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  • dark_abyss 4w

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    Thank you everyone for liking my post...��

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    Dear heart cheer up
    Even in their departure...
    For angels must be free to fly.


  • iqujiger 9w

    #Tachycardia...I ..felt....after...your... #departure

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    Perhaps it was the fate of my Heart To dance by the Thunder of your memories

  • blue_nib 9w


    I know !!!
    That departing Rose...
    is still Red and fragrant...
    In pale pages of...
    Your favorite old Novel ¡¡¡


  • miraii 11w

    Hold these hands
    Before they turn cold,
    Before I give my last fold
    To caring Lord, for his caring
    Is the reason for praying.

    Put me on land
    For my Lord, he called
    Me to his arms. I shall behold
    For thy arrival, for leaving
    Might be the sign of waiting

    Let me depart grand
    With angels, shining like gold
    And thou smile; gorgeously bold
    And shed tiny tears, for weeping
    Might just be the sign of saying:

    #pod #departure #writersbay
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    ....For caring
    Is the reason for praying
    .....For leaving
    Might just be the sign of waiting
    ....For weeping
    Might be the sign of saying


  • shelagh77 13w

    Who am I?

    I am trying to figure out when I got lost
    When I became numb
    When I became powerless
    I look in the mirror and am a stranger
    I can't recognize the person I have become
    I let you walk over me like a homeless dog
    I let you hurt me and I forgive you just to watch you do it again

    Where is the real me?
    I think she walked out on me when she realised I was drowning
    Drifting into the winds and weathering away into a timid, scared and naive girl in love

  • r_p 18w


    जिंदगी अब थक चुका है इंसान उसे जाने दे

    तेरी रंजिशो के जालों में अब फस चुका है इंसान उसे जाने दे

    अगली सहर पे उसका भी नाम हो ये ज़रूरी तो नहीं

    एक मुकम्मल नींद की आस मे अपने जिस्म को उतार के अब रख चुका है इंसान उसे जाने दे


  • mansidubey_14 25w

    "Departure "

    The story started with the birth of
    a middle class boy
    and a middle class girl.Both of them were living their
    lives in their own way.But the time comes
    when they both took admission in same
    school .Still they were unaware of their destiny.
    After two years they got same section
    and still life was going normally.After
    few months they became friends ,
    then they became very close to each
    other but something went wrong
    with the girl and she decided to leave
    him and let him focus on his career
    becoz she didn't wanted to become reason
    of his spoiled life and got separated and
    started their lives again.......

  • vaniloquence 28w

    Devil's Work_!!!

    Struggling to walk over,
    the devil grabbed him,
    saying he gon be aight,
    the boy faunt bloodshed,
    sulking up at nightshade,
    he killed her, daymaring,
    poor soul o' godsend,
    young brat got teary,
    chugged alcoholism,
    abused every stuff,
    shitting himself on,
    the devil told the lad,
    god was the paramour,
    lasting only about one,
    interesting, ain't it tot,
    saviour shall depart,
    as all ye saints of his,
    one's fuckin' maker,
    hail thy sole beherit,
    the urchin got played,
    piercing his atonement,
    the darts of infernal heat,
    spattering the terra firma,
    with the lifeblood marrow,
    causing benignity to sing,
    Moses and Miriam, amen.


    #damned #thugcore #onemoredown #satanic #sinful #lustofblood #substanveabuse #holybible #thegameoflife #bloodline #rebellion #departure #atonement #mirakeewrites #writersnetwork

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    The devil’s agents may be of flesh and blood, may they not?

    - Arthur Conan Doyle

  • pallavi4 28w


    I lie at peace with my myself
    I am now beyond the realm of men
    My spirit lies in completely zen
    I will not traverse the world again

    Free from the cycle of rebirth I am
    Grateful for everything that had been
    Thankful for every breath I took
    Indebted for all I’d ever seen

    Hidden were the mysteries I didn’t know of
    Forgotten memories of my distant past
    I leave behind a legacy of my own
    I leave behind a vacuum vast

    We are like the bedrock in the river of life
    Once removed the water regains
    It’s vigour, slowly covering the spaces uncovered
    It becomes vital and fluid again

    That is exactly how life should be because
    We need to celebrate each life that was
    No matter the length, it is the quality that matters
    When life comes to a close, a pause

    I feel a strange sense of tranquility
    A calm I’d never known
    Free I am from the pains of this world
    Peace reins in the depths of my soul


    14th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Although I knew you only for a few days , your encouraging and forever kind words were a source of great joy to me. You will be missed dearly Jack @john_solomon .

