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  • narcissus__ 2w


    a juvenile person
    immersed in his/her
    With camouflage un escorted
    By affliction of mother
    Scuffle of father n
    Supposition of brother
    N apprehension of creater

  • mithirocky 10w

    Tu dur jake mere aur bhi karib aa gaya hai


  • iamsatyajitrout 11w

    Wounded Heart

    Yes You are Irreplaceable
    No one could ever be
    Like this
    No one would be
    Like you
    That love you pierced in to my heart
    Will be with mine forever
    You are never gone
    You just stay away from me
    For a little bit distance
    Yes I can't see you now
    But I could feel you
    Your love
    I can feel

  • iamsatyajitrout 12w


    No one could fill the empty space of departed loved ones of ours...

  • krwriteup 21w


    She was loving the moment all day long.

    Suddenly she realised it was just a dream which will never get fulfilled.

    Her heart was full of emotions and her mind full of confusion, she started thinking why the world hate her when she cared the most?

    She was afraid and do not wish to come out. She wanted to sit near the window with a cup of coffee and breathe out. She was afraid to walk alone.

    She had a big house with too many cars but no humans as her friend. So, she made the machines her true love. She cared for them, let them breathe with the hope that they will come alive and talk to her one day.

    Tears in her eyes made her think why she is like this or is there anything wrong with her?

    These questions depressred her and she was unable to find the answers.

    She cried for hours, her anxiety went high and later she died with all the hard feelings in her heart.

    The house and cars are sold off but her favourite spot, her coffee and cup, the tears of depression, the dreams she promised herself to live one day were all alive.

    She walked this time but again all alone.
    Her wish was granted.

    She was welcomed to another world.
    Hope she will be fine.

  • toxic_orange 27w


    Lush green hills, a cabin at bottom
    Of logs of pine, a landscape-exotic!
    There lived a lad, his torso tattooed
    Vivid portrayal of his bitter bygone days
    For he owned a pup, his firmest friend
    Its satin soft fur brown as if pollen-dusted
    Also a coppery canoe so old, refurbished.

    In a month of lavenders, a weather so clement
    A pale glimmer of specks of stars spicy and still
    Sipping on a ruby red wine he roved forth to horizon blue
    Whistling in glee for his furry mate, bon voyage!
    Frenzy on that barbera wine, on and on he paddled.

    Amongst the withered weeds stretched ashore
    His glimpse locked in the hues of a last lone aster
    Stuck in its beauty, elegance and scent
    The very next moment-pause-a twist of fate;
    Drowns the trio toward a disarray of the lake bed
    To the abyss of a vortex, their final seconds
    Fighting for life, yet helpless and fruitless.

    Woke to life by a wavelet spray, bathed in reality
    Lone survivor he stood dismayed, down hearted
    Echoes of skylark whir a lament, of grief
    Sadder than any words, fitfully orphic
    Yet feeble, less louder than his own swirl of thoughts.

    Purple shattered, smooth-laid on his sobbing cheeks
    Condolent petals of the very same aster
    Dispatched by midnight mute summer winds.
    Scattered on the lake surface, undeciphered ellipses
    of eulogy for his dearly departed duo
    Every moment embraced in a dreary dull solitude.


  • alexa4540 47w

    When your loved one takes a different course of path in just a beat of heart.
    And you are left to continue rest of the way in their memories is a hard way to live.

    But you have to go on
    Not for you but for them
    Because that person taught you how to live and how to die.

    Having him was the greatest gift
    And living the way he lived is the greatest blessing.


  • startofmyend 63w

    #butterfly #loss #departed #friends #burden #love #sisters

    One not an ounce of fear
    she crawled out of her pupa
    evolved so clamorously
    flaunting such aura
    delicate beautiful wings
    so small and thin, a great fragility
    but an appetite for the world
    larger than a king's hunger,
    greed for power, wealth, gold..

    "Stay! - just a second longer"

    But she had to know, had to see
          ...had to explore
    ...had to have it all

    strayed away too far from thee
    little wings
    remoulding colours
    in memories of her valour; her ambitions;
    forever etched in one's mind
    a harrowing flight
    let them bewail such occurence
    let them seek consoling thoughts
    who believes in metempsychosis
    she found home in the lights embrace

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    let them bewail such occurence let them seek consoling thoughts
    an ounce of fear
    a great fragility


  • unhid_the_mist_of_earthlings 66w

    Good night

    let my sight reach to you
    Up in the sky I say goodnight to you


  • tejalsingh 87w

    Waited for Years
    Even though my mind was full of fears
    Believed that you will return
    And those dreams will not burn
    But,when you did
    You had turned cold
    Departed without a word told
    Leaving me back with tears
    And now I'm trying hard to dissolve your memories in those tears

  • the_poetic_room 87w

    Just something stupid...

