if I look
    to the branches
    beneath my feet
    and start a war-cry
    with the little bits
    of utensils near my being,
    would that do ANYTHING?
    As I scream into this void,
    I can't help but feel
    as though it's become even more...
    devoid... of laughter, progress,
    the celebration of sex and the emotional
    streaming of young humans.
    That's all been taken away--
    We're all just...
    screaming into the Corporate Void, now.

  • yoitsleohere 58w

    So lets pretend that the pain I feel everyday, is nothing.
    Lets make believe that life is totally perfect, and I've never been hurt.
    And lets laugh, like our lives aren't totally and completely screwed up...

    #depressed_bean #quote #sad #life #depressing #true #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • theuntoldscripts 39w

    All alone

    Someday you'll be walking in a crowd ...
    There would be familiar faces as far as you will see ...
    Your old times would be greeting you and say "hello" ...
    Your heart will be beating as faster as anything ...
    And your mind will be far lost in the lessons you've learnt ...
    Your consciousness would seek a moment for seconds ...
    And then your conscience will tell you not to turn back and just say "good bye" ...
    In this chaotic state you will be standing all alone ...
    Standing all alone in the crowd so known ...