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  • akshay_vasu 21h

    That angel knew a few demons too. The ones who had killed every angel that they had come across. Every other angel called that angel a traitor and banished it. But it knew the only thing that none of those other angels had understood. Only by knowing those demons and their ways like its own, it would win the forthcoming war without spilling a drop of blood.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • _minti_ 5d

    Born as a sweet angel, became little devilish along the way
    To continue the life cycle, fought new demons everyday;
    Both the inner ones and the ones that are on display
    And now, to become that angel again, I pray!


  • ebbyzek 1w


    Yet I'm a slave
    Boxed in an endless loop
    The sign of times edging

    I'm reaching at my skin, peeling
    Hoping the scars will save me
    Yet I'm a slave

    I woke up to sunshine and rainbows
    The birds told me of a new song
    But the demons reaped them away

    Yet I'm a slave 
    How could I ever try
    Bound at my legs and hands

    The chains tightened 
    My demons laughing 
    Waiting for the last draw of blood 

    I do realize it's all a dream 
    Snap my fingers, back at reality 
    But I don't, gripped by uncertainties 

    It's all an illusion they say
    Yet I'm a slave, walking the death's path 
    Hoping to reach for the key on my neck

  • akshay_vasu 3w

    And the moment you touched me, all my demons fell asleep at once. And the moment you kissed me, all the breaths that had fallen asleep inside me for so long woke up at once and escaped me. I and my demons were breathless at that moment, and you killed us many times in a few moments and filled us with life too.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • thatsadmistress 4w


    What's it like to be normal?
    What do normal people go through?
    What do they think about?
    Is it quiet in their head?
    Or am I just wishing for another set of problems?

    Do they like being normal?
    I guess I'll never know.
    But even if I have to be cliche to be free,
    Then I'll do it.

    I crave the peace and quiet,
    I crave the lasting happiness.
    Smiling for real wouldn't be so bad,
    Having my thoughts to myself,
    Seems like a dream come true.

    I want to be normal,
    For I know how bad it is to be me.
    I want to be normal,
    For I've once tasted it and now all I feel is nostalgic.

    I want to be normal,
    For the people in my head are showing their true colours.
    They came to me as friend not foe,
    But their rules and attitude are not what I signed up for.

    Now they won't leave,
    They say they know best,
    They say I'm a mess,
    And they'll help me but to what extent?

    I want out.
    I can't do this anymore:
    Mood swing after mood swing,
    Depression just around the corner.
    Fake smiles here and there,
    Aswear, I wantu cry like most humans.
    But the fear of being judged and condemned,
    Has me bottling it up.
    But for how long will that said bottle hold?
    I'm like a dam that's getting old.

    I want to laugh,
    I want to live,
    I want to love,
    I want to heal,
    I want to cry,
    I want to be normal.


  • curiouss_one 4w

    There's run a lot of thoughts in my mind
    That makes me stop and keeps me bind
    With the mistakes I done in past
    Stopping me to think that the future is vast
    I'm alone left with no one
    Just because of the running demons
    In my mind and my thoughts
    If I do anything secretly
    I always get caught
    I do that because I don't get freedom
    They don't understand that now I'm grown up
    But it's not their mistake
    This is the fear that society creates
    In the mind of our parents
    Society does everything but the
    Victim had to pay the rent
    They judge you for the things they don't know
    God did a funny thing
    He kept their thoughts small
    And let their body grow
    I'm just kept in the golden cage of thoughts
    Waiting for the day when my dreams got true
    I know I will do that one day
    Because God always kept open a way

  • shamay 5w

    To demons close by!

    I took my last by keeping onto your vast universe
    I gape my last by lying on your lap.
    You were my power
    You were my rage
    Tell me o thunder, was that the the cage.
    I curled, I twisted to the all the varied ways
    Was that your cage?