    How unfortunate can one be?
    Well , ask someone who wears a smile on the face to avoid coming in spotlight. How can you console a broken soul? You must know it's never a matter of joke.
    Sympathy is not what someone needs , look closely it's you who makes him breathe.
    When words don't come out and the boy chokes to say his feelings out , go through the long-forgotten diary , that held him close for so long.

    He never mattered to you but appreciate when you know you matter a lot to him , you never know how long that guy can annoy you because hopeless souls don't survive for long.

    Does this sound whimsical? Or is it being cheesy enough? I must say , when you know a person has nothing to hold back except the beautiful memories spent with you , be a little humane to embrace those efforts and put a smile on the face before it gets beautified with flowers hanging around his photo-frame !



  • thoughtjutsu 102w

    Adieu, Mon Ami

    Even as you spluttered and your light faded,
    You managed to complete your final thought
    and through the chaos and confusion, 
    penned the triad of Meigs Syndrome -
    your final words, 'pleural effusion.'

    When you faltered for the final time,
    I thought back to my friends of old, 
    how they too had trembled,
    as the final tale was told.

    That this was the final act,
    I was quite certain,
    no longer oblivious to the fact
    'twas now time for the final curtain.

    The years had taken their toll.
    The writing was on the wall.
    You sprang into summer.
    Now into winter you must fall.

    'Tis with a heavy heart I now lay thee down to rest.
    Rest easy now, mine old friend.
    Know of timeless memories to be cherished,
    of plans made and schemes plotted, 
    poems composed and entries journaled.

    We wrote to think, and thought to wrote. 
    And this to you, my final note.


  • tejalsingh 102w

    Waited for Years
    Even though my mind was full of fears
    Believed that you will return
    And those dreams will not burn
    But,when you did
    You had turned cold
    Departed without a word told
    Leaving me back with tears
    And now I'm trying hard to dissolve your memories in those tears

  • temptedmoon 104w


    I'm afraid I don't love you.
    The spark fading.
    Our love stale.

    I won't say it out loud.
    I think it.
    I always think it.

    I wonder when it happened.
    The drowning.
    Gasping for breath.

    Yet I won't leave you.
    I'll never leave.
    But I'm gone.


  • mystery_writing 108w

    You broke me once again
    And now I am not gonna
    Collect the pieces
    And form it again
    Cause what if
    Someone breaks it again...
    I won't be able to live...

  • sarahrachelea 114w

    The nuances of a grave yard
    Now's impregnating his heart
    As the solar system of his universe
    Is over and crushed

    He keep moving forward
    Burning all of the pieces of memories

    There is nothing he can do
    But not to be burn
    And to turn on the light
    Right from the insight
    Have a courage to get through the night

    Leave it all behind
    Wondering as a wanderer soul
    He wants to believe for once again
    Sadness and sorrow will departed soon


  • lesnar 116w


    A_man with a dream gives a
    definition to it
    lived it ,
    aspired many ,
    departed_with_a_ Dream !

  • magic_spills_ 126w

    Flooded with ink
    Surrounded by memories
    Pain, happiness and thoughts
    A blank departed piece of paper became

  • wedontexist__ 133w

    Flowers For Your Grave

    I came to visit you in the hospital one day
    But you never wanted to see me
    I guess because you didn’t want me
    To see you all broken

    I came to see you a week before you passed
    You still didn’t want to see me
    You slipped into a coma
    And your parents didn’t let me see you

    I never got to say goodbye
    So each day that you were in the hospital
    Is how long I will visit you
    And leave flowers for your grave


  • akshaysinghchauhan 134w

    I called it a "date"

    I went for the first date near the local station
    She dressed up yellow and I started procrastination

    My staunch attitude started falling apart
    I prayed to my God,delay the train to depart

    Somehow we managed to sit one hour near
    I tried to have the perfect eye contact with this Dear

    I know that she is emotionally very weak
    But I am that Creek who will let her dive deep.