    So sorry @writersbay I didn’t write a haiku..... I had too much to say and I couldn’t have adjusted that much in a haiku.

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    Hidden were the mysteries I didn’t know of
    Forgotten memories of my distant past
    I leave behind a legacy of my own
    I leave behind a vacuum vast


  • selenophilic_873 30w

    #departure #death #mirakee #pod

    Based on personal experience.. .

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    In last few days I've tasted death
    The purgatory called last breath
    Where breath fades and turns solid
    And the grim reaper takes lead

    The pain of all melts in tears
    Where noone leads you through your fears
    Even then your loved once lament
    And soothe you from far behind

    The day when you just reside in memory
    Where your close ones expirence tragedy
    Where you start escaping this circle
    Of materialistic world, love and hate

    People call it time and fate
    When you have completed your dept
    You lie there as a souless beast
    Where you escape to heavens realm

    Dear sorrowful departing soul
    Hear this last words before death crawls
    As you join the endless line
    Finally to meet your maker so divine..

  • _unexpressed_feelings_ 32w

    We are going to be departed by distance.....
    I have a fear..somewhere hidden......
    But my heart says... no distance can separate you..if your hearts are connected.......


  • __arka__sanniel__ 34w


    The sounds from my childhood
    still echo in the hallway.
    My giggles, my laughter, my sobs,
    the sounds of me growing up.
    The walls look as fresh as they were
    when I had first entered the house.
    Smelling the same, having that same texture,
    when I run my fingers on them.
    That big window facing the lawn will
    now be empty, or maybe it'll have
    a new younger companion.
    A wind blows slowly, the curtains flutter,
    and they rub softly against me.
    As if trying to
    hold me, for one last time.
    As if trying to
    not let me go.

  • the_untold_tale 35w

    Until we meet again

    until we meet again,
    I hope the magical powers in surrounding heal you,
    the cold breeze comfort you, 
    the water flowing back and forth gives you hope

    I hope the first ray of sunlight makes you remind us,
    the moments where laughed out loud,
    we were not aware of the crowd,
    the moments where we shared pain,
    where my no efforts were in vain,
    the feeling and emotions we felt may reach the depth of your heart until we meet again.

    wish I could stare at you before we depart, 
    I could love you like I use to do,
    I could comfort you,
    I could console you,
    wish I could just be with you for one last time until we meet again.

    oh, my friend,
    here comes the end.
    your heart, your face, and your touch,
    forever embedded within my soul’s lace,
    no one can ever take your place;

    the departure feels like, 
    my breath collapsing,
    my world-destroying,
    every cell of my body screaming your name,
    oh my dear, I lost all the fame,

    bidding goodbye to our beautiful abode,
    my heart is about to explode,
    I can feel the emptiness,
    I miss the fragrance of togetherness;
    oh my dear; I am about to fall;
    holding my tears and fears,
    waiting for fate’s miracle,
    until we meet again!!!!

  • abhishekkamble 40w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @theultimateinsane @_still_in_mess @dipsisri

    #life #death #flock #birds #departure #home #love #finally #philosophy #hope #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #shortstory #story #unending

    Image credit to unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©AnnieSpratt

    Hospital walls

    A wavering spark got out from the grasses struck on in those small pots that found its way to flickering burns of the sun, Alas! The glass walls alleged themselves of mocking the patience, dying in their eyes, walls refrained from saying the least a prayer could do, weren't they culprit for illusioning those white lilies?
    When the sky outside turns so less assured, the walls will grow those bean stalk creepers, only to slither around the illness, going creepy. That Support even be a traitor for those who left the finger prints on a handle that grasped 'holding hands' , between the rhetorical questions that screamed from the cracks and fallen skin of the walls, there was always a dampened 'yes' or 'no' unheard, of whether you suffered to live or waited for the leaf to be blown!
    Can't the rainbows 'lie' without the clouds?you realize someday, the day is counting you when you count the days and I could finally see the flock of birds departing but couldn't see them across curtains, did I live for that 'moment' or died?

