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  • sukarithesweetpoetess 56w

    Are we really loyal? /What we could learn from Republicans, Trump Followers, and White Supremacists

    There's a lot we can learn about loyalty
    from those thinking they're descendants of royalty
    While, you and I may disagree
    It's quite clear they'll fight and die for their beliefs
    Look at how far they're willing to go to show their unity
    Perhaps they're afraid of becoming extinct
    They don't seem to care about morality
    Not so much concerned about honesty
    What unites them, what ignites them
    Is how to protect superiority
    Even in in name only
    I submit to you that we're somewhat phony
    We would not demean and belittle ourselves for a common cause
    We don't trust, we debate, and we fuss without pause
    Because we're not entirely committed
    Many of us feel somewhat inhibited
    Although we were once prohibited from learning the truth
    We can no longer use this as an excuse
    It's up to us to decide
    How we choose to live, and why
    What would we need to achieve
    For us to be willing to fight, and die
    For what we SAY that we believe?

    ©sukarithesweetpoetess 12.20.2020

  • bisonbison420 101w

    I am a Democrat

    Next time you get arrested for a federal crime just tell them "I am a Democrat you can't arrest me for breaking federal laws." Two prime examples of this is Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi if they can get away with breaking federal laws just by being a Democrat I don't see why anyone else couldn't get away either.

    Keep America Great

  • bisonbison420 101w


    Why is it okay for Democrats to break American laws?
    Nancy Pelosi ripped up a original document at the state to the union.
    This is a federal crime and she still walks free.
    Hillary Clinton gave away American secrets then quickly covered her tracks.
    Also a federal crime and she is walking free.
    Joe Biden and his quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government.
    The Ukrainian government investigated Hunter Biden and he withheld aid until he stopped.
    Not exactly illigal but if it was a Republican hell would have frozen over.
    Does this mean if you have money you can always walk free?
    What if this means if you are a Democrat you can break any laws federal or not...
    The point is if it was us normal people we couldn't have gotten away with all that.
    But because they are at the high Archy they get away Scott free.
    They make the laws for us to follow and obey but they do not follow and obey the laws they create.

  • authorkellyjuuz 126w


    An entity with features of a state...
    But lacks elements of a nation.
    Identity politics; belligerent state,
    Brinkmanship; no mutual solutions.
    Imagine, Fulani herdsmen actions... civilization?

    Nigeria is divided; gentle criminals,
    Nigeria undivided; gentle criminals.
    Every decision; them-wallet benefit.
    End-Luxury-house for criminals; six feet.
    Imagine, signposts and billboards...a project.

    Pledging funds at church...just to shine,
    And making Immediate cash drop at the bloody shrine.
    Latest hotels; his pride... as a hotel knight.
    Cheerful giver by day; soul-taker by night.
    Imagine, a priest in fraud... civilization?

    Like corporate beggars... like gentle criminals.
    Politicians and foreign account; ill reasons.
    Ooh! The law chambers; another bribery team.
    Gentle during campaigns... shark when sworn in.
    Imagine, Nigeria democracy in unique corruption.

    Our democracy; is full of pimples!
    Body guards; higher salaries,
    Responsible officials; no payments!
    Basket full of promises... lies upon lies, bank of failures.
    Imagine, an owl at home... a dove abroad, why?

    As written by;
    ©2⃣0⃣1⃣6⃣, August.

    [A salient prolific author...]

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  • tabish83 166w

    Political Turmoil!

    Political turmoil’s arises due to non-educated as well as “EDUCATED” party loyalist and benefit accumulators. If we learn to condemn the wrong actions in the bigger interest of mankind, though they may be against our affiliated parties or our personal benefits, then we may have some hope for better future ahead"

    (Tabish Ahmed Shah)

  • andybychance 204w


    A country once strong, mighty, honored and fierce,
    where men and women the line of fire let their bodies pierce.
    Is now frail, disabled, nearly in shambles and broken,
    as it allowed for crime, brutality and shaming to go unspoken.

    A nation once admired, desired and imposing,
    where on strong good morals and values was closing.
    Is now being subdued, ridiculed and disregarded,
    as incompetent men with high positions were awarded.

    A land once the space for the free and the brave,
    where every other nation the riches crave.
    Is now a hostile, divisive and unwelcoming terrain,
    as it gave a disguised dictator free domain.

    The select minorities seem to again be in shackles,
    the administration at them mercilessly tackles.
    Society faces grave and imminent doom,
    the chair has been given to a complete buffoon.

    Lawmakers can no longer a single posture take,
    can't society understand that these folk are fake?
    Ballots are filled with the millions of empty promises believed,
    when can society of these chumps be relieved?

    Congress, Senate and the House of Representatives are the same,
    don't these humans of their despicable actions have shame?
    If only this mighty U.S. of A would understand,
    that they've departed from God's every command.

    You've taken God and the Holy Bible out of schools,
    government, you have armed way too many fools.
    I can't speak for the rest but I call out your bluff,
    when will you and society understand that enough is enough?

    It doesn't really matter if you are Republicans or Democrats,
    you're not like the people you're a bunch of aristocrats.
    Your agenda is filled with gains for your bottomless pockets,
    I really want to see all your fancy names on the dockets.

    You don't understand "We The People",
    you have silenced, crippled and destroyed every steeple.
    Black, Hispanic, Yellow or White,
    us relentless few will not give up the fight.

    -Andreina S. Cabral

  • jasminejaurigue 262w

    The Suffixes That Desire to Unify Differences

    "Now that a leader has been chosen, many of us stand here in fear: frozen.
    Many may have tears of vanquish and happiness, while those who are oppressed or relate to cry tears of fearfulness.
    The spoken words of acclamation toward bigotry, hate, deportation and degradation,
    now gives the entitlement the feeling to act out of revulsion racism.

    Our nation is deep in dilution, each one us has a blinded idea of solution
    Look at the separation of our country’s condition: red and blue equally in inflammation
    Many on the right, speak out so defensive,
    They didn’t choose him to allow hate crimes and oppression.
    Yet they fail to understand how this election allows such transgressions

    Many on the right hinder to listen, since the selected leader has already been chosen
    While the left cries out in desperation, and has every right to be in protestation, have we too attempted to listen why the right has chosen their president?...

    Every historical election has a population who has a situation that feels left out with the resulted succession.
    No matter what happens, those who win chooses to rub it in, and the failure to have compassion for the other increases the division by the minute."

    Read the rest at jasminejaurigue.com - "The suffixes that desire to unify differences."