  • jpwriter 5w

    Demons Drown

    Demons drown in a cesspool of hate
    While heathens go round and seal their fate
    They'll leave you all down
    Without a sound to make
    Sucked through the ground
    Till you see your wake
    Bleeding is found
    & The body will ache
    The life leading you now
    Is the path being you'll take
    Treat it astound
    Or the wrath will await


  • akshay_vasu 6w

    Watching my demons suffer

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    Till that moment, I had suffered in many ways and had seen many things. But I had never witnessed my demons fall to their knees and bleed their heart out while extending their hand and gazing towards me for help. That day, I embraced them just to soothe their souls. While I myself was getting crushed by many things and while I myself was on my knees, I crawled towards them, embraced and consoled the same beings which I had always tried to battle with, and ran away from.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • pallavi4 7w


    Once, when I was young, I awoke one night
    And heard the clock in the clock tower chiming
    I realised I was covered in sweat
    And that in my ear there was a slight ringing

    In the darkness I couldn’t see a thing
    When I noticed a very faint light
    On squinting my eyes I saw
    A shadow of something strange standing by my side

    Too petrified to move or fully awaken
    I lay in my bed trying to wish it away
    I felt this unknown form kick the side of my bed
    For god’s benevolence I began to pray

    I’d read about demons in books in the past
    And knew immediately something was very wrong
    The minute I heard it’s breath near me
    I realised this thing wasn’t planning on moving on

    Not sure I was grateful for the faint light
    That let me see the demon near me
    In a fright I pulled the covers upto my neck
    Waiting and praying for it to leave me be

    It slowly moved around my bed
    Kicking the bottom of my bed regularly
    The jerks from the kicks made me squeal
    Although not a sound could be heard outwardly

    I heard it sniff something near my head
    It seemed to be pacified and then moved on
    And proceeded to walk down the stairs
    I could hear the footsteps till it was finally gone

    When the night became quiet again
    And I stopped being drenched in perspiration
    I noticed I’d wet my bed like a child
    So terror struck I’d been in this duration

    I could stop wondering why
    That demon had chosen to haunt me that night
    Why while it strayed, I couldn’t move a muscle ?
    Why I was completely frozen with fright ?

    They say that demons choose to dwell
    In the homes of the emotionally weak
    What did that then say about me
    That I was a meek terrified freak ?

    On consulting with a shaman I found out I was being
    Haunted by something that was half lion, half bear
    I think I was in a way happy on getting to know that
    I wasn’t seeing things that weren’t there

    I cleansed my room by spritzing holy water
    In the hopes of warding off the demon the next night
    I woke up again around three in the morn
    With him standing overhead in the faint light


    9th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • _harmony_in_the_dark 8w


    Drowning myself in other people's laughter,
    In a hope find my own
    I suffocate with questions
    Of my mind.
    It's playing tricks on me
    Making me fall into old habits
    Questioning my worth
    Until I only know hurt
    I'm giving in, letting it fall down
    Not wanting to adjust the crown
    The demons always find a way back
    I guess I left open a little crack
    I look at others and I wonder if they suffer the same
    Does their mind also play a dirty little game?
    I find it hard to accept else's love and care
    Will I sleep with my demons or
    To kill them do I dare?


  • akshay_vasu 8w

    The black and white roses

    #akshayvasu #roses #demons #angels #bleed

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    When the angel planted a white rose, the demon planted a black one on the other side too. The roots of both intertwined and bled into each other always. When you plucked the white one at your end, the black one fell on the other side too. And with that, you didn't just take the angel to your home with you, you invited that demon too.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • jpbaldwin 8w

    Tomorrow's Dreams...

    Lately it's like my demons hate me,
    Trying to take me to another place so they can break me
    Lord don't let 'em in, I keep tell him, but he must think I'm faking, 
    waking, up cold sweats, aching  
    In Hell again, inhaling sin, does hell just win 
    Or are we just hellish men, can't you tell I'm in, this cell again
    Like your son on the cross with nails in him 
    Look how pale I get, but that's irrelevant
    In my own room out of my element, half of brain maintains intelligence, the other half I don't know where the hell it went, probably to hell I bet, the nails of death, impale my chest, I failed to rest, so I hail the best, as I exhale this mess, before I confess, Im less than I wanna be,  what do want from me, I just want to be gone you see, on longest sea, where no one follows me, through the hollow breeze leaving no apologies, believe me these are tomorrows dreams,
    As my sorrow screams 


  • lollipop71 9w

    Her Soul, Not Hers

    The days are dark, the nights even darker
    Her body holds a dark soul that demons
    Have come to make their stay permanent.
    The darkness, all too common for her.
    Her soul thrives and feeds on it now.
    It is now her way of life, her safety net,
    The comfort she has searched for, for
    Many years.
    Her way of life not many will understand.
    The demons only sought the night in the
    Beginning, now they feed on her day and
    As they will until the end.