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  • the_penlighten_writings 40w

    Till now I use to flirt with girls first time thinking to love a girl after seeing her, my name is Thomas, after seeing her thought to talk with her but my past always triggers me like a haunted house, my past... I use to love a girl, I was in a relationship, we thought to get married to each other, as every love story has a villian in my love story caste and religion is villian, I went to her father to convince him regarding our marriage but he didn't accept it, later I went to her and asked her what to do she said let's a departure(leave) from each other because I don't have any job, sufficient money and her father didn't accepted our relationship, so i asked her to promise don't ever try to contact me and said goodbye to her, “I KNOW THIS SADNESS IS LIKE A GIANT WAVE HOLDING ME DOWN AT THE BOTTOM OF AN OCEAN”
    I need to just forget about it and now I need to talk with this girl, started moving forward and said exuse me....
    No reply
    I:(again started saying hello) Hello, my name is Thomas
    I:actually you look really beautiful
    She:(enlarged her eyes) oh thank you
    I:may I know your name please??
    She:(again enlarged her eyes) hmm..Daksha
    I:beautiful name like you
    She:( little anger& confused look) thank you
    I:I want to talk with you
    She:what do you want talk with me?
    I:actually when I have seen you I just want to talk with you, but after talking with you I want to marry you?? Could you be Mrs Thomas??
    She: marry?? Whenever if a person proposes either he says love you or be my girlfriend but what is this...
    I: because I don't want to miss you (started saying my whole past)
    She:(with a sad voice) don't worry every thing will be alright, I know the pain and how it feels...
    I:(confused) how you know? Do you have any past??
    She:hmm.. Yes!! 2 years back I use to love a guy, we are in a relationship, he promised me that he wants to become a successful person in his life, after becoming a successful person, he will marry me and while going to other countries he said maybe iam going with sadness because I leaving you here alone but I will come with our happiness , as he promised he became a successful person and also came with happiness... But he got married with another girl came with his happiness..... This was my past, now I don't have any opinion on love and marriage (with a low voice)
    I:I know it is hard for a person bear all these things but... “LOVE IS LIKE LEMON EITHER BITTER OR SWEET”
    She:but.. I don't want any relationship now, iam not ready for it
    I:you know what before seeing you, I was like you, I don't want to get married, but after knowing you, I want you to be my life partner, actually I saw you 3 times...
    She:( enlarged her eyes,and looking confused) what? When? Where?
    I:three times (3)in this railway station only. 1st time I had seen you when you were scolding a person who was teasing a girl that day after seeing you I started liking your braveness. 2nd time when your friend and her boyfriend were fighting because he is having some bad habits and she want to break up,you told her one line that
    “HABITS ARE BAD BUT NOT A PERSON, HABITS CAN'T DECIDE YOUR CHARACTER” this line started attracting me on you and I started liking your understanding level
    3rd time I think you were with your father as he was going to another place he was sad because he will surely miss you but you were smiling and gave him a smiley send-off after the train departed you were started crying and that day I started loving your nature.finally on this day after seeing you , my heart said you are everything that I never knew, I wanted in this life
    She: I never knew that you were observing me but.. Can I ask you something??
    I:yes sure..
    She:if my family doesn't accept you because of caste and religion what you will do??
    I:in my past, I said nothing to her not because of caste and religion only because I was nothing at that time and I don't had enough money and a good job at that time. but now Iam having a good job with decent income and this time I won't let you go...
    I promise I will convince your family
    She:actually I know you before only
    She:yes iam your mom's friend's daughter
    I: whatt??
    She:yes when ever you come to drop your mom at my home I use to see you, but you never wanted to come upstairs and meet my mom and when ever your mom uses to come to our home she uses to talk about you and also about your past and I started thinking that how a person can love another person after she left him also, slowly slowly your mom and my mom decided to, you and me get marry each other, but you said no..
    I: so no there will be not problem to convince your family, so please can you say your decision
    She:may be there will be no problem, if I will say yes,but.. I will marry a person only if he assures me to trust on him
    I:ok then what ever you answer will be I will respect it
    She: hmm.. Let's a departure..
    I: ok ( with low voice) iam leaving now
    She: let me complete.. Let's a departure Of our past and start a new journey.. Iam ready to become Mrs Thomas
    I:thank you soo much

    May be someone departure in your life but after departure there will be surely a start of a new journey

    Aakanksha Ramarao

  • meherika 41w

    I know we will depart.