  • chithuyiapfoze 9w

    "Tragic bloom"
    She was a tragedy to many said some!
    Well an eclipse of peace said some!
    She'd bloom like wild fire on the snow
    Was a piece of winter on summer glow

    She ought not to be as how she was seem!
    And wished though was full of delight and charm
    Her story of her demons were widely told..
    Not a soul notice she was being bold..

    As how she was seem and i met her..
    Both the demon and angel seem like her..
    She broke into smile with hidden bruises
    Unlike what i heard in all of her tragic stories

    She only just needs few pieces of hearts
    A pair of love, and few of their smiles
    Join them withinn the chain of peace
    And cram them wearing it on her face
    ___chithuyia pfoze

    #girls #strong
    #demons #angels
    #bruises #peace
    #smile #tragedy

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    Some pieces of fear only needs understandings.....

  • pratibhajadhav 11w

    Yes! I'm the devil,
    With many hidden sins and secrets..
    Indeed I hide my misdeeds;
    behind a mask of morality and goodness..
    I certainly prefer revenges rather than mercy..
    I'm the satan made up of demonic powers,
    So I don't feel the pain or happiness..
    I have a giant soul full of cruelty and
    surely my heart won't melt down by your tears..
    I'm always hungry to swallow all your joy and love,
    and can give you only grief in return..
    I'm a dragon who engulf the peace and
    vomit out the poison of destruction..
    So, human stay away from me or I can kill you..
    ~This happens when my mind keep uttering the meaningless nonsense..
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    Yes! I'm the DEVIL..

    Yes! I'm the devil,
    With many hidden sins and secrets...
    So, human stay away from me
    or I will kill you..

  • nemesis_here 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Vanish

    #Demons #angels #wordprompt

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    They came to console me
    They vanished without a trace

  • fellowtraveller 12w


    There is a devil lurking inside
    The dark corners of my once sane soul

    He is like a little kid, an attention seeker
    Would not settle for anything less than
    Me being trapped inside his little mindgames

    Its fascinating to watch him play
    How he would walk carelessly through
    The prohibited doors inside my heart
    touching and feeling each bleeding
    memories On his way!

    When curiosity gets the best of him
    He would force his way through them
    Past his curfew time, like the little brat he is!!

    His giggles and gargles will lull
    Me back to welcome the
    Sleepless nights ahead..

    Some nights, he claims to be my lover
    So possessive, so agressive
    As if he wants the world to know
    That my heart smudged with his
    Black finger prints belongs to him.

    Oh! There are days when he becomes
    My most trusted confidante
    When Angels with pretty little smiles
    Offers me their hand, promising me
    A mirage of another universe
    He would snicker in the back of my mind
    Whispering in my ears to remember
    That he was once an angel too!!

    And nights when i deny him
    My undivided attention, he
    Will become the demon that he is
    His nails would dig deep into my
    Distant memory lanes, smudging
    The past and present like an art.

    And when i lay numb
    under the messy sky
    His black hands would cover me
    With the thick blanket of a galaxy
    That bleeds stars and rains moon..


  • _poetqueen 12w

    I'll smile, not because I am happy you left,
    But because I now know my Worth.

  • ahfazjiwani 12w

    Demons inside my head

    When the night comes and I'm all alone
    Demons appear to torment me
    Until once more I'm a clone
    I lay in bed
    While they're still inside my head wondering...
    What will tomorrow be like?
    Will I cry as much tears as I did tonight?
    Or will I finally put myself first
    And decide to fight?
    Will there be a day, this is in the past
    When will this be over how long is this going to last ?
    I shouldn't raise my hopes
    I'm told, "That's just life". I guess
    I just haven't learned to cope
    When I was little
    The monsters were under the bed
    But as I got older
    They live inside my head