    May not be the happiness
    But misery will depart us.

    May not the promises,
    But despairs will depart us.

    May not the fortune,
    But misfortune will depart us

    May not the happenings,
    But Death will depart us.

    We will depart!

  • unsaid 42w

    #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #unsaid #Kashmir #departure #urdu #urdu_poetry

    UnSaid ~ not sure, whether this will be my departure report or not. But khayal aaya , to socha likh hi du'n, kyuki khayal mashq (rehearse) ni krte.

    Urdu words -
    Dafan - buried
    Tamanna - wish
    Bhoj - burden
    Tehreer - writing
    Tilawat - recite

    Now buried under the carrus of wishes i may.
    Remember me , recite me and pray.
    © Unsaid

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    Yad_ Dihani


    Ab dafan hu'n shayad apni tamannao'n ke bhoj ke tale.

    Kabi yaad aawu'n, meri tehreer ki tilawat karke dua karna.


  • amung_michi 46w


    Evry person u get attached to is so difficult to
    LET GO until it becomes necessary or u are willing to do so.

  • juhiyverma_ 52w

    The see -off...

    Parting ways with someone maybe not a great deal for you but for us , emotional fools its like a battle we keep fighting with ourselves.

    The more you try to grab control of your feelings, the harder it hits you back, the way a catapult targetted towards the sky finds its way back to your fingers , bruising them until you bleed.

    Good times spent with someone flies in no time but the departure leaves behind a scar in your heart and mind altogether.

    The parting moments are the worst pain which you can never get rid off.They are like those nightmares you never wished to dream of, but are desperate to flush out all of it out of your memory,all at once.

    Who said you cannot communicate with other species. Infact I believe theres a special telepathic communication between two unrelated species. That which no two humans could share, that which no two living being of the same species can ever communicate with.That sacred language of love and belongingness , we cant imagine among our own ones.

    Timsy and her yet to be born kids must be eagerly waiting for me , once i return back to my hostel.I too am excited to welcome her darling kids to our new world.
    Today while i was calling out her name to bid adiue ,she didnt respond to me. Initially i got mad at her but then i went to her myself to see if she was doing fine.She is heavy and weak and pale but i know she is healthy. She is pregnant with her beautiful babies. I know its hard but every mother goes through the same pain , and thats kind of a very sweet yet extremely painful feeling.
    She too was no different then.
    She tried to limp her way back to me but i understood her plight and gave her a few of her favourite biscuits. She denied having anything. I felt bad then i realized its her hormones speakig for her. I pampered her like never before. She was happy to no extent but then she flaunted her belly as if asking me to bless her kids, maybe i was too naive to underdtamd this gesture of her, or maybe intentionally i ignored her call.

    There was an ache ,i could not bear when our eyes met for the last time.Was she scared or anxious or just sad?
    I felt a deep pain in my chest when i saw her trying hard to cover up her face from mine.
    Did she want me to touch her belly and have a chat with her yet to be born kids?
    Did she panick when she sensed i wont be there for her , anymore, when she needed me the most?
    Did she get lost in the uncertainties ,her life was about to face?
    Did she want me to take care of her when she needed a hand to caress her , pamper her?

    I dont know, what was she thinking or what was happening between us.
    I just wanted to make her feel loved and cared for, just to make her feel worthy of all the beautiful things this life could offer her, that which she could possibly give back to her kids as well.

    With a broken heart and a hope that i will play with her kids, i waved my last goodbye to her.
    I knew she wasn't prepared for this , neither was i .But life is quite uncertain and what is predestined will happen, no matter how much we try to change it, it just cannot. Life is such.

    I dont know if i will get to see her ever again or her kids but One thing i m certain of is,
    She will live forever in my heart.

    See you soon, Timsy and kids❤



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    With a broken heart and a hope that i will play with her kids, i waved my last goodbye to her.
    I knew she wasn't prepared for this , neither was i .But life is quite uncertain and what is predestined will happen, no matter how much we try to change it, it just cannot.
    Life is such.


  • anecodotesforyou 53w

    I did what I felt,
    I felt what I did❤
    #missedyou #met #friends #missings #departure #illmeetyousoon

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    I missed you,
    So I met you.